[TA Deals] Name your price for the Ultimate White Hat Hacker Bundle 2018

White hat hacking is a rapidly growing market of ethical hacking to help prevent security and data breaches. Instead of maliciously trying to compromise a network, a white hat hacker would try and discover exploits for the sole purpose of getting those exploits addressed and patched, instead of stealing information.

Getting started with network or security hacking of any kind is a tough task, but there is plenty of widely available information ready to help you out. The White Hat Hacker 2018 bundle, for instance, has a ton of material and courses to get you started.

The bundle includes over 60 hours of content across tons of courses and subjects, including common web vulnerabilities, network security, and tons of other security threats. It’s an excellent stepping stone to get someone started in the business of strengthening networks and would be valuable to anyone in a related field.

Right now you can name your price for the hacking bundle, saving you a huge amount over buying each course individually. Beating the average price will net you some additional courses related to Android and WiFi networks, to top everything off.

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