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Replacement calendar apps are getting quite popular so I thought I would let you know about DigiCal Calendar & Widgets. It was created by Digibites and is one of the most attractive looking calendar apps available on Android. I personally never had a problem with the stock Android app because it’s simple and it features the Holo design, but DigiCal takes it to the next level with some really nice enhancements.

For starters, you get similar calendar views like day, week (2 views), month, and agenda, but with DigiCal you get more information. For example, in day view, the top will show the layout for the month so you can quickly see what dates fall on which days. Also, when you tap on an event, you get a popup giving you the details instead of going to a new page right away. If you do want to further edit, you can tap the arrow icon and it will open in a new screen just like the stock app. It also has the same pinch to zoom capability that the stock Android app has, and you can still swipe right or left to change days.

The basic week view is very similar to the stock Android app, but there is a second week view (grid view) which is less busy. It shows each day in it’s own box and lists the appointments for each day. It’s completely different then the usual week view that shows a bunch of colored boxes that are barely readable.

The month view is also way better. The traditional month view is a bunch of squares with little dots in them that are pretty much useless. All you can really gather is that you might be busy on a particular day. With DigiCal, you still get the squares with the dots, but when you tap on a particular day, the information for that day is displayed on the bottom 1/3 of the display in a scrollable list form. Tapping on any of the appointments will allow you to quickly copy the information to the clipboard and to further edit if you so wish.

Last but not least, the agenda view is very similar, but when you tap on an event, you are given the opportunity to copy to the clipboard on top of the ability to further edit.

Now I mentioned the ability to copy to the clipboard, which is the other major thing I like. All appointments can easily be copied, and I don’t just mean the title. It will copy all the information like the location and notes. When you want to paste that information on another date, you can easily do so when creating a new appointment. You can select either paste or new to type in the information. This is useful for the appointments that aren’t necessarily recurring, but yes DigiCal does support recurring as well. Speaking of appointments, creating one is about the same experience as the stock Android app, which is very easy.

Now it’s time to talk widgets, which are plentiful. There are four main widget types: list agenda, day grid, day, and day list. My favorite by far is day list, which gives you a more attractive look. The typical agenda list shows your appointments in order with dates as headers, but day list shows the dates on the left side with the information to the right. It actually shows you more information, but it’s also readable. The other plus for the widget is that if you want to change the type or change any settings, you don’t have to remove the widget and start all over again. There is an edit option from the widget, which is a really nice touch. There are also plenty of sizes to choose from. You can go as small as 1 x 1 all the way to full screen,

DigiCal also offers a lot of settings for you to customize. You can set what the default view should be, what opens when you tap widgets, default reminder times, and so much more. You can even set the font sizes for the widgets as well as the transparency.

All in all DigiCal is one of the best looking and functional calendar apps available in the Google Play Store. They do offer a free and a paid version. The free version has all the features of the paid version sans the ability to change font sizes and transparency in the widgets. It also has ads. The paid version (DigiCal+) removes the ads and lets you customize font sizes and transparency. It costs $4.99, and in my opinion, well worth every penny if you’re looking for a more functional and good looking calendar app. I encourage you to download the free version and see for yourself. If you dig it, you can upgrade in less than a minute. Check out my hands on video below as well as their trailer video, and hit one of the download links to get started. As always, let me know what you think.


  • Five unique calendar views (day, week, agenda, month and list) including landscape mode
  • Stylish and intuitive user interface consistent with the Android Holo theme
  • Fully compatible with any device running Android 2.2 or higher
  • Smart action bar for quick editing, moving, copying, pasting and deleting events
  • Built-in location search to quickly add locations to your events
  • Support for Google Now (Android 4.1+), enabling it to notify you when it’s time to leave for your appointment by planning your route, checking traffic and calculating your travel time
  • Event pop-up makes it easy to go through your individual events
  • Gestures like pinch to zoom and swipe to navigate are supported
  • Beautifully designed widget with neat shortcuts to common tasks
  • Fully customizable grid widget in which you can choose the amount of columns and rows to display your upcoming events.


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    The month view has not enough information to be of any use. I prefer Jorte.