Pulse News Gets Completely Revamped In Version 3.0 Update


It’s no secret that Pulse News holds an incredibly special place in my heart, so you’ll have to excuse me if I can’t contain my excitement for its latest major update not just for me, but for all Android users. The latest update which brings Pulse to version 3.0, brings not only a new app logo, but improved navigation, a more comprehensive search and infinite scrolling of stories within the app. While there are a ton of improvements– the app continues to be straightforward simple and easily the best way for all Android users to keep up with all their favorite stories from their favorite sites.

The latest update is available now in the Play Store, so be sure to hit the link or scan the QR code in order to grab it today.


Play Store

About the Author: Roy Alugbue

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  • The iOS update completely borked the app for me; doesn’t work at all anymore, so I’m hesitant to upgrade my Android version. Also, people don’t seem enamored of the missing tabs and such. Would like to hear your experience upon using it.

    • RTWright

      Well, this is my first time using it at all. I just downloaded it on my SGSIII, it seems to be working great actually. I just added extra content to one category, was browsing another. It’s pretty stable and runs smooth as well. As far as tabs go, never used it with them so it falls pretty much inline with the typical ICS / JB design of things ( Like G+, YouTube, etc…. ).

      I’d like the ability to go out and add content from sites they haven’t included for some categories. Their selection is somewhat limited in that respect, but what it has is displayed well and the app seems very intuitively built. Easy to navigate, I’d not put it up against Flipboard, but it’s a well built app. No FC’s at all, not a single bit of sluggishness to it.

      • Thank you! That gives me hope.

        FYI, if you click “Catalog,” then search, you can add any RSS feed you want.

      • Sorry — in the new version, it’s open sidebar / click “Add Content” / hit search icon.

  • phor11

    “the app continues to be … … easily the best way for all Android users to keep up with all their favorite stories from their favorite sites.”

    I disagree.
    I like to combine all my sources together and scroll through a single list, but pulse still constrains users to a maximum of 12 feeds per page.
    Feedly >>>>>> Pulse until they remove those arbitrary page limits.

    • I thought the new update said it removed the limits? That’s been a gripe of mine as well.

      • phor11

        You’re right, the update notes for version 3 does say “unlimited pages”, so it looks like they removed the 5 page limit, but I can’t find anywhere that they removed the 12 sources per page limit.

        And that was the much bigger problem for me anyway.

        • Ah, right. I use Newsblur for my more “serious” reading anyhow, so the limit’s never been a major problem for me (I use it mainly for the “river of news” entertainment value). But it is definitely a shortcoming if you wanted to use it as a main reader.