Project Athena clues in Chromium point to touch interface for Chrome OS


Some recent forays into the code for Chromium reveal a project called Athena that could be a new touch-optimized interface for Chrome OS. While Google could just be working on a major facelift to their Ash interface that has been used for a couple years now, it does appear Athena could open the door to Chrome OS being deployed on a smartphone or tablet. Read more

Qualcomm announces new chip that will help in-home 4G LTE coverage


Cell phone users are all too familiar with the impact being inside a building, like their own home, has on their ability to get service. This was true with the 3G networks when cellular providers would deploy femto cells to try to address holes in coverage.  The problem is no less true for the new 4G LTE networks being deployed. To help combat this latest version of the problem, Qualcomm has introduced the FSM90xx low-cost chip. Read more

‘First Look’ video of Galaxy Tab S released by Samsung


With the Samsung Galaxy Tab S having been released yesterday, many are wondering just what the device can do. Samsung has released a new “First Look” video, detailing exactly what the new tablet is capable of. The video starts out by showing off the thin design of the device, and then moves onto things like the display, fingerprint scanner, and so on. Hit the break to watch the video for yourself!

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Peek update brings post-wake activation among other changes


A few weeks ago, the Paranoid Android team released Peek in the Play Store. Peek is an app that lets users quickly see and interact with notifications. With some time spent in the Play Store, the developer is ready to unleash version 2.0 for users to have fun with. The update improves upon the motion detection for displaying notifications. Of course, Paranoid the Android team also worked on any bugs and implemented some enhancements.

Hit the break for the full changelog and download links. Read more

Samsung smartwatch passes through FCC, could run Android Wear

fcc samsung watch

Android Wear is expected to hit some more devices relatively soon, and we may have our eyes on one here.

The FCC has recently put documents on its website which reveal a Samsung smartwatch (codenamed SM-R382). It’s 10mm smaller than the Gear 2 (top to bottom). We know Samsung has said a Gear-branded Android Wear device would be released soon, so our guess is that this is it.

This is obviously all speculation and rumor, but there’s a pretty good shot that this could be true.

Via: 9to5Google
Source: FCC

Galaxy Tab S tablets now available for pre-order


Want to get your hands on a Galaxy Tab S as soon as possible?

Pre-orders start today — reserve the WiFi only Galaxy Tab S 8.4 for $399.99 and the Galaxy Tab S 10.5 for $499.99. Although there isn’t a shipping date yet, the devices are expected to ship in July

Check out some of our other Galaxy Tab S coverage below:

Sources: Samsung 1 / Samsung 2

LG may launch a G3 with Snapdragon 805 CPU next month

LG G3 colors

LG’s 2014 flagship, the G3, hasn’t been released outside of South Korea yet, but that’s not stopping LG from planning what’s next in the pipeline. The latest rumors point towards LG releasing a new version of the G3 just months after the original was announced. This new version of the G3 looks like it will feature an upgraded Snapdragon 805 CPU and faster modem that would allow it to reach 225 mbps download speeds on compatible networks. Aside from those two hardware improvements, all of the other specs seem to be identical. Read more

Check out the all new Galaxy Tab S series accessories

Samsung_Galaxy_Tab_2_10.5_White_OfficialIf you’re planning on plunking down a few hundred on either the newly announced Tab S 8.4 or Tab S 10.5 then you may want to consider looking for some accessories for the new tablets. Samsung has you covered too. Simply named Bluetooth Keyboard, Book Cover and Simple Cover you know exactly what you’ll be getting. Availability and pricing are unknown though.

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