Various reports indicating that Samsung’s flexible display will be delayed



It appears that the world will have to wait a wee bit longer for Samsung’s innovative flexible display to hit devices. ETnews reports that because of the flexible display’s vulnerability to moisture and oxygen, Samsung’s display unit is reviewing the encapsulation technologies to help protect the flexible display unit and more importantly, the guts of a device found underneath the display. In other words— Samsung hasn’t quite figured out how to have a flexible display that wouldn’t allow moisture and air to seep in any given device, so it is working on alternative methods which would essentially seal the flexible display of a device, regardless of how a device is bent or angled.

Because of the delay, the world should expect to see the arrival of the first smartphones featuring flexible displays by the end of 2013. Hopefully Sammy will work out all those kinks by then or it’ll see its competition beat it to the punch.

source: SamMobile

Google Search on mobile devices gets updated to bring even more functionality, continues to make life a little easier for all in the process



If you happen to regularly use Google’s awesome search functionality on your mobile device, then you will be quite happy to hear this latest bit of news from the Mountain View giant. First off the bat, it has announced that it has added the ability to allow users to more efficiently find top box office movies by bypassing the Rotten Tomatoes homepage and instead allowing users to access a new quick link for “In Theaters” underneath the main Rotten Tomatoes link after you search on your mobile device. This means that users will be able to save an extra step or two and do things even more efficiently than ever before.

Additionally, it has brought the Quick view option to select webpages on mobile devices as well. For example, after doing a search of a particular topic like say poker hands that brings up some results, you would then see the ability to click the blue Quick view badge and see a quick view of the Wikipedia page listing out the poker hands immediately. As of this time, the Quick view function is only available for the English version of the Wikipedia page, though Google is working to bring the function for other sites as well.

You can find more deets when you check out the source link.

source: Inside Search UK

Verizon Galaxy S4 Confirmed Through Official Samsung Announcement

GS4_Verizon_White_BlackPrevious leaks have finally been confirmed…Samsung’s Verizon version of its Galaxy S4 handset is now officially on its way! Samsung announced today via two dedicated webpages that their latest flagship, the GS4, is on its way to Verizon and will be available in to colors, “Black Mist”, and “White Frost”. Hit the break for links to both landing pages.
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T-Mobile confirms HTC One’s April 24th release date



As we inch closer and closer to the imminent release of the HTC One smartphone on T-Mo’s network, we finally have a concrete date of when to expect the device to hit store shelves. The wireless carrier has confirmed via Twitter that it will begin selling the flagship device in stores and online from April 24th, which falls in line with what we previously expected anyways. T-Mo doesn’t overtly mention anything about how much the device will cost in its tweet, but it already told us it will offer the device for a smooth $99 on-contract, which can be cancelled at anytime so long as the device is fully paid for.

So now that everything is confirmed and good to go– let’s all hope there’s not too much pandemonium will ensue since well you know, T-Mo will be offering a few goodies and all.

source: T-Mobile Twitter

TalkAndroid Daily Dose for April 16, 2013


With hectic schedules, it can be hard to keep track of everything in your news feed. That’s why we created the TalkAndroid Daily Dose. This is where we recap the day’s hottest stories so you can get yourself up to speed in quick fashion. Happy reading!!


How to set up and use BlinkFeed on Sense 5 with the HTC One


MyPermissions [Tools]

Nexus 10 Book Cover Review


Companion app for Google Glass, “MyGlass” arrives in Google Play Store

Dungeon Hunter 4 Goes Live on Google Play Store

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New leak suggests Samsung could have big changes on the horizon for upcoming mobile phones



We already know that Samsung has finally come to the realization that well, plastic isn’t all that attractive on its flagship devices, but it appears that Samsung is intent on making some major changes even faster than we previously thought. Serial leaker evleaks got its hands the first shots of a mystery device which sports an all-metal unibody design, complete with unusually boxy corners. Oh and it doesn’t stop there either—- there is a distinct slot for an all-too-familiar accessory with Samsung Galaxy Note-based products. So it’s possible that we are looking at a test version of a new Galaxy Note (Galaxy Note III?) on the way? Or it could be some Sammy engineers just fiddling around over in the labs for fun. Whatever it is Samsung— we’re on to you and watching very closely…

source: evleaks

Motorola Plans to Appeal to Wider Audience with Their New Line of ‘Sweet Spot’ Smartphones

googorola-logoMotorola’s first batch of Google-influenced phones are expected to start appearing on the market around the second half of 2013. According to Google, they are planing to put the “WOW” into Motorola’s already superior smartphones. Since Google’s purchase of Motorola back in May 2012, they have left Motorola to do their own thing, waiting for the right time to step in and add some Google flair.
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Google’s Eric Schmidt hints at “phenomenal” Android-based devices


At the D: Dive Into Mobile conference in New York, Eric Schmidt did not spend all of his time talking about the accomplishments of Android. He also spent some time talking about the future of the operating system as far as the hardware it will run on. He hinted that new products he saw during a recent visit to Google’s Motorola unit are “very, very impressive.” In his conversation at the conference, he indicated the stuff that Motorola is working on may be considered “phones-plus.” What that means exactly, he left hanging out there for people to ponder.

Any conversation about Android on something other than a smartphone or tablet device invariably leads to Google’s newest product, Google Glass. Love them or hate them, they are poised to land with a big splash on the tech landscape. Whether Glass can change the market and become mainstream is a big question, one that Schmidt thinks has been answered already based on how they have become ubiquitous on the Google campus.

Anyone want to take a guess as to what Google may have planned for future Android devices? Where do you think it could be deployed that may be considered non-traditional?

source: AllThingsD