Samsung Galaxy S IV Unofficially Rendered, Invites The World To Take A Sneak Peek Into The Future


As the world patiently awaits for the “Next Big Thing” from Samsung, some ambitious folks took some time to give us an idea of what to possibly expect from Samsung’s next superphone. A recent hands-on video has surfaced which is more or less giving us a teaser of what the Galaxy S IV should bring including a thin profile complimented with an incredible 2GHz quad-core processor, full 1080p AMOLED display, 13MP camera and Android 5.0— aka Key Lime Pie. The real kicker isn’t just what’s inside of the device, it’s the potential accessories that may accompany the device. The hands-on video highlights what looks to be a revolutionary keyboard dock: a “projection laser keyboard dock” that beams a keyboard layout to whatever surface it’s sitting on and can be typed on— as if it was a real keyboard in front of you.

Naturally viewers of the video should take extreme caution: the hands-on video is by no means real or what the Galaxy S IV will look like. All it is really is a sort of wish-list of items that would make it more awesome than other phones out there.

I know you’re all itching to see what all this potential hubbub is about, so be sure to hit past the break to check out the video.


About the Author: Roy Alugbue

Conceived as Spock’s 4th cousin, Roy has had quite the life. He was born in beautiful San Jose, California, raised in Los Angeles, California and now resides in the greater New York City area. He has always been fascinated and obsessed with technology, especially the continuous advancements of mobile platforms. He was a Blackberry slave since his undergrad days at the University of Southern California until realizing in Feb. 2011, there were greener pastures in the land of Android. His first Android phone was the Motorola Atrix 4G, and he hasn’t looked back. He currently works in corporate media, enjoys following media and technology trends, reading a good book, weightlifting, playing on his XBOX 360 and conversing with total strangers.

  • If the specs are true, it sounds nice. But I think my next Android mobile will be a Nexus-brand phone. I want to be sure I’ll be able to get Key Lime and its next upgrade.

    • RTWright

      I wouldn’t own a Nexus brand for no reason, not till they give us the ability to add memory and change the battery out if it goes bad. I’m not going to use the iDroid by Google. ;p

      What gets me is why do they bother posting this crap when they know full well it’s faked? None of this is true and none of this should even be remotely brought up till Samsung puts it up officially because all this does is start a new string of false prophets.

      • yay

        well, Galaxy Nexus has the battery issue covered. Nexus One (i think) covers both :))

  • Cropoled Hater

    If it is still using the same old Crapoled, then I will still continue to avoid it.