Samsung considering management changes as Galaxy S 5 sales fall 40% short

Samsung_Galaxy_S_5_Back_Camera_Samsung_Logo_TA_02Samsung’s profits have slowly been declining all year, and we’ve heard multiple reports that the company is working on changing their business plan going into 2015 to try and turn things around. The latest information comes from the Wall Street Journal and claims that Samsung is considering a drastic change in management after the Galaxy S 5 completely missed its original sales target.

Early reports say Samsung is planning on moving J.K. Shin out of his role as co-CEO and head of Samsung’s mobile division. Shin currently leads that part of Samsung’s business, and he’s been around since Samsung gobbled up tons of early market share with the first few Galaxy S phones. To replace him, Samsung is looking at giving one of the other co-CEOs, B.K. Yoon, control of the mobile division. Yoon currently runs Samsung’s home appliances and television business.
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Nexus 10 owners reporting no audio from any apps after Lollipop update


A lot of Nexus 10 owners lost the ability to hear any audio after receiving the Lollipop update. This includes all sources, whether it be apps, or even music stored on the device.

The good news is that there appears to be a fix at the user level. Some people found that just rebooting the device several times in a row (5 or 6 times) did the trick.

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Luxury watch makers are feeling threatened by smartwatches


Smartwatches are at their infancy, but 2015 could be an explosive year once Apple jumps on the bandwagon and more Android Wear smartwatches become available. One of the coolest things about smartwatches is their ability to change watch faces. You could literally have a different watch face for each day of the year. Very cool, but luxury watch makers don’t think so.

You may have noticed that there are already thousands of watch faces available thanks to apps in the Play Store like Facer. Many of those faces are replicas of actual luxury watches, giving you the feeling of owning one without dropping thousands of dollars on one. But now companies like Rolex are trying to stop these replica faces from being available.

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Qualcomm releases development smartphone featuring the Snapdragon 810


The Snapdragon 810 probably won’t come to consumer devices until next June, but Qualcomm has released a development smartphone featuring the said processor. Called the Mobile Developer Platform (MDP) smartphone, it gives developers early access to the processor for testing and optimizing Android applications.

The 810 is an octa-core and 64-bit, so the rest of the specs are also high end. It includes a 6.2-inch Quad HD (2560 x 1440) display, an Adreno 430 GPU, 4 GB of RAM, 32 GB of internal storage, microSD slot for expanded storage, 13 MP rear camera with Dual LED flash and 4K video recording, 4 MP front-facing camera, the newest Qualcomm Hexagon DSP, 3,020 mAh battery, and the “latest available Android OS,” which we presume will be Lollipop.

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EU targeting Google for possible breakup


New reports have surfaced over the past couple days indicating the European Union may be planning to introduce a motion at a meeting this upcoming Thursday suggesting Google unbundle its search engine from other offerings the company makes available. Reports indicate executives within Google are “furious” about this latest move by the EU and the short notice they have received.
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Nexus 6 for any carrier – is it real or is it marketing?


When Google introduced the Nexus 6 one of the features that was noteworthy was that the device came loaded with the chips necessary to support any of wireless network technologies used by all of the major U.S. carriers. In theory, this means any given Nexus 6 can be used on any of these networks instead of consumers having to purchase a unit built specifically for any given carrier. Unfortunately, it looks like the carriers are still creating some roadblocks to this concept becoming a reality.
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Note 4′s in Germany and Greece now receiving stability update


Samsung is pushing out an update to all unlocked and carrier-branded variants of its current flagship smartphone, the Note 4, located in Germany and Greece. Weighing in at 137MB, this upgrade doesn’t bring much to the table in terms of added functionality, but it does include a handful of performance and stability improvements.

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Amazon Game Studios’ Tales From Deep Space is here


Amazon Game Studios has a new title available now for Kindle Fire tablets from 2014 and 2013. The action-adventure game is Tales From Deep Space. Players control traveling salesman E and his robotic piece of luggage CASI. The two are attempting to escape the Big Moon space station as it has been locked down. Although the game is of the action-adventure genre, it is full of puzzles with comedy as well.

Through ComiXology, a prequel comic compliments the Tales From Deep Space game. It provides players with the reason as to how E and CASI arrived at the Big Moon space station. If you are purchasing the game, we highly recommend the comic. After all, it is complimentary to the game and it is free.

Hit the break for the gallery, trailer, and download links.

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Pebble rolls out big updates for devices, Android app


Pebble announced this week that they are rolling out some major updates for their devices and the Android app for Pebble. On the device side of the house, Pebble is rolling out a firmware update that supports several new languages so that users can read their notifications and alerts in their native language. According to Pebble, 98% of their users can get their updates in their native language. 
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