Sprint Offering $100 Amex Giftcard With All Online Smartphone Purchases Until August 26th

There’s nothing more wonderful in life than free money. Until August 26th, you have a chance at a free $100 American Express gift card courtesy of Sprint if you purchase any smartphone on-line paired with a 2 year agreement (adding a new line). While it’s not exactly “free” since you need to purchase a smartphone with an addition of a new line, it’s still a nice little incentive to receive.

If you’re planning on buying a smartphone from Sprint any time soon, this would be the deal to take advantage of. Head on over to the source link for more information!

source: Sprint

Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 launches in UK on August 22nd starting at £300 for WiFi-Only16GB model


The Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 has been out in the US for a couple of months now. Starting on August 22nd, it’s finally making its way into the UK via Carphone Warehouse starting at £300 for the WiFi-Only 16GB model and £399 for the 3G model. The first Galaxy Tab 10.1 has been one of Samsung’s most successful tablets to date, thus I expect nothing less for their second iteration of the device. If you’re not familiar with the Tab 2 10.1, then take a look at our un-boxing and initial hands-on-review of the device below!

Use Your Nexus 7 To Make And Receive Voice Calls Through Google Voice

XDA member bongostl has posted a step-by-step guide for modifying your Nexus 7, or any tablet for that matter, to enable outgoing and incoming calls through Google Voice. This requires the editing of system files, so your tablet needs to be rooted. What this method does is make the tablet think it’s voice capable, which allows dialer app voice+ to connect through Google Voice and place a call.

Incoming calls will be handled by any SIP app, such as CSipSimple, which requires you to also set up a call number and routing using other online services such as callcentric and ipkall. Couple all that with Google Voice, an edited and recompiled framework-res.apk file, and the flashing of an update.zip, and you’ve got yourself a really large tablet-phone in 16 quick and easy steps.

Or you can download GrooVe IP from the Play Store and skip all the rest.

Ok, that was snarky. To be fair, bongostl’s method has the advantage that you can still receive calls in your Gmail on your computer, whereas with GrooVe IP, it’s one or the other. But seriously, to me this all seems like way too much of a hassle with too many potential points of failure to really be worth it for most people.

Bottom line: Hackers and tweakers only. Everyone else just get GrooVe IP.

source: xda

Pink Sony Xperia P gets the Early Unboxing Treatment

Hey ladies, get a load of this upcoming Sony Xperia NXT design! What we are looking at here is a pink, aluminum body Xperia P as unboxed by the folks over at RingHK. Apparently this device is due to hit markets sometime in the near future but unfortunately there is no word on when or where.

The dual-core Xperia P has found itself a loyal following by boasting a sexy design, decent specs and a reasonable price to go along with it. After it receives the Ice Cream Sandwich update in the next couple of weeks the Xperia P could be one of the better mid-range devices available. We wish we knew more about the launch of the phone but we have a feeling it will be limited to overseas markets, but most definitely will be available throughout Asia. If we hear any more news on its launch we will be sure to let you know. In the meantime, Sign off if the comments below if this is something you would be interested in… and don’t worry dudes, pink is punk!

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Samsung Accuses Apple of Stealing Patented Music, Email, and Photo Features

Yesterday Samsung began their arguments by defending themselves from Apple’s allegations, and today they moved into their countersuit claims. Dr. Woodward Yang, a professor at Harvard’s School of Engineering and Applied Sciences, was called in by Samsung’s legal team to perform an analysis of three of their utility patents. Dr. Yang found that Apple had infringed on all three with multiple devices.

We begin with email. The ‘460 patent protects the elements of email and photo browsing in a camera equipped device. The patent covers three different functions: stepping through different photos in a gallery mode, sending an email with an attached photo, and sending a text-only email. According to Dr. Yang, the iPhone 4, 3GS, 3, the iPad 2, and fourth gen iPod touch all infringe the patent on both iOS 4 and iOS 5.

Motorola Atrix HD Now Available On Bell Canada for Only $50

Are you living in Canada and are looking for a good deal on a sweet new Android device? Well, Bell has you covered and is offering the Motorola Atrix HD LTE for only a mere 50 bucks. Whats the catch you ask? It comes complete with a three year ball and chain otherwise known as a contract. That’s right, you will have to be tied to Bell Mobility for at least 36 months but at least you get a great piece of kit to show for it.

The Atrix HD just landed on AT&T only a few short weeks ago and we were given the opportunity to spend some one on one time with the device. Our very own Roy Alugbue put her through a series of tests in a recent review and needless to say he was pretty impressed for a device that isn’t all that expensive. Better yet, you Canadians can now get it at half the price that AT&T customers can and I would consider that a killer deal for a smartphone that sports the same processor that is found in the Galaxy S III. Hit up the source link for further details and other contract/pricing options from Bell.

source: Bell Canada

Light up your room with the new official Android Neon Lamp by Google


Probably the coolest Android related product I’ve seen in a while would be this new Android Neon lamp that has just been made available from Google. Nothing says “lets party!” than a cool little neon Android lamp, right? The price isn’t exactly cheap at $36.40, but I’m sure that won’t deter and of you Android maniacs! Head over to the source link to purchase one for yourself or fellow Android fan.

source: Google Store

Verizon releases HTC Rezound focused music video of flash mob

In commemoration of the availability of Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich on the HTC Rezound, Verizon Wireless released a video on YouTube to celebrate the end of the long wait. The video is a cross between a music video and a flash mob. The storyline follows a buyer of a new HTC Rezound as she walks and dances her way through city streets unaware of a mob of dancers following behind her. The “flash mob” comes to an end when the main character receives a phone call. I’m not really sure this is effective advertising for Verizon. If you would like to judge for yourself, hit the break to view the video.

CTIA announces MobileCON 2012, the next version of Enterprise & App conference

CTIA announced a “new” conference coming up in October, MobileCON 2012. The event is the successor to their Enterprise & Application conference and moves the focus to the mobile enterprise. According to Robert Mesirow, vice president and show director for CTIA, “The show is specifically designed for wireless and IT professionals who are serious about enterprise mobility, networks and applications, regardless of their industry.” Attendees will have the opportunity to access industry leaders and exhibitors who will provide information on subjects like security, the cloud, mCommerce, and M2M. Speakers include representatives from organizations like SAP, Symantec, and IBM.

MobileCON 2012 will be held October 9 – 11, 2012, at the San Diego Convention Center. If you are interested in attending this new iteration of CTIA’s Enterprise and Application event, early bird registration is available through September 10, 2012, at the www.mobilecon2012.com site. Hit the break for the full press release and additional details.

Samsung begins arguments, Shows how Apple stole from LaunchTile and DiamondTouch table

Apple closed their case so it’s Samsung’s turn to be a little offensive, and to kick things off, they decided to show a couple of early 2000s gesture technologies, LaunchTile and DiamondTouch.

LaunchTile was co-created by Benjamin Bederson who took the stand as a “fact witness” for Samsung. It was for Microsoft’s PocketPC devices and became available in 2004. It helped users access a lot of information and it featured thumbnails that users could zoom in on to access information. Bederson demoed it by showing three different zoom levels. Here’s a look:

EA includes Android in new platforms for Origin app

At their GamesCom press conference, Electronic Arts announced some additional platforms, including Android, for their Origin download service application. Origin was first announced for the Mac OS X platform as part of EA’s release of SimCity for the Mac. In the announcement at GamesCom, EA indicated they were going to make Origin available for Android, Facebook, and Smart TV in addition to OS X. Along with the new platforms, EA also announced some new features for Origin including the ability to access free-to-play games, digital content, live videos, and a new dashboard for the application. No information regarding a release date or availability was provided by EA.

source: The Verge

ASUS and Wikipad will support PlayStation Mobile


PlayStation Mobile is something that I really want other companies to jump on. While HTC has been the only big supporter, that changed today as ASUS and the Wikipad have been announced to be the newest supporter of PlayStation Mobile. I obviously don’t need to tell you how big this is for ASUS as they’re one of the top Android tablet vendors out there, but if you’re unfamiliar with the lesser-known Wikipad, you can check out our post about the gaming device here.

This move will definitely bolster the gaming capabilities of several popular ASUS devices such as the Transformer Prime and Nexus 7. What do you guys think of this move? I’m sure ASUS tablet owners will love this news!

source: PlayStation

Microsoft’s Official SkyDrive for Android app coming in a few weeks


There’s a couple of apps on the Google Play Market that has some SkyDrive integration, but an official SkyDrive app has yet to be seen. Soon that will change as Microsoft have officially announced the official SkyDrive for Android app.

Today, as part of making sure SkyDrive is available to all Windows customers, we’re excited to announce that an official SkyDrive app for Android phones will be available in just a few weeks. The Android app is similar to our mobile apps for Windows Phone and iOS and allows you to browse your SkyDrive, upload files to SkyDrive, as well as share SkyDrive files with “Send a link.” You’ll also be able to open SkyDrive files from other apps, as well as upload, save, and share to SkyDrive from other apps.

While Microsoft has yet to give out an official date as to when the application will be available, we’ll be sure to inform you all as soon as we get word. Would this app be of any use to you guys? Let us know!

source: Microsoft

Disney’s Junior Sprint ID pack now available; Entertainment for kids on the go

Keeping kids entertained these days can be quite the challenge. Thankfully we now have the necessary technology to keep them busy and entertained on the go. Sprint is helping out in that department by releasing the Disney Junior Sprint ID pack. This is loaded with content aimed for kids, or for any age group for that matter. Here’s what you can expect from the Disney Junior ID pack:

  • Disney Junior Games: Keep kids entertained and engaged with games from DisneyJunior.com featuring Jake and the Never Land Pirates – including Izzy’s Pirate Puzzles and Jake’s Treasure Hunt.
  • Disney Junior Facebook: Parents can get the latest tips, recipes and sneak peeks on what is happening on all of the Disney Junior Facebook pages.
  • Disney Junior Videos: Your child can watch select episodes of their favorite Disney Junior shows on demand. Full episodes of Jake and the Never Land Pirates, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and Doc McStuffins are among those available using the Sprint TV app.
  • Disney Junior Wallpaper: Customize your phone with wallpapers featuring your child’s favorite Disney Junior characters.

This should be a great tool for parents to use in keeping their kids entertained for many hours. You can hit the break for the full press release!

Flash for Android is now officially dead

Well folks, we knew this day would come sooner or later. Adobe Flash for Android is now officially dead starting tomorrow. While it was widely reported that Flash was only disabled on Android 4.1 Jelly Bean, starting tomorrow Adobe will disable all new installs of Flash for Android.

There’s so much talk as to whether Flash ultimately failed or succeeded. It’s clear that Adobe has now realized that HTML5 is the future, and not Flash, but I still don’t quite understand why they plan on disabling new installs all together. Adobe halting development in understandable, but why not just leave it in the market for people that wish to install it? After all, there are still plenty of sites that utilize Flash and it would be nice to have the choice to still have it if you wish so.

Either way, I’m sure folks over at XDA will have the .apk for Adobe Flash if you still wish to install it onto your device. Long live Adobe Flash, whether you see it as a failure or not, it was great while it lasted and I certainly welcomed it.

source: The Verge