Samsung Galaxy S5 to use fingerprint, not iris, authentication


It should be no surprise to anyone at this time that Samsung is working on some form of physical user-authentication similar to the fingerprint scanning technology introduced by HTC and Apple during 2013. Reports have already surfaced that the work on sourcing components for fingerprint scanners is underway for most major smartphone manufacturers, including Samsung. We have also seen reports that Samsung was considering eye-scanning technology as a possible way to differentiate themselves. In a new report, Samsung has reportedly dropped the idea of iris-based authentication for now, though they continue to study the concept.

Several logistical issues have been identified related to iris-scanning technology as envisioned by industry sources. One of these would be the inconvenience of putting a handset up close to their eyes for authentication when users are out at places like movie theaters. Such an action could prove dangerous when a user is trying to do this while driving. Iris-scanning authentication would also require the use of an extra camera designed specifically for the technology. This would not only put pressure on devices manufacturers striving to meet size requirements, it would be an extra cost.

Current estimates put iris recognition at least two years out. By that time, manufacturers may have figured out how to incorporate the cameras into one module as well as increase the range so devices could recognize the eye and scan the iris from a greater distance.

source: The Korea Herald

About the Author: Jeff Causey

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