Ping gets updated with new look, Adds Twitter and Facebook integration [Video]

Seven Networks just released version two of Ping. If you’re not familiar with Ping, it’s a social messaging app that allows you to keep all your conversations in one place. They just added Facebook and Twitter integration which might make this the “ultimate push-based social messaging app” available in the Android Market. With Ping you won’t have to switch between apps like email, IM, SMS, Facebook, Twitter, and other messaging apps. Ping automatically organizes all messages from each contact for all of these services. The Ping interface features a contact carousel and orders your contacts by how often you converse with them.

“People today are busy enough keeping track of their various mobile devices. Add to that the task of managing all of the different messaging apps and mobile communication becomes a bit overwhelming,” said Ross Bott, president and CEO of SEVEN. “Ping simplifies communication and messaging, allowing users to focus on the contacts and communications that matter the most to them.”

Checkout the overview video:

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AT&T Offering Pantech Burst & Element Bundle For $250

AT&T wants to lure a prospective customer or two to some of the new Pantech toys in its lineup. They recently introduced the Burst and Element tablet at CES and both look to make an immediate impact and splash as they will run on AT&T’s LTE network. AT&T wants to entice you by offering a special limited-time bundle of both devices. How much for the two devices, you ask? How about a not-too-shabby $250 (on-contract) for both. Naturally you’ll have to splurge on two separate plans for both devices but hey, at least you’ll have two devices to enjoy those 4G speeds on.

[via Pantech Twitter and AT&T by Engadget]

Root and Push Clockwork Recovery to Your Lenovo ThinkPad Tablet

If you have been wanting to root your Lenovo ThinkPad and haven’t had time, knew where to go, or were a little bit apprehensive about doing such things then today is your lucky day as we have the process all lined up for you. Heck we’ll even give you instructions on pushing ClockWork Recovery to your device as a special bonus. We’ve compiled the process from Vulnfactory and XDA and have it broken down below.

As with all rooting, your device’s warranty will be void and all responsibility if you brick your device falls on you. However if you are more than ready to root this device hit the break below to get the files and instructions needed to root and get a custom recovery onto your ThinkPad. Just FYI this only works on Windows PCs. 
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Pew Research: Tablet Ownership Nearly Doubled Over The Holidays

Tablets continue to find their ways into the homes and offices of consumers. In fact, ownership of tablets and e-readers nearly doubled over the U.S. holiday season according to Pew Research. They found only 10 percent of Americans owned either a tablet and e-Reader in December, but ownership for both skyrocketed to 19 percent in January. In addition, Pew found 18 percent of Americans owned one or the other before the holiday rush while 29 percent had either an e-reader or a tablet in January. The findings are especially surprising because they come after a period from mid-2011 into the autumn in which there was not much change in the ownership of tablets and e-book readers.

In case you’re curious, while there are a variety of tablets for consumers, Pew identified two in particular that stood out. Both the Kindle Fire and Nook tablets likely had the most impact of all. Perhaps it was the solid set of specs or the ability to access a world of information. Or it could have been those shockingly low prices. Whatever the reason may be, consumers have embraced tablets and e-readers with open arms. Here’s to continued growth for those types of devices.

[via Pew Research by Electronista]

Verizon Slashing Prices On DROID 3 and 16GB DROID RAZR

With the newest Verizon handsets arriving just arround the corner, Big Red is slashing prices on some of their current high-tier phones as we speak. Right now you can get the microSD card-less DROID RAZR in all three colors (white, black, purple) for only $199. These devices are the same as the 32GB version of the phone, except you provide your own memory card. Not a bad deal at all.

If it’s a keyboard that you’re after then you may want to check out the DROID 3. Last week its price was reduced to $99 on contract but now you can get it for a mere $49. This deal will only last until February 6th so if you can live without 4G you may want to jump on it.

For all you early adopters out there, these price cuts should bring a little smile to your face as this could only mean that we will see the new DROID 4 and RAZR MAXX real soon.

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Hands on with the Dijit Universal Remote on the DROID XYBOARD 8.2 [Video]

One of the key features of the DROID XYBOARD is the IR port for controlling your TV, cable or satellite box, AV receiver, etc. The Dijit Universal Remote app comes pre-loaded so you will be ready to go out of the box. It’s fairly intuitive and works well except for the issues I had customizing (see video).

This is a great feature, but I’m not sure if I would want to dedicate my tablet to this because what happens if you’re in the middle of a game and someone wants to check the listings guide or change the channel? For me, a simple Logitech programmable remote control makes more sense, but I do like the integration of being able to view the listings guide on the XYBOARD itself.

The Digit Universal Remote app is not an exclusive to Motorola as it’s available in the Android Market. It’s compatible with any device that has IR, devices paired with the Griffin Beacon for Android, or over WiFi with Roku Media Players. You will find the Dijit app pre-loaded on the XYBOARD 10.1 and the XOOM 2 as well. You can checkout my initial hands on video of the DROID XYBOARD 8.2, and look for my full review soon.

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Android To Top iOS In Development By 2013 Says Ovum

Ovum, those folks responsible for providing objective analysis to the masses, says Android will top iOS in development by the year 2013.  According to and based off of a developer survey given, the company states that Android would become more important to dev’s than Apple’s iOS by the time the new year rings in.  How so you say?  According to the study they came to the conclusion based off of the rapid movement in the hardware dept.  Ovum believes Apple may still remain a tight second while closely followed by companies like Blackberry and Windows Phone.  We’d have to agree based on the fact that Android is spreading like a wild fire and has rapidly gained ground as the primary choice of OS.  And while Google still has some hurdles to jump (fragmentation cough cough), we have high hopes that they’ll get their stuff together eventually.  In addition and regardless of Android’s large market share, it’s been dully noted that when it comes to the Android Market, there is a serious issue with discoverability and piracy.  We’ll certainly continue to follow trends and analysis like these as we’re sure there will be plenty of more.  Any thoughts of your own? Feel free to plug away in the comments below.

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Unlocked Sony Xperia Ion Smartphone Now Listed Online For Pre-Order

Looks like we’ll be able to own that oh-so attractive Sony Xperia Ion sooner than we think. Not only is Negri Electronics offering pre-orders of the unlocked version of the phone, but they’ve also gone ahead and listed some pricing information as well, listing the phone at $569.50. Keep in mind if you do plan on using this unlocked AT&T bad boy on T-Mobile’s network in the States, you won’t be able to access T-Mo’s blazing fast HSPA+ network. Instead you’ll be limited to EDGE-level speeds. But hey, at least you’ll have that sweet 12MP camera to compensate.

For interested people in the phone, be sure to hit the Negri Electronics link below to pre-order your phone.

[via Negri Electronics by Android Central]

Images Leaked Of LG’s New CX2 aka The “Optimus 3D 2″

Speaking of sweet devices like the quad-core X3, check out LG’s new anticipated flagship device, the LG CX2 aka the “Optimus 3D 2″.  This is one sweet looking handset and our friends over at Pocket Now managed to snag some shots of it.  The device appears to be a follow up to the popular original Optimus 3D device announced this time last year.  Some improvements with the CX2 involve the auto-stereoscopic display, better CPU (1.2 GHz dual-core from TI) and better conversion from 2D to 3D.  LG has also added a NOVA display for improved brightness on the device in both 2D and 3D modes.  Unlike the original Optimus 3D coming in at around 12 mm, the CX2 will shine at around 10 mm.  Not too bad for having to house dual 5 meg cameras on the backside.  Add 8GB of internal storage, DLNA capabilities, Bluetooth 3.0 and HSPA+ (21Mbps) and you’ve got yourself a pretty nice flagship handset to invest in.  To top things off, a trusted source is noting that there will indeed be an NFC chip on board.  Stay tuned to Talk Android as MWC rolls around, which is when and where we’re expecting this device to debut.  Expect the handset to launch with Gingerbread at first however.  There’s no word yet as to what’s in store for OS upgrades in the ICS dept.  Check out the pics of the device courtesy of our friends from Pocket Now and don’t forget to let us know what you think in the comments below.

[via Pocket Now]

Huawei To Top The Ascend P1 S With The Launch of “Diamond Series” High-End Android Smartphones

We’ve got to say, we’re extremely impressed lately with how Huawei is stepping their game up and exiting the feature phone market much like Samsung and HTC has done since they first started playing the game.  At CES 2012 we saw a serious game changer when the company introduced their newest flagship handset, the Ascend P1 S, a device that boots the Droid Razr’s title of thinnest phone on the market (7.1mm) coming in at just 6.68mm.  Damn that’s thin.  And if you thought this was impressive, the company’s not done yet.  Huawei is planning to unveil, at MWC this year, a new “Diamond Series” lineup of smartphones dubbed by the company as being the “smartest, fastest and most high-performing smartphones”.  So, if the company is stating they can do even better than the Ascend P1 S, we’ve definitely got to see that.  The Ascend P1 S is sporting a 1.5 GHz dual-core processor, a Super AMOLED display rocking Gorilla glass at 4.3-inches, an 8 meg rear facing camera and 1.3 meg front facer.  I can’t wait to see them top that with something else.  Stay tuned to TA because we’ll be covering it like white on rice.  Feel free to leave your thoughts in the comments below.

Huawei Ascend P1 S Smartphone

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