Comcast enters the wireless industry, introduces Xfinity Mobile

Comcast is finally becoming a carrier in the United States after years of planning its entrance into the wireless industry. The telecommunications company announced Xfinity Mobile as the soon-to-be available brand for cellular connectivity throughout the country. It’s only for people who buy other Comcast services, though. So you’ll need to be locked into the Comcast ecosystem to take advantage of its newest service for mobile devices.

This is the same Comcast, by the way, that constantly ranks among the worst companies in the nation.

Thanks to a silent partnership with Verizon, Comcast won’t be forced to purchase spectrum and build its own network. Xfinity Mobile operates on Big Red’s leading network. The difference is that, rather than investing in an entirely new network, Comcast can just pay Verizon for access as needed. It means Xfinity Mobile should be considered a mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) like other prepaid carriers.

Now let’s find out what makes Xfinity Mobile its own thing in the wireless industry.

Xfinity Mobile customers are getting more than an industry-acclaimed network to talk, text, and use data on. Comcast’s 16 million WiFi hotspots are accessible for free.

If the service seems appealing, you’ll need to be a Comcast customer to sign-up. Xfinity Mobile is limited to people who already get internet, television, or home phone services from the provider. Obviously it’s because Comcast wants you to buy every type of service in the form of a bundle.

The majority of Comcast customers will be paying $65/mo per line, but that decreases to $45/mo per line if you’re on the X1 plan for television service. Both prices are for unlimited data. There will be a pay-as-you-go option priced at $12 per gigabyte as well. And, no matter the plan you choose, Comcast won’t charge a line access fee. Your entire account with every line becomes managed in a single app or on the web.

Apparently you’ll get personalized customer support, too; however, we’re not confident in Comcast’s ability to do so upon seeing its customer satisfaction rating. But, according to the company, Xfinity Mobile customers get 24/7 support by phone and messaging.

Phones from Samsung, LG, and Apple will be offered as Comcast tries pairing hardware with the service itself for customers who are coming empty-handed.

Comcast will begin selling Xfinity Mobile in the near future, but the company has yet to provide a specific release date. All you can do now is sign-up for updates. We do know that it’ll be in 2017 when Xfinity Mobile is live. Just sit tight and wait for Comcast to ask for even more of your money.

Source: Comcast

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