Raise fiery beasts (literally) in Gameloft’s Dragon Mania Legends


Another game from Gameloft is upon us and this time players are tasked with breeding and raising dragons. Dragon Mania Legends, which is free-to-play with in-app purchases, is all about rebuilding Dragolandia. Players choose from over one hundred species to ready for battle. Aside from playing against the computer, players can battle friends to win prizes. The entire setup of a battle is based on a 3-on-3 system. All of this is to finish as the Dragon Lord, having successfully raised dragons and defeated opponents.

Hit the break for the trailer, gallery, and download links.

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Remix tablet hopes to replace your laptop


During CES 2015 this year, one of the new devices that was unveiled was the Remix tablet from Chinese company Jide. The Remix tablet hopes to achieve the same thing that Microsoft is trying to do with their Surface tablet devices – cobble together a device that can replace a laptop computer with something that brings the advantages of a tablet device. Unlike the Surface line of devices, Remix has decided to load their tablet with the Android operating system. Read more

Mysterious Xiaomi device with 2000mAh battery suggests thin device


A Xiaomi phone with model number 2014910 made its way through TENNA today with a 2,000mAh battery in tow. This could very well suggest that the next phone coming from the company will be a thinner device. The device appears to be in testing so specs are unknown but the device is rumored to sport a Snapdragon 615, and 2GB of RAM.

That said, there’s not much to go on. It could possibly be a new mid-range device, or a sub-series of a current line. We’ll update you when we know more, so keep it locked here.

source: gizchina

Samsung beats quarterly profit expectations thanks to component division


Samsung has been struggling to stay competitive in the smartphone market this past year, but thanks to the component division of the company, they beat analyst expectations for 4th quarter profits in 2014. Their operating profit took a 37% dive from the year earlier, however.

On the high end, Samsung competes with Apple’s premium iPhones, and on the budget side of things the company is dealing with competition from OEMs like Xiaomi that sell devices at razor thin margins. Samsung has had a hard time adapting to that kind of competition, and the company’s stocks and revenue have fallen accordingly. The company does have an ace in the hole, though, and that comes from its component business. Read more

Green Xperia Z3 Compact now available from Clove


For the past four months, Sony held exclusivity over the green model of the Xperia Z3 Compact — meaning if you wanted to pick one up, you had to purchase the phone directly from the manufacturer itself. Thankfully, that’s no longer the case. Online technology retailer, Clove, has today announced that it too has “received stock of the green variant and is now able to sell the SIM free version in the UK for the first time”.

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Google, HTC, LG Back Samsung in Patent Melee with Apple


The enemy of my enemy is my friend. The old proverb has resulted in such unlikely alliances as the United States and the Soviet Union vs Germany, or the former aligned with China (yet-to-be-communist) against Japan. This is the nature of international relations. It’s sometimes also the nature of business, when two or more rivals put down their gloves to turn their sights on a bigger fish.

This is what’s transpiring in Samsung’s ongoing patent feud with Apple.  Though they are competitors in the Android market, HTC, LG, and Samsung all have a united interest in fighting Apple on intellectual property. Google itself is also deep in the mix, having been in Samsung’s corner for a bit longer already.

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Verizon launches Galaxy Note Edge for $399.99 on a 2-year contract


Hot on the heals of US Cellular, AT&T, Sprint and T-Mobile, Verizon has now joined the party to launch the curved variant of Samsung’s flagship phablet, the Galaxy Note Edge, in the United States.

The handset will set you back $399.99 on any of Big Red’s two-year plans or $799.99 unlocked. You can also bag yourself one for $33.33 per month if you happen to be a member of the carrier’s Edge program.

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New fuel cell based kraftwerk charger promises freedom from the grid


A project on Kickstarter by eZelleron Inc. is trying to raise funds for production of a mobile electronics energy charger that uses gas instead of electricity to recharge itself. The kraftwerk power generator will enable users to be freed from the power grid by relying on fuel cell technology that converts chemical energy into electrical energy. The device can be refilled using standard camping gas or lighter gas, both of which should be readily available almost anywhere in the world. The kraftwerk also has the advantage of being refilled in mere seconds – 3 according to the project’s description – and will support the equivalent of 11 iPhone charges. Read more