Google driving another nail in the Flash coffin


Google’s development team behind the Chrome browser has released information indicating plans to change how the browser will handle sites that include Adobe Flash content. The update, expected to rollout during the fourth quarter of this year, will move the browser one step closer to ending support for Flash. Although Adobe’s Flash platform has been key to delivering rich media via the web, it is riddled with security issues and according to Google, has been surpassed performance-wise by HTML5. Read more

USB Type-C port shown in new OnePlus 3 leak


A couple new images have leaked out showing the forthcoming OnePlus 3 smartphone. One of them reveals the presence of a USB Type-C port for the device, which is a new bit of information compared to images that leaked out earlier. The other image shows the front of the device. The leaker, Twitter user The Malignant, indicates a shot of the rear of the device was being withheld as it apparently has not been finalized for the retail version. Read more

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Sony killing off C and M series to consolidate on Xperia X devices


While we see a company like Samsung working on expanding their device portfolio with the forthcoming introduction of the new C series of devices, Sony appears to be on an entirely different path. Images from some presentations by Sony Mobile executives indicate the company is consolidating all of their mobile device plans behind the Xperia X line of devices as a single brand for the company. This means Sony will be eliminating both the Xperia C and Xperia M line of devices, which will join the Xperia Z line that was killed off earlier this year. Read more