[App Review] UberConference is a conference calling service with a focus on efficiency


UberConference aims to take the stress and confusion out of conference calling. There are a ton of similar services, and many are very expensive and a hassle to use. The goal of UberConference is to offer a free/low-cost option that can integrate with  your other social media accounts.

There is a desktop component to UberConference, but mobile is just as important these days. Being able to do things away from a computer is the whole purpose of an application. With UberConference’s mobile application, users can instantly call or schedule calls with contacts by selecting a meeting time. The leaders of UberConference’s team all worked on Google Voice and CEO Craig Walker is the man behind what is Google Voice today. It’s safe to say the people behind UberConference know exactly what they’re doing.

Hit the break for the review of UberConference. You will also find out how you can try the Pro plan for free.

Before hopping into what UberConference can do, we should get pricing out of the way. There is the Free plan and the Pro plan. The Free plan is pretty impressive as it includes unlimited conferences, screen sharing (for desktop), recording, social media profiles, and free use of the mobile app. The Pro plan, which costs $10 per month, builds upon Free by adding a max of 100 callers (up from 10), international calling, custom hold music, and a call when your meeting will begin. The Free plan is good for most people, but the Pro option has some nice additions. There is also UberConference Business which tailors everything for larger companies that need some more insight and assistance. But for the purpose of this review, we’ll be sticking with the basics.


Fire up UberConference on your device and either sign up or log in. If you are new to the service and signing up for the first time, you have a few options. UberConference allows you to use accounts from Google, LinkedIn, or Facebook to have quick integration. Or you can bypass that and use any email. You will then be choosing your Free or Pro plan.


Go through the rest of the setup and now you are in. You are assigned a number and this will be used when you initiate a conference call. Everything is ready to go. Now every time UberConference is opened, you can quickly make a call or schedule one. A nice visual touch is the live clock that sits there, letting you know time is not waiting for you.


The slide out menu from the left contains the Home, Conferences, Account, and About sections. Conferences lets you know if you have anything coming up in the Upcoming tab while the Past tab shows any previous calls you’ve been a part of. Your future and history both sit inside the Conferences section. No jumping around to find out where you need to be and what you already did.

The Account section is where personal changes are made for your experience. You can link accounts from LinkedIn, Google, Twitter, and Facebook. These are then displayed for other people to see. It is a nifty tool, especially considering the LinkedIn integration. At the bottom of this section sits the notification settings. You can receive notifications via email or your mobile device for new conferences, conference invitations, reminders, summaries, and updates.

The About section contains a video demoing UberConference. At the bottom are choices to share and rate the app. But between them is the option to contact the support team. Immediately it will send you to your emailing app to let the support team know of the issue you are having.


Scheduling a conference call is simple and effective. You can give the conference call a name, select guests from among your contacts, give it a start/end time, and choose whether or not this will be a repetitive conference call. The repetition ranges from every week to every other week to a particular day of each month. Then you can let the other guests know what is going on and add it to your Google Calendar. Now no one has an excuse to miss that conference call.


To test UberConference’s ability to actually call, I chose to just launch a conference call right away. As soon I selected the guests, they were given a call from my UberConference number. The person on the other end answered and was instructed about the conference call. I was, though, waiting patiently with some fun hold music. After the person on the other end answered, I was connected.

You can see in the image above that UberConference has some choices while a call is ongoing. There are quick selections at the bottom that include adding more guests, recording the call, chatting via messages, locking the call, and hanging up. This interface was a little dull and could use some more life, but was not a problem and the selections here were completely usable.

The quality of calling with UberConference is very good. Everything was clear and not choppy or overly ‘fuzzy’. This can vary based on your device, but it seems that UberConference can hold up very well.

The efficiency of UberConference is its best feature. And that says a lot. The app is not worried about throwing everything at you and hoping you can sift through it. It gets you to create a conference call and have guests join it seamlessly. The features are certainly there, just not in your face. The in-call tools, which I mentioned earlier, was the only thing I found to dislike. Maybe a little more going on there could help because I felt like there was not enough reason to use the tools presented. UberConference is definitely a conference calling option to take a look at. Even if you are not going to jump into the Pro plan, the Free one offers enough to be very productive. After all, conference calls should be, first and foremost, productive.

The folks at UberConference were happy to let you try the Pro features free for one month! There is a ten day window to do so; therefore, act quickly. Through the UberConference app, get to the billing information and choose to enter a promotional code. There, enter “FORTUNE” and you now have one month of UberConference’s Pro features!

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  • Rebecca Theim

    Do NOT use this service if you want it for its “call-out” feature. When you upload a list to call out to participants, it still automatically sends them a text with call-in instructions with no PIN or security, defeating the purpose of controlling who can access the call (because anyone could forward the text information). There’s no way that text can be stopped, or its content revised.

  • conmeonce

    I highly recommend this service if you are looking for simple to use and high quality conferencing at the best price anywhere. I honestly don’t know how they can make money at this… it’s crazy. Anyways… no PIN for pro customers. Great apps! Genius!

  • Mark

    Try MeetingMogul. It works with any conference service whether its gotomeeting, Webex, lync, etc. and is free to use. Offers much better functionality too.