Play your Android games in style; Check out this homemade PS3 controller Samsung Galaxy Nexus dock

Lets face it, gaming on an Android device (no matter how big the screen is) can be quite challenging, especially if you’re playing first-person-shooters or even games from an emulator. Wouldn’t it be a dream to use a console’s controller to play these games with, perhaps a PlayStation 3 controller? A Reddit user by the name of TheRealBigLou has done just that by creating his own homemade PS3 controller dock for his Samsung Galaxy Nexus where he’s able to play his Android games with the wonderful controls of a PS3 controller. You may think this feat took some complicated contraptions to make, but it actually only took a couple of Boston clips, some rubber bands, an NFC sticker and a creative mind to achieve this amazing creation.

TheRealBigLou was also kind enough to give a description of how he made this:

So I had a Galaxy Nexus and a Dualshock 3 controller… this was great for playing games but I always had a problem of propping my phone up and being close enough to see what was going on. I decided to create a dock and in true ghetto fashion, I used random office supplies I had lying around.

Essentially, I took 3 Boston clips and 4 rubber bands and fit them together so that the arms of one clip hold the phone while the arms of another held onto the Dualshock 3. I bent the arms with pliers to create better gripping strength. I originally used normal rubber bands but switched to the black hair rubber bands you see in the pictures. This was for both aesthetics but also because they are stronger and hold more tension for their size.

A smaller Boston clip wedges between two larger ones to keep them spread apart but also to make the structure more rigid. One rubber band provides tension for the arms holding the phone, another provides tension to clip to the controller, a third one hold these arms to the smaller clip, and the last one holds the clip part of the big Boston clips together.

I also added heat-shrink tubing to the arms that hold the phone. I ran out but plan to do the same for the arms that clip onto the controller. This just helps it grip better but also protects the devices. An NFC sticker is added to automatically set up the Sixaxis app.

Definitely quite innovative, don’t you think? I for one could use this and would make it much easier and more enjoyable to play your games. Any of our readers out there willing to give this “DIY” project a go? If so, comment away and send us your pics if you were able to successfully duplicate this!

source: Reddit

  • Aneal

    Can’t beehive there are no comments absolutely love it

  • Super, I will try it

  • Tony D

    I just created this as well following your instructions. Works really well with my HTC one S. Pretty difficult to bend the clips though. I can see why you added the shrink tubing cause if you dont cover up your clips when you are bending the metal, the pliers end up chewing the metal up and that could scratch your phone pretty bad.

  • ajinkya

    thanks a lot creative mind

  • ajinkya

    can u make a video for it plzzzzzzzzzzzz

  • Kody Digre

    Made this, was very impressed with design.
    Certainly a way better option then paying $40 for a gameklip. Was difficult bending the metal, ended up using a hammer when pliers weren’t working well.

    I used hair ties instead of rubber bands and also used hair ties to cushion where the metal clamps down on the phone. A container of heat-shrink tubing cost about $10. I assembled mine for about $4-5

  • j

    One of the most impressive and beautiful quick hacks I’ve ever seen. I don’t even play games but I want to now just to make this!

  • mario

    please make a youtube tutorial about it. :)