Nothing Xiaomi launched at CES 2017 will be sold in the U.S.


Let’s all collectively sigh.

Not a single product showcased by Xiaomi at its CES 2017 presentation will leave China, at least for now. It’s a decision that leaves you, me, and many other people frustrated that the company isn’t yet offering major products and services in the United States and elsewhere. Xiaomi feels its existing markets are most important to focus on for the time being.

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Samsung to report on causes of Galaxy Note 7 meltdown this month


One of the big stories of 2016 was the Samsung Galaxy Note 7. The product generated a lot of heat for Samsung, but not in a good way after batteries in the device started to explode or catch on fire. Eventually Samsung ended up halting production and trying to recall all of the units that had shipped around the world, going so far as to issue an update that would brick units not returned. According to a Korean newspaper and comments made by Samsung at CES 2017, the company is expected to release a report this month explaining what the source of the problem was.

NVIDIA SPOT adds to list of entrants in the home AI interface category


First Amazon introduced the Amazon Echo followed by other variant devices running the company’s Alexa home AI platform and then Google jumped on board with Google Home. At CES 2017 we are seeing other companies trying to get in on this action by producing hardware that serves as the primary physical device for users to interact with their chosen AI platform. The latest to join is NVIDIA which is preparing a new device called the NVIDIA SPOT that will serve as the junction for a Google Home environment.

Google Assistant is coming soon to Android TV


Android TV may not be the most popular method to view all of your movies and TV shows, but the Google streaming platform can be an easy and powerful addition to your home entertainment setup. During CES 2017 this week, the Mountain View company has announced that the Google Assistant AI will soon be coming to all supported set-top boxes and TVs running the Android TV OS.

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[TA Deals] Put your mind at ease, get a Focus@Will membership (79% off)


Focusing on what you’re doing, whether that’s working at the desk or resting your mind while laying down, is vital to your mental health. But not everyone is always in an environment where focusing is easy. That’s why Focus@Will exists. This service features over 50 channels with music designed to help you focus, increasing your attention span and reducing distractions.

On Talk Android Deals, Focus@Will memberships offered with steep discounts to celebrate the start of 2017. A new year is the perfect time to start bettering yourself. You can do exactly that with Focus@Will.

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Best apps for syncing content between devices


File transferring is one of those things that should be easier than it is. Sure, there’s ways to send documents, photos, videos, and other files, but they often take some time, which isn’t always helpful when you need something urgently. There’s just nothing worse than creating something on your computer and needing it on your phone or tablet for a meeting, but you can’t seem to get it to upload.

That’s why we’ve put together this list of some of the best Android apps for syncing between devices, to help take the stress out of syncing. Even if something isn’t necessarily urgent, you can rest easy knowing you don’t have to go in and try to fix upload errors and so on. Here’s our top picks for Android.

New NVIDIA SHIELD TV looks a bit different, but it’s a lot smarter


The future didn’t seem very bright for Android TV last year; however, NVIDIA is doing its part to maintain the public’s interest in the platform for 2017. A new SHIELD TV was introduced this evening at CES 2017 with a tweaked design, support for more high-end apps and games, and artificial intelligence. It’s more of a refresh, rather than an entirely new set-top box or even an upgrade, that allows NVIDIA to simply replace old hardware without confusing anyone.