Samsung Galaxy Golden 3 shows up on TENAA certification site


Samsung is certainly prolific when it comes to trying out different form factors, shapes, and configurations for mobile devices. One of those examples is their line of clamshell smart phones that attempt to maintain the spirit of the flip phones that were so popular in days gone by. Their latest version, model number SM-W2016 believed to be the Galaxy Golden 3, has shown up on Chinese regulatory agency site TENAA indicating it may be ready to hit the market. Read more

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+ review: Same edges, similar body, soaring price


Samsung is fearless when it comes to trying new things, a characteristic aided by the company’s deep pockets. We’ve seen countless devices from Samsung over the years that are unusual or the first of its kind. This company isn’t afraid to see a product underwhelm before revamping it and coming back with something even better. Samsung’s use of displays with curved edges is a perfect example. The Galaxy Round from 2013 was the first sign of Samsung trying to buck the trend of conventional displays. It had a display that was curved down the center. Hardly any attention was paid to the Galaxy Round, but the following year, with the Galaxy Note Edge, the company moved to implementing a display with a single curved edge to provide extra information. The issue was that it provided little reason to be chosen over the Galaxy Note 4. Then the Galaxy S6 Edge came along in early 2015 to show that, yes, curved edges can be part of a mainstream device.

The Galaxy S6 Edge+ builds upon its young predecessor by being bigger and better in every way. It’s basically the result of merging the original Galaxy S6 Edge with the more recent Galaxy Note 5. Samsung created a device that has the size and strength of the Galaxy Note 5 while maintaining the look of the Galaxy S6 Edge.

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