AT&T increases Unlimited Data cap from 5GB to 22GB


In what can be perceived as a damage control move, AT&T has increased its unlimited data limit from merely 5GB to a reasonable 22GB per month. The change comes after the FCC proposed a $100 million fine against the mobile carrier for misleading its customers with the promise of “unlimited” data. Although the carrier no longer offers unlimited data plans, subscribers who had such a plan could continue to renew them.

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Amazon might be bringing the Alexa voice assistant to Fire TV

amazon fire tv alexaAmazon’s voice assistant, Alexa, is currently only available on the Amazon Echo. It looks like the company might be bringing her over to the Fire TV line in the near future, however.

Some code in Amazon’s Fire OS 5 developer preview points towards Alexa getting functionality in the Fire TV, but it’s not completely clear if that’ll be back ported to the original line of devices or if it will only be available in the newer line, whenever those are announced. Read more

Obi Worldphone’s Sculley to speak on low-cost smartphones


John Sculley, former CEO of Apple and president of PepsiCo, and now the co-founder of Obi Worldphone is slated to speak at the Global Mobile Internet Conference Silicon Valley event on the rising global middle class and the demand for low-cost smartphones. Obi Worldphone is currently focused on emerging markets and hopes to capitalize on a move by consumers in those markets from their entry-level phones to a higher level of performance, yet still priced in a sub-$200 bracket. Read more