Want the Nexus 6 from Sprint? Carrier only offering one configuration


The Nexus 6 in all of its color and storage options is available from Google Play. No matter what carrier you have, Google Play’s Nexus 6 will be supported with an appropriate SIM card. Carriers in the United States, though, will be selling the device themselves. Prospective buyers just won’t see the same amount of configurations on a carrier-by-carrier basis. Sprint clarified today that it would only offer the Midnight Blue model with 32GB of storage. Want 16GB? Or do you want Cloud White? You cannot have either one if purchasing through Sprint.

So, again, the Play Store will offer exactly what you want because carriers decide to make odd choices.

Source: /r/Sprint

Samsung will invest in $3 billion smartphone plant in Vietnam

Samsung_Galaxy_Note_4_Front_Samsung_Logo_TAAccording to a report from Reuters, Samsung is looking to invest several billion dollars into building a smartphone manufacturing plant in Vietnam soon. The company already owns a $2 billion smartphone plant in the Thai Nguyen province, which is where the second, $3 billion plant will be built. Right now, that 3 billion number is just an estimate, as Samsung is still in talks with the Vietnamese government to make the plans official.
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Chrome OS will soon use Roboto font by default

RobotoFontIf you like the Roboto font that Google introduced in Android 4.0, you’ll be happy to know that it’s looking like Roboto will soon become the default typeface in Google’s Chrome OS. The custom operating system currently uses Noto Sans.

Google slightly refined Roboto in Android 5.0 Lollipop, and in an effort to keep things uniform across all of their products, it makes sense to see the font face make the leap to Chrome OS. No word on exactly when the change will happen, but the most plausible date would be with the release of Chrome OS version 41.

source: OMG Chrome

Mirror Beta app records your display while mirroring it elsewhere on Lollipop


A new version of Android typically means new possibilities. With Android 5.0 Lollipop, developer Koushik Data is pushing the envelope with his Mirror app. Right now, anyone with a Lollipop device can record their display and mirror it with the Mirror Beta app. Having the root to your device is not necessary. The mirroring part of Mirror Beta connects to things like Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV, Chrome, or another Android device. Remember that this is the beta version of the app, but expect it to make the jump to the stable version soon.

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LG’s POLED display points to devices right around the corner


With LG finally releasing the LG G Watch R and adding to the choices for a round faced Android Wear device, buyers will also get some more new technology from LG. For the display, LG used Plastic OLED, or POLED, a technology that the company sees as very important to the future development of electronic devices. LG recently added a new page on their web site explaining some of the benefits of the technology and dropping some hints about how they see it being used in the coming years.
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New Wear FaceLift app automatically changes Android Wear watch faces


Over the years, one feature that we have seen developers try to add to third-party launchers for Android smartphones and tablets is the ability to change the homescreen layout based on some context. That context could be something like time of day or location. A new app for Android Wear devices may be the first step in bringing that kind of context sensitive capability to the new breed of smartwatches. Wear FaceLift is rudimentary at this time, but the app points the way to greater functionality for Android Wear devices in the future.
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Android Lollipop was years in the making


With a complete UI overhaul, enhanced functions, and a new runtime, Lollipop is the biggest Android update ever.¬†Android’s Vice President of Engineering Hiroshi Lockheimer sat down with Business Insider to talk about how Google came up with such an amazing update.

The early roots of Material Design actually started around the same time as the Gingerbread and Honeycomb updates. That was three years ago, so it’s obvious that Google took their time to make it right.

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Google Voice adds native MMS support for photo messages, Verizon officially on board


Last week, Google Voice users noticed that MMS messages were working on Verizon Wireless. Today, it was officially announced, and Google Voice also got another very cool update for all users. Native MMS support for photo messaging has been added, meaning that users will no longer get a SMS with a link.

You need to obviously opt in to Google Voice in Hangouts. Once you have done that, just attach photos to any SMS message, and it will be delivered as a native MMS. Those of you waiting for group messaging, have no fear because Google said it will be enabled in a future update.

source: +Dylan Salisbury