WhatsApp+ to close down, receives cease and desist from official WhatApp


Last night we reported that WhatsApp is putting the kibosh on 3rd party apps. WhatsApp+, which is the most popular of those 3rd party apps was hoping to rectify the situation, but the bad news came a few hours ago.

WhatsApp has sent the developers of WhatsApp+ a cease and desist letter, which will basically put an end to the app. We can only assume other cease and desist letters were sent out to other such apps.

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Galaxy S 6 tipped for unveiling on March 2 at Mobile World Congress


Last year, Samsung unveiled the Galaxy S 5 on the very first day of Mobile World Congress (Feb 24), so it’s no surprise that the rumor has Samsung unveiling the Galaxy S 6 on the very same day, which would be March 2nd this year. This is according to a Korean publication called Chosun.

Whether we will see two versions of the Galaxy S 6 is still unclear, but don’t be surprised if a dual curved edge version makes an appearance. And don’t forget about Samsung’s upcoming circular smartwatch.

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WhatsApp is banning 3rd party apps and blocking users for 24 hours


The most popular messaging app is banning the use of 3rd party apps today. WhatsApp already has an official app that most people use, but there are some notable 3rd party apps such as WhatsApp+. Users of these apps are finding a message that states they are temporarily banned from using the service because they might have violated the terms of service. This temporary ban is exactly 24 hours and there is no way around it.

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Kenu Stance compact tripod review


Is it possible for a tripod to be so compact even if it is holding just a smartphone? The people at Kenu would say absolutely. The Kenu Stance compact tripod manages to hold smartphones big and small in place with ease. It allows for the smartphone to be setup in various positions which can each serve a different purpose. If that’s not enough, the Kenu Stance doubles as a bottle opener.

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Image of an LG flip phone with Android appears


Forget about the LG G4 because this device, if real, should have your attention. Earlier today on Twitter, @upleaks provided the image above. It shows a flip phone with Android running as the operating system. How do we know it is Android? The layout and icons are identical to what is found on any LG device. Here, it is just minimized. The name “Ice Cream Smart” is attached to the image; therefore, we could be looking at a possible name because the company already released an Ice Cream in 2008. While Ice Cream Smart would be very random, the name would be original for LG.

Would you be interested in a flip phone with Android, particularly for someone that needs a simplified handset? Let us know in the comments.

Source: @upleaks

Starbucks locations in United Kingdom get wireless charging stations


In November, Starbucks made it known that its locations would feature wireless charging stations based on the Power Matters Alliance (PMA) standard. Devices with support for the PMA standard would benefit by Starbucks offering simple charging. Those without wireless charging (or of a different standard) would be able to purchase special adapters for Android and iOS devices. It started with two hundred Starbucks locations in San Francisco, but now the coffeehouse chain has expanded the wireless charging stations to the United Kingdom. The launch in the United Kingdom starts with ten locations in London and then it will spread throughout the country. No timetable has been provided for the expansion.

Via: Engadget

T-Mobile is attracting new customers and retaining existing ones

John Legere

Earlier this month, T-Mobile recapped 2014 and proved to everyone that consumers are very much aware of the carrier’s advantages. T-Mobile does trail behind the other carrier’s in a few areas such as size, but there is one area that no one else can beat. When it comes to attracting new customers and retaining existing ones, T-Mobile is the winner. Research firm Consumer Intelligence Partners (CIRP) discovered that the amount of consumers feeling won over by T-Mobile was much greater than by Verizon, AT&T, or Sprint. Among the big four carriers, T-Mobile’s percentage of new customers and retained customers was unrivaled.


Amazon Prime subscribers in Canada get unlimited cloud storage for photos


Subscribers of Amazon Prime in Canada now have another incentive to stick with the service. Aside from offering free two-day shipping on a massive amount of items, Amazon will supply unlimited cloud storage for photos. Subscribers get 5GB of Cloud Drive storage; however, photos will not have any affect on that number. Upload as many photos as you want and it will not make a dent in the 5GB of storage.

Hit the break for the full press release.

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Xaiomi releases Millet Bluetooth gamepad controller for only 99 Yuan


Xaiomi is on an ambitious path as a major manufacturer in a variety of electronics categories. Part of their success has been due to the low price points they set for solid hardware. Their latest release is no different as they are now selling a game controller for only 99 Yuan ($16 USD). The Millet Bluetooth handset has a classic Sony PS4 shape to it and supports the usually array of buttons, 4-way rocker switches, and 360-degree sticks.
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