Brazil to be first country to get LG L Fino and LG L Bello


Last month LG announced a pair of smartphones meant for budget buyers. The LG L Fino, a 4.5-inch device, and the larger LG L Bello, a 5-inch smartphone, may not push the envelope when it comes to specs, but they do push LG’s user experience down the market spectrum. Users get Android KitKat 4.4.2 out of the box along with features like Knock Code, Gesture Shot, and the Touch & Shoot camera interface. The devices do get LG’s rear-mounted buttons.

LG has officially announced the first market to get the devices will be Brazil. Other countries located in the Latin America market are expected to follow shortly. Eventually the phones should hit European and Asian markets as well as the Commonwealth of Independent States’ markets. Pricing has not been announced. However, LG did indicate the L Fino will be available in white, black, gold, red and green. Meanwhile, the L Bello will be available in black, white and gold.

source: GSM Arena

Is Polar the best acquisition announced by Google?


Spend any time on the web’s social networks and you are bound to run across a poll. While some polls probably have some legitimate value in being asked, a frequent strategy for companies is to use polls to drive traffic to their content. Of course, Polar would like for you to think their service is all about “the simple idea that everyone has an opinion worth hearing.” Wherever their value lies, Google wants a piece of it as the company has been acquired by the search giant. Read more

How to setup and use Moto Display on the Moto X 2014


One of the coolest features on the original Moto X had to be Active Display. So it’s no surprise that it found it’s way onto the all new Moto X. Now called Moto Display, it’s also not surprising that it is much improved. Moto Display will show you your most recent notifications without turning on the full display. You can even read the contents of each notification such has what someone texted you. This is an obvious battery saver.

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Motorola’s next DROID handset arrives at the FCC, heading to Verizon with wireless charging


Soon, there could be a new Motorola device available going by the name DROID Turbo with cutting edge specifications. This is the device heading to Verizon with the codenamed Quark. Today, it has been discovered in an FCC filing that confirms Big Red will be carrying the device due to all of its wireless bands being present.

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Glympse’s new Keyboard app shares your location as quickly as possible


Glympse, the very popular location-sharing app, is extending its ease of use by releasing a keyboard application. Glympse Keyboard is an app that allows users to share their location despite another app being opened. This is useful as users no longer have to bounce around between apps to use Glympse and can continue carrying on with business as usual.

There are two ways to use Glympse Keyboard’s feature. Quick Send utilizes a timer set by the user to send a message with their location. With Quick Send, users can continue using any keyboard. The other option is to use Glympse Keyboard’s Full Keyboard that takes over as the go-to keyboard. The letter G on the keyboard is replaced with Glympse’s G and a longpress activates location-sharing.

Hit the break for screenshots and download links.

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How to setup and use Moto Assist on the Moto X 2014


Motorola Assist launched on the original Moto X, and it’s back as Moto Assist. Moto Assist is a contextual learning engine, and it allows you to set up certain actions based on where you are (home or the car) or what you might be doing (in meetings or sleeping). If you’re familiar with last year’s Moto X, you will remember that there was an Assist app. You won’t find that anymore. Instead, Motorola combined all of their features into a new app simply called Moto. The Moto app houses Moto Voice, Moto Actions, Moto Display, and Moto Assist.

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LG G Flex 2 to have smaller, higher-resolution display


It seems LG have learned from the poor sales of the original G Flex that people will not accept sub-par displays anymore. According to a report citing an LG India executive, LG’s upcoming G Flex 2 will have a smaller, higher-resolution display than its predecessor. This means a higher pixel density, which hopefully will mean a better display than the Flex’s 720p, POLED panel.

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HTC Eye may be identical to the One M8 with an updated front-facing camera


It is no secret that HTC is preparing a “selfie-phone” called the HTC Eye for users who really like pictures of their own face. Up until today, very little was known about the Eye, but thanks to renowned leaker @upleaks, that is no longer the case. Much like the recently released HTC One M8 for Windows, the Eye will allegedly look and feel identical to HTC’s flagship, the HTC One M8.

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