Project Jacquard Commuter jacket is launching this year with a hefty price tag

Project Jacquard was announced by Google almost two years ago, but it’s been pretty quiet ever since. It’s a cool concept, but most actual products are still in development.

Google and Levi announced a smart jacket last year, however, marking one of the first collaborative projects for the connected fabric, and now we’ve got a solid release date and a price tag to go with it.

Google’s ‘MyAndroid’ site will help you personalize your home screen

Just because Android is the world’s most popular mobile operating system doesn’t mean that everyone’s home screen has to look the same. Thanks to the vast differences in the custom interfaces that OEM’s pre-install on devices and Android’s huge potential for customization, we can all set up our handsets and tablets in unique ways. If you are finding inspiration hard to come by, though, you can visit Google’s new “MyAndroid” site, complete a “Taste Test” about your preferences, and then choose from offer a variety of styles that Google thinks will suit your personality and device.

LeEco’s phones and televisions hit new retailers in the U.S.

Next time you’re out shopping, you could find yourself staring at a new LeEco-made phone or television to bring home. LeEco just announced new national retail partnerships that put its products in much-need locations. It’s a sign that the company is seeking to make its brand more visible, forgoing the original plan to only go direct-to-consumer with an in-house online store.

Did Motorola accidentally ‘leak’ the 2017 Moto Z at MWC?

MWC 2017 was full of new smartphone reveals including the launch of the new Motorola Moto G5 and Moto G5 Plus. Motorola also took the opportunity during MWC 2017 to talk about and show off some forthcoming Moto Mods for their top of the line Z series of smartphones. Where LG flopped with modules, Motorola is still trying make it happen, but they clearly realize they need many more options on the market to keep consumers interested. In the course of hyping Moto Mods the company may have revealed their new 2017 flagship device.

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