Nexus Q app updated along with YouTube and Play Movies & TV

Google promised that the Nexus Q was compatible with Android 2.3.3 and higher, but every since Google I/O, it only worked for Jelly Bean devices. Google finally updated the app to support these older devices so everyone on Ice Cream Sandwich and Gingerbread (2.3.3+) can now control the Nexus Q. In addition Google updated YouTube which brings Nexus Q support to older Android devices plus the ability to turn your phone into a remote to play videos on other devices. Last but not least, they updated Play Movies & TV for faster downloading and a playback fix for some LG devices. Hit the break for download links

Apple iPad Outsells Android Tablets 2 To 1


As the Android platform continues to grow in consumer’s eyes, so does the number of devices out there such as tablets. According to Strategy Analytics, Android tablets achieved an estimated 7.3 million sales for Q2 2012, which brings it to a market share of 29.3 percent and helps the platform to maintain its position as the 2nd leading type of tablet in the market. The first? Apple’s iPad which achieved 17 million sales for the quarter and gained a market share of 68.3 percent. Analyst Neil Mawston offered some insights on the iPad’s dominance over Android tablets:


“Despite high expectations for companies like Amazon, Samsung, Acer and Asus, the Android community has yet to make a serious dent in Apple’s dominance of the tablet market. Unspectacular hardware designs, limited uptake of cellular models and a modest number of tablet-optimized services have been among some of the main reasons for Android’s mixed performance so far.”

While it’s exciting to see the growth of Android tablets, it’s insights like the one above that demonstrate Android tablets have a whole lot of catching up to do.
source: Electronista

HTC plans to release another Facebook phone next year

Remember last year’s Facebook phone, the HTC ChaCha (the Status in the U.S.)? Probably not since barely anyone bought one. I couldn’t imagine HTC would try it again, but according to Bloomberg Facebook and HTC are working together and will release it sometime in 2013. Facebook wanted to release it by the end of this year, but HTC needed more time to work on other products.

For this time around, Facebook is developing a modified operating system. Although Android was never mentioned in the article, we can only assume this will be based on Android and be a completely forked version similar to what Amazon has done with the Kindle Fire.

Sprint Galaxy Nexus Gets Software Update Rolling Out Starting Today, And No… The Update Doesn’t Include Jelly Bean


The Sprint Galaxy Nexus smartphone is looking to get just a little bit better with an incoming software version L700.FG01 update that’s set to roll out starting today. Before you ask—- no the update doesn’t include Android 4.1 just yet, but does include the ability to modify the device’s received signal strength indicator (RSSI), add support for Sprint TV and Wi-Fi and LTE settings will now default to being turned on.

While the update will roll out starting today, it may take several additional days before it reaches all Sprint Galaxy Nexus owners, so sit tight and relax if you don’t see it right away.

source: TechnoBuffalo

Google Releases Yet Another Nexus 7 ‘How To’ Spotlighting Google Apps

Google already released a couple of short “how to” videos for the Nexus 7, and it looks like this is becoming a daily thing. Today’s video is on Google Apps. These are the apps that are in the Google folder that’s in the dock. They quickly cover Chrome, Gmail, Maps, and YouTube. Again, these videos are not for you hardcores, it’s for those that are new to the world of Android. Hit the break to watch this latest installment, but if you want to check out the other two tutorials, click here and here.

Half of Mobile Gamers Use Phones and Tablets as Primary Home Entertainment Console

PopCap recently conducted a survey of US and UK gamers showing around 50% of respondents preferred their phone to PC, console, or dedicated handheld gaming systems. For tablet owners, the result was a little more, at 57%. PopCap determined the most popular place for mobile gaming is in fact at home. 69% reported to play games on their phone at home on the couch (78% of tablet owners), 41% while watching TV (52% of tablet owners) and 57% while laying in bed (51% of tablet owners). In addition to that, PopCap is reporting 3% of those in the US questioned play mobile games while in houses of worship.

If you think about it, most of us live our daily lives either at work or at home. Since most of you can’t (or shouldn’t ;-)) play on your phones at work, the statistic makes sense! I know for me personally, I game while I’m sitting on the couch and relaxing. So there you have it, hit the source link to see all the polling information and let us know where YOU game in the comments!

source: Information Solutions Group

Nexus Q Stock Sold Out? Once Again Shipping in 2-3 Weeks

It was only a couple days ago that Google’s Nexus Q was finally listed as “in stock” from the Google Play store and in a blink of an eye she’s gone again. Whether the demand was so high that stock was drained almost overnight or there was some sort of production glitch, either way, the social media streamer is once again listed as shipping “soon.”  If you have been holding out on ordering a new Nexus Q it looks like you are going to have to wait another 2-3 weeks for shipping if you decide to bite the bullet any time soon. In the meantime, if you haven’t made up your mind on whether or not the Q is for you, you should check out our full hands-on review and we’ll be sure to let you know once more stock becomes available.

source: Google Play


DROID RAZR HD FCC filings reveal 2530mAH battery

As reported yesterday, Motorola’s XT926 handset, also known to many as the forthcoming DROID RAZR HD, recently went through the FCC review process. With the filings now available for review, one member at Howard Forums went through them and found some new information regarding the battery included in the unit. Exhibit 11RF Exposure Info 1 of the filings indicates the battery for the unit is a model SNN5915A listed at 2530 mAH and it will not be removeable by the user. This is smaller than we had speculated, but it should still provide plenty of power to get one through the day.

source: Howard Forums

New Odin-less root method for Verizon’s Galaxy S III

Over at the XDA Developers’ forum, member Noxious Ninja has come up with a new method to root a Verizon Samsung Galaxy S III.  This new method was based on a desire to get around some issues users were having after using a previously developed root method. He also hoped to be able to produce something that didn’t require flashing ROMs. In the end, Noxious Ninja was able to modify a root method for an Asus TF300T to work on the Galaxy S III. Going a step further, he has even created a tool for users that don’t want to follow the manual steps. Users are warned that the tool is considered beta. The usual disclaimers about rooting devices apply, so proceed at your own risk if you are interested in giving it a try. Just follow the source link for the files and instructions. Let us know how it goes if you attempt this root.

source: XDA Developers

HTC One X Variant Headed to T-Mobile as HTC One X+, Will Include Quad-Core Processor

Looks like it’s time for T-Mobile customers to rejoice once again. T-Mobile usually tends to make a splash for their late summer to fall device line-up. Last year they introduced the HTC Amaze 4G and the Samsung Galaxy S II, this year it seems as if something very big is due for the Magenta carrier. Confirmed through various sources, a beefed-up version of the HTC One X will be coming to T-Mobile later this fall and the specs will be nothing short of amazing. The rumors of this phone have certainly come a long way when we initially covered this device earlier in the year. It was first assumed the device would be dubbed as the “G4x” to further accompany T-Mobile’s “G” brand line of stock Android phones such as the HTC G2 and LG G2x.

LG Spectrum 2 (VS930) shows up in Verizon CelleBrite system.

With its recent FCC certification and leaked renders, it’s only a matter of time till we see the second edition of the Spectrum on Verizon Wireless. It’s now in the Verizon CelleBrite system (VS-930) so it’s just that much closer. The Spectrum 2 will sport a 4.7-inch True IPS 720p (1280 x 720) display, a 1.5 GHz dual-core Snapdragon S4, 1GB of RAM, and 8MP rear camera. We still don’t have a release date, but we will let you know as soon as more details are leaked.


Watch Google I/O 2012 in a little less than 4 minutes [Video]

Google I/O 2012 was definitely one to remember as all Google I/O events were. Google put together a highlights video showcasing the entire 3 day event, and it’s only 3 minutes and 41 seconds long. Everything is covered like Jelly Bean, the Nexus 7, the Nexus Q, Chrome, Google Glass, and I think there was some skydiving if I remember correctly. Of course if you missed any news, you can always hit up our Google I/O coverage. Hit the break to watch.

Samsung says Apple would not have sold a single iPhone without the benefit of their patented technology

Next week Samsung and Apple go at it in the courts again. I know, what else is new? Anyways, the Wall Street Journal posted some excerpts from Samsung’s trial brief. Of course Samsung’s argument is that they didn’t copy Apple’s iPhone one bit and that they were working on the next generation of mobile phones in the Summer of 2006, months before the iPhone was announced. These designs were based on market trends for increased screen sizes. They certainly weren’t going to scrap everything and change just because of the iPhone.

As to patents, Samsung said, “Indeed, Apple, which sold its first iPhone nearly twenty years after Samsung started developing mobile phone technology, could not have sold a single iPhone without the benefit of Samsung‘s patented technology.” Hit the break for some of the highlights.

Pebble smartwatch to miss September release date but does add new color choice

If you were intrigued by the thought of getting your hands on the Pebble smart watch that we previously reported on, a mix of good news and bad news came out of the project yesterday. The good news is that a new color option is now available – orange. Selected based on voter’s choice, orange joins black, white and red options.

The bad news is that the availability of the Pebble devices has been delayed. The Pebble team indicates that due to popular demand, they have had to transition from ramping up for production of 1,000 devices total to 15,000 devices on a weekly basis. This additional demand means they will not meet their target of shipping in September. Even worse, they do not provide a new estimated availability date, so the delay is indefinite.

As consolation, the Pebble team did provide some information on their work to ensure the device moves from R&D to manufacturing and assembly. They indicate they are in the Engineering Verification stage with samples produced of the entire product before moving on to Tooling, when everything is finalized in the production facility.

source: Kickstarter

How to install Adobe Flash Player on Android 4.1 Jelly Bean

Adobe Flash Android

As many of you know by now, Adobe Flash isn’t supporting Android 4.1 Jelly Bean, but there is a solution and it’s very easy. There are actually two solutions depending on which device you have. For anyone running Jelly Bean on anything other than the Nexus 7, you can simply side load the APK and enable some plugins. For those of you with the Nexus 7, you will also need to install the stock Browser since the default Browser, Chrome, doesn’t support plugins. Hit the break for all the instructions and download links.