Don’t be upset Android TV is dying, Google Cast is where it’s at


By December 2017, Android TV will be dead. Google could barely care any less about it, and there’s another platform that is way better for both the company and consumers. So let’s just be honest: being upset Android TV is on the way out is ridiculous. Who cares about it? You don’t. I definitely don’t. Even Google doesn’t. The mountain of hardware partners Google announced when Android TV launched was impressive, but they’ve all left the platform high and dry because of little flexibility and and poor demand. Seeing what Android is capable of on mobile devices makes Android TV look like a boring, locked-up product from a company who doesn’t play nice with others. Android TV should be open and change-friendly. Instead it exists like Apple TV where what you buy is all you get.

Yet again, Google is going to let its platform for the living room slip away without ever trying to fix things. At least this time there’s a replacement that can do better than anything we’ve ever seen. It would be best if Google cut off Android TV today and shifted those resources to Google Cast.

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ASUS ZenBo takes home assistant devices to a new level


At Computex 2016 today, along with new ZenFone 3 smartphones, ASUS revealed their entry into the home assistant space to compete with the likes of Amazon Echo and the forthcoming Google Home and what are sure to be others. Demonstrating some creativity, ASUS chairman Jonney Shih unveiled the ASUS Zenbo which is a “home robot” capable of providing assistance and more in a form factor that is not limited to sitting on a shelf or counter. Read more