Details Leaked About Lenovo K900 Launch Date and Pricing


As previously reported, the Lenovo K900 is a mid-range device with some impressive specs. Though the device is a mere 6.9mm thick, it packs quite a punch with its purported Z2580 Clover Trail+ Atom chipset. The CPU will be a dual-core 2GHz processor.

That’s only the beginning, the K900 will also come standard with a 5.5″, 1080p Full HD touchscreen. I know, you have heard all this before, right? So let’s get down to the good stuff!

When will the product roll out and where? Production is already underway for the K900 and reports indicate it will hit the ground in Japan on April 17.

Report says Android activation rate now at 2 million per day and global growth is 150 times faster than U.S. growth


It appears that there may spike in the number of Android activations per day, thanks to some preliminary reports. According to Asymco, the last reported number from Google was at 1.3 million activations per day in September 2012 with an overall activation of 500 million devices. It has been 5 months since Google reported anything, but Asymco is estimating that activations are now at a rate of 2 million per day with a total number of activations reaching 800 million. This influx of activations is surely impressive but there are some interesting facts to consider.

Angry Birds Reaches 1.7 Billion Downloads and Celebrates With Animated Series


That’s right ladies and gents, the ever popular Angry Birds mobile game is hitting the big screen! For those of you that just can’t get enough of your favorite angry birds kicking pig butt, now you won’t have to. Plans are in works to release a 52-episode animated series of the angry fowls and their porky nemesis’ this month.

Back when Angry Birds first hit the scene their goal was to hit 100 Million downloads (lifetime). Well, they have far surpassed that number and are still going! Angry Birds has just broken the 1.7 Billion download mark, and there is no end in sight. They are like the Energizer bunny, they just keep going, and going, and going…. You get the point.

Featured Android Game Review: Protoxide: Death Race [Racing]


HeroCraft Ltd is no stranger to TalkAndroid since we have reviewed many of their games. They recently released a new one called Protoxide: Death Race, and it’s a lot like Wipeout. This one was actually shown over a year and half ago, but it didn’t hit the Play Store till about 2 weeks ago. Every game has to have a premise, and this one is based on the “world after 2012” as in after the apocalypse. Let’s face it, none of that matters because this game is all about speed and little bit of destruction. It’s a matter of either passing or taking out your enemies on some pretty fast tracks.

Patent Reveals Google’s Plan To Bring Backside Controls To Future Devices

Google Patents

Google has brought many great concepts to reality and an application published by the US Patent & Trademark Office, shows off Google’s invention of simple backside device touch controls. Apple introduced the idea of backside touch controls on tablets in a patent from 2006 and Google seems to have explored the idea in significantly more detail. It could eventually make its way to future devices such as phones, tablets, e-book readers, Chromebooks, and more. To make backside touch controls on devices more responsive, Google mentions there could be visual, audible, and/or tactile feedback to let the user know an action was completed. Google’s patent application was originally filed in Q3 2012 under serial number 593117.

Source: Patent Bolt

HTC6445LVW Could Be Next-Gen DROID DNA Or Verizon’s HTC One


The HTC6445LVW passed through Bluetooth SIG over the weekend to get certified, and could be the next DROID DNA or even Verizon’s own HTC One. Back in February, a new HTC device with the codename “DLXPLUS”, was said to be heading to Verizon. There’s no mention of a codename with the HTC6445LVW, but considering the DROID DNA’s model number is HTC6435LVW and was codename “DLX”, it’s very possible this phone could be the next DNA.

However, examining the specs from codename “DLXPLUS”, it matches up with the specs of the HTC One. If this upcoming device is in fact Verizon’s own HTC One, consumers could see it branded as the DROID One considering the carrier’s love of using DROID for naming smartphones.

Via: Ameba
Source: Official Bluetooth SIG

iON Intelligence Battery App beta from OtterBox released to Google Play Store


Popular smartphone case maker OtterBox is preparing to step things up a bit in the world of device cases with an upgrade to their Defender Series to include a built-in battery. To help make the new case more effective at extending battery life, OtterBox developed an app to run on a smartphone to monitor both the phone battery and the case battery. The new app, iON Intelligence Battery App, is now in beta and is available on the Google Play Store.

HTC Sense 5 ROM Hits The Droid DNA

HTC Sense 5 ROM

HTC Sense 5 was debuted in the Taiwanese company’s latest flagship device, the HTC One, and brings a much updated UI. While HTC hinted at a few phones receiving Sense 5, the Droid DNA was left out. Since it’s a fairly new device, the upgrade will happen at some point, but if you can’t wait, a developer by the username newtoroot has you covered. Porting Sense 5 to the Droid DNA has begun and a ROM is available. Everything is working except MMS and Zoe which is HTC’s new feature that allows you to snap still images and record HD video simultaneously.

Sprint Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 Gets Upgraded To Jelly Bean 4.1.1

Sprint Galaxy Tab 2 10.1

Sprint Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 customers will be happy to know that upgrades to Jelly Bean 4.1.1 are gradually rolling out starting today. Over the next few weeks, users will finally get access to exclusive Google features such as Project Butter, Google Now, more in-depth notifications, and an improved home-screen. As with any software upgrade, we recommend your device have a solid charge and you’re using WiFi. You can read the full press release below:

Droid 4 soak test invites go out, possible Jelly Bean update soon?


Several Droid 4 owners who opted to try out for test software builds are receiving emails inviting them to try out an early preview of new software for their devices. The emails never explicitly said the update was Jelly Bean, but a thread has popped up in the Motorola forums with a friendly reminder to make sure IMEI numbers are correct on user accounts because the update was, in fact, Jelly Bean. While there’s still no official date for mass rollout, or even a change log for that matter, this is definitely good news for Droid 4 owners. While we know the device is slated for a Jelly Bean update, getting it sooner rather than later would be a nice surprise.

source: Motorola Forums

How To Get 700 Marvel Comics On Android For Free (Updated)

Marvel Comics

Update: Due to such a massive demand that overloaded servers, the promotion through Comixology’s Android app has been postponed indefinitely.

Comic book fans can rejoice with a very cool promotion going on until March 13th at 4 AM GMT. By downloading the Comixology app available on Android for both tablets and smartphones, you can get access to 700 Marvel Comics for free. It includes very early issues of Spider-Man, The Fantastic Four, Wolverine, Captain America, and many more. There are many Marvel Now issues from the past several months and comics can also be viewed from a web browser.

Marvel announced the promotion at SXSW (South By Southwest) in Austin, Texas as well as its new subscription service, Marvel Unlimited. The service gives access to over 13,000 comics for $9.99 per month and is currently only available on iOS with an Android app coming soon. What makes Comixology different from Marvel Unlimited is that comics don’t hit the app until six months after publication, and you have to pay so much per comic.

Source: Pocket-lint

HTC accuses Samsung of stealing innovation, vows to patent everything around the HTC One


HTC’s President of Global Sales, Jason Mackenzie, sat down for an interview about the HTC One. Let’s just say he had a few slightly unkind words for Samsung and a few other Android OEMs.

It’s no secret that the HTC One X had a very highly praised camera. The pictures were fantastic, and HTC included several different nifty little features for users, such as burst shot and slow motion video capture. Now, though, it seems like every phone you buy has burst shot for pictures and slow motion video camera, and apparently that irks HTC a bit.

Samsung releases second Galaxy S IV teaser video and Jeremy thinks it’s ‘totally amazing’


Last week, Samsung hit us with their first teaser video for the Galaxy S IV. It didn’t show us a whole heck of a lot, and now we have second one. As the title states, it’s a teaser video, so don’t expect any more. What we can tell you is that, “It will blow you away,”  “It’s unreal”, and “totally amazing.” You knew that already didn’t you? Oh, there is one other thing, it’s Jeremy’s favorite color. Hit the break for the full 1 minute and 26 second video.

Motorola X Phone image and specs supposedly leak


A Dutch website got a tip with the above image and specs for the upcoming Motorola X phone. The image itself is pretty worthless, but the key is the branding. You can see nXT, which I would assume would be the name of the said device. The automatic assumption is that somehow the “n” is a play on Nexus. Now on to the specs. Let’s start with what is at least believable. According to the tipster, it will come with an edge to edge full HD display and it will have the NVIDIA Tegra 4i chipset. As to the display size, the site says it’s 4.7-inches, but they also refer to it as 5-inches as in this translation: “contain a 5-inch screen is recessed into the casing.”

Now on to the crazy. Motorola has never been known to have good cameras, which is one thing I am hoping will change with Google’s ownership. Supposedly it will have a 16MP rear camera. That seems  a little high, but what’s even more crazy, is the notion that it will come with a 5MP front camera. This front camera will also serve as a light sensor and it will track your eye for automatic scrolling of web pages and emails. Sounds a lot like Samsung’s new feature that will be on the Samsung Galaxy S IV.

Sources: Amazon smartphone may be delayed due to need for further testing and evaluation



It’s been a while since we’d heard that Amazon planned on entering the smartphone arena, so it certainly surprised us to hear that Amazon is certainly intent on bringing something soon… very soon. According to the gang at Digitimes:


“The production of Amazon’s much-fanfared smartphone is still under its engineering verification test (EVT) period due to issues related to its mobile platform, the sources indicated, adding that the development of the smartphone is being handled by FIH’s subsidiary Ensky Tech, which has been responsible for the production of Amazon’s e-book readers and tablets.”

So to sum up: Amazon’s supply chain intended to have everything ready within the last quarter or two, but wasn’t quite happy with how the software looked and performed, so it’s putting more time tweaking everything and sorting out any other kinks with the smartphone’s production before releasing the phone to the masses. Once the software is up to par on the level of its Kindle Fire tablets, then we should see everything ready to go by sometime in Q2. That’s probably a good thing too considering it will have all sorts of competition by then.
source: Digitimes