Best office apps


From small, at-home businesses to multi-billion dollar companies, modern technology is taking over. Your favorite coffee shop has you sign a tablet with your finger, and who even brings a pen and paper to meetings anymore? Whatever you do, whether you’re a small business owner, or someone working for a corporate company, or even the head-honcho at a humanitarian organization, these office apps will simplify your workload and make creating, collaborating, and keeping up with everything an absolute breeze.

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BlackBerry DTEK50 Android phone launches as ‘most secure’


When BlackBerry was flying high in its heyday, one of the benefits of the devices was how well they played with corporate IT environments, especially the heightened security requirements. Since then the company has tumbled, but recently has been trying to make a comeback on the back of Android powered devices. Today BlackBerry officially announced the launch of the new BlackBerry DTEK50, which the company describes as “the world’s most secure Android smartphone.” Read more

Moto Z & Moto Z Force review: Maybe be the DROID you’re looking for


The Moto Z and Moto Z Force are Lenovo’s first crack at the high-end smartphone market since acquiring Motorola, and they’ll likely be a make-or-break phone for Lenovo’s chance at being a big player in the premium U.S. market.

Both phones are touted as extremely high-end devices with unique modular accessories called Moto Mods, and both phones are exclusive to Verizon for now. It’s odd for an OEM to tackle a tough market by tying themselves to a single carrier right out of the bat, but it’s a strategy that worked for Motorola in the past.

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