Could Amazon’s Fire tablets get any cheaper?


Amazon’s tablets are cheap. We all know that. The company cuts corners with hardware and just pushes its online store in a locked ecosystem. Rather than making a profit on hardware sales, Amazon relies on whatever apps, games, movies, television shows, and magazines you buy frequently. It’s just that sometimes the experience suffers, but customers have proven to the world that cheap tablets attached to Amazon’s ecosystem are here to stay.

For a limited time, the company’s cheap tablets are even cheaper.

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Setting up the fingerprint scanner on the HTC 10


Prior to this year, fingerprint scanners weren’t all that easy to find on mobile devices; however, the top hardware manufacturers in the world of Android all decided to implemented the technology with their latest flagships. The Samsung Galaxy S7, LG G5, and HTC 10 all ship with fingerprint scanners. Perhaps the very best one is on HTC’s 2016 flagship as its subtly integrated below the display as a home button.

We’re showing you how to set up the fingerprint scanner on the HTC 10.

Hit the break for instructions.

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