Google fully embraces renewable energy, is now 100% powered by wind and solar power

Google has achieved a pretty significant milestone, and it’s actually not directly related to search algorithms, mobile devices, or anything like that. Nope, the search giant has officially gone 100% renewable. 

With a few recent contracts, Google has secured deals with a few more wind power plants to finally push themselves over 3GB of energy production. That makes the company the largest corporate purchaser of renewable energy on the planet, and has them purchasing more energy than they use every year. They’ve actually doubled the company that’s in second place in that ranking, handily outpacing Amazon.

Google’s totaled over $3.5 billion in investments into renewable energy, and they’ve got deals and contracts with several sources across the US and globe. It’s no small feat, but this is a goal that they’ve been working towards for years.

The cost of wind energy has been steadily decreasing, which has been a big factor in Google’s decision to keep buying more and more renewable energy like this. It’s cheaper than the alternatives, and it has the bonus of being an excellent choice for the rest of the world.

source: 9to5 Google