LG Nexus 4 reappears on Carphone Warehouse for pre-order

After a false start at taking pre-orders last week for Google’s new LG Nexus 4 smartphone, prompting an apology from Carphone Warehouse, it looks like things are back on track for UK buyers to place their order. The pre-order page has reappeared with an expected delivery date of November 13th, the same date Google indicates the device will be available for purchase at the Google Play Store.

Pricing for the LG Nexus 4 via Carphone Warehouse is listed as free for customers signing up for a new line or upgrade starting at £31 ($50 USD) per month for the 16GB version, although adding data pushes the price up. Carphone Warehouse lists the device as being available for O2 or Vodafone subscribers. The LG Nexus 4 will be available for £239 ($383 USD) via the Google Play Store, so you will need to do your math to figure out whether a subsidized phone is the better deal. Hit the source link for more details or to start your order.

source: Carphone Warehouse

Featured Play Store Review: Hands on with Zombie Driver THD [Arcade & Action]

Those of you with a Tegra powered device might want to check out Zombie Driver THD, which was just released in the Google Play Store and TegraZone. If slaughtering zombies is your thing, you are probably going to love this one because there is no shortage of zombies to run over and shoot at. This game becomes a serious bloodbath pretty quickly.

Zombie Driver has already been available on the PC and consoles, but if you’re not familiar with it, the game is set in a city that is infested with zombies because of a chemical accident from a secret government project. You will take on various missions to rescue civilians while slaughtering zombies along the way. You will get around with a car that can be equipped with a generous amount of weapons. This game is a lot of like Grand Theft Auto, in that you will be presented with missions and you must navigate to where you need to go via the map. The one major difference is the zombies. You simply run them over or shoot them and watch the blood splatter all over the place.

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Samsung Galaxy Premier now official

Maybe it’s just me, but I thought Samsung really dropped the ball with the Galaxy S III Mini. I didn’t really see what it had in common with the Galaxy S III other than the design to warrant the Galaxy S III title. However, hopefully this is where Samsung rights the ship again. Enter the Galaxy Premier.

Samsung sure does have a way with odd naming conventions. When I initially heard the word “Premier” in the Samsung lineup, I immediately began speculating. What could be better than the Galaxy S III, I thought to myself. Turns out, it’s yet another device a step below the flagship device. Regardless, upon initial inspection, it does look to be a nice device, and certainly better than the Mini. The Premier will keep the overall same look as the Galaxy III, while rocking a slightly smaller 4.65-inch display. And, yes, it’ll still rock that same 720 x 1,280 Super AMOLED panel. Other niceties include a dual-core 1.5 GHz TI OMAP 4470 processor, 1GB of RAM and Android 4.1 Jelly Bean. It’ll also rock the same 8MP shooter as the Galaxy S III. As of right now, this device has only been announced in the Ukraine for a November release and a price of 5,555 Ukrainian hryvnias ($680 US).


source:  Samsung

Nexus 7 sales ramping up to 1 million per month

It looks as if early sales estimates of the Nexus 7 may not be too far off. Asus’ CFO, David Chang, revealed Nexus 7 sales numbers for the past couple of months. While perception for most may have been that the Nexus 7 was selling like hot cakes, however reality was that it was a bit slow by today’s standards. Chang revealed that sales were in the 600,000 and 700,000 units per month for the first couple of months. However, this past month it jumped to a million units.

Seeing as the holiday shopping season still hasn’t even ramped up yet, early estimates may not be far off. Asus is forecasting modest sales figures however, hoping to move 2.6 million units in the fourth quarter. This would be make initial estimates a bit short of the 8 million initially thrown out there. I’m thinking it’ll fall somewhere in between. Regardless, it’s a pretty sweet piece of hardware.

source:  The Wall Street Journal

Nexus Q disappears from landing page

Google has removed the Nexus Q from the Nexus landing page. Couple that with its Google Play Store listing which notes, “This device is not for sale at this time,” and it paints a rather bleak future for the media streaming device. Google had originally said it postponed the July launch while it worked on “making it even better” and gave it away for free to those who pre-ordered. A Nexus Q launch in the near future now seems extremely unlikely.

The only word from Google on the matter didn’t shed much light on the subject either. In response to an Engadget inquiry Google said, “We don’t have anything to share at this time.” 

Source: Engadget

Samsung Korea promo reveals 64GB Nexus 10

While there was no initial indication of a Nexus 10 with more than 32GB of storage, it appears as though Samsung Korea may be gearing up to double the current max storage tier. A promotional spec sheet from the company shows off a third 64GB storage option. Of course, there’s no word on when, or even if, the leaked model will make its way to the US considering all of this is still unofficial. However, it looks like at least some lucky consumers outside of the US will be able to get their hands on the new beefier Nexus 10.

Source: Samsung
Via: AndroidPolice 

Skitch receives UI overhaul and deeper Evernote integration

It’s been over a year since Evernote released Skitch in the Google Play Store, and they’ve been hard at working keeping the app up to snuff, despite a few complaints from users. The new update brings a refreshed interface, a few new toys and tools to play with, (Pixelate and Highlighter) and a long overdue feature, Evernote syncing capabilities. It requires Evernote to also be installed on your device, but if you’re using Skitch, chances are you’re pretty comfortable with Evernote, anyway.

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Could Google’s new Gesture Typing keyboard show up as standalone app in Google Play Store?

Earlier today some folks discovered apk files for Google’s “Gesture Typing” keyboard. As you may recall, Gesture Typing is a new feature included in the Android 4.2 Jelly Bean update. The new functionality provides an input method similar to Swype, letting users glide their fingers from letter to letter on the keyboard instead of having to tap the letters. Read more