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How to update the Google Play app on your Android phone or tablet

Just like apps, Google Play app needs to be updated every now and then. It’s so that Google can give its digital store new features, stability improvements, and a visual changes. We’re going to help you check and update your Google Play app if there’s anything available. Because, like you, we love getting app updates.

Hit the break for instructions.

Nokia to eliminate Withings brand starting this summer

It may not seem like it, but almost a year ago Nokia announced they were buying Withings for the price of $191 million. At the time of the announcement, there was no indication as to whether Nokia would stick with the Withings branding. In an announcement at MWC 2017, the company confirmed that starting this summer, hardware produced by the now former Withings division would be branded as Nokia devices. The rebranding will join some changes to apps and platforms that Nokia plans to introduce for the predominantly health-technology oriented products.

Cricket feels pressure from new unlimited plans, rolling out new Stream More feature

With the major carriers making a sudden move in the last month to jump big time into the unlimited data plan market, you may be wondering how prepaid wireless carriers will respond to these moves. Cricket Wireless is one of those carriers feeling the heat and today announced a new feature to try to keep users from jumping back over to the traditional carriers. Cricket’s new Stream More feature employs some video compression technology to help users stretch their data allotment while enjoying streaming content.