New memory technology could benefit flexible devices

For several years now we have watched manufacturers work on development of devices that are foldable, bendable and otherwise break out of the mold of a static shape. Although it was never confirmed, Samsung supposedly is on the verge of bringing such a device to market and was showing a prototype at MWC 2017. The challenges are many and lots of the focus has been on the display technology. To really capitalize on breaking out of the current format – a flat rectangle – many other components have to become flexible as well. A new paper describes technology that could address one of the pieces, flash memory, as it is effectively flexible itself and may even benefit the traditional smartphone market.

Brace yourselves – Galaxy Note 8 leaks like this one to commence

Samsung only recently announced their latest flagship, the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+, and the units are still in that limbo period between product announcement and shipping to customers, but that is not stopping the upcoming onslaught of rumors and leaks for the next major Samsung smartphone. That device will be the Galaxy Note 8, assuming Samsung sticks with past naming convention, to be released later this year. Samsung’s next stylus-oriented smartphone should generate quite a bit of interest after last year’s disaster with the Galaxy Note 7. Over on Weibo, an image surfaced that purports to show the new Galaxy Note 8.

Google facing claim of ‘extreme’ gender pay differences from Department of Labor

Earlier this week Google shared via some social media networks a claim that it had closed their own gender pay gap globally and eliminated a racial pay gap in the U.S. Despite that claim, the company finds itself in hot water and facing some bad press thanks to a claim made in a U.S. court hearing in which the Department of Labor alleged their analysis shows “discrimination against women in Google is quite extreme.”

Speed test pits Samsung Galaxy S8 against Apple iPhone 7 Plus

They are the two biggest players in the smartphone market so it should be no surprise that comparisons between the Samsung Galaxy S8 and iPhone 7 (Plus model in this case) will start to crop up now that Samsung’s latest flagship is out. These may be of interest to users who are not locked into a specific platform out of some requirement or just personal preference. In a new video posted on YouTube, the devices were pitted against each in some tests that try to replicate actual usage to go with the typical benchmark test scores.