Trailer for ASUS Zennovation at CES 2017 released


ASUS has released a trailer video for their upcoming press event to be held at CES 2017. Earlier this year the company tried to coin the term Zenvolution for their summer product launch. Either that did not take hold like the company hoped or ASUS wanted a new word to go with the launch of a successor product line to their ZenFone 3 devices as this go round they settled on Zennovation.

T-Mobile will tell everyone What’s Next at CES 2017


It’s been a few months since T-Mobile unveiled their T-Mobile ONE plans to mixed reception, and apparently now John Legere gets constantly bugged throughout the day what the next Un-carrier move is going to be. Whether it’s on Twitter, at the dentist, or at the grocery store, everyone is constantly bugging this high-profile CEO about trade secrets. There’s a YouTube video to prove it.

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If you want to browse as privately and securely as possible, you need two things. The combination of a DNS with a VPN will put your online happenings almost completely off-the-grid. It’s because the DNS puts you on a private server, hiding your IP address while the VPN keeps data hidden. So you’d be wise to pair a DNS service and a VPN service together.

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A sort of explanation for exploding batteries – with explosions!


The folks over at uBreakiFix decided to put together a little video that purports to explain why lithium batteries explode. They do briefly, only very briefly, mention that abnormalities in the flow of ions between the positive and negative electrodes is what can trigger an explosion. They also suggest that one potential cause of an abnormality would be overcharging. Unfortunately, that is the extent of the attempt to explain why lithium batteries explode although they do try to make up for it with several clips of exploding batteries.