OnePlus explains why some OnePlus 5’s rebooted when dialing 911

There are signs that OnePlus may be getting the hang of this smartphone manufacturing lark, and moving on from the image of being a brash upstart of a company. With the discovery some OnePlus 5 units were rebooting when users dialed 911, the company responded as you would have hoped by rolling out a hotfix to remedy the situation in a matter of days. In case you were wondering how the bug came to be in the first place, OnePlus took to its forums to explain how the issue came about in the first place.

As mentioned, the issue only affected a small cross-section of OnePlus 5 handsets, with location proving to be a common denominator. OnePlus worked directly with Qualcomm to produce the software update that fixed the issue. The official OnePlus explanation can be read below:

“The source of this issue was related to a modem memory usage issue that triggered a reboot. This reboot was a random occurrence for some users on VoLTE network where OTDOA protocol was triggered when placing an emergency call.”

Basically, depending on where the user was and if the handset was on a VoLTE network, dialing 911 resulted in some OnePlus 5’s triggering the OTDOA protocol. In case you were wondering, the OTDOA protocol is “a multilateration method in which the User Equipment (UE) measures the time difference between some specific signals from several enodeBs and reports these time differences to a specific device in the network (the ESMLC),” as explained by Wikipedia.

It’s great to see OnePlus being transparent in its dealings with its fan base, and it’s yet another sign that the company is maturing.

Source: OnePlus

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