So what exactly is going on with Sprint?

by Andrew Greenfield on
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For a company that many thought would be in trouble by year’s end, Sprint has seemingly taken the mobile world by storm. In fact, there’s more Sprint coming up in my Android feed than both Verizon and AT&T for the first time I can remember. That didn’t happen even before the release date of the Evo 4G. So what exactly is the littlest of the Big 3 up to now a days? From where I’m standing Sprint has some big plans for the future: » Read the rest

Save your Angry Birds Game Data – never lose your level again

by Jesse Bauer on
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This isn’t the first time someone has come up with a way to save your Angry Birds game data, as we’ve shown here, but it is another pea in the pod regardless, and people love to have options. That said, there are really only a couple of files that need to be backed up, so if you have your device rooted (it must be rooted) and you have a rooted file explorer like ES File Explorer, you should have no trouble with these backups.

  • First of all, use root explorer to go to
  • /data/data/com.rovio.angrybirds (use corresponding names for seasons and rio)/files
  • Copy these two files:
  • highscores.lua
  • settings.lua
  • Now you can go to same location on the target device and paste them; however, make sure you rename the original files first.
  • This step is the most important: fix the permission. Make sure both files have three read and write, and NO EXECUTE (X) because it will cause reboot when you run the game!!!
  • Done.

There are many other methods, like Titanium Backup for example, that many are satisfied with, however, there have been users who’ve reported tb not working, and thus having to start over in Angry Birds after flashing a new ROM….that sucks! So, save yourself hundreds of hours of gameplay and stress by using the method above. Thanks mingkee!

[via xda-developers]

Andy Pad will be under £200, run 3D games, and output HD video

by Robert Nazarian on
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Remember last month when we reported about the Andy Pad? When you go to their site, it hasn’t changed much, it still gives you the countdown and some basic information.

The manufacturers of the Andy Pad have announced a few details.

“There’s been a lot of talk about the price” said Andy Pad Business Development Executive George Eastmead “but we’re willing to confirm at this stage that on release, the Andy Pad will market for less than £200”. That is about $326.

» Read the rest

Samsung Galaxy Tab v10.1 from Google I/O gets Android 3.1 update

by Jesse Bauer on
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What’s better than getting a Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 from Google I/O before anyone else can get their hands on one? Getting the Android 3.1 Honeycomb update before anyone else can get it of course (for the Samsung Galaxy Tab that is anyway). The Limited Edition Galaxy Tab v10.1 which was handed to all Google I/O attendees this year will be getting the 3.1 Honeycomb update before other v10.1 models do, which is going to bring Google Books to the platform as well as removing  Samsung Aps, Music Hub, Amazon, Kindle, & Weatherbug applications.

For more information on the update and instructions, hit the Samsung source link below.

[via engadget, samsung]

HTC Flyer bound for T-Mobile, on file at FCC

by Adam Johnson on
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We’ve gotten confirmation that the Evo View 4G, Sprint’s version of the Flyer, will be available June 24th, with its unique Scribe Pen. Also on the HTC Flyer front , is the 7-inch WiFi version you can already purchase, via Best Buy as of last month.

In March there was some speculation earlier on about whether or not T-Mobile customers will have a chance at purchasing a version of the HTC Flyer. Well it looks like we have further proof that a T-Mobile HTC Flyer will show its self soon. Listed in the FCC Exihibits Reports you can find all the technical information you can handle on the soon to be latest offering from T-Mobile.

[via intomobile]

Pre-order the Toshiba Thrive today with delivery mid July.

by Robert Nazarian on
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Toshiba promised us that we would be able to pre-order the Toshiba Thrive starting June 13th. They have held up to that promise as you can now order it from Toshiba direct, Amazon, Best Buy, or Office Direct. Deliveries are expected in mid-July.

The Thrive packs in all the standard bells and whistles like Honeycomb 3.1, 1280 X 800 resolution, and dual cameras. What is intriguing is the full SD card slot, removable battery, and the 8GB price point of $430. With a full SD card slot, I see no reason to buy the other versions which are $480 for 16GB and $580 for 32GB. If you would like any color other than black it will cost you an extra $20.

[via toshiba]

CyanogenMod7 ported to Droid X, Beta testing to start later this week.

by Robert Nazarian on
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Nobody thought it would happen, but it looks like CyanogenMod7 has been ported to the Droid X. If you are wondering how the bootloader was unloacked, it wasn’t. @cvpcs states the following:

Note: this was done using my recently new-found-knowledge of 2nd-init, which I will describe later in a blog post (don’t want to get into it here). This still runs on top of the original motorola kernel though. I repeat, the bootloader is still locked, and you are still forced into using moto’s kernels, but that doesn’t really prevent us from doing all that much.

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Focus on Community: Netflix App for All!

by Andrew Greenfield on
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XDA user skyjedi has taken the time to update the Netflix app and make sure it works on many, MANY devices. Some of you may be thinking “I already have Netflix, who cares?” The problem is that many phones are not “supported” by Netflix (meaning they can’t find it in the market). So what to do? Well, if you have a rooted device there’s a good chance your device is supported even if you can’t find it in the Market. Here’s a list of supported ROMs and Devices. » Read the rest