Apple wins another patent victory against Samsung over lock screens and autocorrect


Samsung and Apple have been clashing heads in the courtroom for years, and while Apple tends to monetary damages from most of these cases, we’ve never actually seen any other manufacturers barred from using technical features that Apple is ruled to hold a valid patent on. That might change with this latest ruling, however.

This ruling states that Apple has grounds to force Samsung to stop using some of their features in their products. This includes the infamous slide-to-unlock patent, keyboard autocorrect, and quicklinks in text messages. These were things that Samsung only had to pay Apple for infringing on, but if this ruling holds up we might actually see devices kept out of market because of these features. Considering how many smartphones available today use autocorrect in their keyboards and have swiping gestures to unlock them, this would affect more than just Samsung.

Like all of these rulings and court battles, this decision will likely get appealed, probably multiple times, before we actually see anything come of this. It might get overturned, it might get changed, or it might hold up. At this point, we’ll just have to wait and see.

source: Bloomberg

via: Engadget

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