Here are 18 Android Wear apps that you can download from the Play Store now


Earlier today, Google announced that the Play Services 5.0 update was completed, which means developers are now free to publish their Android Wear apps. I was actually surprised to see how many launched today.

I have compiled a list of Android Wear apps that include Eat24, Allthecooks, Trello, Glympse, and 14 others.

So hit the break to find out how to make your Android Wear smartwatch just a little bit better.

Leaked alpha site shows OnePlus Tab is in the works


Perhaps you should consider a OnePlus tablet if the company fails to ship its smartphone to you. It is very much a possibility. An alpha version of the company’s website, dated from Sunday, shows that OnePlus is working on a tablet. The name OnePlus Tab appears beside other links at the top of the page. There are not any images or specifications available.. yet.

Samsung releases Galaxy Tab S commercials, compares its display to the Apple iPad’s


One of the very few companies big and brave enough to fight Apple directly is Samsung. And by fighting directly, I mean calling out Apple and its products by name publicly. Not many others are willing to do the same. The latest head-to-head duel comes courtesy of a new commercial Samsung has released to promote the Galaxy Tab S.

The selling point for the Galaxy Tab S is its display. The new commercial takes us through a few different scenes and asks if the iPad’s display is of the same caliber. Clearly, some editing magic can make that happen. Though, many have been quick to point out that the display on Samsung’s new tablet is actually quite stunning.

Recently, Samsung has released other commercials to promote the Galaxy Tab S. One covers the product and its design, focusing primarily on specifications. The other is about the history of a display, taking us to the current screen found on the Galaxy Tab S. Hit the break to watch each video.

First 100 beta testers for Project Ara announced


Although 90,000 people signed up to assist with the progress of Project Ara, only the most active Ara scouts were selected as beta testers. That number was capped at 100 and the new beta testers come from various parts of the United States and overseas in other countries. The beta testers will receive a Project Ara phone in return for their hard work as scouts.

For everyone else, a Project Ara device is slated for availability early next year.

Source: dscout
Via: Gigaom

Google Play Services 5.0 rollout now complete, Android Wear apps should start showing soon


It usually takes a couple of weeks for each Play Services update to fully rollout, but Google has announced that Play Services 5.0 has “rolled out to devices worldwide.” One of the biggest features of Play Services 5.0 is Android Wear services. Developers have been asked to hold off releasing Android Wear apps in the Play Store until July 7, but with the rollout completed, hopefully we will see some apps sooner.

Google Play Services 5.0 also provides a dynamic security provider, which is a replacement of the secure networking APIs. This will allow Google to update security patches more rapidly. Also, Google Play Games will get Quests, which will reward players without the need to update the game, and users will also get the ability save game progress.

T-Mobile to start offering equipment installment plans for accessories on July 20


Need a payment plan for some accessories? T-Mobile customers will be happy to hear that on July 20, the carrier will start offering equipment installment plans (EIP) for accessories. Not only accessories will be eligible we assume. Would a $15 case really require a payment plan? Probably not. But for things like headphones or a smartwatch, this would be really helpful and make products much more accessible. T-Mobile will likely implement a minimum for eligibility and it does not seem that the carrier will attach any interest to the cost.

Source: TmoNews

T-Mobile to get 8-inch LTE Samsung Galaxy Tab 4


T-Mobile has announced that they will be joining the ranks of carriers offering the Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 8.0 to their customers. The LTE enabled version of the tablet can be added to a T-Mobile Simple Choice Plan for no additional cost. T-Mobile will give customers an additional 1.2GB of data per month through the end of 2014, but that will drop back to only 200MB free per month after that for the life of the tablet.

T-Mobile will start accepting online orders on July 16th and retail locations will start selling the Galaxy Tab 4 8.0 on July 23rd. The device will be priced at $16 per month for 24 months, or $384. This announcement comes about one week after Verizon announced the device would be coming to their network. Hit the break to read the full press release.

European pricing for Samsung Galaxy Ace 4, Galaxy Core II, Galaxy Young 2 revealed


When Samsung announced four new budget-conscious phones, at least based on the low end hardware, earlier this week one key piece of information missing was the actual pricing. Samsung Netherlands has now revealed pricing for three of the models. The Samsung Galaxy Ace 4 comes with an initial retail price of €219 ($299 USD) and the Galaxy Core II will sell for €179 ($244 USD). The base level Galaxy Young 2 comes with a €99 ($135 USD) price tag. Pricing for the Galaxy Star 2 was not announced, but should be close to the same price point as the Galaxy Young 2.

Although the devices are all on the low end in terms of specs, they will come preloaded with Android 4.4 KitKat. Given the pricing from the Netherlands, the devices should be available in at least some European markets. Outside of that, no information has been released about other markets that may see the devices.

source: SamMobile

More details on HTC Volantis surface, Boomsound speakers 64 GB of storage on board

HTC volantis

More details have surfaced about HTC’s rumored upcoming Nexus tablet. The rumors confirm a few things we’ve already heard, but don’t match up with others. According to @evleaks, we should expect the Volantis to launch with an all-aluminum body and Boomsound speakers, both of which are HTC’s biggest marketing features right now. The screen resolution is also pegged at 2560 x 1600, which is a much more common aspect ratio than what we previously heard.

Here’s what gaming will be like on the Chromecast when mirroring becomes available


We saw a ton of new stuff last week at Google I/O, but one thing that didn’t get as much press was mirroring for the Chromecast. Mirroring will allow you to cast whatever is on your Android device’s display to your TV. This should open up to more gaming via the Chromecast. You could use your phone as a controller, but what would make it even more interesting is to use your phone as a “motion” controller.

Anuj Tandon from Rolocule Games has posted a demo video of his Motion Tennis game using a Nexus 5 as a motion controller while casing to Chromecast. The biggest question is going to be latency, but Google has stressed that they have cut it down to almost nothing. So far, latency looks pretty minimal in the video.

Motion Tennis is already available on Apple TV and the Miracast, but should be available for Chromecast later this summer. Hit the break for the demo video.

Samsung can’t catch a break as it’s suppliers are accused of poor work conditions


Some of you may remember that earlier in the year BusinessWeek released a report highlighting the poor work conditions at Samsung’s semiconductor plants. It made such a big stink, that the Korean company came out saying it would improve conditions of its plant by year’s end. However it looks like Samsung’s problems are only getting worse after an annual social responsibility report found a large amount of safety discrepancies.

Amazon Fire Phone isn’t setting the world on ‘fire’


Seriously!! Was anyone excited about the Amazon Fire Phone after it was announced? I know I wasn’t, and there can’t be too many of you that were.

Based on Amazon’s own best-selling electronics category, it’s not doing too well. It was in fourth-place two days after the announcement of the device, but it has dropped pretty rapidly since then. As of today, the 32 GB model sits at 61, and the 64 GB model isn’t even on the list.