Samsung accidentally confirms Gear Fit 2 Pro

The Galaxy Note 8 wasn’t the only device to be announced today, although it does seem like it was the only one that was supposed to be shown off. During all the commotion, Samsung’s Spanish website listed the Gear Fit 2 Pro before pulling it back down. Was it supposed to be announced with the Note 8 but something came up right beforehand? Who knows.

Regardless, we got a pretty good glimpse at the wearable, including some of the improvements over the original Gear Fit 2. It doesn’t appear to be significantly upgraded, but it is completely water resistant up to 50 meters and has a new buckle that should help keep it secured to your wrist while swimming and exercising. There’s a new Speedo app for the swimming, too.

Aside from that, the screen and battery life appears to be the same, and you’ll still get all the original fitness tracking features and heart rate monitoring. It’ll come in a new black and red color, though.

The release date shouldn’t be far off, and we know that it will cost $199, so at this point we’re just waiting for Samsung to make it official.

source: Samsung
via: SamMobile

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