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Google will release a custom watch face API for Android Wear soon, current watch faces may not work with it


When Google released the Android Wear SDK at Google I/O a few weeks ago, we were told that custom watch faces weren’t supported. I was very disappointed, but very excited to actually see custom watch faces in the Play Store a week later. How was this possible? Well I am no developer, but there is some sort of workaround that is working pretty well.

Google’s Wayne Piekarski recently posted about this and mentioned that a custom watch API is in the works.  He also notes…

Latest Maps update allows you to take tour of London in 3D


In Google’s latest update for Maps users of both the mapping app and Google Earth will be able to take a 3D tour of London. In the 3D map you’ll be able to take a virtual tour of the Thames, and other landmarks from the city. London is just one of five cities that appears in 3D in Maps. Others include Birmingham, Leeds, Reading and Stoke on Trent. Of course, the 3D aspect isn’t just exclusive to the tourist portions of the English City and 3D imagery has extended to cover the entire city.

So if you’re in an exploring mood, head here to get started. Of course it should be noted that a decent Internet connection is a must.

source: Engadget

TalkAndroid Daily Dose for July 16, 2014


With hectic schedules, it can be hard to keep track of everything in your news feed. That’s why we created the TalkAndroid Daily Dose. This is where we recap the day’s hottest stories so you can get yourself up to speed in quick fashion. Happy reading!!


Samsung gets into mobile audio market with new Level portfolio


Amazon Prime Instant Video might finally come to Android devices

ESPN updates its fantasy football app with new push notifications and user interface

Chrome for Android updated with improved text rendering for non-mobile sites

Google Wallet updated with ability to store gift cards and more

DirecTV opens NFL Sunday Ticket to users without satellite service, but there is a catch

Google Wallet updated with ability to store gift cards and more


Google Wallet has been updated today with a couple of really nice features. As you know, Google Wallet already lets you store your loyalty cards, which makes things a lot easier. With this update, you can now store your gift cards for the same easy access. Just like loyalty cards, you can snap a picture of your gift card or enter the information from it in the app to store it. If you received an electronic version, you can click “Save to Google” directly from the e-gift. Once your gift card is in your Wallet, just show your phone to the cashier at checkout.

Amazon Prime Instant Video might finally come to Android devices


Even though Amazon has their own Kindle line of tablets powered by a forked version of Android, they have made the majority of their apps available to other Android devices except for one. That one app is Amazon Prime Instant Video, and as this point in the game, we just assumed they would never release it. However, it looks like the tide might be changing.

LTE-A Galaxy S 5’s 2k screen gets reviewed, shows improvement over current models


Last year, we saw Samsung release a slightly tuned-up version of the Galaxy S 4, complete with LTE-A support. The same thing happened this year, with the GS5 Broadband LTE-A getting released in South Korea with a Snapdragon 805, 3 GB of RAM, and 32 GB of internal storage, all slightly better than what comes with the standard Galaxy S 5. The most important difference, however, is the 2k screen that comes with the LTE-A version of the device.

LG G3 S (or G3 Mini) receives certification in China, user manual leaks


Every flagship smartphone gets a miniature sibling to go along with it. All of the cool manufacturers — Samsung, HTC, LG, and Apple — do it! The launch these smaller devices usually happens a few months after the flagship’s launch. LG, though, does not seem to be choosing to wait very long to release the watered-down version of the G3. The G3 S believed to be this device and it has received certification in China.

Best Buy now carrying Samsung Gear Live and LG G Watch


There is one more place to purchase an Android Wear device from. Best Buy is now carrying smartwatches from both Samsung and LG. Prior to this, the only places to get such devices from were Google Play and Amazon. Through Best Buy, the G Watch is ready to ship; however, the Gear Live is currently listed as only a pre-order. Both colors of the G Watch are available (Titanium Black and White Gold) and Best Buy has the Gear Live in Black and Wine Red.

Hit any of the links below to order one today.

Source: Best Buy [LG G Watch – Titan Black] [LG G Watch – White Gold] [Samsung Gear Live – Black] [Samsung Gear Live – Wine Red]

ESPN updates its fantasy football app with new push notifications and user interface


Hockey, basketball and the World Cup are over — you know what that means.

That’s right, football season is fast approaching, and fantasy football sites everywhere are opening their doors for faithful fans to register for this year’s game.

In preparation for this season, ESPN has completely overhauled its fantasy football app.

In addition to an all new design, you’ll also now get push notifications when a trade is proposed, injuries take place and points are scored. You can also now manage your league’s draft right from the app — a useful tool if you’re away from home during the draft.

Hit the break for screenshots as well as the link to the app in the Play Store.