T-Mobile’s GoSmart prepaid service to launch in February

We already received official confirmation of the new T-Mobile GoSmart prepaid service last last year, and it looks like it will launch in February. It’s already available in some test markets and there will be three price points:

  • $30 per month for unlimited voice and texting
  • $35 per month for unlimited voice, texting and 2G Web service
  • $45 per month for unlimited voice, texting and “high-speed” Web service (5GB of data at “high-speed” then slowed to 2G speeds)

Prepaid services will hopefully continue to flourish this year because I know a lot of people want to see it more. Last year T-Mobile added 365,000 prepaid customers and lost 492,000 postpaid customers. The biggest issues will be choice of phones. Right now T-Mobile is offering the Alcatel OT 838 for $49, but you can opt for the mobile SIM kit for $8, which lets you use any unlocked compatible GSM phone. Did someone say Nexus 4?

source: fiercewireless


  • sign me up! i’m actually already on the T-Mo $30 unlimited data pre-paid but i think i might move the rest of the lines on my family plan to one of these. #SeeYaSprint