Google’s Project Shield is now open to all news sites

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As of today, Google’s Project Shield offers free DDoS protection to news publications.

Project Shield’s purpose is to protect small websites from cyber attacks. However, the protection can be added to any site so long as it appears in Google News.

Project Shield filters traffic that’s potentially dangerous using Google’s domain servers. So why is Google doing this for free you may ask? The reason is simple. By having more sites function properly, more information is readily available. Google is willing to give up their bandwidth space for this project because they believe that DDoS attacks are being used more commonly as a form of censorship. Many in which have to do with the political race in the United States. In case you’re wondering, Google promises to delete all data within two weeks of being collected. Google says it’ll be used as a form of improving security, and not for ad purposes.

To get the protection you’ll need to apply for it. You can do so at the source link down below this article.

Source: Google