Here are the accessories for the HTC RE Camera


The HTC RE Camera seems to be a fun little gadget, but if you’re serious about using it to its full potential, you might want to take a look at the accessories HTC is offering. They have everything from a handlebar mount, window suction cup holder, head mount, and clip-ons for things like your backpack. Hit the break for the full list along with pictures and pricing.


RE Bar Mount – $19.99

Attach RE to your bike, motorcycle, scooter or boat for views you’ve never seen before. Adjustable clamp fits virtually any handlebar or round tube. Wrench included.


RE Clip-on – $14.99

Hands-free shooting at its simplest. Clip-on mount lets you attach RE to your seat belt, shirt collar, backpack, or just about anywhere you want. Rotating swivel gives you the right angle, too.


RE Suction Mount – $24.99

Universal suction mount creates a stable base on any flat surface. Mount your RE on a window, in a car, on a table, or just about anywhere you want.


RE Head Mount – $19.99

Headband with clip-and-go mount provides the ultimate hands-free shooting experience.


RE Charging Stand – $39.99

Overnight charging base doubles as the perfect time-lapse stand. Worry-free shooting and overnight charging keeps you powered up for the long haul.


RE A/C Charger – $19.99

Wall plug fits standard household outlets.


RE Car Charger – $29.99

Take your RE on the road with the RE Car Charger. Dual-port adaptor provides mobile power for long road trips and weekend celebrations.


RE Extended Battery – $39.99

Portable battery stick extends your RE’s power by four and a half times. Keep shooting wherever life takes you.


RE Protection Pack – $24.99

Enjoy additional mobility and protection with the RE Outdoor Pack. 4-piece kit includes a waterproof-enhancing cap, protective lens cap, and neck and wrist lanyards.

You can order any or all of these accessories now at

About the Author: Robert Nazarian

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  • Efi Brenner

    No place to buy the RE Extended Battery…

  • Allen

    Does anyone know where I can buy a extended battery for my Hutchison re camera ?
    Thanks allen

  • Saravut Teepprasan

    extended battery still not available