Sharp moves on from 4K UHD with 8K LCD TV, also unveils Android TV based SmartCentral 4.0


For those of you who sit way too close to your television set, Sharp has just unveiled a prototype television at CES 2015 with a whopping 8K LCD screen. This prototype will be the world’s first 8K display with standards compliance and has a mind-boggling resolution of 7680×4320 with a 120Hz refresh rate. The 8K beast has 12 bits per pixel depth and delivers a blinding brightness of 400cd .

How big is this heavyweight television going to be, you ask? 85 inches. That’s like having a NBA basketball player laying across your wall.

Probably more important is the news that Sharp is updating its SmartCentral TV interface to version 4.0. This version will be a complete revamp for SmartCentral and will now be running off Android TV platform. This will also bring the Google Play Store to your Sharp television.

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DISH moves toward al a carte with new Sling TV service


Ever since cable and satellite TV providers have offered bundles of service to subscribers, there have been customers asking for al a carte options so that they did not have to pay for channels they were not interested in receiving. The pressure for that kind of buying option has increased as content becomes available on more platforms and as the market’s demographics change with the growth of Millenials and other younger generations. DISH, which has been struggling to maintain subscribers as it is, has decided to dip their toes into offering al a carte subscriptions with a new Sling TV offering slated to be available in the coming weeks.

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Sprint, AT&T confirm the LG G Flex 2’s availability


At its CES 2015 press conference, the G Flex 2 made its worldwide debut for LG. Consumers in the United States are curious to know which carriers intend to offer the handset. Two carriers have stepped forward quickly to confirm that the G Flex 2 will be available on their networks. Both Sprint and AT&T will release the G Flex 2 in the first quarter of 2015. To bring some spice to the handset, Sprint will have an exclusive Volcano Red color.

Pricing and a specific release date have yet to be provided.

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Plex’s next step involves a focus on audio


There are many services out there to handle personal media libraries, but Plex is one of the leaders in the space. It acts as a media center pushing videos, photos, and music to a multitude of devices. The service has long been really powerful for managing videos and photos. Now, audio content is being focused on as the service evolves. Alongside its audio fingerprinting technology, Plex will use Gracenote for enhanced music recognition and artist information. This will allow Plex to better understand the sound without having the original source. With Gracenote behind it, Plex will compose Plex Mix playlists. Then, Plex Pass subscribers can have their music matched with corresponding videos from Vevo.

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WeMo announces new home sensors for Internet of Things ecosystem

wemo sensors

WeMo has announced a handful of new home sensors in its Internet of Things ecosystem. These new sensors include a door and window sensor, keychain sensor, alarm sensor, and room motion sensor, all of which are great improvements for a digitally connected home.

The door and window sensors are magnetic and attach to any doors, windows, or any type of opening latch in your home. This means you can put it on anything from your front door, your refrigerator, or even just a box you want to monitor. Whenever that door or container is left open (or even opened while you’re not at home) you can keep up with it to know what’s going on in your home. These sensors also integrate with other WeMo devices, so you can pair up a door sensor and the AC sensor, so the air conditioning can kick on when the back door is opening, for example. Read more

Parrot unveils new aftermarket dashboard head unit, brings Android Auto to consumers


Seasoned manufacturer of aftermarket smart dashboard units, Parrot has now unveiled their newest gadget, the RNB 6. The goal of RNB 6 is to bring Android Auto and Apple CarPlay to vehicles produced before the automotive industry’s adoption of Google or Apple’s new automobile technology.

Parrot describes itself as a manufacturer in “Connected Automotive Infotainment”. While it is true that they’ve been making dashboard head units for a few years now (#cablets, anyone?), they also produce a pretty awesome selection of remote controlled cars and drones.

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Google unveils “Cast for Audio”


Google has today taken the wraps off its “Cast for Audio” streaming platform, which has been specifically configured to enable hardware partners to embed Chromecast compatibility into their speakers, soundbars, TV’s and set-top boxes. This provides users with the ability to use Android, iOS and desktop operating systems to stream music, podcasts and more.

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LG makes the G Flex 2 official, complete with a Snapdragon 810 and 1080p display

LG G flex 2 CES 2015

LG has officially announced the follow-up to last year’s curved G Flex, and it has some pretty big improvements over the original. The phone still features a curved screen and self-healing materials, but the hardware has been bettered across the board.

The curved display on the G Flex 2 is a full 1080p P-OLED screen with a popping 403ppi. The internals are competitive for 2015, including 2 GB of RAM with a 64-bit Snapdragon 810 processor. The Snapdragon 810 is the latest and greatest from Qualcomm with two quad-core CPUs and support for viewing 4k video. The G Flex 2 is one of the first major phones to sport the 810, so it’ll be interesting to see how it fares in real-world performance tests. Read more

SanDisk announces new USB flash drive for Android phones and tablets


With some OEMs getting rid of microSD card slots in favor of fixed storage size options and cloud storage, some worry that they may eventually run out of room on their phone or tablet. Those of you who worry, SanDisk has your back. The company just announced at CES a brand new — and improved —USB flash drive for android devices.

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