Possible masked photos of the Sony Honami and Xperia Z Ultra leaked

sony_honamiOver the last few years, phone manufacturers have had to take an extra step to make sure their devices leak out to the public before they launch. Many use a different shell or case to hide what the device really looks like to avoid prying eyes.

The picture above is tagged as “Unannounced Sony Device.” It’s believed to be the Sony Honami. Adam Outler, of xda-developers, posted the photo from his Google+ profile. The image has since been removed, but not before Xperia Blog got their hands on it. If you click through the source link, you can see a second image, believed to be a masked Sony Xperia Z Ultra.

Source: Xperia Blog

Sprint to release purple Samsung Galaxy S 4

Samsung_Galaxy_S_4_Sprint_PurpleSome hugely important news coming from Sprint today— they will be offering a purple variant of the Samsung Galaxy S 4 come August 16. Obviously the phone will still have the same specs as it does on any other carrier, in every other color— 5-inch 1080p display, Snapdragon 600 processor, 2GB of RAM and Android 4.2 on-board. Any of you planning on grabbing the “Purple Mirage” version of the Galaxy S 4? Check out the official presser from Sprint after the break.

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Release date for non pre-ordered Droid ULTRA/MAXX pushed back to August 27


Verizon’s been having some pretty bad issues with release dates lately, and it looks like we can add 2/3 of the upcoming Droid family to that list. If you didn’t pre-order your Droid ULTRA or MAXX before today, you’ll have to wait 7 days beyond the normal release date of August 20 to get your hands on it. The Droid MINI is still expected to come with a August 29th release date, as originally reported by Verizon.

Source: Verizon Wireless

Verizon finally launches HTC One sign up page


Would you look at that! Verizon has finally revealed the sign-up page for the HTC One, just in time for a bunch of other great flagship devices to be released in just a few weeks. Unsurprisingly, we still don’t have a formal release date from Big Red— an early leak had said that the phone would come out on August 1. That date has come and gone… The release date was then seemingly pushed to August 15, and now we’re looking at either a launch on August 23 or 29 according to some sources.

Source: Verizon Wireless 


Sleeve for Nexus 7 released on Google Play for $29, available in both US and Canada



Just as Google announced that the Nexus 7 would be available to customers in Canada as well as the United States, they simultaneously released a sleeve for the device, which will of course be available in both countries. It’s got a pretty basic design, with a black outside and a gray-cloth interior. A pouch is located on the outside which can hold cables and accessories for the device.

This new case will also fit the older model of the Nexus 7 as well, and is on sale for $29.99— according to the site, it will ship in 1-2 days. The cheapest shipping price is $17.98 which is certainly a bit too pricey for my taste.

Any of you guys planning on getting one?

Source: Google Play

Best Android apps to help you dominate the 2013 Fantasy Football season

fantasy_footballFootball season is coming up fast, and that means fantasy football draft season is in full swing. Fantasy football has become a part of football fans’ Sunday routine, and while you’re on the go, either at the stadium watching your favorite team play or on the go and away from a computer, you can still manage your fantasy team and track how you’re doing  There are an increasing number of Android apps for your phone or tablet that can help you conquer your opponents and win a title. Hit the break to get started. Read more

Verizon to add two mid-range smartphones to its device lineup in September


In an effort to round out its already crowded mid-range smartphone lineup, Verizon is rumored to be releasing a few new phones in September, two of which will be running Android. The LG Enact is a slideout QWERTY device with unimpressive specs, and the Kyocera Hydro Elite is that waterproof device that’s leaked a few times.  There’s nothing concrete about specs on either device, but it’s a pretty safe bet they aren’t going to wow anyone. The Enact does have some new features shared with its newest big brother, the LG G2, including some multitasking features found in the Optimus UI.

If you’re looking for an upgrade and want something on the budget side, these devices might suit your needs pretty well. For everyone else, let’s just hope the HTC One on Verizon actually happens.

source: Phone Arena

Clove puts LG G2 up for preorder


Preorders are a natural part of a phone’s prerelease cycle, and they generally mean the phone’s availability is right around the corner. We’ve already seen a few carriers start accepting sign-ups for information for the device, but the first company to actually accept a preorder is Clove UK. The 16 GB model will be going for £390, or £468 including VAT. That comes out to $602.08, or $722.50 with VAT. It’s definitely not cheap, but we’ve seen higher on some of these phones.  First availability of stock is suggest to be in September, but that can obviously change as we get closer to the actual release date. We’ll be sure to keep you updated as soon as anything else comes up.

source: Clove

Google Play users experiencing “Package File Invalid” errors, Google working on solution


Slowly but surely, a new problem is surfacing in the Google Play ecosystem with more and more users reporting an error message indicating “Package File Invalid” when trying to download or update apps. The problems seems to have first surfaced last week and may be related to the recent 4.3.10 update, although that is not confirmed. The problem does not seem to follow any consistent pattern and given enough tries, a user may get around the problem. Some users have reported success in clearing the issue by going to Settings -> Apps on their devices and clearing the cache and data for Google Play Services and then restarting their phones.

Google’s official word is that they are aware of the problem, but do not yet have a solution or even an official workaround. If you have experienced this problem over the past few days, let us know in the comments along with any workarounds you were able to get working and what version of the Play Store you are on.

source: Google Play Support
via: Phandroid, Droid Life

Google working on “conversational search” for devices


Imagine a scene where the crew of the Starship Enterprise is trying to get information from the computer and you will have an idea of what Google is working on when they talk about “conversational search.” Conversational search is an effort to construct a search machine capable of responding in a flexible and intuitive manner like a person would in response to queries or commands. In a recent interview, one of Google’s Research Fellows, Jeff Dean, talked about his team’s work on machine learning and neural nets as part of an effort to make conversational search a reality. Read more