Sprint’s HTC EVO One – A Former Favorite Is Getting A Refresh

The original HTC EVO made waves on Sprint for being one of the first “big” phones and of course, more importantly,  for being the first 4G enabled phone. It’s been about two years since then so perhaps your EVO and your contract have begun to wear thin. If so, you may be excited by the rumors going around. A tipster in communication with our friends at Phandroid has detailed the existence of an up and coming HTC EVO One. Obviously, we knew we were going to see something soon.  Sprint and HTC have a collaborative event scheduled for April 4th. At the time of that writing we speculated the focus of the event may be the HTC One X, but now…now I’m not so sure. The EVO was a landmark device for Sprint and in my opinion most deserving of a special press congress. I’m sure we’ll hear more about this on April 4th, if not sooner, but in the mean time, what do we know so far? 

According to the tipster, this device is going to be pretty similar to the HTC One X: a re-branding for Sprint? Maybe, but there are supposedly a few key differences too. For instance, Sprint’s EVO One will feature removable storage in addition to a pre-installed 16GB. The tipster also claims the triumphant return of the almighty kickstand. It might sound negligible if you haven’t had a kickstand before, but otherwise, you don’t know what you’ve got until its gone, am I right? Moving on, this device could also differ in build materials. The tipster noted the phones solidarity in the hand suggesting maybe this device is metal rather than plastic like the One X. However, it’s also noted that the device is largely black with silver accents and a red stroke around the kickstand. If it’s metal, it sounds like it may have a gel coat of sorts. To sum things up,  its expected to house a Snapdragon S4 processor, “confirmed” to utilize a beautiful SLCD2 display, and hopefully packs 2,650mAh worth of juice. That’s a whole lot of rumors, but if their at least close to true, this will be an all around solid  device. But, how will it stack up?

We can assume that the EVO One will launch sometime in early June, which coincidentally is at least a full month after the expected release of the Galaxy Nexus. Plus, further rumors suggest that a Sprint Galaxy Note is in the pipe. Those are two  blockbuster phones releasing either side of this device’s trajected timeline. So, will it be able to make a name for itself?

source: Phandroid

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  • Anonymous

    We’ll see, I’m still a bit upset with Sprint for more than just the way things have been handled lately with their service and as well HTC’s lack of updates for the original Evo.  When you go almost a year before they finally upgrade your phone, only to have it be a very minimal upgrade at that?  You tend to think they don’t care about you, just to get your money off of the initial purchase, nail you with a 2 year contract and then give it to you in the end when your contract approaches the end.

    It’s far cheaper for me to hop to a new carrier than it is for me to stay with Sprint and get an upgrade to a phone that – I – want!  Without spending a fortune on it.   Having had a long discussion on the Sprint forums about this, having one of their own tell me that is just how it works in this industry and basically said I could always buy an iPhone!  Yeah, I’m not happy with Sprint or HTC at this point.  Every chance I can get to spread this around, I will because I feel the more consumers know how they’re getting treated the better.

    Funny how they’re trying to come up with a phone that matches the original Evo, but at the exact time that a lot of people’s contracts are running out.  At this point it would need to be a Quad Core phone with minimal of 32GB on it, LTE capable and ICS to boot.  Otherwise it’s not worth my time even being concerned over it.  The Galaxy S III is more what I’m waiting on!