Motorola posts kernel source code for Moto X


Not long after releasing the device itself, Motorola has posted up source code for the kernel of the Moto X. They’ve released the files on SourceForge, and although it’s not enough source code to actually develop ROMs or anything similar, it’s enough to tinker with kernel specific details of the device. After Google’s acquisition, though, I can’t say I’m surprised to see Motorola complying with releasing code so quickly.

If you’re interested, you can check out the source at the link below. Otherwise, just sit tight and wait for some tweaked kernels to start showing up on XDA and the like.

source: SourceForge

Motorola could possibly offer “swappable” back-covers for lower-cost Moto X


We have already heard that Motorola is working on releasing a lower-cost variant of the Moto X, and now we’re finally starting to see some traces of the device. A Sina Weibo user has leaked a photo of what looks like swappable back-covers for a lower-cost Moto X, which means that those looking to get it would not have to go through Moto Maker to get their new phone. Nothing else about the phone was released, except the fact that there may be dual-SIM support. It’s only a matter of time before we start seeing some hard evidence of the cheaper Moto X…

Source: Engadget

[Deal] Grab the Verizon Moto X for $139.99 with promo code


The Moto X is now available on Verizon Wireless, and although you can’t customize it to your heart’s content, you can grab a white or black one for a pretty good deal. Normally priced at $199 on contract, if you go to the Verizon website and order a Moto X with the promo code “VERIZON30″, it will be yours for $139.99.

We have no idea how long this promo will last, but it’s unlikely it will be around when the Motomaker customization feature officially comes to Big Red. Let us know if you grab a Moto X with this code, and if so, be sure to check out our Moto X guides.

source: Verizon
via: Android and Me

Samsung Galaxy NX camera to hit market in October for $1,599


Samsung announced today their new Galaxy NX camera will be available for purchase in October for $1,599. The interchangeable lens camera is an attempt by Samsung to merge a DSLR-type camera, including the ability to mount different types of lenses, with a smartphone. The camera portion of the device will have a 20.3 MP sensor, autofocus, an ISO sensitivity up to 25,600, and will be capable of shooting up to 8.6 frames per second in burst mode and 1080p video. The “smart” portion of the device constitutes a 4.8-inch 800×600 720p touchscreen on the back of the device powered by a 1.6GHz processor running Android 4.2.2 with Samsung’s TouchWiz interface.

You may be wondering why anyone would be interested in this device. Samsung would say the presence of WiFi, 3G and 4G LTE capability that makes sharing photos easy is one reason. With access to the Google Play store and the ability to install Android apps, the device does open the door to using popular photo editing apps directly on the device. From a specification standpoint, the camera functions and capabilities are on par with a mid-range prosumer type DSLR. However, dedicated cameras in that market cost less than $1,600 and the prices continue to fall.

Do you think Samsung’s new Galaxy NX camera will find a spot in the bags of shutterbugs?

source: The Verge

Patriot Fuel+ 9000 mAh Mobile Rechargeable Battery review


A couple of months ago, Patriot released the Fuel+, a complete line of mobile rechargeable batteries. There are six models to choose from ranging from 1,500 mAh all the way up to 9,000 mAh. Although I had a chance to play with the Fuel+ 3000 and Fuel+ 6000, I am going to concentrate this review on the Fuel+ 9000. It’s the flagship of the bunch, but based on it’s price, it’s the best bang for the buck. Hit the break to get started.

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Foursquare CEO thinks location based notifications is the future for the app


Foursquare, the popular “check-in” app, is poised to introduce a new feature that CEO Dennis Crowley thinks represents the app of his team’s dreams. Crowley started talking up the push notification feature yesterday and apparently today the new capability will start rolling out to a small group of Android users. The new function runs in the background and when a user visits a location, the Foursquare app will periodically push a notification to the user with information about the place they are visiting. According to Crowley, the “tips” will come from other users or possibly the merchant, but they will not be paid messages.

Crowley thinks the new features is “huge” and represents the version of Foursquare “we’ve been talking about building for a long time.” He also thinks it is going to fuel growth for the app by generating new users and enticing former users back into the fold. Sources see this as more of a step to make Foursquare a more attractive target for a company like Apple or Yahoo! that may want to include this kind of user interaction in their own location-based apps.

The initial roll-out of the new function will be to only 2,000 Android users, but it should eventually be available for all Android device users by the end of 2013. iPhone users will have to wait a bit, probably until after iOS 7 is officially released.

If you are a Foursquare user, what do you think of this new feature? Is it something you would find useful?

source: AllThingsD

Rumor: Samsung Galaxy Gear to come in 6GB and 8GB flavors with poor battery life

Samsung-Logo (2)

We’re one week away from getting our hands on the Galaxy Gear smartwatch, but rumors and leaks will continue to roll. Today’s news is that it will be offered in both 6GB and 8GB versions. I don’t know about you, but those options seem a little too close. 4GB and 8GB would make more sense.

Now onto battery life. People don’t have time to charge a smartwatch during the day so it has to last at least 16 to 18 hours, but the Galaxy Gear is only rumored to last 10 hours. If this is correct, that’s going to be a serious problem.

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Sprint will release the HTC One in blue on September 10th


At the beginning of the month, a blue HTC one was leaked, and according to rumors, it was slated for Verizon Wireless. That could still be the case, but it looks like Sprint liked it so much, they are going to release it on September 10th. This is according to a leaked roadmap.

Sprint is already offering the One in silver, black, and red, so this added blue edition will put them in the lead for the most offered colors out of the U.S. carriers. Currently priced at $99, you won’t find a better deal on any other phone. If only Sprint had decent coverage.

source: PhoneArena

Report: Samsung readying production for metal housing on the Galaxy S 5


Critics of Samsung have complained about their heavy use of plastics on their phones and tablets, but things may change next year. The Galaxy S 5 will probably get a redesign which could include a metal housing. Reports out of South Korea say that Samsung is starting to plan production of a magnesium aluminum casing in the Gumi, South Korea plant and samples have already been created from a plant in Vietnam. According to reports, this casing would be ready for a spring release. I don’t think I have to tell you what phone will most likely be released in the spring do I?

Samsung has already been dominating the Android market, and if they can come up with a premium build on the Galaxy S 5, it’s going to make it that much tougher for competitors to put a dent in that armor.

source: ETNews