T-Mobile’s HTC One S gets a quick close-up

Earlier last month HTC made a statement that they were going to quit focusing on quantity and maximize on good quality hardware and software. Later that month HTC announced their new take on Android smartphones, the HTC One Series. I adore HTC and what they have done for the Android community and this is an exciting time to see what they will contribute going forward. Their Sense UI is gorgeous and is always super smooth. Despite many reports of it being heavy, I have yet to see any evidence of that. Admittedly their latest releases have seemed a bit too cluttered, but HTC has vowed to change that and they are going to begin with the HTC One S which is destined for their old partner in crime, T-Mobile. We know to expect a release date sometime this Spring but someone has been kind enough to snag an early model and share it with us. You will immediately notice that there is no T-Mobile branding on the front, a detail that is likely to change in the final design, however in minute 1:17 of the video, you can actually see the app for T-mobile TV in the app drawer. It’s not an official release date, but we’ll gladly take some more eye candy in the meantime.

source: TmoNews

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  • Suicidal Bacon

    Does anyone know if this “One” (See what I did thurr?) will be getting the Beats Tours ear buds?

  • Amanda Greenlee

    This phone looks awesome. Anyone think there’s any chance of it coming to Verizon?

  • Finally, HTC realized that they need to focus on their phone’s quality and stop on producing  and releasing new models that are low-end.