Galaxy Nexus Owners Could See Android 4.0.5 in Early April

Forget Android 4.0.3 or Android 4.0.4 as it appears that if all goes according to plan Android 4.0.5 could grace the Galaxy Nexus as early as next month even though we did see a rumor suggesting that it would release sometime this month. While most devices receiving Ice Cream Sandwich are receiving 4.0.3 versions of the OS, Galaxy Nexus owners running the stock flavor of the OS are stuck with 4.0.2. Of course those rooters and flashers out there with the device don’t have to worry, but if @black_man_x has anything to say about it stock users should see the newest update of ICS in early April. Before you blow it off as just a rumor let it be known that he is a pretty reliable source in the world of Android. As he puts it:

As you can see this update is said to fix issues with audio reboots and data falling asleep. Battery issues should be fixed and new radios should help with signal issues. We only have a little over a week until April so assuming everything is good we should see Verizon and Google pushing this out here in the next few weeks. What about you readers out there, what do you hope to see fixed with this update?

source: @black_man_x

Some Google Wallet Prepaid Users Get an Additional $5 for Free

Got a Google wallet prepaid card attached to your Google account but recently removed or reset it? Well apparently Google was being extra cautious for the users sake and temporarily disabled the feature to add the prepaid card back to your account for security reasons. With the newest version of Google wallet not only did Google tighten up security, they now also allow the ability to add a once removed or reset prepaid card and even give the user $5 for the headache. Here, take a look at the explanation email I just received from Google:
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ICS Camera Mod for the HTC Sensation Makes True 1080p Recording Possible

If you are running Ice Cream Sandwich on your HTC Sensation and are a bit sad by the quality of the photos or videos you take, then have I got a bit of news for you. If you’re wanting to take pictures that are unsurpassed in quality then you should check out the HQ Camera mod.  This mod, created by XDA member NODO-GT, will give you the ability to record uncompressed videos as well as uncompressed audio. He’s also made photos look better too. It also has the following features:

  • 1080p Video Recording in 20mbps!
  • Increased Video Recording Quality
  • Rebuild Camera App with 0 Compression For Better Performance
  • 0 Compression on JPG Images.
  • Increase size cap of Images.
  • Improved Quality of Images.
  • Added Experimental 1250 ISO mode (Thank to krogoth)
This camera app rebuild makes your device capable of shooting videos at 20MB/s. He’s currently working on 720p mode as well as releasing a very high bit rate version for recording video at 40 MB/s. So if you’re interested hit the break below to get your download link. It’s always recommended to check out the forum thread for further details to see if there are quirks or bugs. Once you flash this in recovery turn auto focus off and set sharpness to -1 and you’ll notice a difference. Don’t believe me? Well we have a before and after shot after the break that should help convince you. Enjoy!

Push-to-Talk App by Sprint Coming to Samsung Transform Ultra, More Devices to Follow

Sprint is in the process of releasing a software-only push-to-talk option for its Android customer base. Direct Connect Now will be a downloadable Android app that will give folks access to Sprint’s CDMA-class Direct Connect network. It will also operate on the iDEN-class push-to-talk network. It will have touchscreen controls and it will allow you to have up to 20 conversations with people at one time. While initially it will only be available on the Samsung Transform Ultra, the app will be available to more non-embedded devices later on according to an internal Sprint web site.

Up until this point it special hardware was needed to connect and this app signifies a breaking away from that. Considering the iDEN 2G network that Sprint got from Nextel in their merger, and up until this point, the Direct Connect CDMA-network needed special hardware (The Admiral by Motorola for instance) to operate push-to-talk this is very big news indeed. We should see more Android devices get push-to-talk capabilities now that Direct Connect relies solely on software on the Android Platform. Here’s hoping!


source: The Verge

Huawei myTouch Smiles for the Camera

At the beginning of the month we told you about T-Mobile’s plan to bring Chinese manufacturer, Huawei, on board to create the next line of T-Mo myTouch devices. At that time we saw a leaked press render of both the slide-out QWERTY (U730) and its solid counterpart (UA680), but now today we have a real-life image of the UA680 in the wild.

As you can see in the images below the device has the familiar myTouch rounded corners, Android 2.3 Gingerbread and a set of capacitive navigation buttons. The picture of the lockscreen clearly shows that there is some custom UI overlay going on as well. The only other specs we’ve seen so far is a 480 x 800 WVGA resolution with an unknown screen size. Knowing that this device won’t necessarily be high-end we can assume a screen size of around 4-inches. You can bet we will be seeing more from this duo in the near future but in the meantime check out the other leaked images after the break.

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New Bluetooth Mobile Pen (EAD-P010) by Samsung Graces FCC

It looks like the stylus is making a come back. Samsung first released the Galaxy Note phone/tablet hybrid (I have a hard time using the word phablet) with its own fancy stylus. Then we saw Olivetti’s Graphos tablet yesterday show off its stylus support. Samsung appears to be at it again with a new device making its way to the FCC. This time it’s a Mobile Pen that will connect to the host device via Bluetooth. The filings that were approved today don’t have details on what the pen can or will be able to do but it appears that it will be able to send and receive data, like pressure information, to the host device.

This pen could be used to increase the capabilities of the announced Galaxy Note 10.1 as it currently has an S-Pen with no wireless capabilities. There is also a chance that it could bring stylus capabilities to the current Galaxy Tabs. Although Samsung is keeping this new Bluetooth accessory under wraps and hasn’t gone as far as announcing anything yet.

Let’s hope they announce it soon because while some of you folks out there may not, I love having the use of a stylus and with the pressure sensitivity capabilities it might be a valuable tool for those who use their tabs for business. We’ll have to wait and see though. As usual, keep it locked here for all your Android needs!


source: FCC
via: wireless goodness


Ice Cream Sandwich update for Three UK Samsung Galaxy S II is now available via Kies

Last week brought the Android 4.0 update to the Samsung Galaxy S II, but everything was subject to carrier approvals, and those of you that bought your Galaxy S II from Three UK were in the dark up until today. Three just announced via Twitter that the update is now live. Of course you will have to use the Kies desktop to get the update. Enjoy!!

source: twitter



Another Pantech smartphone (P8010) shows up via benchmark leak, Could be AT&T bound

Pantech plans on making some noise this year. We already saw a benchmark leak for what appears to be their flagship device for 2012, and now a similar device has shown up with a NenaMark 2 benchmark as well. This one is the P8010 and seems to have the same specs as the IM-A830S except for the display. The P8010 will sport a qHD (960 x 540) display, while the IM-A830S sports a 720p (1280 x 720) display.

They both have the 1.5 GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 processor and Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich. We aren’t sure if both phones will have the same exact version of the S4, but there’s a good chance.

The speculation is that this one could be slated for AT&T. AT&T seems to have a decent working relationship with Pantech as they recently launched the Pantech Burst smartphone and the Pantech Element tablet.

We don’t know anything more, but I wouldn’t expect to see either of these devices before the Summer. You can be sure that Talk Android will let you know as soon as any news breaks.




OnLive and Rockstar Unleash LA Noire With Touchscreen Controls

Today is a joyous day if you’re an avid Android gamer. You may recall that we brought you a hands-on experience of the cool OnLive gaming service which includes over 200 mouthwatering games from every genre. But what happens when you mix the OnLive gaming service with the respected Rockstar brand? You bring an exciting variation of the LA Noire game of course. OnLive has made the controls available for the game officially, so when you open the game in an OnLive mobile app, you’ll be able to play it usingf touchscreen-only controls by swiping across the screen instead of using virtual controls. Of course you’ll need to make sure you have a free OnLive account and buy the LA Noire game in order for this to work.

If you’re on a tablet today and have an OnLive account already, be sure to fire up LA Noire and give the new controls a whirl today.

source: Joystiq