Midnight Black OnePlus 5 with 8GB RAM is now available with immediate shipping

Not so long ago, ordering a handset from OnePlus was one of the most frustrating things you could experience, thanks to the invite system that you had to endure with the launch of its début smartphone, the OnePlus One. Thankfully, OnePlus has learned lessons with each new handset it has produced, so much so, that customers have been able to buy the 6GB/64GB OnePlus 5 and expect it to ship within hours of the order being confirmed. Starting today, the Midnight Black 8GB/128GB variant is also available with immediate shipping in the US. 

While the 6GB/64GB OnePlus 5 can be had for $479, $539 will get you an extra 2GB of RAM and 64GB of internal storage. While it’s debatable if the extra RAM will provide much, if any, boost in performance, more internal storage never goes amiss. And for those of us with instant gratification issues, the promise of immediate shipment ticks a necessary box.

OnePlus seems to be on a roll with the OnePlus 5, this latest launch has seen fewer gaffes than previous models, and the firmware developers have been on the ball with frequent updates, and a quick hotfix being released to fix the 911/reboot issue reported last week.

While you wait for your Midnight Black OnePlus 5 8GB/128GB to be delivered, you can always download the official wallpapers here while checking out Kent’s unboxing of the handset below.

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