Cricket rolls out a new 4-line $100 unlimited data plan

Cricket is well known for their aggressive pricing and promotions to undercut other prepaid carriers, but their newest plan is really something to take a look at. It’s a fully unlimited plan, including talk, text, and data, and it works with four lines for just $100. $25 per line for totally unlimited usage isn’t bad at all.

There aren’t any crazy catches with the Unlimited 2 plan, either. The data speed is capped at 3mbps just like AT&T’s Unlimited Choice packages, but otherwise, you’re free to use as much data as you want however you want. And sure, 3 isn’t great, but it is enough to stream music and YouTube if you’re not binging 4K.

The scaling gets a little funky if you don’t need four lines, however. You’re looking at $55 per month for a single line on the Unlimited 2 plan, while two lines will cost $80. A three-line plan is $90, four is $100, and five lines would be $125. The math is funky, but hey, unlimited data.

These plans officially became available on December 1st, so if you need to change or are considering a switch to Cricket, now’s a good time to check them out. They’re running some Christmas phone promotions, too.

source: Cricket

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