Samsung Galaxy S IV Takes Advantage Of Special Sensors For S Health Feature

Samsung Galaxy S IV

The Samsung Galaxy S IV was announced at Unpacked in New York City and while it features many of the rumored specs, it also packs specialized sensors. Samsung’s health-tracking app S Health was introduced last year and allows users to more easily track their fitness. For example, the built-in pedometer can track your steps. There are even sensors to measure the temperature and humidity of whatever environment you’re in. S Health can sync with blood pressure monitors or glucose meters via Bluetooth, and track your diet by pulling calorie related information from a database. Read more

Samsung Galaxy S IV revealed at New York City event


After all the speculation, rumors, and leaks, Samsung has officially revealed the Samsung Galaxy S IV at their Unpacked Event in New York City this evening. It should probably come as no surprise that Samsung has possibly set a new standard for smartphone devices with their latest Galaxy device. Utilizing a combination of top-tier hardware and unique software features, Samsung has produced what may arguably be the most advanced smartphone in history. Samsung says the device will be available by the end of April in 155 countries spanning 327 mobile operators.

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HTC crashes Galaxy S IV event


What would a party be without party crashers? HTC decided to make sure the Samsung party would be complete by sending some reps out to the event to show off the new HTC One. Three HTC reps came with the devices to give journalists and others waiting to get into the event a chance to get their hands on the devices. Why not take advantage of a captive audience of about 3,000 people waiting to get into the Samsung event, right?

Along with the opportunity to get their hands on the HTC device, the reps were handing out HTC branded cans of Pringle potato chips.

Stay tuned for more coverage of the Samsung Galaxy S IV announcement from our team on the ground in New York City.

HTC One confirmed to arrive for Verizon in March, but leaked Walmart document says its replacing the DROID DNA upon its release



We’d just found yesterday out that the HTC One is indeed headed to Verizon’s network after all, but could it be at the expense of another touted device? According to various reports, Big Red’s variant of the device is expected to be released sometime in March throughout Walmart stores across the country, alongside the other variants for AT&T and Sprint. However— once the device is released, Walmart (or Verizon) is intent on showcasing the device and will immediately replace the DROID DNA with the One smartphone instead. I know, I know— it’s certainly a bitter pill to swallow for all of you Verizon customers out there— especially with all the hype and pandemonium that both Verizon and HTC put into the launch of the DROID DNA.

Hopefully this is some sort of gaffe or snafu and Verizon customers won’t have a reason to loathe (and/or hate) Verizon and Walmart for this curious decision.

source: Droid Life & Gotta Be Mobile

Verizon CTO Palmer talks wireless technology future in interview


Verizon’s CTO Nicola Palmer recently sat down for an interview to discuss upcoming wireless technology issues like AWS, VoLTE and LTE Advanced. One of the upcoming technologies that Verizon is working on is VoLTE, which got some welcome news yesterday when new tests showed improved battery life for VoLTE devices. Palmer expects VoLTE to be available from Verizon later this year or in early 2014, but she would not commit to any partnership with MetroPCS. Palmer did indicate that Verizon is looking for partners to provide this service to their customers when they travel internationally. Read more

Nexus 4 bumper officially taken down from Play Store (Update– Back in stock!!!)



So you finally got that Nexus 4 and you’re looking for that official bumper case to compliment you’re lovely new device that you’ve been paitently waiting for, right? Well unfortunately folks— you may be out of luck trying to grab one of those suckers— well from the Play Store at least. Google has curiously decided to pull the popular case from its Play Store completely— with no word or no reason as to why that is either other than the “Nexus 4 Bumper (Black) is no longer available for sale”.  What’s worse is that Google took the Nexus 4 bumper off the accessory page completely, so it’s doubtful that Google plans on bringing it ever again.

Ah well… at least LG and other retail outlets have the official bumper or third-party alternatives available for the masses.


**Update: Google has curiously placed the bumper case back in the Play Store as of 1:15pm EST. Perhaps it heard all of our bickering and noise?

Thanks ATerNoX!!!

source: Play Store

Samsung Trademarks ‘Hyper Bright Display’, Sign Of What’s To Come At Unpacked?

Hyper Bright Display

Ahead of Unpacked 2013 where the Galaxy S IV is to be announced, Samsung has trademarked the term “Hyper Bright Display”. The trademark was filed Monday, March 11, and is viewable online through the United States Patent And Trademark Office website. With Unpacked being so close, it’s possible that Samsung will use the term in their upcoming flagship smartphone. Several videos leaked today which show some of the Galaxy S IV’s features and the display does seem pretty bright. Whatever will be announced, you can follow Unpacked coverage right here on Talk Android.

Via: Phone Arena
Source: USPTO

Motorola Launching Two New RAZR Models In Brazil, Android 4.2 Update Guaranteed

Motorola RAZR Brazil

Motorola has announced a new pair of RAZR devices that will make their way to Brazil. Known as the RAZR D1 and RAZR D3, they’ll launch running Android 4.1 Jelly Bean with an update to Android 4.2 guaranteed. Here are the specs:

Motorola RAZR D1

  • 3.5 inch 320 x 480 display
  • 1 GHz single-core processor
  • 1GB RAM
  • 4GB internal storage with microSD card support up to 32GB
  • 5 megapixel rear-facing camera, no front-facing camera
  • Available in Single or Dual-SIM versions
  • Android 4.1 Jelly Bean at launch
  • 1,785 mAh battery Read more

Google Reader Put On Death Row, Shutting Down July 1

Google Reader

Google Reader has long been a favorite RSS reader and in a surprising announcement, will shut down July 1. Google announced more spring cleaning to take place this year, shutting down several more features and services. The tech giant mentions declining usage and not enough focus being put into Reader as reasons for shutting it down. While this news is a bit upsetting to those of us who’ve relied off of Google Reader for years, there are plenty of alternatives out there. For example, web-based and mobile app Feedly syncs with Reader, and has already announced a seamless transition so you won’t lose any of your subscriptions.

Source: Official Google Reader Blog

Patriot announces AERO mobile hard drive for streaming video to tablets and smartphones even with no internet connection


Patriot announced the AERO mobile hard drive that will enable users to carry, share, and stream their full media collection to tablets, smartphones, and laptops. Utilizing the Patriot Connect App, you will be able to access the AERO hard drive even if you don’t have access to the internet. In order to do this, you would need to connect to it via WiFi. You will be able to stream video to up to 5 devices at the same time and it supports 3rd party media players. The AERO also has an internet pass through so multiple devices can share one IP connection.

Specs include:

  • 500GB and 1TB capacities
  • Wi-fi 802.11 b/g/n
  • WEP / WPA-PSK / WPA2-PSK security
  • Stream to up to 5 connected devices simultaneously
  • Internet pass-through while connected
  • USB 3.0 port (USB 2.0 backwards compatible)
  • Rechargeable lithium-ion battery for up to 6 hours of continuous streaming
  • Push button battery level indicator
  • 2-Year Limited Warranty

You should be able to get your hands on the AERO in early April. The 500GB version will go for $159 and the 1TB version for $199.  Full press release after the break.

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