Developer edition of all new HTC One (M8) to be offered in Amber Gold or Gunmetal Grey


HTC will be releasing 4 versions of the all new HTC One – the normal carrier locked version, a Google Play Edition, an unlocked version, and a Developer Edition. You can get the Google Play Edition from Google Play now, with an estimated shipping date of 2-3 weeks. The Developer Edition is now available directly from the HTC web store.

While the Google Play Edition runs stock Android, the Developer Edition is based on HTC Sense 6.0, and even comes with an unlockable bootloader.

Read more shuts down radio subscription service after 1 year


After only one year, has shut down their radio subscription service, citing “the music industry’s rapid change” for the decision, likely referencing popular online radio services like Pandora and Spotify.

While the service never really competed with other online radio services, it did have a following in Germany and Canada. Despite this, shutting it down could be the best option in order to focus on their goal of helping people discover new music. In January Spotify announced that users could listen to any music from its website in Spotify, and this partnership will still remain.

Source: The Verge

The HTC One (M8) will have a slightly higher clocked processor in Asia


The folks overseas in Asia always have it better when it comes to smartphones. While the United States offers quad-core smartphones, Asian markets have devices with eight cores! While the new HTC One (M8) does not have an octa-core processor, Asia does still have an advantage with the device. In the United States, the Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 (MSM8974AB) will be clocked at 2.3GHz; however, Asian markets will get the same processor (MSM8974AC) set slightly higher at 2.5GHz.

Just 200MHz separates the two (as well as the end of their IDs). Will the difference between the two devices exist? Yes. Will it be noticeable? I highly doubt it. Regardless, owners of the new HTC One (M8) are getting one hell of a device.

Source: ePrice
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Google launches I/O 2014 website, registration will open on April 8


Google I/O is a developer conference which is held annually by Google in San Francisco, California. Last month, the company announced that the Google I/O is scheduled for June 25-26 and that it would give the details in March on how to register for the event.

Just as promised, the company launched the Google I/O website today and announced that the registration will be open between April 8 at 5:00am PDT and April 10 at 5:00pm PDT. During that time, those interested can register to attend the event. Once the registration is closed, Google will select random participants who will get the chance to attend the event. Each ticket costs $900 for  general admission and $300 for an academic ticket. To be eligible for an academic ticket, you must be either a “full-time student, professor, faculty, or staff at a high school or higher education institution.”

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HTC to release BlinkFeed and Zoe in the Play Store this summer for other devices

HTC One 2014 Press render

HTC does not plan on keeping BlinkFeed and the Zoe camera application restricted to just HTC-made devices like the new One (M8). In the press release announcing the new flagship, HTC points out that those two services will be heading to the Google Play Store in the future.

Yesterday, we found out that BlinkFeed was destined for the Play Store; however, today we are learning about the Zoe camera app being released there as well. Why? HTC wants to give everyone a taste of what they are offering. And, hopefully, owners of a non-HTC device like these two services, they will look further into buying an HTC smartphone. Read more

Google adds in support for uploading music to Play Music through Chrome

google play music

We knew Google was working on adding the ability to upload music files to Play Music directly through Google Chrome, and it looks like that update has finally gone live. It’s still considered a beta lab experiment, so you’ll have to enable it at this link, but once that’s done, you can simply drag music files onto Chrome to upload them to your Play Music library. There are also configurations for uploading tons of music in iTunes, as well as setting up music to upload automatically.

In addition to those changes, Google has also added a pop-out mini player to Play Music, as well as the option to download tracks right from the browser. Looks like Google’s download manager program is all but obsolete at this point.

source: Google Plus

Slingbox working on adding Chromecast support


The Slingbox is one of the best personal media streaming devices available, but unfortunately, it doesn’t integrate at all with Google’s Chromecast. The two devices seem like they would work extremely well together, so it’s more than a little disappointing.

According to an answers page on Slingbox’s forums, though, it appears that the developers at Sling Media are hard at work on adding Chromecast support to their device. Unfortunately, the answer didn’t give anything in the way of how close they are to officially adding support or any kind of timeframe, but rest assured, they are working on it. Whenever it does happen, I’m sure it’s going to please many cordcutters that use the Chromecast as their primary streaming tool for their television.

source: Slingbox Answers

HTC One (M8) Mini and mysterious “M8 Ace” device get name-dropped


HTC is not going to stop with just the brand new HTC One (M8). According to @evleaks over on Twitter, there are two more devices that will join the M8 family. One of them, we have already heard about from him. That would be the HTC One (M8) Mini. Last month, @evleaks provided some specifications for the device including the Snapdragon 400 processor, a 4.5-inch display, and a on-screen buttons like its bigger sibling.

The other device mentioned today is the “M8 Ace.” What is this device? It can be one of two things. A phablet, like the HTC One Max or a tablet, something that HTC has moved away from. But remember, there was a report that HTC would be manufacturing a Nexus tablet due for release later this year. And this could be the tablet that the Nexus tablet will be based on (as are all Nexus devices). Read more

Samsung Galaxy Gear (refurbished) available for $99 through Best Buy’s Deal of the Day


In need of a smartwatch at a good price? Best Buy has Samsung’s first generation Galaxy Gear available in all colors for just $99. The catch is that the device has been refurbished. All colors are eligible and the deal will save you $200 and free shipping.

Hit the source link for the full range of Galaxy Gear colors being offered at a steep discount.

Source: Best Buy

How to use the Multi Window feature on the Samsung Galaxy TabPRO 8.4, TabPRO 10.1, and TabPRO 12.2


Multi Window isn’t anything new for Samsung. They were the first manufacturers to truly embrace real multitasking. Over the years, Samsung has made changes to how it works along with how many apps that it’s compatible with, and the new Galaxy TabPRO tablets are no exception. So if you’re someone who is in constant need to have two or more apps open at the same time, then head on past the break to see how to truly multitask.

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