GranitePhone is new secure phone option from SIKUR and Archos


Archos, in partnership with SIKUR (think “secure”), has announced the availability of the GranitePhone by SIKUR, a new entry for people who are looking for an ultra-secure smartphone. The GranitePhone joins devices like the Blackphone and the Turing Phone as an option for users who need something more secure than your typical smartphone. Read more

How to install the Marshmallow factory image on your Nexus device


The much anticipated Android 6.0 Marshmallow update is here, and Google just recently posted the factory images for its supported Nexus devices. The company did announce that the OTA is rolling out, but that can take weeks, if not longer, to get to everybody. This is largely because companies roll out these updates in stages. That way if there’s something wrong, it only affects a small group of people instead of everybody with that device.

If you’re not into waiting around, we’ve got a handy guide on flashing the factory image on your Nexus device after the break!

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Google Drive is experiencing a service disruption


Yep, that’s right. It’s not just you, Google Drive is down! And it has been for the last forty minutes, yet I am incessantly watching Drive “trying to reconnect” without avail. Interestingly, Google Classroom and Google Realtime API went down around the same time, according to the Apps Status Dashboard. There’s no telling if the outages are separate or related, at this point.

Hopefully we’ll have an update or resolution from Google very soon. In the meantime, let’s all stop tapping the refresh button, as it puts an unnecessary extra load on Google’s servers. Tell your boss you’re off to take a nap. Or maybe not–that could backfire!

source: Google Apps