Codenames and likely model numbers leak for Samsung’s Galaxy S8


With Samsung in the middle of one doozy of a global recall for its recently released, much vaunted but potentially explosive Galaxy Note 7, we have some news about the Korean handset maker’s Next Big Thing. That’s right, it may only be mid-September but the scuttlebutt regarding the Galaxy S8 has already begun leaking. Today’s leak reveals the various code names for the Galaxy S8 and the story behind its model numbers.   Read more

Yet another Galaxy Note 7 explodes in public [Update: It was a Galaxy Core!]


Update: Days later, it looks like this wasn’t a Galaxy Note 7 explosion, as originally suspected. NBC New York was able to identify the phone as a Samsung Galaxy Core. It’s certainly still not good news for the company and will still start an investigation, but there’s likely more factors at play here than just a faulty manufacturing process as we’re seeing on the Galaxy Note 7.

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YouTube Community adds more social aspects to platform


“Don’t read the comments.” That is a common refrain concerning YouTube as the comment section continues to hold out as a bastion of the darker side of the Internet even as other platforms continue to step up efforts to weed out undesirable activity. The struggles that Google and YouTube have with comments does not mean they do not recognize the need for YouTube to become even more social in nature. To accomplish that, YouTube is launching a new beta version of a feature called YouTube Community to help content creators strengthen the bonds with their viewers. Read more

[Video] Unboxing the LG V20


With all the hoopla going on about the explosive Galaxy Note 7, it’s easy to forget that LG launched its latest flagship, the V20, just over a week ago. The successor to last year’s V10 has moved away from the V10’s textured exterior and instead appears to have taken a great deal of inspiration from the design of the modular-ish G5 that launched earlier this year. It isn’t necessarily a good move on LG’s part, as TalkAndroid’s very own Justin Herrick will mention while he unboxes the V20 and shows off its secondary ticker display in the video embedded below.  Read more

Google launches new Project Zero Prize to find Android vulnerabilities


Although Google already has programs in place to encourage hackers and developers to help identify bugs in their code, especially items that could be used as the basis of a vulnerability, some recent Android episodes have highlighted the need to step things up a notch. In response, Google’s Project Zero team announced today a new contest called the Project Zero Prize that could yield $200,000 for the winning entry. Read more

Lenovo Phab 2 Pro delayed to sometime this fall


Earlier this year Lenovo took the wraps off the Lenovo Phab 2 Pro, which they touted as the world’s first Tango enabled smartphone. Tango, formerly Project Tango, is Google technology that enables a smartphone, through the use of an increased number of sensors, to orient its position in 3D space and to accurately map the environment around it. The Lenovo Phab 2 Pro was supposed to be available during the summer months, but Lenovo has quietly changed the release date to be in the fall. Read more