Guide: How to flash Ice Cream Sandwich to the HTC Rezound

Hungry for a portion of Ice Cream Sandwich? Aren’t we all? Well they do say good things come to those who wait, but better things come to those who make it happen! The team over at Android Police got their hands on a freshly leaked, stable build of Android 4.0 with Sense 3.6 and it’s available right now. We must point out that this is not a final build, however early feedback has been positive so far. If you’re in possession of a Rezound then we suggest you strap yourself in while we talk you through the process.

HTC Rezound 4.0.3 ICS stock (note – will break root)Download Link
HTZ Rezound 4.0.3 ICS Rooted version – Download Link

  • Download the appropriate file and rename it to “” (remove quotes)
  • Place the renamed file onto the root of the SD Card
  • Turn off the phone
  • Reboot into the bootloader by holding the Volume Down + Power buttons together
  • Sit back and watch as your phone updates
  • The device will reboot and you’ll be sporting some Ice Cream Sandwich
Check out the full changelog below and let us know your thoughts on the build in the comments. Happy flashing!
Features / Enhancements
  • Android 4.0.3 ICS
  • CMAS support added
  • IPv6 over eHRPD support
  • UI updated to Sense 3.6
  • Caller name ID application added
  • VMM/BUA plus updated
  • New storage UI (in settings menu)
Issues Resolved
  • Changing pin causes EULA to be displayed
  • Incorrect time displayed in Phoenix, AZ
  • EAS message – “Client/Server Conversion Error”
  • EAS message – “Exchange policies have changed”
  • EAS message – “Certificate Error”
  • Home screen view blocked with black bar
  • Hotspot data stalls
  • Removed power mode settings
  • Group messages not showing originating MDN
  • Call button not disabled when using voice commands
  • People widget displaying multiple birthdays
  • Verizon Location Agent removed – impacting battery life
  • SSO authentication fails for VCAST tones
  • “to” field deleted when device is rotated
  • Google Talk app formatting

source : Android Police

Rumor: Google Nexus Tablet gets a refresh on its spec sheet

If you are among the many Android users who are patiently holding off on buying a tablet now, yet anxiously waiting for the latest on the Google “Nexus Tablet”, then here is a juicy piece of rumor. An anonymous source has come forward and stated that the “Nexus Tablet” is indeed on its way and that there have been some modifications to the previously purported spec sheet. According to the undercover source, not only is Asus manufacturing the “Nexus Tablet”, but they have decided to scrap their plans for the upcoming Asus MeMo 370T that was previewed at CES 2012, in place for the shiny new Nexus. If you remember from our previous article on the MeMo 370T, it was reported to have Ice Cream Sandwich, the new Tegra 3 quad-core CPU, to sell at an incredible price point of $250, and to be the first 7-inch tab with an IPS display. The source goes on to say that the price will now drop to $149, the Tegra 3 is no longer in the picture and only the 7 inch display is a definite go at this point in time. Perhaps Asus and Google decided to use the basic blueprints of the MeMo 370T and install cheaper hardware to allow for lower, more competitive pricing. With the Kindle Fire still selling well at $199, I can understand the motivation. Of course this is still a big fat rumor, but perhaps we will see this new tablet revealed at the CTIA Wireless show in mid-May.

source: Android and Me

Google Play Store Gets Updated With Tabbed ‘My Apps’ Section and Review Details, Snag the Update Now

This new update brings the Play store up to build 3.5.15 and should reach all devices over the next few days. If you are anxious to see what the changes look like right now then you can force the update yourself thanks to XDA member Joel Chan. No root required, just download this apk file and make sure you have ‘Unknown Sources’ checked off under the Security option in your device settings. Once downloaded, simply open the file and install but be sure to let us know what you think!

source: XDA



Anonymous User Takes Generic Photo With Upcoming Samsung Galaxy S III Smartphone

In yet the latest chapter of the Samsung i-9300 saga, an image has appeared highlighting what is possibly the upcoming phone’s camera features… which may be lackluster to say the least. An anonymous individual casually snapped an image of his or her desk using supposedly the Galaxy S III’s camera which shows this EXIF data as the end result. Considering the device the device has an 8.1MP camera, it’s quite possible the person who took the photo either has some unsteady hands or was perhaps fiddling with the camera features a little too much.

Yes this photo is not impressive, but let’s hope we have more photos taken from the phone’s 8.1MP camera which will truly highlight its potential.

source: Picasa Web
via: Phandroid

Kainy Allows Users To Stream Gaming Content From PC To Phones Or Tablets Using WiFi, 3G Or 4G Connection

We have yet another method to display PC content on our tablets everyone. After previously seeing an option for gaming on Tegra 3-based tablets, developer Jean-Sebastien Royer saw that option wasn’t enough and decided to do something different— in a better way of course— by developing the Kainy app for both tablets and smartphones. The app basically allows users to stream gaming content from their PC to their tablets over a WiFi, 3G or 4G connection. Sounds great and all, but I’m sure you’re all wondering what the special thing about the app is, right? Well, Kainy allows users to create specific and custom layouts of the controls for all games. In addition, the app provides Bluetooth support and 128-bit data encryption. Very nice indeed.

The app is available for all Android 2.2+ devices for a not-too-shabby price of $5.04. Hit the break to see a video demonstrating the app in action and to find the Play Store download link.

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Contest: Win one of twenty FREE copies of Perfect Keyboard (Updated with Winners)

I just reviewed Perfect Keyboard, which is one of the best keyboard replacements for Android. The folks over at Perfect Keyboard were gracious enough to provide 20 copies to give to our awesome readers. We’re going to keep things simple again. Just head over to our forum post and tell us what phone and/or tablet you are sporting right now. You have until Monday, March 19 at 11:59EST. We will randomly pick 20 winners and announce them on Tuesday, March 20. Winners will receive an email with instructions to the email account that is attached to their username. Good Luck!!!

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Congratulations to the following winners:

Arjun Giri
Malachi Witt
Amanda Greenlee
Beck Bryson
Lim Sze Wan

You will receive an email in the account account associated with your username. Thanks for playing!!!



Question To Android OEMs & Manufacturers: What’s The Benefit Of Having Custom Skins On Devices?


Ah yes, the variation of the Android platform. Some people love it while others hate it. Let’s face the cold, hard truth about Android: it’s an open-source platform in which any individual can take the basic source, tweak it a little and truly make it their own. Similarly manufacturers can take the basic open source and throw it onto all sorts of devices with all sorts of hardware configurations. What do both amateur developers and established manufacturers of Android devices have in common? Each want to develop and create an end result or product that is “unique” and more or less different from its competition, while also providing a need for its customers and consumers. Amateur developers have a different perspective from both the engineers/developers at Google and OEMS– that’s to take the Android platform which notoriously omits items such as built-in functions like the ability to take screenshots and make it available for all. OEMs and manufacturers conversely see the bare Android platform as too basic and will slap on enhanced features such as social communication widgets. Independent/amateur developers and OEMs/manufacturers have different visions, but again— they’re looking at the bigger goal of answering what they perceive to be Android customer’s need ands try to address them.

What Android users truly want or need can be subjective and there’s no real right or wrong answer. However, we all believe Android’s benefit to users involve the freedom of choice. There are a myriad of options prospective and interested consumers can look into when it comes to manufacturers. For those who want a simple phone which allows for web browsing, messaging (texting and Twitter) and basic phone calls, there are a ton of budget options such as the Pantech Burst smartphone. For others who are interested in watching videos, listening to music or gaming on the go, there are other devices which feature dual-core processors with built-in GPUs such as the HTC Rezound. Whatever it is a prospective user is interested in, they’ll find what they want. Now suppose I ask this question to you: considering Android is truly an open platform, is it fair that manufacturers generally market devices with various hardware profiles, but only one UI option? More importantly, what is the benefit of having an Android device with a custom UI and would manufacturers and ultimately consumers be better off having the option to choose between a device with a custom skin or no skin at all? I personally believe that not only is it unfair for OEMs to market most devices with custom skins, but also marketing devices with no skins may be a financial benefit as well as positive perception from the various levels of the Android community.

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When it comes to customizations, nobody does it better than Perfect Keyboard for Android [Video]

I have to be honest. I’m not really into keyboard replacements. I’ve found that most of the time they either respond slow or are buggy. I have tried a few, but I always end up going back to stock. I recently tried Perfect Keyboard, and it might actually be the first keyboard that I keep.

First of all,  the reason this is called Perfect Keyboard is not because it’s perfect, at least “out of the box.” What’s perfect for me may not be so perfect to you so that’s why they offer so many customizations. It’s the user that makes the keyboard perfect so the title implies that this keyboard is actually perfect for everyone because each user will tailor it to their needs. Isn’t that what Android is all about? Customization is what attracts most of us to Android and Perfect Keyboard delivers that.

There are various settings for the look, feel, touch response, and word suggestions. For example, if you want blue keys with pink letters, you can do that. Do you want vibrations? How about being able to set any image as the keyboard background? You can do that as well. They even have nine preset keyboard themes that include Basic, Honeycomb, Stone, Gingerbread, Ice Cream Sandwich, HTC, iPhone, and others. If you still can’t find what you’re looking for, there is a while bunch more that you can download from the Play Store.

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Samsung Galaxy Note is finally available on Three UK

No phone creates more buzz than the Samsung Galaxy Note. Just whip one out anywhere in public and watch the heads turn. The Galaxy Note has been available in the UK for several months, but it was never available on Three. Good news because it’s finally available on contract or Pay As You Go from all Three stores or online.

You can get it on contract for plans ranging from £30 to £38 per month. If off contact is your fancy, you can grab it for £499 and select from either the All in One 15 (£15) or the All in One 25 (£25) monthly plans. Also check out our full review of the LTE U.S. version.

Full press release after the break:

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