Ghost Push re-appears as Gooligan malware in biggest theft of Google accounts yet


Some old malware that targets older versions of the Android operating system was implicated in the biggest theft of Google account data yet. The malware is called Ghost Push and has been in the wild for a few years now as Google and other security firms have battled to minimize its impact. However, a new variant called Gooligan was determined this past summer, in public statements made today by security firm Check Point and Google, to be implicated in the theft of around 1.3 million Google account credentials.

QardioBase and QardioArm review


Qardio is a fitness tracking service that tracks your blood pressure and weight to give you a better understanding of your health with their connected devices, the QardioArm and QardioBase. It’s slightly different than the usual fitness tracking that covers your steps, heart rate, and sleep, but it’s no less important.

Netflix finally adds the ability to download content for offline playback

Netflix_App (2)

It’s a feature that Netflix has been rumored to have both considered and discarded in recent times, but it seems that the video streaming service has finally decided to offer the ability to download content to watch at a later date. Being able to download content means that it’s going to be easier to watch your favorite Netflix shows, especially useful if you don’t have access to high-speed WiFi, or you don’t have network coverage while you are out and about.

Amazon may release new Alexa device complete with touchscreen


Amazon, in addition to being among the world’s most popular online retailers, has made a few efforts to branch off and create its own hardware to varying degrees of success. The smart home speaker system, Amazon Echo, has been a big hit for the company and a new report is coming out that suggests that we may soon see a brand new Alexa-powered speaker complete with a large touchscreen.

Join us after the break for the details.

Amazon sold a record number of Fire and Echo devices over the weekend


Black Friday (and Cyber Monday, by extension) is always a huge opportunity for retailers to break records. Amazon did just that and has reportedly sold a huge amount of Echo and Fire devices to customers.

That’s great news for short-term Amazon, but also huge in that it creates many more potential customers for Amazon’s storefront and digital services. 

Watch the Google Pixel and Apple iPhone 7 drop from 1,000 feet in the air


We’re guessing it’s highly unlikely for you and a friend to get together to drop your very expensive phones from midair just to see if they survive even though you know they really won’t.

So let’s leave a drop test between the Google Pixel and Apple iPhone 7 to UnlockRiver, a channel on YouTube that frequently conducts these experiments for our enjoyment.

Front-facing camera for Samsung’s Galaxy S8 to have autofocus


When the Galaxy S8 launches in 2017, Samsung will get praise for pushing boundaries and utilizing high-end specifications. There’s just one thing on paper that might not stand out but will make a huge difference to future owners of the phone. It has nothing to do with the display, processor, or battery. Not even the rear camera is involved.

One of the biggest changes for the Galaxy S8 could be in the front-facing camera.