Verizon’s LG G Vista will release on July 18th


Verizon’s mysterious budget LG device, the G Vista, is slated to go on sale this upcoming Friday, July 18th. There’s still no solid word on pricing, but since it’s clearly modeled after the G3 with lesser specs, and Verizon is selling the G3 for $99 on-contract, there’s no way this device can cost too much.

As a reminder, we’re expecting the G Vista to launch with a quad-core Snapdragon 400 CPU, 1.5 GB of RAM, an 8 megapixel rear camera and 8 GB of internal storage. It’s pretty likely we’ll see a lot of the G3’s great software features make its way onto the device, too.

source: evleaks

Low-end processor support indicates that Chromebooks can get even cheaper


Thought $199 was cheap for a Chromebook? Or how about $179 for a Chromebox? Get ready, because the race to the bottom for a Chrome OS device has not even started. Found within the code for the backbone of Chrome OS is support for a low-end processor with the source being MediaTek. Low-end means that the prices would drop; however, do know that performance would also drop. Currently, there are Chromebooks out there that experience problems with multiple tabs being opened at once. That is why Intel stepped forward to support the operating system with quality processors at decent price points. That company has backed Chromebooks with its Bay Trail, Celeron, and Haswell processors.

Source: Chromium
Via: Engadget

Sony Xperia Z3 gets photographed next to Galaxy Note, slew of images follow


The upcoming Xperia Z3 was recently caught in the wild and images appeared online. The same thing has occurred yet again. There are two sets of images. The first is like the last one with solo shots showing various angles. With the other, though, the photographer has decided to compare the alleged future Sony flagship with Samsung’s Galaxy Note.

It does seem that Sony is making a design change with this handset, responding to complaints and requests that consumers and critics had. Past Sony flagships have been flat and literally sharp around the edges without much of any curves. These images, however, prove that the company has taken to accept curves make everything easier for the user. Other noticeable design changes include the placement of the speaker, ports, and magnetic connectors. A change that has not been made is with the camera. The Xperia Z2’s 20.7MP Exmor RS sensor is hear yet again.

Hit the break for the gallery full of alleged images.

MyRadar Weather Radar provides Google Glass with a live forecast


A little worried about what is to come in terms of weather when out and about? MyRadar Weather Radar for Google Glass can help with that. The new Glassware gives users an easy way to see a live forecast without having to take out a physical device and moving through an app. Specifically, it uses a user’s current location rather than having to pick and choose one. So if rain is coming, you can make sure to get some cover in order to protect the very expensive wearable.

To activate the Glassware, you just have to ask it to “Show the weather” and the radar is brought up. Immediately after, the live forecast is displayed. It is animated and shows just how dense the coming storm will be. The MyRadar Weather Radar Glassware is free, but it does not yet work nicely with the mobile app.

Source: Google Glass
Via: 9to5Google

TalkAndroid Weekly Recap for July 7 – July 13, 2014


The LG G3 is finally starting to hit carrier stores, will it be the phone that gets LG over the hump? One of the Chromecast’s sought after features has finally arrived. You can now mirror your smartphone or tablet to your TV, but unfortunately the number of devices is limited. Motorola continues to tease the Moto 360, but we just want them to release it already. Speaking of “releasing it already,” when the hell is Samsung going to release the Galaxy F? At this rate, the Galaxy Note 4 will be out sooner. It’s time to get caught up and get ready for what is sure to be another big week in the world of Android.


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HTC Dot View app becomes manageable with themes and settings

HTC Dot View case seemingly heading to additional devices

Mysterious ZTE Olympia coming to T-Mobile ‘soon’


New information from @evleaks today — a mysterious device known as the ZTE Olympia is coming to T-Mobile.

We don’t have the slightest clue what this phone is or any of its specs, but we would expect it to be a mid-range, affordable device. According to @evleaks’ tweet, it’s coming “soon,” so that doesn’t give much information either.

Keep checking back here for more information on the device, as we’re sure to get some info on it soon.

Source: ZTE

Photoshop Express receives update, adds RAW file support and blemish removal


Adobe knows that the world is evolving to be mobile-centric, so it order to adapt, it’ll have to continue heavily supporting its mobile applications.

As a result, the company has updated Photoshop Express on both Android and iOS to add blemish removal and defogging tools. Most importantly, perhaps, is the added ability to import RAW files for editing. You can do all of this for free — just head to the link after the break to download the app from the Play Store.

HTC Dot View case seemingly heading to additional devices


The Dot View case, which received an intriguing app update yesterday, is currently limited to just the HTC One (M8). The company does not have a Dot View case for any of its other devices. However, that is likely to change. HTC, according to @evleaks, is working on a Dot View case for at least seven other devices.

There will be different levels, though. What the difference between each will be is not yet known, but it likely means HTC will water down the case. The ‘Dot View Premium’ case that is currently featured for the company’s flagship will also be heading to smartphones with the model number’s M8 Ace (One E8), B2 (alleged Butterfly successor), W8 (alleged Verizon Windows Phone), and EYE (alleged selfie handset for AT&T). The ‘Dot View Standard’ case is going to be paired with A51. And the ‘Dot View Lite’ will go with A21 and A11.

Source: @evleaks (Official site)

Augmented SmartWatch Pro now supports Android Wear


Augmented SmartWatch Pro has been around for a bit of time supporting devices like the Sony SmartWatches, Pebble, and a few others. It adds a hands-free notification aspect to each device it supports. With the 7.3.1 update, Augmented SmartWatch Pro now supports Android Wear devices.

To get the app setup with your Android Wear device, make sure to enable the Android Wear settings. It should already be enabled by default. Then make sure the app has access to notifications within your device’s security settings. Turn off notifications from other apps and choose which apps can push notifications to your device. Even though Android Wear already seems pretty good at handling notifications, this could be an option for people in need of a hands-free solution.

Hit the break for download links.

Wunderlist gets updated with Android Wear support


Wunderlist is the latest app to join the Android Wear party, baking in support for Google’s wearable tech in the latest app update. The update will let you check any notifications and reminders from your watch, as well as create a list by saying “Ok Google, make a note.” You can also use voice dictation to reply to comments on any notes.

It’s too early to tell if Android Wear will take over the wearable market, but it’s safe to say that it’s getting off to a great start by getting so many apps and developers on board.

Google Camera gets another update with Photo Sphere improvements


Google released an update to the Google Camera on the Play Store just a few days ago that brought some Android Wear functionality. Also part of that update isn’t quite as big, but it does fix a lot of issues that users had with Photo Sphere and related modes.

Photo Sphere has been improved so it has a larger target area, which is extremely helpful in bright sunlight. This change should make creating Photo Spheres much, much easier. Aside from that small tweak, Photo Spheres should use less memory during the stitching process, which will supposedly cut down on crashes in the camera app. That performance change should also affect related camera modes, including Fish Eye, Panorama, and Wide Angle.

source: Google+

Nova Launcher gets Android L-style visual tweaks


Nova Launcher is one of the best third-party launchers available, and today’s update makes it even better. The latest stable update brings some visual flair from the Android L developer preview, including different animations and theme tweaks.

There’s a new animation option for opening and leaving apps called slide up, which causes apps to appear from the bottom of the screen like they do in Android L. Many of the default theme elements have adopted the same aesthetic, including the Google search bar and the app drawer icon. The folder icon previews can now use Android L style grouping, too.

TalkAndroid Daily Dose for July 11, 2014


With hectic schedules, it can be hard to keep track of everything in your news feed. That’s why we created the TalkAndroid Daily Dose. This is where we recap the day’s hottest stories so you can get yourself up to speed in quick fashion. Happy reading!!


HTC Dot View app becomes manageable with themes and settings

Android Wear

[New Wear App] Find and open apps a lot quicker on Android Wear with Wear Mini Launcher

Wunderlist gets updated with Android Wear support

[New Wear App] Find and open apps a lot quicker on Android Wear with Wear Mini Launcher


The Android Wear interface is simple, which is a good thing, but opening apps is a little convoluted. If you want to use your voice, it’s not too bad, but if you want to navigate with your finger, forget it.

Wear Mini Launcher aims to make things a lot easier, and it does. Once the app is installed, just place your finger at the top left corner and swipe to the right. An opaque drawer will open with all of your apps.  Six app icons can appear at the same time, but you can scroll down revealing more.