Galaxy Nexus sales are back in action via Google Play Store

Well it looks like Google didn’t waste any time after being granted a temporary stay of ban on their Galaxy Nexussmartphones. The GSM G-Nex is once again up for grabs directly from Google themselves with an updated ship out time frame of 1-2 weeks.

So if anyone out there was bummed about not being able to pick up one of these awesome smartphones sans contract, now is the time to get on it, and I would certainly do it soon as possible given that the stay of ban is only guaranteed through July 12.
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Unlocked Xperia S, P and Sola Now Available In the U.S.

Sony Mobile is now delivering on its promise to deliver their NXT lineup of Android devices unlocked in the U.S.  The Xperia S with a dual core 1.5 Ghz Qualcomm CPU, 4.3″ (1280 x 720) HD display, and capable 12MP camera is available for $469.99 from Newegg in black or white. The Xperia P rocking a 1Ghz dual core CPU, 4″ (960 x 540) qHD display, and 8MP camera is up for $388.99 from Newegg. While the budget friendly Xperia Sola with its 1Ghz dual core CPU, 3.7″ (854 x 480) display, “floating touch” technology, and 5MP camera can be had for $299.00 from Newegg.

All three models will receive Sony Mobile’s ICS update and will work on AT&T’s 3G network. The Xperia U is not yet available, but should be up sometime soon. These are all capable devices and should only get better once they have the Android ICS update installed. Anyone interested in one of these devices?

source: Xperia Blog

Samsung Promotes the Cool ‘Share Shot’ Feature in New Galaxy S III Commercial

Just in case you weren’t completely sold on Samsung’s newest flagship phone, the company has aired a new video reminding people about one of its many great features. Share Shot is Sammy’s new way of sharing photos instantly with friends and family as long as they also have a Galaxy S III. Using Wi-Fi direct, the Galaxy S III can instantly share photos once a photo or video is taken. Simply add the people you want to share with before snapping pictures and voila! Instant media sharing. Now if you could just talk all of your friends and family into getting a new GSIII. Check out a perfect use scenario in the video below.

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In Other News: Verizon Locks The Samsung Galaxy S III’s Bootloader, But Device Gets Rooted Anyways

While Samsung generally makes developer-friendly devices, Verizon Wireless went ahead and became a party-pooper by locking the bootloader of the Galaxy S III smartphone. Of course people didn’t take too kindly of that and immediately went to work and take it to Big Red. Well a landmark achievement has been accomplished by a tireless developer who hates the needless extras and bloatware on Verizon’s Samsung Galaxy S III. Thanks to superstud invisibleK of RootzWiki, interested parties of the Verizon variant of the Galaxy S III will now be able to slap on some root action, with little to no trouble. Looks like that recently-released stock image is looking just a little more tantalizing, isn’t it?

Naturally, those of you who are interested will want to take extreme caution as rooting the device will not only void the warranty, but any mishaps or stumbles could possibly result in an unusable or bricked device. Now that we gave you Verizon Galaxy S III owners a full disclaimer, hit the break to see the full detailed instructions on how to get in on some sweet, sweet root action.
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Official London 2012 App Offers Oympics Results, Schedules, And News

With the 2012 Olympics starting later this month, the timing is perfect for the Official London 2012 Results App to be released. Yes, the name is a mouthful, but so are the features, including news, live schedules, and results from all Olympic and Paralympic sporting events. You can even set reminders and notifications for specific countries, which is a nice touch.

Olympic fans, head on past the break for a full list of features and the download link.

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Stock Firmware Image Released For Verizon Galaxy S III


Samsung Updates has released the official stock firmware for the Verizon version of Samsung‘s flagship Galaxy S III smartphone. This is great news for ROM modders, hackers, and devs since it now offers the safety net of being able to always get back to stock should things go wrong.

This could lead to great new ROMs being cooked up for the S III, but Verizon users have another barrier to get through first. The bootloader on the Verizon S III appears to be locked, meaning no easy hacking or flashing of unsigned images, and no one has been able to unlock or root it yet. Verizon is known for keeping their phones locked down, with the exception of Google’s Galaxy Nexus, and it’s unlikely they would change their policies for the S III. Hope is not lost, however, since devs have been known to find loopholes in the past. As more S III’s hit the streets, the chances get better that someone will find a way to crack this beast. Let’s keep our fingers crossed.

Still, the stock firmware is greatly appreciated and a good first step on the road to root.

source: samsung updates

AT&T plans to launch new blocking service for stolen devices

According to trusted sources, AT&T is planning to launch a new service on Tuesday, July 10th, that will allow customers to deny voice, data and SMS access to individual phone and tablet devices without implementing a full SIM block. A copy of guidance provided to customer service representatives indicates AT&T will compile a “blocklist” of stolen devices in order to implement this new service for reporting and blocking such devices. The message shows service will be automatically suspended “if any attempt is made to use a device that is stored in the blocklist.”
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Verizon Encrypts the Galaxy S III Bootloader, Developers Currently looking for a Workaround

Just when you thought Verizon couldn’t piss you off any more, they appear to have gone off and done it again. According to a few lucky developer-types who received their GSIII pre-order early, Verizon’s version of the phone has a protected bootloader. Yeah, that’s right. Verizon has the only U.S. Galaxy S III, nay, the only Samsung phone that isn’t unlockable – the bootloader has been signed and encrypted at Verizon’s request.

Now before you go and cancel your pre-order because you were hoping to hack your way to a better experience, keep in mind that you still have a two week return period before you are stuck with the device. I say this because we aren’t at a complete loss just yet. Keep in mind that only a select few of the many thousands have received their pre-ordered GSIII and hopefully someone will find a loophole in the near future. One interesting thing I should mention is that one dude from XDA got his new GSIII and supposedly it had already been re-flashed. We are just waiting to see if a system dump can be obtained from that unit, and who knows, maybe that will hold the key to our hackable future. Either way I have faith still. We’ve seen our beloved developers overcome some pretty sticky situations in the past. Lets just hope this one isn’t too much of a pain in the ass.

source: XDA



ITU plans summit to address rampant patent litigation

The International Telecommunications Union (ITU), a part of the United Nations, has announced plans for a roundtable in Geneva on October 10, 2012. The purpose of the gathering is to address the surge of patent litigation and lack of adherence to standards bodies’ patent policies. These actions are leading to more instances of markets being blocked and high-profile cases of goods being impounded at docks. The roundtable discussion will include standards organizations, key industry players, and government officials.
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