Verizon Wireless Galaxy S III gets a ported TouchWiz Jelly Bean ROM

With the Jelly Bean update launching soon for the international Samsung Galaxy S III, it’s created envy for U.S. users. Thankfully XDA member remf4i posted a ported version for the Verizon version. It’s actually from a T-Mobile build, and it’s called ToUcHmYbEaNs RoM.

Of course with any ported ROM, there are always issues. For now the GPS is not showing directions and when setting the wallpaper by holding the homecreen, it force closes the gallery. However, you can set it by going directly into the gallery. We’ve seen a lot worse.

Just hit the source link below to get started.

source: xda


Video teaser for Motorola, Intel event in London promises to “take you to the edge”

As we reported a couple weeks ago, Motorola Mobility and Intel have an event coming up on September 18th in London when we expect a public announcement regarding Motorola’s first phone to use Intel’s Medfield chip. Use of Intel chips in Motorola phones was announced at the beginning of 2012. It is not clear what else Motorola and Intel may be planning to announce. The invite that was issued uses the text, “Let us take you to the edge” in promoting the event. That marketing position is now being reinforced with a video teaser released by Motorola on YouTube. View the short, seventeen second video below.

[Deal] Grab the Verizon, AT&T, or Sprint Samsung Galaxy S III for $99 at Amazon Wireless

If you’re in the market for a Samsung Galaxy S III, then you might want to head over to Amazon Wireless because you can grab either the Verizon Wirlesss, AT&T, or the Sprint version for $99. Unfortunately that’s for new contracts or lines only, but if you happen to be upgrading, it will only be $50 more. Just hit the source link below to get started.

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Sony Xperia T Set for October 1st UK Launch

Sony’s next flagship device, the Sony Xperia T, is rumored  to hit the shelves October 1st. There has been a few rumored release dates including one for later this month, so this is not set in stone quite yet. People should rightfully be excited about this new Sony phone which was shown off at  IFA 2012. It will have a 13 megapixel camera, 1.5GHz dual core Qualcomm S4 processor and a 4.6″ screen.

If you live in the UK, the mobile network Three announced they will be selling the Xperia T “soon”. For those in the United States, there is no official release date, but because of the outed AT&T branded Sony Xperia T, it’s safe to say it should be available before the end of the year. Are you going to the get this phone when it’s finally released?

Source: Eurodroid

AT&T Announces The New $50 LG Escape

Yesterday a new AT&T phone was leaked, and that phone has officially been announced by AT&T as the LG Escape. The Escape is a 4G LTE budget phone, that packs a punch. Boasting a 1.2 GHz Dual-Core Processor, 2150 mAh battery and a 4.3 inch IPS screen, the Escape looks to be one of the better mid-range phones on the market.

The Escape also introduces the new Browser Toolbar which allows for easier functionality while browsing the web. It also has the ability to leave personal memos on any screen shot that can be shared with friends and family. The Escape is running Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich out of the box and will be available on September 16th for a very competitive price of $50. Hit the break for a quick demo video and the full presser

The Custom Cushnie Et Ochs HTC One X Smartphone Now Up For Auction On eBay


You all remember that special-edition HTC One X? You know– the bipolar, but attractive custom HTC One X smartphone we told you about yesterday? Well the Cushnie et Ochs-inspired smartphone has officially gone up for auction on eBay. The custom phone started off at $350, but is expected to go much higher and there’s still less than a week to go. The real question is how high will the bids go and who will be the lucky individual to win the custom toy? The good thing is we won’t have to wait too long to find out.

source: Phandroid

Everything Everwhere Rebrands As EE, Brings “Super-Fast” 4G LTE Service To The UK


Happy days are here for those of you living in the UK. First Andy Murray wins his first Grand Slam title and now Everything Everywhere has announced its new brand and model called EE. While EE may sound somewhat ominous— especially since it’s linked to both Orange UK and T-Mobile UK, it brings something that all have been waiting for— the official launching of a true 4G LTE network. This new 4G LTE will bring as EE calls it, “super-fast” mobile service for customers. For now, EE has confirmed the London, Bristol, Cardiff and Birmingham markets are all live at this time, though markets like Derby, Glasgow, Hull, Leeds, Liverpool, Manchester, Newcastle, Nottingham, Sheffield and Southampton should have 4G LTE by Christmas of this year. To celebrate, EE will launch 4G LTE capable devices including the Samsung Galaxy S III, HTC One XL and the Huawei Ascend P1 LTE smartphones.

Now that the excitement is certainly out there, interested parties will want to see additional details— so why not hit the break to see the full press release from EE?

CyanogenMod Team Announces “M-Series”, Monthly Releases Of Its Experimental Builds


Those of you looking to get an even bigger CyanogenMod fix are now in luck as the fine development team has announced a new series of the CM releases called “M-Series”. These experimental builds will be released on a monthly schedule, similar to the experimental nightly builds released on a nightly schedule. The big difference between the nightly and monthly builds is simply put— an emphasis of quality of quantity. The CM team will occasionally do a soft freeze of the codebase that will block new features in order to stabilize the newly updated ROM. This action will be done until the build reaches the stable release phase, allowing for users to then be able to enjoy all those new experimental features and goodies.

At the moment, the “M-Series” ROMs are only going to be available for a handful of devices, but don’t fret— the list is ever-growing and there’s a chance you will see your device added here at some point. Hit the jump to see the full list.

Motorola’s Webtop is officially dead as Verizon blows out Lapdocks

In the no shocker news for today, Motorola and Google has put an end to Webtop’s misery. Motorola has either announced or released a few phones lately, and you never heard a word about Webtop or the Lapdocks. Verizon is actually unloading the Lapdock 100’s for $50.

Some people actually think the latest version (3.0) was pretty good, but I have to be honest, I never used it. Although the concept was great, I always thought the actual product wasn’t. To me, the biggest negative was always price. I’m a believer in tablet docks and laptop type docks, but they can’t cost more than an actual product with actual guts.

T-Mobile Galaxy S Relay Will Be Released on September 19th

Last week T-Mobile said the Samsung Galaxy S Relay would be available in the coming weeks, and today they told us the official release date will be September 19th. The Galaxy S Relay has gone through a few delays and name changes to keep it from hitting the shelves for the targeted August date.

Although it resembles a Galaxy S III, the specs don’t quite match up. It sports a 4-inch WVGA (800 x 480) display, last year’s Snapdragon S3 dual-core clocked at 1.5GHz, 1GB of RAM, a 5MP rear camera, 1.3MP front camera, NFC, and Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich. It does have a QWERTY slide-out so if that’s what you desire, this might be the phone for you. It’s priced at $150 after rebate. Are any of you planning on getting this phone?

Source: TmoNews

Google’s Nexus 7 gets full teardown and repair treatment

Google’s Nexus 7 is no doubt one of the better built tablets on the market, thanks to ASUS. But, even with its exceptional build quality, a brutal fall could easily do some serious damage to the beautiful hardware. Thankfully, a new video will show experienced users how to completely tear down the Nexus 7 and proceed with any repairs that may need to be made.

Keep in mind that unless you are 100% sure of what you’re doing, then you probably shouldn’t start dismantling your $200+ tablet. Although, whether your a tinkerer or just a curious Nexus 7 owner, the video below provides some invaluable insight into the inner workings of Google’s first tablet.


Google Wallet Prepaid Card Program to end October 17th

Google has revealed that it plans to discontinue the Prepaid Card Program for early adopters of its Wallet service. Because the company recently updated its mobile payment service to offer compatibility with all major debit and credit cards, it feels the current prepaid program is redundant.

Thank you for being one of the first users of the Google Wallet app and for activating your Google Prepaid Card. Since we recently launched the ability to use any debit or credit card in Google Wallet, we are going to discontinue the Google Prepaid Card soon.

While Google may be terminating the program September 17th, the company is giving users an entire month (until October 17th) to use the remaining funds. After that point, abstainers will be charged $2.00 for every 30 days of inactivity, down from the usual 180 days. To avoid this fee, Google recommends using your card at least once before October 17th. So, be sure to take care of your remaining balance and link your account to a new card before the deadline rolls around. Hit the source link below for the full low-down.

Source: Google

Google Drive for Android gets major update, brings a slew of useful new features

Google Drive has just received a major update in the Play Store, bringing a fairly impressive set of brand new features. For starters, users can now browse folders by file type, giving complete control over finding your content. Additionally, Google has provided a highly improved viewing experience for Presentations, as well as the option to auto-sync your pinned content over a 3G/4G connection.

The full changelog is as follows:

  • Create folder, upload to folder and move to folder
  • Filter folder contents by file type
  • Option to auto-sync pinned content while on 3G
  • Richer Google Presentations viewing experience
  • Basic table support in Documents Editor
  • Create, reply and resolve comments in Documents Editor
  • View and change fonts in Documents Editor
  • Pinch to zoom in Documents Editor
  • Print files using Google Cloud Print
  • Option to resume interrupted uploads

Amazon In-App purchases to expand to include physical goods

Similar to some of the aftermath of Google I/O this past summer, as Amazon’s press event last week fades into history we are starting to discover some other changes in their ecosystem that may have been overlooked in the excitement of the Amazon Kindle Fire HD announcement. One of these new features Amazon is implementing is the ability for developers to sell physical goods “in-app.” Initially this appears to only be rolling out in games, but other uses are sure to emerge. This capability will be a point of differentiation compared to Google and Apple.

Amazon has indicated their first partner is Activision, which plans to make toys available in its Skylanders game. The toys will connect to the game using a “portal” plugged into a videogame console. Once plugged in, the toy activates a character inside the game. In order to purchase the characters, players will buy them from within the game using Amazon’s 1-Click Purchasing. Amazon indicates a player’s progression with a character in the console version of the game will carryover to the mobile version. This will likely be achieved using Amazon’s new Whispersync for games capability that was announced last week. An indication of how important games are to Amazon’s overall strategy is the announcement that the new Kindle Fire will have a separate tab to access the games category in the Appstore.

Is the ability to order physical goods something to get excited about? Can you think of any ways this could be used effectively outside of games?

source: All Things D

Sprint Releases Next List of 4G LTE Network Locations That Will Be Available In The “Coming Months”

Sprint has operated an old-school 4G (WiMax) network since 2008, but is now set to expand its new and constantly-growing 4G LTE network in the “coming months” in order to be more competitive with the likes of Verizon and AT&T. As part of Sprint’s Network Vision, it has included a list of nearly 100 cities that will be set with upgraded 4G LTE infrastructure by the end of 2013, with the deployment in Baltimore, Boston and Washington DC as notable examples. Although Sprint is set to expand its 4G LTE network, Sprint also pledges to strengthen its existing 3G network which should bring fewer dropped calls and better wireless connectivity.

Users that currently have a Sprint 4G LTE phone should be able to connect during the pre-launch phase in the 4G LTE coverage areas. Sprint has already accelerated construction of its expanded 4G LTE coverage for the selected cities. You can see the full list of cities after the break.