Google+ for Android gets major update, available for download now

Google has been relentless with its updates lately, and today we see yet another important release from big-G; this time to its Google+ application. Early this morning Google released Google+ v.3.3 for Android and it includes some pretty big feature additions. First of all, Google has made the general user experience better by giving you the ability to easily edit your profile details, quickly author new content, receive more “subtle” notifications, and giving you access to Google’s newly released “Google+ Communities”. On the photo/video side of things, you’ll be able to upload full sized photos via Instant Upload (up to 5GB of free storage) on top of the unlimited storage that you already get for standard-sized photos (2048px). Android 4.2 users will now be able to post Photo-Spheres to their feed, and anyone running Android 2.2 and up will be able to view them. For video chatting capabilities, Google has made it possible for people to join a Hangout even if they have extremely low bandwidth (down to 150KB), though this feature seems to be enabled only on the web version of Google+. Also available on the web version, Google has made some improvements to the Hangout user interface, including hiding the “filmstrip” of faces if you’re the only participant in an “On Air Hangout”.

As for the more social side of the app, Google has made some improvements to “Events”. Users can now send messages to specific guests, see who has opened your invitation, and duplicate events if you feel like having a re-do of your Christmas party (you can never get enough egg-nog, right?). Google+ has also been integrated into Google Now, sending you a “card” update to let you know when a friend has a birthday that day. Add some extra “stocking-stuffers” like animated GIF support, a lockscreen widget, and new mood based emoticons and you’ve got yourself a major update! Use the QR code or download link to get your update now, and hit the source link below if you want to see a ton of screenshots from the Google+ team.

Note: Some of these features seem to be available only on the web version of Google Plus. 

Source: Google+ Blog 

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About the Author: Alexon Enfiedjian

Alex Enfiedjian is an Android enthusiast and tech journalist from Central California.