New rumour suggests that Samsung will launch Galaxy S8 on March 29th


It seems that the beginning of every year consists of leaks and rumours pertaining to the next flagship in Samsung’s Galaxy S series of phones. This year the Korean electronics giant will launch the Galaxy S8 handset, which it hopes will help repair the damage to its image caused by the volatile, and discontinued Galaxy Note 7. Some of the most recent Galaxy S8 leaks have pointed to the handset launching with high screen-to-body ratios, as well as keeping the venerable 3.5mm audio jack. Today’s rumour suggests that Samsung will launch the Galaxy S8 at the end of March.

The LG G6 will have a battery free from overheating


Batteries have been at the center of controversy in the mobile industry throughout the past two years, but LG is committed to staying away from overheating and explosion concerns in 2017. Safety is of high importance for the company and its next flagship. That’s obviously because there’s an opportunity to steal sales from Samsung after the Galaxy Note 7 scandal that damaged the brand in late 2016.

LG revealed what it’s doing to avoid any safety risks with the battery inside the G6, which will launch next month.

[TA Deals] Save almost 50% on a wireless Bluetooth gaming controller


There are plenty of fantastic mobile games available on Google Play, but if you’re used to a bigger console with an actual controller, some of those games can feel half-baked when you’re forced to use a touchscreen. The good news is that Android natively supports connecting to a wireless controller to give you a better console-like experience, and the even better news is that we have a hefty discount on a controller to get you started.

Apple iPhone 7 review

Love it or hate it, Apple’s iPhone 7 is arguably the most popular phone on the planet. Year in and year out it consistently sells truck loads of units in September and always finishes strong around Christmas, and even lackluster quarters for Apple still bring in loads of cash thanks to the success of the iPhone.

Best medical apps

Doctor greating patient

While it might not come to mind all that often when you or someone you know is struggling with health issues (or is joining the medical field), there are, indeed, apps for that! If you or someone you know wants to keep better track of their medications, visit a doctor virtually through there phone or tablet, check their temperature, or works in the medical field and wants to glean advice from their peers, we’ve compiled a list of fantastic apps to make their lives just a tad bit easier.

With these apps, you can say goodbye to trying to keep track of medications, trying to find the lost thermometer, and even risking sitting in the waiting room hoping your child doesn’t pick up something terrible on top of their current bug. Here’s our top 5 medical app recommendations for Android users.

Xiaomi grew too big too quickly, wants to pace itself in 2017


Xiaomi is probably the best example of a small company exploding in growth thanks to smartphones around the globe and in emerging markets. They started as a relatively no-name company, moved on to selling their devices exclusively online (and being completely unable to keep them in stock for more than a few seconds) and becoming one of the hottest names in the smartphone market in just a few years. There has been much anticipation on Xiaomi officially bringing devices to the US, growing into other tech segments, and continuing their exponential growth, but 2016 turned out to be a bump in the road for the little Chinese company that could.