Google’s Pixel 2 XL will sport stereo speakers and always-on music recognition

We’ve still got about a week to go before Google’s October 4th event, which means there’s plenty of time to squeeze in a few more rumors. You didn’t think things would get quiet before launch, did you?

Today’s excessive leak reveals some information about the audio features on the Pixel 2 XL, which hopefully makes up for the lack of a headphone jack on the flagship smartphone. The device will have dual stereo speakers right on the front, which sounds a lot like an HTC thing to do.

Interestingly, these speakers should allow a new feature that will automatically recognize music that’s playing around you. The Pixel 2 XL will listen for ambient music, then tell you what you’re listening to right on the lock screen. That feature’s even weirder since Google Assistant technically doesn’t do song recognition yet.

On top of the always-listening capabilities, the Pixel 2 XL will have an always-on display, too. That shouldn’t be much of a surprise, though, as we’ve been hearing about it for ages.

A new Pixel launcher is set to debut with the new device, and yes, you’ll be able to squeeze the phone to pull up Google Assistant, a la HTC’s 2017 flagship. That further explains much of the huge HTC investment that Google made.

This is a pretty big leak to come only days before the actual announcement, but we’ve still got a week left to dig everything else up. And worst case, we’re not far from Google clarifying everything, anyway.

source: XDA Developers

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