Apple has created some mockups of iMessage for Android


Many still hope that Apple will bring its famed iMessage service to Android, despite comments that indicated there would be no plans for it; however, it seems that the Cupertino-based company is at least tossing around the idea based on a new report.

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This report, coming by way of Daring Fireball’s John Gruber, suggests that Apple has been internally going over mockups on what iMessage for Android might look like. While nothing has leaked, Gruber says the concept varies in design–some renditions are a lookalike to iMessage on iOS 10 while other variations adhere to Google’s Material Design standards.

While Apple is seemingly throwing around the idea, as Gruber noted, it’ll probably never see the light of day. After all, Recode’s Walt Mossberg was able to obtain some reasoning why iMessage wasn’t coming to Android back when Apple was holding WWDC 2016.

Here’s his words:

“When I asked a senior Apple executive why iMessage wasn’t being expanded to other platforms, he gave two answers. First, he said, Apple considers its own user base of 1 billion active devices to provide a large enough data set for any possible AI learning the company is working on. And, second, having a superior messaging platform that only worked on Apple devices would help sales of those devices — the company’s classic (and successful) rationale for years.”

So, will iMessage come to Android? It’s certainly not likely. But, after this report, we see Apple obviously isn’t throwing the idea out altogether, but at the same time, many mockups and ideas never make it to market.

I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

source: Daring Fireball
via: TechnoBuffalo

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  • Paladin

    What makes you think that’s a mock-up of an android? Looks like an iphone to me?

    • justafew

      He never said that was a mock-up.

      …”Apple has been internally going over mockups on what iMessage for Android might look like. While nothing has leaked…”

      Nothing has leaked, so the picture above is just an iPhone showing iMessage.

      • Tyler Stendara

        Oh my god…I have never seen such a stupid comment in my life before xD.

        • Michael Young

          Are you talking about Paladin’s comment

          • Tyler Stendara

            Yeah lol

  • LadeeDa

    Pft. I have imessage and FaceTime disabled. I guess a lot of dumb dumbs and sheep feel its a must have so they buy Apple devices only