New Qualcomm TV dongle hopes to challenge Chromecast


When Google first announced the Chromecast dongle, it was not clear whether it could compete in a world with devices like boxes from Roku or Apple TV. Google seems to have prevailed though with so many companies trying to emulate the success of the Chromecast. The latest example is a fiery red dongle that Qualcomm is working on that they are calling the 4K Streaming Adapter powered by their Snapdragon 800 processor and running a full version of Android alongside a wide array of wireless options.
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Galaxy S 6 could get released around March 22


The Galaxy S 6 and Galaxy S 6 Edge will be unveiled on March 1 at Mobile World Congress, but when will you be able to buy one? Phone Arena has received a tip from a Samsung employee that says that a vacation blackout period has been set for March 22 through March 30.

Of course we don’t know for sure, but it’s likely that the Galaxy S 6 and the Galaxy S 6 Edge will be released during that period.

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Facebook giving users more control of what happens after they die


We have always worried about what happens with our possessions after we die, but the 21st century has given us another thing to be concerned about….our online life. Google has already added controls for your Gmail account in the event that you die, and now Facebook is joining the party.

Facebook already had something in place in that someone could report your death and your account would become memorialized, which freezes the account, stopping any further posts or changes. For many Facebook users, that wasn’t enough, so starting today, you should see a new option in your security settings which will allow you to choose someone else to take over managing your account in the event you do pass.

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Chromebook Pixel 2 Spotted?


Hey, remember the Chromebook Pixel? We’re coming up on its second anniversary, and I admit I’ve never seen one in the wild. Being the high-end niche Chromebook that it is, the Pixel isn’t exactly aimed at mainstream consumers, and some might even regard it as a concept device that actually made it to production.

Regardless of how the first edition sold, it appears Google might have a successor in the works, but bear in mind this is a pretty big might, even if the alleged evidence makes a compelling case.

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300 Android smartphones and tablets with 300 different Androidify characters form the ‘Android Chorus’ in Japan


Google Japan is doing something rather interesting this weekend. They have formed the “Android Chorus”, which is comprised of 300 smartphones and tablets with 300 different Androidify characters.

They wired all the devices together and mounted them on a wall. Each device, or shall I say Androidify character, can sing a different party making it the perfect harmony. Yup, this is just another example of “Be Together, Not the Same.”

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