HTC’s revenue in February drops to its lowest in 13 years

Today’s a bad news day for Android manufacturers, apparently. HTC’s February earnings have been reported and things are looking bleak yet again.

Earnings dropped 23% from the previous month and 44% from the previous year, totaling around $89 million for the entire month. That’s the lowest HTC has experienced in 13 years, which is¬†really¬†bad. It’s not expected to improve in March, either.

With that being said, there’s a silver lining. HTC’s VR division actually did pretty well and was only dragged down by the smartphone division, so sales of the HTC Vive are good. Whenever they finally release the HTC Vive Pro they should see another bump in sales.

HTC’s future has been in question for years now, but they’re still hanging on. While things are still pretty foggy for the company, I think it’s becoming pretty clear that VR might be their exit strategy, assuming someone else doesn’t buy them for pennies, first.

source: Digitimes