New OnePlus video reveals quality tests devices undergo


With “bendgate” lighting up the Internet the past couple weeks after new iPhones got into the hands of consumers, OnePlus has released a video that shows some of the quality tests that their smartphones undergo to try to ensure the devices will survive life in the wild. The video shows eight different tests that OnePlus smartphones are subjected to as part of the company’s quality control protocols. Possibly taking a shot at Apple, OnePlus starts the video off with the Sit Test which appears to try to simulate the device being in someone’s pocket when they sit down. The test applies 25kg (55 lbs) of “weight” 1,000 times in an attempt to see whether the device will bend or break.
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Flipkart is selling the Motorola Moto 360 in India but it’s already out of stock


The Moto 360 is starting to make its way around the world. Flipkart, an online retailer that serves India, is now selling the Moto 360. The Motorola smartwatch will be available exclusively through Flipkart for Rs 17,999. At this time, though, it is out of stock. Flipkart setup a notification email to be sent out when the Moto 360 returns to the site.

Source: Flipkart

OnePlus pre-order warm up came and went


Well the season is upon us. I’m not talking about the Nexus season, but rather the month where the OnePlus goes on sale for pre-order. With OnePlus getting rid of its ridiculous invite shenanigans for a more traditional pre-order system, the company told us to wait until October for it to get its pre-orders for the OnePlus One in gear. To kick off this event, the company doled out 20,000 more invites for the phone. However unlike the sexist, destructive or seasonal contests all you had to do was fill out a Google form.

But sad news for anyone still reading this that didn’t enter their information in, the sign up is done. If you’re one of the lucky 20,000, you’ll receive your invite within 48 hours. From there all you have to do is order your device. The rest of you will have to wait until the pre-order process is green-lighted. Until then, you’ll have to wait patiently.

source: OnePlus

Google reportedly working on new messaging app

Google_Logo_7356When we first saw the mock up for the new Nexus, there was a messaging icon that was unexplainably there. With Hangouts being Google’s all-encompassing go-to messaging app, especially after the addition of Google Voice, it kind of seems like another messaging app would be a wasted effort but it appears that Google is working on one nonetheless. However before you go off thinking that this will be a whole new Hangouts it appears that this is will be tested in emerging markets and be similar to WhatsApp.

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Chromecast tab gets updated to Google Cast

GoogleCastSince the announcement of Android TV, Google has been moving toward the the term “Google Cast.” As such, Google has updated the Google Play Store apps Chromecast section to Google Cast. The move looks to put emphasis on the protocol — Google Cast being how different devices hand off content to each other — while keeping the Chromecast name for the $35 dongle. The Play Store on the web doesn’t have a Google Cast section just yet (and it usually takes a good while for updates to the web store to happen).

With the release of Android TV coming soon, this move makes sense. Other than that, there’s not much to report here.

source: Ausdroid

Images and specs of the HTC Desire Eye leak

HTC_Desire_Eye_Leak_01AWe saw leaked images of the HTC One (M8 Eye) earlier in the week, and now we have the HTC Desire Eye. The question is which one will we see next Wednesday in New York City?

While the HTC One (M8 Eye) appears to be more of a replica of the HTC One (M8), the Desire Eye appears to be the cheaper version of the two Eye phones. It sports plastic, but the specs appear to be about the same. You will also notice that the rear camera lens isn’t centered like on the One (M8 Eye) or even the One (M8). However the front-facer is centered, but the One (M8 Eye) isn’t.

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TalkAndroid Daily Dose for October 2, 2014


With hectic schedules, it can be hard to keep track of everything in your news feed. That’s why we created the TalkAndroid Daily Dose. This is where we recap the day’s hottest stories so you can get yourself up to speed in quick fashion. Happy reading!!


A closer look at the battery life on the Moto 360 [Updated with info after KGW42R update]


Google Play Newsstand latest app to get the material design treatment

Dropbox now lets you copy files stored in the cloud to an SD card

Instapaper ditches price tag in favor of a subscription model

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Sony Xperia Z3, Z3 Compact get Cast Screen support for Chromecast


A few months ago, Google brought Cast Screen to Android devices. It provides mirroring of an Android device’s screen to a wherever a Chromecast is connected to. Support is limited to under twenty devices but Google is working on adding more to the fold over time. Two Sony devices in particular are the newest to receive Cast Screen support. The Xperia Z3 and Xperia Z3 Compact can now be used with Cast Screen for seamless mirroring.

Source: Google Support
Via: Xperia Blog

LG looking towards webOS as an option for upcoming smartwatch


We’ve already got two LG smartwatches running Android Wear — but who said the company couldn’t double dip into the market, this time with a device running webOS?

It doesn’t sound like such a bad idea, as Samsung has already diversified itself by offering Tizen-based smartwatches in addition to its Android Wear devices.

Speculation seems to be true regarding LG and webOS, as the company had a developer website set up earlier today for the project. (Although it has since been taken down.)

There are some screenshots from the site, though — check one out above and another after the break.

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