Microsoft SkyDrive now available in the Google Play Store

Microsoft told us last week that it would be available soon and they delivered. SkyDrive is now available in the Google Play Store.


  • Access all of your SkyDrive content including files shared with you.
  • View recently used documents.
  • Choose multiple photos or videos to upload from your phone.
  • Share your files and photos – send a link in email or in another app.
  • Open your SkyDrive files in other Android apps.
  • Manage your files – delete, or create new folders.

Motorola Xoom WiFi Soak Testers Get Confidential Email Indicating Another Update Is On The Way


If you’re a Motorola Xoom WiFi owner out in the US, it looks like you have a minor update to look forward to. We just got word that a survey has just been sent to the various soak/beta testers indicating a minor update to the existing Jelly Bean OS is definitely on the way:



Thanks for joining the Motorola Feedback Network. We are inviting owners of the Motorola Wi-Fi Xoom (U.S. only) to participate in an early preview of a new software release, and provide feedback.  If you are not currently using a Motorola Wi-Fi Xoom, please excuse and ignore this email.

Click this link — https://___________ — to take the enrollment survey if you wish to take part. Note that you must be a member in good standing of the Motorola Owners’ Forums to be included. The registration window could close without notice so please respond as quickly as possible.

This is a confidential test under the terms of the Motorola Feedback Network. Do not post any details or information about this on any public sites.

Thanks — please understand that start times are always fluid. We ask for your patience if you register but don’t hear from us right away.

Motorola Owners’ Forums
Motorola Feedback Network


Whatever the update may be, it looks like both MOTO and Google are looking to get it tested and rolled out ASAP. Keep it locked here with Talk Android and we’ll be sure to keep you posted on whatever it is this update may be.
Cheers Dave!

Motorola wants you to attend the Sept 5th ‘Motorola On Display’ Event

Being in the media I get to go to a lot of events and to be honest they are a lot of fun. Well Motorola is giving you the opportunity to be one of twenty-five winners that get to go next week’s Motorola On Display event on September 5th. Of course we can never be sure till it happens, but we fully expect the DROID RAZR HD and the DROID RAZR M to be announced.

All you have to do is go to their Facebook page, Like it, and simply upload a photo showing how much Motorola means to you. You also need to include a caption that consists of fifty words or less. There is one major rule in that you must be a legal resident of New York, New Jersey, or Connecticut. You have until tomorrow night so hit the source link to get started. Don’t forget to say hello if you win!!

source: Facebook

Sub-$300 Lenovo IdeaPad A2109 packing a Tegra 3 processor now available

In the fast-paced tablet market, Lenovo is looking to follow the Nexus 7’s suit of offering an excellent product at a great price with the release of their new IdeaPad A2109. Not to be confused with the S2109, the A2109 has a smaller screen (9″) but makes up for it with higher resolution (1280×800) and a faster processor. The nine-inch tablet will rock 1GB of memory, a 1.2GHz Nvidia Tegra 3 quad-core processor, and 16GB of on-board storage. In addition, it’ll run Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich), and include a Micro-HDMI port along with a 3.0 megapixel rear camera coupled with a 1.3 megapixel front-facing camera.

A Tegra 3 powered 9″ tablet for less than three bills? Count me in! I’d imagine we’ll begin seeing prices continue to dive as we get into the holiday season. Since manufacturers are already getting aggressive with their pricing, I can’t wait for those Black Friday prices!

source: Best Buy










Samsung-Apple verdict could help Google with federal antitrust investigaton

There really isn’t much of a silver lining when looking at last week’s verdict that cost Samsung $12 billion in market value, but it could actually help Google. Google is being investigated by the Federal Trade Commission for antitrust violations when it comes to locking down search on Android smartphones and other applications. They are even negotiating with European regulators on ways to make the market more competitive when it comes to search.

Paul Gallant, an analyst as Guggenheim Partners research in D.C., thinks that since the jury thinks its okay for Apple to have exclusive rights to key technologies on the smartphone, then it’s possible the FTC may simmer down on its position with Google’s dominance in mobile search.

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BERO open source robot announced on Kickstarter

A small startup from New York city, Reality Robots Limited, has announced a new Kickstarter project to create a “multi-motor-wireless-animated-mobile-robotic-toy-platform.” To control this device, dubbed “BERO,” Reality Robotics is planning to create an open source app running on Android. The BERO is based on a Google Bug Droid robot that was observed during Maker Faire last year, albeit running with wires connected. The inventors have not been able to get a definitive response one way or another from Google regarding use of the Google Bug Droid form, so they are moving forward with some different shells.
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MetroPCS adds budget-friendly Coolpad Quattro 4G to its lineup

MetroPCS announced today the availability of the Coolpad Quattro 4G – the first phone with Coolpad Americas as a MetroPCS partner. The device is being described by MetroPCS as a “new, affordable” device for “cost-conscious consumers.” The phone’s specs won’t be setting any records, however that’s obviously not the intent here. The Quattro 4G will run Android 2.3 (Gingerbread), sport a modest 4-inch display, a 1GHz processor, and a rear 3.2 megapixel camera coupled with a VGA front-facing camera.

The phone will run $149, while the 4G LTE plans begin at $40 a month. Also for a limited time, MetroPCS is also is offering a $50 mail-in rebate on the second of any two 4G smartphones purchased. So you could effectively buy two Quattros for $248 after the rebate, which is not too shabby of a deal.


source: MetroPCS

Featured Play Store Newbie: Magic Academy 2: Mystery Tower [Gaming-Casual]

Magic Academy 2: Mystery Tower, by Nevosoft, is the follow up to the very popular Magic Academy: Hidden Castle. If you’re a Harry Potter fan or into enchanted legends, you will want to check this out. You play Irene, a young magician that would like to serve on the Magic Council of the Tirisfal Fortress. The problem is that a priceless treatise is missing and if it falls into the wrong hands, a demon that was banished long ago could be summoned from exile. So far the evidence points to your (Irene’s) sister. It’s up to you to start your investigation and find out who has been tempted by the ancient demon and has started negotiating with the powers of darkness.

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Google Casually Advertises Its Nexus 7 Tablet On Its Homepage


In case you need more persuading to grab the superb Nexus 7 tablet (if you haven’t purchased one already), Google has gone ahead and provided a subtle way to get the masses to get out and purchase the tablet. As users log onto its homepage, they are casually greeted by a mini-Flash presentation which shows the Nexus 7 peeking out, while letting customers know “the playground is open”. Leave it to Google to always come up with some sneaky clever ways to advertise its products and services.

Again— if you are interested in grabbing what is hands down the best tablet available in terms of sheer value, you can grab the 8GB version for $199 or the 16GB version for $249 in the Play Store today.


Play Store link

Samsung Announces 4 New Colors For The Galaxy S III Smartphone


Samsung has announced four new colors for the Samsung Galaxy S III smartphone. While we already knew Sammy would have a “Sapphire Black” and “Titanium Gray” version of the smartphone on the way, it has also announced the “Amber Brown” and “Garnet Red” colors as well. Each color is inspired by nature and showcases elegance, intelligence and style. In addition, every color of the phone adopts a pure and clear material called Hyperglaze on the back cover casing which helps to elevate the phone’s aesthetic look.

As exciting as the new colors are, Sammy does stress the availability of the colors will indeed depend on the country and retailer and carrier. Here’s hoping the color of your choice will indeed be available for those of you interested in grabbing the popular smartphone.

source: Samsung Tomorrow