Samsung Announces ICS Update Arriving In Q2, Will Include “Premium Suite” Of Software Goodies


If you’re a Samsung Galaxy Note owner, you may have been looking forward to this news for a long time. Sammy has announced it will offer a “Premium Suite software upgrade” in Q2 for owners of that device. The upgrade will not only bring extra multimedia features and a range of S Pen-optimized applications, it will bring Ice Cream Sandwich to the device as well.

Of course most of you will care solely about the addition of Android 4.0. That means users will be treated to not only a redesigned UI, but they’ll be treated to an assortment of features including Facial Unlock, Snapshot and of course the full use of Android Beam. Android Beam will be especially welcome since you can you know, share music and stuff with your Galaxy Nexus bretheren.

The Galaxy Note-exclusive apps are intriguing ones too. For starters, there’s the S Note application which “lets you combine your notes or sketches with other digital content, giving you a new way to create your own stories.” Then there’s My Story which “allows you to create personalized digital cards for friends or family using any type of content including notes, video content, photos, text or voice.” And finally, of course– there’s Angry Birds Space which you’ve been salivating over for some time now. That means soon enough, you won’t be teased anymore and you’ll finally be able to play the exciting game using the S Pen and of course, play the Galaxy Note-exclusive level.

Hit the break for the full presser from Sammy.

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Angry Birds Space Now Available, Exclusive Content for Samsung Galaxy Devices

Well folks the wait is over as Angry Birds Space has finally landed in the Google Play store and Amazon App Store. As you probably already know by now, this is the latest release from the Rovio team and brings completely new bird mechanics with the addition of gravitational force. The game is available as a free ad-supported version in the Google Play store and a $0.99 add-free version is currently limited to the Amazon App Store. For those with a Kindle Fire you can get an HD version through Amazon for $2.99. Don’t forget, those with a Samsung Galaxy devices get access to 30 exclusive levels.

Even if you don’t have a Samsung device you really need to check this game out. I had a lot of fun playing it and it’s a fresh new take on the game we all fell in love with long ago. Jump past the break for download links.

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Anonymous User Shows Samsung GT-i9300 Strutting Its Stuff, Perhaps A Real Build Of The Upcoming Galaxy S III Smartphone?

Ladies and gents, we’ve got yet another piece of news regarding the ever-growing Samsung GT-i9300 pandemonium. Here, an anonymous user came out and shared a photo of what he or she claims to be an official rendering of the GT-i9300. When we last saw this mysterious GT-i9300 device, it appeared in a GLBenchmark test showing the device featured a 720p display and Android 4.0.3. As you can see here, this leaked photo of the GT-i9300 device has a solid build and design similar to the previous Galaxy S models, while also featuring what looks to be an Ice Cream Sandwich build topped off with a sexier version of the TouchWiz UI (including an some Sammy-specific productivity apps). Also— if you look carefully folks, we see the same on-screen virtual buttons found on the GT-i9250 model— aka the Galaxy Nexus. This may explain what seems to be the phone’s massive screen size, perhaps a 4.7-inch screen as we previously reported?

One final item of note is the placement of the Samsung logo. The manufacturer has decided to move the logo to the bottom of the smartphone, which aside from a handful of U.S. carriers placing the logo on the bottom of a Samsung device— had not been done previously. Talk about Sammy making a radical decision.

This latest leak sure is a doozy and whatever Samsung device this is, it sure is mouthwatering. Let’s hope this supposed GT-i9300 phone is in fact the actual Galaxy S III smartphone. What do you all think? Thumbs up or thumbs down? Let us know in the Comments section.


source: PhoneArena

TELUS HTC One V With Sense 4.0 Hands-On [Video]

The HTC One Series of phones is a classic case of good, better, best, with the “best” being the HTC One X, the “good” being the HTC One V, and the HTC One S falling right in the middle. Canadian carrier TELUS is slated to carry the One V, and MobileSyrup scored a hands-on video showcasing the One V and Sense 4.0.

It was thought that since the One V has a slower processor than its brothers, it might get the lighter Sense 3.6, but it’s good to see it will indeed get the full 4.0, and it seems to run pretty smoothly. The video shows that HTC’s ImageSense technology is still in full swing here, with the camera being very responsive and having the ability to take stills while recording 720p video.

No word on a launch date yet, but stay tuned. Check out the video after the break.

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Toshiba 13.3 Inch AT330 Prototype is a Beast With a TV Antenna [Video]

Earlier this month we brought you shots of a non-working, Tegra-3-powered 13.3-inch Toshiba tablet prototype that was displayed during a U.K. Toshiba conference. Now, German site TechFokus brings us a quick video walk-through of the Toshiba AT330, another 13.3-inch prototype tablet, this one with a built-in TV tuner complete with a retractable antenna.

It’s entirely possible that this working prototype is the same model as the previous non-working one, but with a bit more polish. Toshiba says it is still just a prototype and not yet a consumer device, though I have to admit, this is one of the better looking and fully functioning non-consumer devices I have ever seen.. Toshiba is smartly gauging consumer reaction to a tablet of this enormity. The last thing a manufacturer wants is to pour money into an unproven form factor.

The AT330 is running Android 4.0.1 Ice Cream Sandwich on a Tegra 3 quad-core processor. No direct information on the resolution, but it seems to be pushing something like 1920 x 1200 pixels on an LCD display. This model has 32GB of built-in memory, with a full size SD card slot (not microSD). It also has HDMI-out, a 5 megapixel rear camera and a 1.3-megapixel front-facing camera. Sounds like it’s consumer-ready to me.

Check out the hands-on video after the break.

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O2 Getting Entire HTC One Series on April 5th and Sony Xperia P and U on April 23rd

A leaked image from the O2‘s internal inventory system, attained by tech blog TechnoBuffalo, confirms the earlier tweet that the U.K. carrier will be getting the entire HTC One series of phones, the One X, One S, and One V, on April 5th. The source of the leaked image also stated that the One X and One S will require a minimum 500MB monthly data plan, with a monthly contract of £37 for the X and £32 for the S, while the One V will not require a data plan but will require a monthly contract of at least £10.50.

HTC is not the only manufacturer to have an April release date on O2. Sony’s Xperia P and Xperia U get their own leaked inventory screen with a launch date of April 23rd. The Xperia P will require a two-year £37 monthly data plan while the U will require at least a two-year £10.50 monthly data plan.

This is not official, so take the proverbial salty grain, but it’s as close as we can get. April is just around the corner. Hopefully the U.S. versions won’t be too far behind!

View the leaked images after the break.

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Sony Unveils New Android Powered Set-Top Box

Some people may think Google TV is a dying technology, but like myself, apparently Sony feels it still has a fighting chance. Today in Singapore Sony unveiled a new Android powered Sony Bravia set-top box that runs Google TV 2.0. Not much as far as details were given at the Bravia event but we can guestimate a few features just by looking at the images. It’s obvious the device is Google Play certified and will run apps that are compatible with TV screens.

The set-top box also comes with a fairly unique two-sided remote, one for mouse/trackpad control and the other for keyboard use. Looking at the remote the first thing I see is the standard four color Playstation buttons leading me to believe the remote is Bluetooth ready and will most likely work with the Sony Playstation and other Sony devices. The remote also has DVR buttons and a 3D button meaning the box could be 3D ready/capable out of the gate.

No word on pricing or availability but in order to be competitive with Boxee and Roku it shouldn’t be more than the $100 price point. Jump past the break for a few more images.
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Review: Tags for Droid with NFC Task Launcher

Are you currently making the most of the NFC chip in your Android phone? The chances are that for most of us the answer is no and I was sat firmly in that camp, at least I was up until about a week ago. NFC adoption has been slow paced since Google and Samsung brought the technology to the masses by way of the Nexus S. A large part of the problem was the original lack of functions available to utilise the technology and as someone who bought the Nexus S personally I certainly cannot remember really using NFC in the year I had the phone. Cue the launch of the Galaxy Nexus over Christmas 2011 and the introduction of Android Beam, finally a genuinely useful application that utilises NFC technology. As useful as Android Beam is, and I have used it occasionally, there is still a slight feeling that it’s just as gimmicky as it is productive.

I decided the time had come to really see quite how useful the technology could be so I ordered some NFC tags and downloaded a NFC task application to program and read them. My products of choice were a batch of NFC/RFID tags from and NFC Task Launcher from Tagstand. I’ve broken the review down into two clear sections on my findings having used both products over the past week.  
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Contest: Win one of three IDAPT i4 Universal Charging Stations [Updated With Winners]

I just did a review on the IDAPT i4 Universal Charging Station, which allows you to charge up to three devices wirelessly and a fourth via the USB port. The folks over at IDAPT were gracious enough to provide three units for our awesome readers. All you have to do is like IDAPT on Facebook and head over to our forum thread and tell us how many devices you need to charge each day. You will have until Sunday, March 25 at 11:59pm EST. We will pick three random winners and post them on March 26. Winners will receive an email in the account associated with their username. Only one entry per person please.

Click here to enter

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Congratulations to the following winners:

Roman Goldin



Each of you will receive an email in the account associated with your username. Just get back to me with your full name, address, and phone number. We will get your IDAPT i4 out to you right away.


Google Trademarks Showy: The Downloadable Remote Control Software for Any Device

At the end of February Google registered the domain which really doesn’t say much in regards of what this site would host. It was overshadowed by the fact that Google went on a domain buying spree involving their Google Play Initiative. Well Google’s latest move should shed some light on that as they recently filed a trademark application with the United States Patent and Trademark Office in regards to this “Showy.” The trademark application (Serial Number: 85570895) that was submitted on March 15th has some nifty details under the goods and services portion. Here’s what it says:

“Downloadable software which allows users to use their computer, tablet device, or mobile phone as a remote control to operate video display devices and televisions; and downloadable software which allows users to remotely control the content on internet-connected digital signage.”

Could this software be related to the Google patent that was filed back in February involving the use of your Android phone or voice commands to control your Google TV? Probably. However as Google hasn’t made mention or given any details regarding Showy we will have to wait and see what the future holds for this domain. As of right now if you go to the site nothing comes up. Keep it locked here and we’ll update you as soon as we know more information on the development of Google’s Showy. Stay tuned!


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