Samsung Gear S3 Value Pack update brings new health features and other functions

Samsung’s Value Pack update for the Gear S3 is finally available in most major markets after being released late in March, so now more people will get to enjoy the extra features and functions the update brings. It’s mostly health app upgrades, but there are a few other things here.

Samsung Health on the Gear S3 is getting a tweaked UI to make it easier navigate, plus some features to help your workout sessions.

You’ll be able to view your day’s heart rate based on color-coded graphs, plus check your daily HR range right from the app. There’s a stretching guide that bugs you after 50 minutes of activity and will help guide you through a stretching exercise, too. Lastly, the watch will track your routes that you’ve run, and it will sync pace setter targets from the health app on your smartphone.

The Reminders function on the watch will now also work with workout commands, so you can use S Voice to remind yourself to exercise tomorrow morning. It will notify you on the proper day and will help you jump right into an exercise routine.

Samsung also threw in some new accessibility features for readability on the watch’s screen (grayscale, negative, and dark screens) and the ability to add personal contact info to Find My Gear. The information will show up if you remotely lock your smartwatch in case you lose it.

Certain watch faces have new complications for music, the News widget has been simplified, and there were tweaks to the Stopwatch app.

Nothing major, but all of these additions are very welcome from Samsung.

source: Samsung

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