Samsung takes the Galaxy Note to the streets to show iPhone owners what they can’t do [Video]

Recently Samsung conducted the Samsung Galaxy Note Street Challenge. They gave Android users a few hours to play with the Galaxy Note, and then they hit the streets in Harold Square to see how it stacked against the competition. You guessed it, the competition was the iPhone. Here’s a video of a woman completely shocked that the Galaxy Note does more than her iPhone will ever do. No more words need to be said, just check it out, and check out our hands on with some of the S Pen apps here.

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Everything Everywhere Gearing Up To Launch A 4G LTE Network In The UK This Year?

Everything Everywhere, the result of the merger with T-Mobile UK and Orange UK several years back have officially announced their plans to get 4G LTE to the masses some time this year.  As long as they can jump through all the hurdles of the regulatory side of things, that is, folks in the UK could be experiencing some faster speeds on their devices by year’s end. The carrier has already trialed LTE on their 800 MHz in rural Cornwall and they plan on trialing some more on the 1800 MHz spectrum as well.

Only time will tell if the carrier is officially able to launch 4G LTE speeds this year, especially since the UK 4G LTE spectrum auction has been experiencing some delays and legal challenges when it comes to dividing the 800 MHz and 2600 MHz bands among the four major operators.  Everything Everywhere is currently a step ahead of the game however, in that it’s currently testing LTE on its existing 1800 MHz 2G spectrum.  Three UK, O2 and Vodafone, patiently await the final outcome of the decision for the division of the 800 MHz spectrum which is also used for analog TV signals, in addition to the 2600 MHz bands.  They’re just waiting on word from Ofcom for the official approval to use the spectrum for LTE.  Using LTE on the 1800 MHz could possibly prove to be more ideal and a happy medium between the 800 MHz and 2600 MHz spectrums due to its wider range of coverage and greater signal concentration.

Again, stay tuned to TA as we continue to provide coverage on the UK 4G LTE roll-out because even though Everything Everywhere has made an official announcement, most of us know how long it can take to officially roll-out a new network.  In addition, equipment in the field will require major upgrades as well as handsets will need to be created for the new services to work with.  At this point, the only major thing that can slow the carrier down would be having to wait on Ofcom for an official decision.  Otherwise, the company could easily land itself in the spotlight as the first major carrier to bring real 4G to the UK.  In the meantime, users will have to settle for HSPA+ 21 with 42 Mbps trials underway.  Feel free to let us know what you think in the comments below.

source: Everything Everywhere


Ice Cream Sandwich update for the ASUS Eee Pad Transformer is now live in Taiwan, The U.K. is on deck for tomorrow

Well you have to hand it to ASUS. They were able to get Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich on the Transformer Prime in early January, and now owners of the Original Eee Pad Transformer in Taiwan are starting to receive the update as well. ASUS had this to say on their global Facebook page:

Many of our Eee Pad Transformer TF101 users have waited patiently for the promised Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich update and we are delighted to announce that the first wave of FOTA updates for TF101 firmware v. started today in Taiwan. The update will FOTA in other regions soon after.

Although we will announce several new innovations at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona next week, we take great pride in delivering on-going enhancements and support for products that are well into their life cycle.

ASUS originally promised a February / March time frame so things look to be on track as U.K. owners will see the update tomorrow. Moments ago, the U.K. Facebook page had this to say:

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Google Docs Gets Updated To Include Real-Time Collaboration And Native Editing


Google Docs has just been updated to include major updates that we’ve been expecting for a long time. For starters, there’s full native editing and collaboration in documents. That’s right— we can (finally) edit our documents on our Android devices and have our friends, family or colleagues see our updates, almost instantly. What this means is anyone can see updates in real time whether you’re on your PCs, tablets or phones. The new features don’t stop there either. Google updated the interface so we’re able to do things such as using the pinch to zoom function in order to focus on a specific section of a document or use rich text formatting to enhance our documents so that you know, we can add some pizazz to our documents.

You’ve read the details of the new features, but why not see them in action by checking out the video below? After you’re done, be sure to grab the new update by heading out to the Android Market or by scanning the QR code below if you have an Android 2.1+ device.  

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Android Market



Samsung Doubles SDRAM Speed With LPDDR3, Available in Smartphones This Year

Samsung  just announced its LPDDR3 SDRAM, the next-generation low-power-consumption mobile memory chip. The company states that this DRAM will be the mainstream memory used in smartphones later this year.

With Android phones getting more advanced, manufacturers are starting to push their user interface overlays further, requiring more memory in the process. This is why HTC’s latest Sense UI, for example, only runs on the company’s latest and greatest hardware.

Our current crop of smartphones and tablets use LP (Low Power) DDR2 SDRAM, which has a maximum data transmission rate of 3.2GB/sec for the entire chip. Samsung’s new LPDDR3 effectively doubles the transmission rate to 6.4GB/sec, all without increasing the power requirement. This equates to a chip that is twice as fast and more efficient. However, this seems to be only a step toward last year’s announcement of a 12.8GB/sec DRAM chip from Samsung.

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New Galaxy Note Ad Focuses On Pen [Video]

Samsung Mobile USA released a video on YouTube today of the Galaxy Note which focuses on it’s S Pen functionality (don’t call it a stylus). This ad does a better job at showing what the Galaxy Note can do than Samsung’s earlier Superbowl commercial. The ad states that the Galaxy Note is “the best of a smartphone… and the best of a tablet…” and that “it has a pen with a brain.” Riveting stuff.

Check out the video below and see what this 5.3″ beast can do with its magical stylus pen!

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Acer Iconia Tabs A500 and A100 Get Android 4.0 ICS Leaks

All you lucky Acer Iconia 200 users with your fancy new ICS upgrade from a few weeks ago will no longer be standing alone. Get ready to welcome Acer Iconia 500 and Acer Iconia 100 users to your club. That’s right, Iconia fans, Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich builds have been leaked over on XDA. This comes as great news since the official upgrades are not expected until April.

Keep in mind, these are almost definitely not Acer’s final ICS builds, but reports are coming in that there are no major bugs and they appear to work quite well. Interestingly, many of Acer’s typical changes are not yet present in these builds… they are almost completely stock save for a few theme and color tweaks.

Of course, installing these leaks will break root, but rest assured root access will be achieved soon enough. So if you prefer a mostly stock experience, and don’t mind losing root for a little while, give these a shot from the source links below. Just remember to use caution when flashing!

source: xda (A500), xda (A100)

Google Releases Recap Video of Last Years MWC Android Booth Madness

From what I hear, last year’s Android booth at Mobile World Congress was the hit. Google went all out in and provided the ultimate Android experience for event attendees which included a luxe lounge, slides, Android collectibles and art, refreshments and more. In an effort to pump up this year’s Android showing at MWC, Google decided to release a short little recap video of last years fun. There is no telling what could be in store for this year but if the countdown animation hold any clues, it could be off the chain! Check out the video below and think about all the cool things El Goog might have up their sleeves this year. You can bet they will out do the past!

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source: Youtube


Gingerbread Soak Test for Motorola Cliq 2

Well this is certainly unexpected. It appears 1000 lucky Cliq 2 owners will be getting official Gingerbread soon by way of a soak test. A classic case of better late than never if there ever was one. If you have a Cliq 2 I would advise you to hurry over to the Motorola Forums and try to be one of the thousand. You certainly deserve an update friend. Hopefully those who miss out on the soak won’t have much longer to wait.

source: Motorola Owner’s Forum
via: TmoNews 

T-Mobile Attempts To Persuade FCC To Block Verizon’s Acquisition Of Cable Company Spectrum

There’s a reason why T-Mobile is referred to as “scrappy”.  According to some recent FCC filings, o’l Magenta is looking to step in on Verizon’s latest acquisition attempt to purchase spectrum from a number of cable companies of which some deals are already in the works.  Companies such as Comcast, Time Warner Cable, Cox Communications and House Networks.  According to T-Mobile, the deal would focus an “excessive concentration” of wireless spectrum to be laid at the feet of one of the biggest wireless carriers in the U.S.  In addition, most of the spectrum which Vz is attempting to purchase is of the AWS band variety which just so happens to be the userplane that the company uses for its 4G HSPA+ technology.  T-Mobile will continue to argue that Big Red already has quite a large amount of AWS spectrum that they haven’t even tapped into yet, therefore, it’s unlikely we’ll see this new spectrum being used efficiently anytime soon.

“The Transactions come before the Commission at a critical time for the future of competition in mobile services, and particularly in mobile broadband. Verizon Wireless, with its extensive holdings of valuable low-frequency spectrum, already has a significant advantage in the industry migration to LTE as the new wireless broadband standard. Its smaller competitors do not have excess spectrum in which to first warehouse bandwidth and later deploy LTE. With current spectrum holdings, their effort to deploy LTE is more complicated, costly and time consuming. Moreover, its smaller competitors are largely relegated to the higher frequency ranges, which are more difficult to deploy due to their propagation and building penetration characteristics, and their ability to keep up with demand as the industry evolves to the LTE standard will be significantly capacity constrained, to the detriment of competition. “

Furthermore, T-Mo goes on to argue that companies such as itself would be a better fit for the spectrum as they would be able to put it to use “…quickly, more intensively, and more efficiently than Verizon Wireless.”  Sounds pretty bold to me, but hey, if T-Mobile and other smaller carriers want to stay relevant in the mobile space and eventually expand their services, they’re going to have to fight for it now and today before it’s gone tomorrow.  You can check out the FCC filing here if you haven’t already.

source: Associated Press
via: TmoNews