T-Mobile is busting Verizon’s proverbial balls


Just as we turned to the new year, Verizon debuted a television advertisement showing Verizon’s colorful balls leading AT&T, Sprint, and T-Mobile’s. The carrier wanted to show that a RootMetrics study found its network to be ahead of the the competition. T-Mobile, however, isn’t happy with what Verizon is saying.

Team Magenta has now set out to prove Verizon wrong by busting their colorful balls.

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Google enhances weather info on Android devices


Continuing their efforts to improve the information provided by the Google Search app on Android devices, Google announced today some enhancements to the results returned when you search for weather information on your Android smartphone or tablet. The upgraded information includes several new data points and the ability to save your favorite locations for quick access later. Read more

Now entering the game – Facebook Sports Stadium


With NFL conference championship games coming up this weekend and in the midst of the college basketball season, a visit to someone’s house where friends are over or your local wings joint or bar and grille reveals a common truth to sporting events when it comes to the fans. Watching and following sports is a social endeavor. So it makes sense that the world’s largest social platform might want to get in on the action, which is why Facebook has announced the launch of the Facebook Sports Stadium. Read more

Verizon doesn’t expect Go90 to be profitable for at least two years


The millennial-targeted Go90, which is owned and operated by Verizon, arrived in October 2015 as video streaming service limited to use on mobile devices. Verizon created Go90 because the company knows that video is on the rise and phones are the one thing that youngsters bring with them everywhere. Combine the two and you should have a valuable platform to generate big dollars. But, at least for Verizon, that doesn’t seem to be the case just yet. Big Red does not expect Go90 to be profitable for at least two years, focusing on content and marketing in the meantime.

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