OUYA releases new white version of gaming console, offers 16GB of storage instead of 8

Ouya White

The original OUYA Android-powered gaming console only offered up 8GB of internal storage. That’s a bit of a problem considering most games these days are getting to be more and more data-filled.

Thankfully, the folks over at OUYA have a solution. A new white version of its console was just  released, and will offer up 16GB of storage.

You can buy it now for $130, $30 dollars more than the original OUYA. Whether or not that’s too much money for 8 more GB is up to you— but OUYA will soon be sending out a software upgrade which will enable support for USB flash drives so you can expand storage yourself.

It looks like OUYA will try to compete on the lower-end of the console market with this release coming right after the release of the PlayStation 4 and before the Xbox One’s release.

Source: OUYA

HoneyDru is a cute new car charger from Power By Gen


Who doesn’t love Power By Gen’s chargers? Well if you’re a fan, then you might want to check out their latest offering, the HoneyDru. This cute little charger is inspired by Android Honeycomb. It has 5V/2A output for fast charging and the eyes and wings glow when it’s plugged in. Last but not least, the 3 ft. cable neatly coils yielding less clutter, plus it has a clip. HoneyDru even powers iOS devices, just swap the cable.

The HoneyDru is available for $19.99 with free shipping in the U.S. Not only will you love it, but it makes a great gift as well. Hit the source link to get your order in.

source: PowerByGen

Samsung preparing to produce 560 ppi displays in 2014 smartphones, Galaxy S5


Just as the competition to manufacture the best television display was booming just a few years ago, the same is now happening with smartphones. Samsung is reportedly planning to release phones next year that have a pixel density as high as 560 ppi on screen sizes as low as 5-inches. That’s 2560 x 1440 resolution.

The AMOLED panels may first show up on the Galaxy S5. Samsung Display CEO Kinam Kim confirmed the rumors, and it wouldn’t be wild to guess that this resolution will come to tablets soon enough as well.

Sure, you might argue that that’s way too small for the human eye to tell the difference, but the numbers will be where it’s all at.

Via: SamMobile
Source: OLED.AT

Verizon Moto X KitKat update coming very soon, soak test ready to commence


Pigs must be flying and/or it must be frozen in Hell because Verizon might roll a major update before other carriers. Motorola promised that KitKat would come to the Moto X in the coming weeks, and Verizon’s version looks to be the first.

Last week we told you about invites to Motorola forum members for an upcoming soak test, and according to a post earlier this morning, it looks like it’s just about to commence.

If everything goes well, the Verizon Moto X could be getting some chocolatey goodness in time for Thanksgiving, or at least shortly thereafter. We have the full changelog after the break.

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Best Android apps for reading books and syncing between devices [November 2013]


These days everything is being packed into one device that can conquer any task. You can watch movies, listen to music, socialize with friends and family, and play games with your smartphone or tablet. You can also indulge in your favorite book and be swept away by words that capture you for hours. And with the Play Store, it can be daunting to find the right app for what you need. Luckily, we’re here to help. We’ve listed the best apps in the Play Store for reading books and syncing between devices. Hit the break to get started.

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Google engineer explains white status bar icons and connectivity in Quick Settings


The shift from blue to white icons in the status bar was one of the many visual changes to Android 4.4 KitKat. Another change was the location of your connectivity’s status. Prior to KtiKat, a gray internet or WiFi icon meant you had no internet connection; however, this is now orange and in a new location. Pulling down the status bar, you’ll see your usual notifications. Tap on the top right icon and you’ll see Quick Settings. If your connection is orange, you have no connectivity.

Google engineer Dan Sandler explained the reasoning on Google+. The white icons are much easier to see on a transparent background and blue could clash with a user’s wallpaper. The connectivity indicators were sent over to Quick Settings because of confusion among users. They had no idea what the change from blue to gray meant. And the up/down arrows for data are also in Quick Settings because it was using a fairly good amount of computing power just to display that information every time data was used.

Source: +Dan Sandler
Via: Android Police

Google readying new Android camera API that supports Camera RAW


In terms of the camera, the Nexus 5 is getting mixed reviews, which is a letdown considering Vic Gundotra’s comment back in February about Google’s commitment to Nexus phones having insanely great cameras. However, Google might still have something up their sleeve. Apparently they are working on a new API that was probably destined for KitKat, but it was pulled from Android’s framework code on October 11, about a month before KitKat’s release….

DO NOT MERGE: Hide new camera API.

Not yet ready.

Bug: 11141002

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AT&T pulls Android 4.3 update for the Galaxy S 4, reason unknown


Did you pick up the Android 4.3 update for your AT&T Galaxy S 4 last week? Consider yourself lucky. Android Police has confirmed that the update is no longer being distributed. There is no known reason for the update being pulled, so sit tight; however, Android Police heard that Samsung and AT&T could be looking into “potential improvements.” Perhaps there was a bug found. We’ll let you know when the update resumes rolling out.

Source: Android Police

LG comments on the retail price of the Nexus 5


While the Nexus 5 is available for $349 in the Play Store, it costs a whopping $699 at full retail for some markets like Australia. In the United States, T-Mobile is selling it for $449 without a contract. You are probably wondering why is there such a dispersion among the Play Store and full retail prices. Well, LG reached out to Australian site Delimiter to explain. Since the Play Store is run by Google, they have the right to choose the price. Other retailers and carriers such as T-Mobile also have the right to choose the price. The price hike can be explained by the cost of running a “physical store location.” Google does not need a middle man and they clearly have the cash flow to lower the price on products. And markets like Australia have a “tax” because of the cost to get a product there.

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Qualcomm set to release Toq smartwatch on Cyber Monday, December 2nd


Qualcomm announced today that they will start selling their Toq (pronounced “talk”) smartwatch on December 2nd aka Cyber Monday. The device will sell for $349.99 and at least initially, will only be sold directly by Qualcomm from their web site. The Toq features a Mirasol low power display that supposedly will be capable of running for several days between charges despite being in an “always on” state. The device can be paired with an Android device running at least Android 4.0.3, although Qualcomm indicates 4.3 Jelly Bean is preferred. The Toq will come loaded with weather and stock apps from AccuWeather and E*TRADE respectively to go along with the apps providing the ability to accept/reject calls, view text messages, get meeting alerts and receive other notifications.

If you want to get on the mailing list to be notified by Qualcomm of other updates about the devices and to be one of the first to know when it is available for order, head over to toq.qualcomm.com to sign up. You can hit the break to read the full press release from Qualcomm. Read more