Yet another Samsung Pay ad pushes massive support


Samsung Pay is accepted in more locations than any other mobile payments service. Samsung is making that pretty clear, right? The first television advertisement for Samsung Pay knocked Apple Pay for this reason and the second showed how simple it is to use Samsung’s offering at various places. Now we have the third ad that once again emphasizes Samsung Pay’s advantage of being supported where other mobile payments services are not. Samsung says you can “pay where you’ve always used your credit card.”

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You’ll soon be able to join a waitlist for Google Store items


Although it has not been an issue this week, the Google Store is known for running out of inventory rather quickly. Then Google will restock its online store unexpectedly. An upcoming feature uncovered by Android Police in the Google Store’s JavaScript shows that the company is going to add a feature that will add people to a waitlist and issue email notifications when products are available. Waitlists are limited and those in one can choose to leave at their own will.

The feature is not live right now but Google should get it up on the Google Store very soon.

Via: Android Police

Samsung’s Gear S2 gets its first television ad


The first television advertisement for Samsung’s newest smartwatch, which is available starting today, is starting to air on networks in the United States. The ad for the Gear S2 unsurprisingly highlights its design and how apps look with Circular UX, the software that apps work with to adapt to the circular display. We get to see different watch faces, activity tracking, messaging, scheduling, and weather shown on the Gear S2.

Hit the break to watch the ad.

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[Deal] Google Play has every ‘Jurassic Park’ film in HD bundled for $35


Fans of the Jurassic Park franchise will want to head over to the Play Store right now. Why? Google Play has dedicated an entire section to the franchise’s books, films, and apps. The best part about the section is the deal that offers the four Jurassic Park films, including the most recent summer blockbuster, in high definition for just $35. If purchased separately in the same format, you would have to pay about $60.

[Google Play] [Jurassic Park Collection – Google Play]

[TA Deals] This Android app development bundle is completely free


If you’ve ever used a smartphone, you’ve probably thought about making your own application. Let’s be honest, though, and admit that it’s not exactly an easy task to accomplish. You’ll need to learn the basics of programming and different languages as well as Google’s resources in Android Studio. Fortunately, Talk Android Deals has a very special deal on the Android Mobile Hacker Bundle. This bundle will show you the how to make simple mobile apps before getting into game development and DIY projects.

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Alphabet will start operations at the close of business today


The restructuring of Google that leads to new parent company Alphabet will be completed by the close of business today. On Google’s investor relations site, the soon-to-be subsidiary company announced that shares of Google Class C and Class A Common Stock will begin trading under Alphabet’s name on Monday, October 5. The stock, though, will still use GOOG and GOOGL ticker symbols.

Hit the break for Google’s statement to investors.

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LG will soon start rolling out the Marshmallow update for the G3 and G4

Lollipop LG

Earlier today, LG’s Korean division prematurely updated its support website with a step-by-step upgrade guide for Android 6.0. The aforementioned pages have since been removed, but not before we managed to discern that the G3, carrying model numbers F400S, F400K, and F400L, along with the G4 with the following model numbers attached: F500S, F500k and F500L, will be amongst the first to receive the Marshmallow software upgrade.

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