Samsung, LG pause from chase for 4K displays


In the spec wars for smartphones, it looks like LG and Samsung may have finally reached the tipping point, at least when it comes to display resolutions. Over the years, smartphone manufacturers have chased different metrics when it comes to displays, first pixels per inch (PPI) and then resolutions, from 720p HD to full 1080p HD and more recently to QHD (2560 x 1440 resolution). The next step would be 4K, or Ultra HD, displays running at 3840 x 2160 resolution. Although Sony has already taken that leap with the release of the Sony Xperia Z5 Premium, a new report says Samsung and LG are not ready to make the move with their 2016 devices.

According to sources, Samsung and LG are easing up on the push to UHD displays for a couple primary reasons. First, they are still battling issues like overheating and trying to address the additional energy consumed by such a high resolution display. The second issue involves 4K content. For the present, there is not a lot of 4K content available in the market right now, not enough to help drive demand for devices with 4K screens. The manufacturers may also want to wait for network providers to be able to deliver 4K content using 5G connections, which are not expected to be available until 2018. In addition to these reasons, sources point to a lack of orders for existing suppliers of 4K displays as a sign that the market is not yet ready for companies like Samsung and LG to jump in.

If you were thinking ahead about picking up a 4K equipped device in 2016, you probably will need to look for devices from someone other than Samsung and LG.

source: DigiTimes
via: G for Games

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