Full review of the LG Nexus 4 appears on online

The same guys that have been leaking images of the LG Nexus just posted a full review. Now they don’t have a finished product as they do call it a “prototype”, but they still offer further insight on the device and make a lot of comparisons to the Galaxy Nexus. The LG Nexus comes in at 9.2mm thick (0.30 thicker than the GNex) and weighs 139 grams. It’s 1.5mm shorter than the Galaxy Nexus, but it’s 1.3mm wider.

There are no contacts for wireless devices. They mention the back being smooth and glossy with the possibility that it’s scratch resistant glass. They couldn’t scratch it with a key.The mosaic image we have seen in the images is there, but it’s underneath this scratch resistant glass. The sides sport a matte black rubberized plastic, and the front has glossy plastic. As far as design, the last item mentioned was the fact that the battery is non removable.

Featured Play Store Review: 3 Little Pigs & Big Bad Wolf [Kids – Books & Reference]

Here’s another one for the toddlers from the Kids Academy Company. We recently told you about Montessori ABC Game for Kids, and now we have an interactive book called Three Little Pigs & Big Bad Wolf. It’s the famous short story, but this time it will engage your child with unique interactions on the tablet. My son is almost four years old and we bought a number of books for our ASUS Transformer, but most of them just read the words with limited interactions. I was surprised at how much he got into the book right from the start.

Google Nexus 10 tablet from Samsung expected in first half of 2013 with new display tech

As we reported earlier this week, Google appears to be on track to produce a high-end Google Nexus tablet in the 10-inch class in partnership with Samsung. In a new article on CNET covering some of the new display technology, we are treated to a tidbit of information indicating the new device is expected to hit the market in the first half of 2013. To meet that time frame, Samsung will have to step up their display manufacturing technology.

Featured Play Store Newbie: SUMIONI Demon Arts THD [TegraZone – Arcade & Action]

Let just call today National Tegra day because two games were just released in the TegraZone. We already told you about the first one, Razor Salvation, and now a little about SUMIONI Demon Arts THD from ACQUIRE Corporation. In this game you play the role of the Ink Demon named Agura who is summoned to save Japan from doom. Your finger becomes the brush and you will perform various ink attacks by drawing directly on the touch screen. So ink is your primary weapon and in order to beat your enemies you will need to draw platforms to get Agura in the right position to get the bad buy.

Orange San Diego Starting To Receive Long-Awaited Ice Cream Sandwich Update


Those of you in the UK who went ahead and splurged on the Orange San Diego smartphone may want to listen up to this tidbit of news. It’s no secret that while the Intel-powered smartphone has a fast chip that resulted in a generally stellar performance, the phone was held back because of its software. So after seeing a few teases before, owners of the Orange San Diego can now scream utter joy. Yes– the smartphone was launched with none other than Gingerbread 2.3, which definitely caused more than a few individuals to scratch their heads or sigh disappointment. So Intel has finally made things right and reports are surfacing that the device has finally begun receiving the much-needed Android 4.0 update. Sure it’s not Jelly Bean, but we’re sure owners of the smartphone will be happy. I’m sure they can attest to the fact that anything is better than Gingerbread.

source: Android Central


Featured Play Store Newbie: Razor Salvation THD [TegraZone – Arcade & Action]

The folks who brought you Siegecraft has a new game in town. Blowfish Studios just released Razor Salvation in the Google Play Store and TegraZone. In this game you take over as commander of the drop-ship “Salvation”, and your task is to rescue the Earth’s inhabitants and assist the EDSF defense effort. Razor Salvation is actually the first installment in a series and it’s based on the story of the Xenos and why they have invaded Earth. As always, you can expect special enhancements for the Tegra 3, which include destructible buildings.

Upcoming Gmail Version 4.2 (Finally) Allows For Pinch To Zoom Feature In Emails


Google’s Gmail for Android app has seemingly reached the next step in its inevitable evolution. Our friends at Android Police report the upcoming Gmail version 4.2 will achieve some much-needed features, with the long awaited pinch-to-zoom making its first appearance in the app. As seen in the video below, when users open up an email and scroll down to the displayed content on the screen, they are able to completely pinch inwards in order zoom in and see the content in greater detail. Also from the looks of it, it appears that this upcoming Gmail feature will not just be limited to the newest Android software either, as the video was taken with the Gmail 4.2 app running on a Jelly Bean-flavored Galaxy Nexus.

There’s a couple of additional noteworthy items to highlight as well in the newest iteration of the Gmail app. One major note is the ability to actually swipe to delete or if you desire, archive your emails from the email list. According to Android Police, Gmail has this feature developed to be very flexible for users. For starters, users can go through options that will let you change your swipes to “No effect”, “Archive or delete” or “Always Delete”. The “Archive or delete” option is the default option, which will archive swiped messages when you’re in the inbox, delete swiped messages when you’re in All Mail or Sent and remove a label when you’re in a label-only view. The last feature is for users to be able to report a specific email or message or phishing, which effectively gives users one less thing to worry about when it comes to those pesky spammers and all. Huzzah!

Unfortunately, the .apk can not be shared with the masses at this time. However, the hope is that we will be able to grab a leak as soon as possible… or Google just goes ahead and releases the update for the rest of the world to see. Hit the break to see additional photos and video of this in action.

[Deal] Grab the Verizon, AT&T, or Sprint Samsung Galaxy S III for $99 at Best Buy this Sunday

The Samsung Galaxy S III is the hottest Android phone right now, and I know a lot you are looking to pick one up before the holidays. Well here’s your chance to grab a Black Friday like deal without dealing with the crowds. For one day, this Sunday, Best Buy will have the Galaxy S III on sale for $99. That’s this Sunday, October 14 and only that day. We actually could have posted this yesterday, but I was awaiting information from Best Buy PR as to which carriers and if upgrades were accepted. They told me that only the Verizon, AT&T, and Sprint version will be on sale and the good news is that upgrades are allowed as long as your are eligible and willing to sign the new 2-year agreement. I’m not sure why T-Mobile is left out of this one, but you can certainly head to your local Best Buy or Best Buy Mobile store this Sunday to see if this information is wrong. You will have your choice of Pebble Blue or Marble White. Unfortunately the AT&T Garnett Red is not included. Let us know if you pick one up.

LG Nexus poses in 3D animation

The news and rumors started heating up last week on the LG Nexus 4, or whatever they are going to call it. Recently website Onliner.by, leaked some nice images of the said device, but they also put together a really nice 3D animation of the next Nexus. It’s clickable, so you can rotate to the left or right as well as zoom in by double clicking. Just hit the source link below to check it out.

source: onliner.by



UK availability and pricing released for the Galaxy S III Mini

Earlier today Sean Stewert wrote a breaking article on Samsung’s official details of the upcoming Galaxy S III Mini. You guessed it, it’s a miniature version of Samsung’s most beloved smartphone. Unfortunately the South Korean-based company did not talk about any upcoming release dates, but just a few hours later, it looks like the UK is almost ready for the arrival of the Mini.

UK mega-retailer Clove Technology is now taking pre-orders on the Galaxy S III Mini. For just £298.80 (VAT included), you will be able to snatch a blue or white variant, much like its big brother. This translates to around $400, packing some pretty impressive features for the price, including:

Google’s Eric Schmidt acknowledges the “Apple vs Android” battle while leaving Microsoft out

In a recent interview, Google’s CEO Eric Schmidt clearly identifies Android and iOS as the only two top competitors when it comes to the mobile market and even calls it as the industries “defining contest.” With a small jab, Schmidt also claims that Google and Android are currently winning the battle and points out that there are four times more Android phones than iPhones and with 1.3 million activation’s per day, the company should reach a billion total by the end of this year. Quite mind boggling don’t you think? Especially for the early adopters as myself that were there since the beginning of this wonderful OS. Eric also couldn’t help but take another jab at Apple with their decision to go away with Google Maps and replace it with the far less superior iOS Maps. Eric was stated saying that Apple is now discovering that “maps are really hard,” opining that “Apple should have kept our maps… They’re better.”

Schmidt also pointed something out that I think Apple clearly needs to realize. While Schmidt likes to see Android on top, he admits that this intensifying rivalry between the two platforms does nothing but benefit the consumers at the end of the day.

In an interesting take, Schmidt also stated what he thinks are currently the top 4 companies in what he calls the “gang of four.” He states that Facebook, Amazon, Apple, and Google are the top 4 companies at the moment because they are all different and are all “making enormous investments.” When questioned as to why Microsoft wasn’t on the list, Schmidt said it was “intentional” because Microsoft has not brought any “state-of-the-art products” to the market as of late.

What do you guys think about Schmidt’s top 4 company list? I’d also suggest we take some time to reflect on the fact that Android is nearing its 1 billionth activation! I think it’s quite an impressive feat in such a short amount of time. So with this, I’d like to hear your guys’ Android story. How did you get into Android and when? Also, what Android device made you fall in love with the OS? It may or may not be the first Android device you owned. Let us know in the comments!

source: The Verge

Shadowgun: DeadZone online game now available as public beta, Tegra 3 devices only

Good news for those gamers that want to get their 3rd person, multiplayer frag on: Shadowgun Deadzone just released as an open public beta. This game was previously only available as a private beta.  The only catch; you need to be rocking a Tegra 3 device. Madfinger, the game’s developer, is inviting everyone to help make their game better with this beta. They do throw the typical beta disclaimers out there such as missing features and content. Additionally, they want to remind all that they are operating on a limited number of servers at the moment and to be patient when trying to fire up a game. Some highlights of the beta are four playable characters, two maps, two game modes, and seven weapons including an interesting name for a rocket launcher. There are also a multitude of “gadgets” to aid in your frag. Give it a go and let us know how it is.

Play Store Link  

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32GB Nexus 7 appears on yet another retail site

By now, the 32GB Nexus 7 shouldn’t be a huge surprise. However, the more retail sites that we see this nice little device show up on the better. This time the device is popping up as a registration page on the Spanish version of UK the based Carphone Warehouse called Phone House. All signs are definitely pointing toward the 32GB version of the hot Nexus 7 making its way around the globe. What’s a little bit of a mystery is the price. Some think the 32GB version will replace the 16GB one in price, but the price shown in the picture is 30 Euros higher than the 16GB version. This is at least the third different price that we’ve come across. Hopefully we’ll find out soon enough. Or you could get lucky and order the 16GB version and Google will send you a 32GB model like that one guy. 

source:  Phone House