The NVIDIA SHIELD Tablet K1 is back and now costs only $199


Just in time for the holiday season NVIDIA has brought back its beloved SHIELD Tablet K1.

NVIDIA has brought back the SHIELD Tablet K1 by┬ápopular demand and will be selling it for a new low price of only $199. This┬átablet is a must buy for gamers because of its high-speed NVIDIA Tegra K1 processor which features an assembled 192-core NVIDIA Kepler architecture GPU. The power outperforms just about every other tablet on the market in GPU performance benchmarks despite its affordable offering. You’ll also get a crisp 8-inch display at full-HD resolution and dual front-firing speakers that provide incredible sound. With the near stock-android experience, owners will be at the front of the line to receive the latest updates from Google.

The $199 tablet has Wi-Fi connectivity and includes 16GB of internal storage space which can be expanded to an additional 128GB via a built-in micro-SD card slot. NVIDIA also offers a wide range of accessories to go along with your tablet at an additional cost. Hurry before stock runs out!


  • MartinHughHarvey

    micro-SD expansion was problematic on my Shield (presumably Android). I tried for data but couldn’t get a file mgr to work (unless rooted) and moving apps there caused it to take a long time at boot. Just me?