Samsung claims Galaxy Note 8 preorders are their best ever

Despite the Galaxy Note 7’s unexpected exit from the market, consumer enthusiasm for the Galaxy Note line doesn’t seem to have dipped at all. Samsung has announced that they’re experiencing better preorders for the Note 8 than any other device in the Galaxy Note family.

At least, that’s what Samsung is claiming.

According to their most recent press release about how great preorders are, there’s a slightly confusing statement about just how many people have already purchased a Galaxy Note 8. More people have purchased this year’s iteration of the Note than any other Galaxy Note during the same time period. So, uh, what’s that mean, Samsung?

They follow that up by with the Galaxy Note 8’s August 23rd announcement date. Does that mean more people have bought the Note 8 than any other phone immediately after it was announced in its preorder period? That’s a pretty solid metric. Or is Samsung implying that more people have bought the Note 8 around the time period of late August and early September? That’s a little less impressive, considering the only other non-recalled Galaxy Note phone that launched in the same timeframe was the Galaxy Note 5. Everything else has come out later in the year.

Maybe I’m reading too much into it. The Galaxy Note 8 is sure to be a great device either way, considering how impressed we were with the Galaxy S8.

source: Samsung

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