Google announces People API, moves further away from Google+


Google has announced a new People API for Android to help apps gather information from your contacts list, which is meant to eventually replace the current Contacts API and move away from using Google+ to glean connections about a user. This is an interesting move compared to Google’s direction just a few years ago when the company was bent on forcing everything through the social media portion of their services, and really shows that Google has changed focus from Google+ back to multiple services, like Photos and Hangouts.

The new API gives developers an easy way to grab contacts and all of their linked connections and profiles, if a user grants permission. This API seems a little more focused on streamlining things and keeping that info secure and private, which is never a bad thing.

If you’re interested in looking over the documentation for the API or implementing it yourself, you can follow the links below to Google’s developer site.

source: Google

  • In ten years G+ will still be dying. Yes, it will keep growing like it is now, but that doesn’t matter. The tech press has marked it for death. And when the tech press is wrong, they just pretend they aren’t.

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