Google Play announces Spider-Man films and TV shows sale


Google Play is releasing The Amazing Spider-Man 2 early, and to celebrate, all earlier Spider-Man films are starting at only $8 to own, and the first 10 minutes of Spider-Man 2 is free to watch. Many Spiderman games and comics are discounted for a limited time as well.

Are you a Spider-Man fanatic? Planning on downloading one of these deals? Leave a comment below and let us know.

Source: Google+

Google Hands-Free showing up in Google Search


A week ago we received hints at a new standalone Google Hands-Free application from a Google+ post. Now, thanks to Google search, we’ve found a new hint towards how this new app will fit in with the Android OS. Users can open up the Google Search App and search for “hands free.” They will be greeted with a card in the process of opening, but it will stall out until an action is taken and the process is cancelled.  We still don’t know when the app will be released, or any of its features, but it seems like Google will release it to the world any day now.

Source: Android Police

Blue Samsung Galaxy S 5 coming to Best Buy August 17


The Samsung Galaxy S 5 continues to add more color options in different geographic locations. The latest addition is the blue Galaxy S 5 above, which will soon be available in the United States. Beginning August 17, you can get your hands on the device with a blue front fascia, only from Best Buy. The device will be available with a two year contract on Verizon, AT&T and Sprint for $99 if purchased before August 23rd, which is $100 off the recommended retail price for the handset.

Source: Best Buy News


Spare LG G Watch charging cradle now available in Play Store


It was only a matter of time, and now the LG G Watch charging cradle is available in the Play Store. It’s the primary way to charge the device, so it’s an important spare item to have. It’s available for $19.99 via the link below, and comes with the charging cradle, a micro USB cable, a warranty card, and a WEEE card. Interestingly no AC adapter.

Source: Google Play


NVIDIA SHIELD Portable update features SHIELD Controller Support and SHIELD Hub App


A major update to NVIDIA SHIELD, now apparently known as the SHIELD Portable is rolling out, as version OTA 5 Release 82. With the update, users will be able to hook up a SHIELD Controller through newly-implemented compatibility, as well as manage Controller settings through the official SHIELD Controller application. In addition, the SHIELD Hub application is now available, which replaces TegraZone. Also, improvements to GameStream and Netflix HD streaming support is included.

A full changelog after the break.

Source: GeForce Forums

Google expands the universe of email addresses it will recognize in Gmail


Google announced today what they think is a significant step forward in enabling communication via email around the globe. Google’s Gmail application, and soon Calendar, will now recognize accented Latin characters or non-Latin characters used in an email address. Google points out that less than half of the world’s population uses a mother tongue based solely on the Latin alphabet. By accepting additional characters as part of an email address, the possibilities for people to get email addresses that make more sense to them is broadened.

Humble Mobile Bundle 6 arrives with six games in exchange for a donation


Humble Bundle is back with a mobile gaming opportunity with Humble Mobile Bundle 6. Fittingly, there are six games available to donors right from the get-go. Of course, some of the games do require donors to pay more than the average to get everything included. The total value of everything being offered is actually $43, but you can donate any amount you would like. Over 10,000 bundles have been sold and the Electronic Frontier Foundation and Child’s Play Charity are benefited.

Hit the break for the list of games included, a trailer for them, and the source link to donate.

Lenovo Vibe Z2 Pro announced, carries a stunning 6-inch QHD display


Today, Lenovo has announced the Vibe Z2 Pro as its new flagship device heading forward. It is going to be big, literally. The Vibe Z2 Pro has a gigantic 6-inch display with 2560×1440 resolution (Quad HD). This gives it 490 pixels per inch. The back of the Vibe Z2 Pro is just as impressive as the front since Lenovo opted to cover it with metal. All of this is within a 7.7mm thin body.

Hit the break for more details and Lenovo’s trailer introducing the Vibe Z2 Pro.

Unidentified Motorola box shows up at Verizon, model number is XT1096


What is inside that box? No one knows.. for now. Someone just needs to open it! What we do know, though, is that it belongs to Motorola and it is now in the hands of Verizon. Inside is some sort of device as the orange sticker attached explains that this is a pre-commercial unit that is not to be activated on any personal accounts and that the confidentiality of its contents is very high.

T-Mobile to start Summer Savings Upgrade Offer for select customers


T-Mobile is looking to offer a few customers the option to get some great upgrade pricing with their leaked Summer Savings Upgrade Offer starting tomorrow, August 6th. The promotion will allow customers that have been with T-Mobile for at least a year and don’t owe anything on a current device to pick up a new phone at a pretty heavily discounted rate, in some cases.

Moto G successor may have bigger screen, but same processor and specs


It’s almost inevitable that we’re going to see a follow-up to Motorola’s extremely successful Moto G. The device has sold extremely well and helps budget-conscious consumers get their hands on a pretty decent smartphone. We haven’t heard too many rumors about a Moto G +1 (or whatever it may end up being called), but thanks to a leaked benchmark we’re getting a look at what Motorola might be planning to do with the device.

Xiaomi sells 15,000 Mi 3 smartphones in 2 seconds


In case you were ever wondering whether the ability to quickly tap buttons, like we learn while playing video games, may apply in “real” life, Xiaomi appears to have figured out a way to make it meaningful. Employing a strategy called “hunger marketing” where they only make limited numbers of devices available, buyers in India discovered they had about two seconds to get their order going to grab an Mi 3. According to Xiaomi, a sale of 15,000 units of their Mi 3 handset was conducted today via Flipkart and the entire lot sold out in only two seconds. To give an idea of how quickly the orders were made, some users indicated they clicked the buy button to add it to their cart only to see its status change to out of stock by the time the page refreshed. Perhaps the buyers who did manage to get an order in are really good at Flappy Bird.

Xiaomi indicates they will hold another sale on August 12th at 2:00 pm. In order to participate, buyers have to register starting today at 6:00 pm.

Xiaomi’s strategy of marketing, combined with a well-spec’ed device at a low price, seems to be paying off as they recently surpassed Samsung in terms of smartphones sold during the second quarter of 2014 in China.

source: Mi India (Facebook)
via: phoneArena

Samsung announces reduction in business with supplier involved in child labor


This summer has not been a good one for Samsung with news about its weakening financial position and relatively lackluster sales of devices. On top of that, the company has been dealing with bad press generated by some of its Chinese suppliers. First there was a report about safety issues at several plants. That was followed by a report from China Labor Watch accusing the Shinyang Electronics factory, a Samsung supplier, of using child labor illegally. In response to that investigation into the Shinyang Electronics plant, Samsung suspended business with the factory pending an investigation. Samsung has now announced that while they will resume business with Shinyang Electronics, but they will reduce orders by approximately 30%.