Developer proves that Android is a lucrative platform

Arron La, who first released his Advanced Task Manager to the Android Market back in February of 2009, has posted his total earnings to date to show that there is some good money to be made with both paid and ad-supported apps.  Since it was released, the 0.99 cent version has brought in nearly $50,000, whereas the AdMob (free) supported version released in November of 2009 has pulled in nearly $30,000.

$80,000 dollars in about a year and a half from an application that closes other applications, among other things.  Now granted, Arron had the benefit of being one of the first paid apps on the Market and enjoyed a pretty nice head start.  Nevertheless, his results show that if you have a quality app that people are willing to shell out a buck or two for, the potential to make some excellent money is definitely there.

[via Engadget]

  • Eric

    Now that this story has made the rounds, expect an influx of quickly thrown together task manager apps sprouting up on the market