Alcatel tries to move up in the market with A3 XL


At CES 2017, Alcatel announced a new smartphone (which they rather unfortunately refer to as a “phablet”) that represents an ¬†attempt to try to move up into a more premium part of the market. The hardware included in the device suggests that Alcatel really just plans to take a tiny step up within the budget phone category. Alcatel says the A3 XL represents their initial offering in a new line of “A” series devices that will focus more on a premium offering for consumers.

PGA Tour expanding live stream offerings on Twitter


The PGA Tour announced an expansion of the live streaming made available via Twitter and emphasized that Twitter is the exclusive platform for free online streaming of PGA Tour events. The expansion comes after a successful experiment during the 2016 FedExCup Playoffs. The PGA Tour will be making over 70 hours of live coverage, including some competition, spanning 31 tour events available during the rest of the year.

Google acquires Limes Audio for improved Hangouts, Chromebox audio quality


While the overall usage of the messaging app Google Hangouts may fluctuate, it is still very popular with businesses to exchange messages and set up video and audio conference calls with coworkers or clients. In order to continue to support and improve on that, Google just announced the acquisition of Limes Audio to bring an improved audio quality to G Suite users.

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Sprint merging with T-Mobile remains possible, John Legere says


No, this isn’t a throwback post. There’s yet again a chance a merger between T-Mobile and Sprint actually happens in the future. The subject came up at CES 2017, and T-Mobile’s CEO wouldn’t deny the possibility despite insulting the competitor just minutes before. It brings us back to 2013-2014 when Softbank, Sprint’s parent company, began pursuing T-Mobile with a major investment.

These new phones will join the Daydream-ready family soon


Google officially launched its Daydream VR platform in November last year, but had very few phones that were ready to handle Daydream. The Pixel was, at first, the only option, although the Moto Z joined the Daydream-ready family soon after. But now Google is announcing on its blog a bunch of new phones getting the official Daydream-ready tag.

LG will focus on “aesthetics and usability” for the G6 instead of modules


It goes without saying, LG’s modular design efforts with the LG G5 failed big time. Consumers didn’t seem to be a huge fan of the modular design, and promises for making more modules available after the LG G5’s launch fell flat. Now, at CES 2017, LG announced for the G6 it’ll be moving away from modules and focusing their efforts on “aesthetics and usability.”

ASUS ZenFone AR specifications


Augmented reality on mobile devices is rising, but Google’s platform could use help getting approachable hardware into the hands of consumers. Lenovo’s PHAB2 Pro didn’t quite end up being a hit; however, a new phone from ASUS could change the outlook for Tango. The ZenFone AR is a compact, AR-ready device. The design is attractive, the specifications are high-end, and the technology within is innovative. That’s a good recipe for success.

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ASUS ZenFone 3 Zoom specifications


If you’re searching for a phone that masters photography and never gets tired, the ASUS ZenFone 3 Zoom might just be the perfect choice. It’s dual-camera setup and massive battery are a combination that keeps you taking pictures and shooting videos for hours before needing more power. Throw in mid-range specifications that are nearing high-end classification and ASUS is putting forth a solid unlocked phone.

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Nothing Xiaomi launched at CES 2017 will be sold in the U.S.


Let’s all collectively sigh.

Not a single product showcased by Xiaomi at its CES 2017 presentation will leave China, at least for now. It’s a decision that leaves you, me, and many other people frustrated that the company isn’t yet offering major products and services in the United States and elsewhere. Xiaomi feels its existing markets are most important to focus on for the time being.

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