Archos plans to release low-cost virtual reality headset


It may not be as cheap as cardboard, but Archos is working on a low-cost virtual reality headset to compete with the Samsung Gear VR. The new Archos VR Headset will supposedly retail for £25 ($40 USD) in the U.K. when released in November.

Besides being much cheaper than the projected $200 price tag for the Gear VR unit, the Archos unit will be capable of working with any smartphone that measures somewhere between 5 and 6 inches.

The key to whether the Archos VR is really the deal it seems to be is whether it will do anything more than just provide hands-free viewing of a smartphone, possibly adding some 3D type effects thanks to the lenses. Even that may be enough to justify the investment.

Any interest out there in a cheap virtual reality headset from Archos?

source: Engadget