Google Maps gets a ‘parking difficulty’ feature

Google is adding a new feature to Google Maps for Android to help users plan their hunt for a parking space when arriving at a destination. The new feature will provide information on parking difficulty at a destination in 25 metro areas in the U.S. The information will be provided via an icon to help users assess whether they need to be ready to just pull up to their destination or if they may be circling the block for a while in search of a parking space.

Google Voice to get VOIP support, Hangouts getting encryption

Just this week Google took the unusual step of rolling out some updates to the oft-forgotten Google Voice app. Voice has been lurking in the proverbial shadows of Google’s portfolio of communication tools, so seeing improvements roll out was unexpected. The bulk of the changes that hit this week were interface updates. New reports indicate Google is working on some new features and capabilities for Voice to add support for VoIP and in a related move Hangouts will get some beefy encryption added to that platform.

Nat and Lo reveal 5 Google games you should know about

Have you ever wondered why there’s a dinosaur shown on the page when you open the Chrome browser and you aren’t connected to the internet? Or perhaps you want to play an old Google Doodle game from months ago? Well, you can learn the mysteries and locations of these burning questions and more by watching Nat & Lo‘s video about “5 Things you should know about Google“.   

Best alarm clock apps

Let’s face it: all of us have had a hard time getting up in the morning at some point. And even if not that, it can be nerve-wracking the night before you have an important early appointment that you need to be at, wondering if you’ll be able to wake up, and maybe even having nightmares about not hearing your alarm.

Thankfully, especially if you don’t own a physical alarm clock, we’ve come to your rescue with our top five favorite alarm clock apps for Android users. Whether you want something simple and to the point, or a huge mind challenge to get your day started, these apps have a ton of variety and you’re sure to find exactly what you’re looking for (or maybe even better than you originally thought).

Xaiomi bows out of appearance at MWC 2017

Each year’s Mobile World Congress event is a major trade show on the international scene akin to what CES is for the U.S. market. For MWC 2017 coming up in Barcelona, one of the world’s major smartphone and electronics giants – Xiaomi – will not be making an appearance. This latest revelation is another hit for the company which also lost the head of their global expansion efforts, Hugo Barra, to Facebook.

Huawei P8 Lite 2017 specifications

Last year’s P8 Lite proved popular with budget conscious buyers, so much so, that Huawei has launched the P8 Lite 2017 which brings a larger display with higher resolution, improved rear and front cameras, as well as a polished glass exterior and a bigger battery. Running Android 7.0 Nougat and EMUI 5.0, the P8 Lite 2017 will launch in the UK on February 1st with a price tag of £185($232).

Hit the break for the spec sheet.

Huawei’s P8 Lite 2017 launches in the UK on February 1st

With last year’s P8 Lite proving to be a success, Huawei has launched the P8 Lite 2017 that brings some welcome upgrades with it such as a bigger, higher resolution display, a higher capacity battery, more RAM and better cameras. The P8 Lite 2017 will also launch running Android 7.0 Nougat and EMUI 5.0 out of the box. Join us after the break for more details.

Early Pixel 2 rumors hint at improvements

Depending on the model, Google’s Pixel phones are some of the toughest devices for buyers to get their hands on at the moment. Even with that high demand and long waits, work is certainly underway on the next version which should be launched later this year. Sources are indicating Google is indeed working on both a Pixel 2 set of devices as well as possible budget versions meant to expand the portfolio and these new devices will see improvements in several areas.