Relive the classic game of Pong with Soccer Pong


I know some of our younger readers may not have heard of Pong. It was introduced in 1972, and it was the Pac-Man of that era. It was the simplest of simple in terms of game play and graphics, but we couldn’t get enough of it.

For those of you that are old enough to remember, it’s time to relive those memories with a new game called Soccer Pong. If you don’t remember, that’s okay, because you can relive your parent’s memories and wonder how we made it through life without Call of Duty.

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Top 5 free Android games that are incredibly tough to put down [February 2015]


When I was in secondary and post-secondary school, I put tons of time into computer and console gaming. These days, I’m lucky if I can plan a time to watch a television show.

What I do usually wind up with are rare, random segments of time, during which I sometimes feel like squeezing in a few minutes of gaming entertainment. The only problem is, over the course of a year, I’ve found a few games that really want to unleash that old gamer in me and I have to struggle to put them down.

So because misery loves company, here are my top 5 Android games that you’ll definitely enjoy. As a bonus, all of these games will look great on your tablet in addition to your smartphone…..and they are Free. Read more

IFTTT rebrands service and adds new Do apps


IFTTT has announced the addition of three new apps to their portfolio of products and they have rebranded their main IFTTT service. The new apps have been given the “Do” moniker and consist of Do Button, Do Camera and Do Note. They essentially take the concepts of IFTTT’s recipes and put a graphical interface on them while also connecting them to specific functions. IFTTT also announced that their primary app is now being called IF. Read more

BBM for Android now available to download on the Amazon App Store


In an effort to drum up more downloads, BlackBerry has launched its official BBM for Android application on the Amazon App Store. The company believes that this latest move will boost exposure of its instant messaging service by enabling people who don’t have access to the Play Store to download it.

Hit the break to see what else Blackberry had to say about the launch.

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Samsung Galaxy Tab S 2 specifications leaked, only 5.4mm thick along with 8 and 9.7-inch options


It was only a few days ago that we found out that Samsung was working on a second generation Galaxy Tab S range of tablets with the model numbers SM-T710 and SM-T810. A couple of days after that, it was leaked that the new models would be thinner than the Apple iPad Air 2. Now, we have the full specifications of both Galaxy Tab S 2 models, courtesy of Sammobile.

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New Sony Xperia smartphone spotted on benchmark sites, sports 5.2-inch display and mid-range specs


A few hours ago we learned that Sony may exit both the smartphone and television markets in a bid to return the Japanese tech company back to profitability. While the Sony CEO, Kazuo Hirai, said that he would not “rule out considering an exit strategy”, this would not be a quick process if Sony were indeed to quit making smartphones. In the meantime though, a new Sony smartphone has been seen being put through its paces at both the GeekBench and GFXBench sites. The details of which are below.

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HTC Butterfly 3 with a 2K display launching in the second half of 2015; Unnamed HTC tablet launching by Q3


A leak from yesterday gave us some details of the HTC Butterfly 3 smartphone. The revelation claimed that the smartphone would feature a 5.2 inch WQHD display, but nothing apart from that. An update from the same source mentions that the handset will in fact launch in the second half of the year and not during the MWC 2015 as originally predicted. Read more