Maybe we know what pricing for the 2016 Nexus phones is


Pricing for Google’s Nexus devices has been all over the place during the line’s history. There have been years when the hardware is affordable and then years when the hardware is pretty expensive. In 2015, Google aimed for and reached a happy medium by releasing the Nexus 5X and Nexus 6P. Things may not be so similar this year with Sailfish and Marlin. Despite releasing two phones, rumored pricing shows both are on the expensive side.

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T-Mobile One unlimited plan getting tweaked after customer feedback


When T-Mobile One was announced, it wasn’t exactly met with a warm reception, despite what John Legere yelled about on Twitter. There are aspects of the plan that are no doubt great for customers, but the drawbacks are very apparent. Fortunately, T-Mobile is taking some of that feedback to heart and tweaking the new plan to make things a little more palatable for all of us. Read more

Next Android Wear watch faces will be crowdsourced


The next batch of Android Wear watch facesĀ is set to drop in the fall, but instead of teaming up professional designers, Google is asking the internet to help design the new faces for its smartwatch platform. They’ve teamed up with PAPER magazine to run a competition that’s open to pretty much anyone, which should lead to some unique watch faces. Read more

Sony Xperia X Compact and Xperia XR specs revealed


Just yesterday we reported on an image leaked by Evan Blass showing the Sony Xperia X Compact that is believed to be ready for an unveiling at IFA 2016. Up until now, no specifications for the device outside of a 4.6-inch screen were known. The same was true for another device, the Xperia XR, that is also believed to be ready for launch. Thanks to a site in the Netherlands, we have some new information on what kind of hardware to expect from Sony for these new additions to their X Series of high-end smartphones. Read more

Truecaller and Huawei reach deal to pre-install app as use eclipses half a billion calls


Showing that even the most basic of smartphone functions can continue to benefit from innovation, Truecaller announced today that after just four months their users have reached a major milestone. On a monthly basis, Truecaller users are now making half a billion calls per month with the app. In recognition of the explosive growth for the dialer app, smartphone manufacturer Huawei reached an agreement with Truecaller to pre-install the app on their flagship devices, including the new Honor 8. Read more

Sprint’s Unlimited Freedom Premium plan retires “optimization” for an extra $20


The wireless industry was in for a rude awakening last week when T-Mobile and Sprint went live with their new unlimited plans that are actually pretty limited. While the carriers say their T-Mobile One and Sprint Unlimited Freedom plans are full of value for everyone, both fall short and rid consumers of choice. The plans give customers unlimited talk and text but scheme you into thinking you’re getting unlimited data when the experience is “optimized” while streaming.

Unlike T-Mobile, Sprint didn’t immediately offer any way to upgrade Unlimited Freedom to get an untouched experience on its network. Now the carrier is going live with Unlimited Freedom Premium for people that want a plan that’s as close to unlimited as possible.

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