a-JAYS One+ Earphones Review

I wouldn’t call myself a sound buff, but every now and then a manufacturer ships me a speaker or a set of headphones to test out. Most of the time they don’t impress me, but I have to say the a-JAYS One+ earphones blew me away for the money. In an age where high end earphones/headphones can cost well over $100.00, these seem well worth the money at $30.00.

The packaging is really cool as them come in a black plastic elliptical-like container. In fact you might say it’s a little bit of an overkill because I’m sure it isn’t cheap.

Inside you will find the earphones and four additional silicone sleeves to properly fit your ear. The cable is flat which makes it a lot harder to tangle and it includes a one-button remote for various functions.

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Snomentum Review – Squash Eskimos and Villages in this new game!


Nothing says winter quite as well as rolling up a fat snowball and wreaking havoc. No snow? This app will give you your fix.

It’s called Snomentum. Players assume control of a rogue tiny snowball careening down a mountain. In doing so, it quickly grows in size, packing more and more snow as well as whatever else lies in its path, namely woodland creatures, unlucky eskimoes, and the occasional hovering penguin. There are of course obstacles on the path that if hit can slow you down and make your snowball smaller. The  bottom of the mountainside is unaware of the freezing force headed directly toward them. Your ability to build the biggest snowball possible will be measured based on how many houses you ultimately crush at the mountain’s base. This game currently holds a perfect 5 on the market and offers stunningly simple, clean, appealing graphics, comical sound effects and of course super fun and addictive game play. So what are you waiting for? Start squishing some Eskimos today, just $0.99.

Video, screenshots, and QR code after the break. 
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Samsung Mobile Brings Galaxy Tab 10.1 to Premium Flight Members on American Airlines

Good news for you premium travel folk who use American Airlines. They will be the first domestic airline to offer branded Galaxy Tab tablets onboard their aircraft, giving you access to a library of movies and entertainment inflight. These tablets will feature 10.1 inch screens and replace the current personal entertainment devices offered to American’s First and Business Class travelers. Right now a few flights will see this and they include flights between the following cities on 767-200 and 767-300 aircraft:

-  New York’s JFK and Los Angeles
- JFK and San Francisco
- Miami and San Francisco
- Miami and Los Angeles

International flights to and from Europe and South America with 767-300 aircraft, and transcontinental flights between Boston and Los Angeles with 757 aircraft will feature these devices as well. Rob Friedman, the American Airlines VP of Marketing was quoted to say: 
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Verizon Releases PR Statement on Galaxy Nexus Release Status

Well finally after a whole lot of silence after each targeted release date miss Verizon is speaking up about the Galaxy Nexus. In a short PR statement Verizon announced the following:

“The Galaxy Nexus is still on track to launch this year. We will definitely send a press release to announce availability. Feel free to visit www.verizonwireless.com/galaxynexus to sign up for email alerts to be one of the first to know.”

So with that being said, it appears that tomorrow’s rumored launch is not going to happen. Although it does say that the device is still on track for a release this year and that we will hear it straight from the horse’s mouth when it will happen. So even with the rumors of the Nexus launch flying about you can safely bet that it won’t happen until we hear it straight from Big Red. If you have missed out on any of the news regarding the Nexus you can read all about it right here. I don’t know about you guys though, but I am both saddened and relieved at Verizon’s statement.

New developments in Galaxy Nexus Builds – Yakju & Mysid are AOSP supported

Yesterday we posted an article concerning the discovery of alternative builds on GSM Galaxy Nexus Phones. Google’s own build for the Galaxy Nexus is named “yakju,” however some owners who were not receiving updates for their device discovered the problem lay in the fact that their phone sported a different fingerprint, “yakjuwx.” Android software engineer Jean-Baptise Queru, shed some light on the information, declaring that yakjuwx and yet another alternative build yakjusc are from Samsung, not Google. While the experience is largely the same between the versions, only Google’s yakju build is guranteed updates as they happen. Samsung will presumably distribute the updates to their modified build at unknown time intervals. Not having to wait on updates is one of the major draws of the Nexus brand, so it comes as no surprise that many, discovering they had the yakjuwx build, were a bit disappointed. Others, however, turned their gaze to the impending release of the Galaxy Nexus on Verizon. Would it be receiving updates through Google, Samsung, or shudder Verizon?

It appears that those of us waiting to purchase the Verizon version can all take a big sigh of relief today, as JBQ has chimed in once more on the situation. He writes,

After reviewing the situation, Google concluded that the only Galaxy Nexus that can be supported in AOSP are the ones that are originally sold with a “yakju” or “mysid” system.

yakju is one of the GSM/CDMA+ variants, while mysid is indeed the CDMA/LTE variant for VZW.

There you have it folks. Verizon Galaxy Nexus gets its updates through Google. Rest a little easier, until our next startling discovery…

[via Google Groups]

Verizon announces White DROID RAZR release for tomorrow, Still no word on Galaxy Nexus

Last week Verizon announced the White DROID RAZR, but didn’t tell us anything more than it would be available in December. They just put out a presser announcing that it will be released tomorrow, December 15. I’m sure you’re wondering about the Galaxy Nexus, but they haven’t made a formal announcement yet. At this point the RAZR may have Ice Cream Sandwich before Verizon releases the Nexus.

Full press release after the break

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TSF Shell Pro 3D Launcher for Android Looks to Take Custom Launchers to a Whole New Playing Field

With over abundance of good launcher replacements out there it’s hard to find one with enough calibur to blow any of the rest of them out of the water. However there are some that just come along that do that and more. Take TSF Shell Pro for instance. It is a new launcher in active development by a group called C3D. TSF stands for The Special Forces and from what I have seen of this new launcher, the name fits.

TSF Shell Pro brings so many things to the table that it is hard to mention them all. So after I mention a few of them I will let the eight minute video do the talking. A few features include 3D widgets with interactive modes and animations, multi-touch rotation, and free-style, drag and drop positioning.

There is no release date and even though it is currently in active development there doesn’t appear to be a date in sight. However we do have that eight minute video we promised to tide you over. Check it and the screenshots out after the break and let us know what you think.
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Download: New Android Market 3.4.4 Shows Significant Speed Improvement And More

Hot on the heels of a previous update back in November to 3.3.11, the Android Market is yet again receiving another noticeable one, now rendering the version at 3.4.4.  So what’s new?  While we’re still exploring all the new features of the update, some quick differences stand out.  One such improvement is the overall speed of the application.  It’s definitely faster than it was before as well as being smooth and crisp during navigation.  Another update includes a setting for the auto-adding of widgets to your home screen.  And note “widgets” not “app icons’ which appears to be in place of “auto-add shortcuts”.  It’s a tad confusing in my opinion but as always, Google often has a method to the madness.  According to a member over at Android Police, there is a point to be made:

As ZZ points out, “I think it’s because in ICS, what used to be known as ‘Shortcuts’ are now simply 1×1 widgets. If you notice ‘old’ shortcuts like Direct dial, etc. now live in the Widget folder. This change is simply for consistency moving forward.”

This explanation makes sense, though Google could have been smarter about the naming convention for devices that don’t yet have Ice Cream Sandwich.

So, for now, enjoy the update as we dig a little deeper to find all of the gems and tidbits Google included.  You can download the new version after the break.  And as always, don’t forget to let us know what you think in the comments below.  
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Plants vs. Zombies Finally Lurks its Way into the Android Market, Brings Peggle Along for the Ride


Up until today, the only way you could get Popcap’s smash hit, Plants vs. Zombies, on your Android device was through the Amazon Appstore. It seems that Amazon had exclusive Android rights to the game before the Android Market could get a hold of it, but today that is old news as Popcap announces the availability of Plants vs Zombies and Peggle in the Android Market.

Both games are available now and can be downloaded for $2.99 through one of the download links below. If you are new to either of these games, let us know what you think.

Plants vs. Zombies – North America / Rest of World



Peggle – North America / Rest of World



LG Prada Formally Unveiled, Ready To Strut Its Stuff

Remember when we told you about that high-end designer phone last month? You know, the one we mentioned would be out sometime in 2012? We have some exciting news for you all. The LG Prada 3.0 has formally been unveiled and is ready to take to the runway. The phone is much more than its attractive exterior too. Inside you’ll find the the dual-core OMAP 4430 processor clocked at 1GHz, that gorgeous 4.3-inch screen and a not-too-shabby 8MP camera inside. Oh and you’ll find the elegant custom UI running atop Gingerbread 2.3.7 powers the device. This device tickle your fancy yet? Hit the break to see the full press release and details of the phone.
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