Tidal app launches for Android TV platform

Still trying to make a name for itself in the streaming music market, Tidal has launched apps for both the Android TV and Apple TV platforms. The new apps give users more direct, easier access to Tidal and their video library of concerts, music videos and live streams on their big screen devices. If the visual part is not so important and a user just wants to use their TV to play some music, the full Tidal catalog is available as well.

This latest expansion comes shortly after Tidal added support for Apple CarPlay and for Sonos speakers. The impact for Android or Google oriented consumers may not be as great as it is for Apple since Apple TV does not currently support Spotify, one of the larger players in the music streaming industry. The absence of Spotify leaves an opportunity for Tidal. For Android TV owners, this just adds to the choices they have available.

If you have an Android TV and want to give Tidal a try, hit the Android TV apps section on the Google Play Store.

source: The Verge