French privacy agency demands changes from Facebook

facebook security

France’s data protection agency, the Commission Nationale de l’Informatique et des Libertes (CNIL), has issued an order demanding changes in the way Facebook operates the social media site in France. CNIL is demanding Facebook stop tracking non-members without consent who visit the site and that they stop transferring some personal data back to the U.S. CNIL is also demanding Facebook implement stronger password complexity rules. The demands follow similar action taken last year in Belgium. Read more

[Deal] HTC takes 40% off the Nexus 9 and throws in a free keyboard


The Nexus 9, which was launched in late 2014, is still being sold as Google has positioned the Pixel C as a high-end tablet belonging to another line that is just getting started. So, for people wanting an premium-yet-affordable tablet with stock Android, the Nexus 9 remains the most logical choice (unless you’re a gamer).

When the tablet hit the market, pricing started at $399 for a base model with 16GB of internal storage. And the 32GB model raised the price up to $479. Need a LTE signal for use away from a WiFi connection? The LTE model that comes with 32GB of internal storage is priced at $599. Today, though, you can save big on any model of the Nexus 9. Through HTC’s weekly Hot Deals promotion, the Nexus 9 has a 40% discount and a free Logitech keyboard is being included if you get the LTE model.

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Verizon offering special half season deal for NBA League Pass


Through their Go90 platform, Verizon is making available a special deal for the NBA League Pass for the second half of the season. To help entice potential NBA fans to sign up for the Go90 service, Verizon is also making some free NBA previews available to Go90 subscribers. You may recall that last fall Verizon inked a deal with the NBA to become the exclusive service provider for the NBA and several related properties like the WNBA. Making games available via the Go90 service was big part of the new partnership. Read more

You can download the leaked Galaxy S7 edge wallpapers right here

Samsung_Galaxy_S7_edge_Leaked_Wallpapers (4)

As is often the case with mobile phone launches, the leaks and rumours increase in frequency the closer we get to the launch date of said device. In this case, we are talking about the launch of Samsung’s latest flagships, the Galaxy S7 and S7 edge that will be unveiled on February 21st. Today’s leak has purportedly given us the stock wallpapers from the Galaxy S7 edge. Read more