Leaked T-Mobile ‘UNcarrier’ Info Sheet Means New Plans Could be Right Around the Corner


A recent memo suggests that T-Mobile may be planning to make unlimited talk and text a “de facto” part of their contracts. Under the new plans, data would be the only changeable factor. “Classic Plans” would be available through “third-party” stores only, and start at around $60 for 500MB of full-speed data with hotspot support built-in. Of course, subscribers will be given the choice to update their service in 2GB increments that cost anywhere from $10 – $20/month.

In addition to these options, subscribers will still have “real” unlimited data on the Classic Plan for around $90, with hotspot available as a customizable add-on. T-Mobile’s stores will be the only ones offering the “contract-free” value plans, starting at an affordable $50, as well as the $70 unlimited plan we saw in January.


No date was specified, but T-Mobile will be holding an event on March 26, and it wouldn’t surprise me to hear an announcement about these new plans then.

Source: Engadget

  • M42

    I hope there is more to their “big” announcement on the 26th than this. The plan I have is no different than what’s on the chart. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that they announce the turning on of new LTE and 4G markets – but I’m not holding my breath.