Get paid $2 towards any Amazon app just for sending a tweet

by Stacy Bruce on
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Want 2 bones for simply tweeting a message? Well, I have just the opportunity for you. Amazon wants you to spend 2 of their dollars in the Amazon Android app store by tweeting a simple sentence telling your followers to do the same. Follow the link below for instructions and go get your free credit now! As soon as you complete the tweet through the Amazon website you can use your credit immediately. Now what are you waiting for? This deal will only last for a limited time so go get your tweet on!

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Motorola DEFY+ Pricing Confirmed At A Great Price, Arriving September 30th (UK)

by Harold Williams on
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About a month ago we reported on the Motorola DEFY+, an upgraded version of the original DEFY. Today retailer Clove UK has confirmed pricing for this device will be set at £246 ($337) including taxes and is expecting stock on September 30th. There seems to have been a lot of interest in this boredom proof device, and if you missed it, the DEFY+ will be running Gingerbread and a 25% faster processor than the DEFY had. This one might just be a hit for the extreme lifestyle types out there. Anyone going to check one out?

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Droid Incredible 2 Software Update Brings Roaming Enhancements

by Mitch Wright on
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If you’ve been frustrated with the roaming experience on your Droid Incredible 2, start checking for software updates. HTC/Verizon have issued an update (4.04.605.1) that enhances the roaming experience, including better connectivity, the ability to dial +1 as a prefix while roaming, and better handling of data and texting while roaming. Beyond that, the update also corrects issues with e-mail server syncing and stability problems with visual voicemail. For those needing a quick step-by-step of how to update the software, click here. Once you’ve updated, come back and let us know how it goes in the comments below.

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Gingerbread 2.3.3 Beginning To Arrive On Sprint’s LG Optimus S

by Axl Logan on
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As promised, we’re beginning to see the the OTA for Gingerbread 2.3.3 hit Sprint’s popular little mid-level power-horse, the LG Optimus S.  . The official software version, LS670ZVH,  offers a plethora of new features and enhancements such as:

  • Volume adjustment from handset when backlight is off and in a Bluetooth call
  • Initiation of a 3-way call in certain markets
  • Updated color scheme (includes darker notification bar and black-based menus)
  • New on-screen keyboard (supports multi-touch input and a smart auto-correction function)
  • Improved cut-paste functionality
  • New integrated download application for ease in accessing downloaded files
  • Updated camera application
  • Power management and task killer applications

There was some confusion earlier last week as to whether or not this would be an OTA update.  Well, it is.  So rest assured that you should be receiving the push shortly.  If you’ve already received the update and are reaping the benefits, feel free to let us know what you think of the enhancements and improvements below.  Enjoy it, because we’re not entirely sure the device will ever be graced with the up and coming Ice Cream Sandwich (ICS)  However, only time will tell so don’t quote us.

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Verizon Set To Fire Up New 4G LTE Markets On October 21st

by Harold Williams on
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Verizon just recently flipped the switch on for 4G LTE in 26 new markets on this past Thursday and a new batch is on the way. This next group of markets is expected to go live on October 21st, and short list of the 21 or so total markets to come have leaked out. Check them out below and see if you’re local area is listed. Who’s ready to get 4G LTE in their area? Did you make the list yet?

New cities:

  • Sioux City, IA
  • South Bend, Mishawaka, Granger, Elkhart, and Goshen, IN
  • Bloomington, Bedford, Evansville, and Terre Haute, IN
  • Green Bay, WI
  • Buffalo/Niagra, NY
  • Birmingham, AL
  • Albuquerque, NM
  • Sante Fe, NM
  • Fort Myers, FL


  • San Diego and Los Angeles, CA

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Google+ gets open enrollment and cool multiple video chat in “Hangouts”

by Stacy Bruce on
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Google+ announced today that it has entered its Beta phase and along with it bringing open enrollment and a much appreciated update to its mobile application.

It has been hard for me to be an avid Google+ user because not everybody has been able to create an account due to an invite only status. Now that it is fair game to all, no invite required, the new social networking site should see an increased influx of users. With hopes that more of my friends and contacts sign up for the service, I plan to use the network more frequently. And now that the mobile app has also received some really cool updates, the experience is sure to bring more people together in ways unavailable to them before.

Hangouts were once limited to desktop use and allows video chat between multiple users. With the recent update to the mobile platform, you are free to video chat with your friends while on the go. When you notice a hangout within your stream,  just join in and you should be all set for an audio/video experience that expands the way in which we communicate within a social networking group. In order to do so, you must download the latest update and have an Android phone running 2.3 and up. iDevices are not supported so feel free to rub that in to the respective owners although an update for them has been said to follow at a later date.

Join us after the break for more features and a link to download or upgrade the Google+ app.

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Two New White Papers From NVIDIA About Kal-El Quad-Core Benefits And Architecture

by Harold Williams on
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NVIDIA has dropped two new white papers for your reading pleasure today on the Kal-El quad-core processor. The first breaks down the benefits of quad-core processors in mobile devices. You’ll find information here on lower power use with higher performance, faster web page loading, multitasking performance, and a higher quality gaming experience. The second give more detail on the multi-core architecture giving advantages and benefits along with details on a low power companion core. Both are worth the read and links to both can be found down below. Check them out and let us know what you think.

The Benefits of Quad Core CPUs in Mobile Devices | Variable SMP – A Multi-Core CPU Architecture for Low Power and High Performance

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Amazon Appstore Is Closed Again To Anyone Outside The U.S.

by Harold Williams on
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Just yesterday the Amazon Appstore seemed to work pretty much world wide. While those of you outside the U.S. might have hopped on this yesterday to grab the free app of the day, it seems today that access has been revoked. It was also noticed yesterday that Amazon didn’t update their disclaimer that their service was available outside of the U.S., so this very well could have been a mistake while Amazon was testing things out. This could mean that access will be coming officially soon though. Anyone manage to grab anything good while it lasted? Stay tuned.

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HTC planning UK press event October 6th, possible Euro Vigor debut

by David Laborde on
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Hot on the heels of this morning’s announcement of the HTC Rhyme, news comes to us that HTC is planning a UK press event in London on October 6th.

Although HTC has not disclosed any specifics on what will be covered, there are a few candidates that would qualify for such an event:

  • HTC Rhyme – We know that the European version will be available next month, but specifics on the release are still unclear.
  • HTC Vigor – The rumored 4.3-inch 720p HD display running at 1280×720 and packing a 1.5GHz dual-core processor would definitely be worthy of its own press release if a European offering is on deck.

While the exact location of the event has not been made public, that type of info usually gets released on the companies HTC UK Facebook page.  We will keep an eye on that page and keep you updated as additional details on the October 6th event come to light.

Update: O2 just announced they will be the only UK network to carry the Rhyme starting October 17th.   I guess that makes the HTC Vigor our #1 contender for the October 6th event!

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