European HTC One X receives Android 4.2.2 and Sense 5

HTC_One_Commercial_BlinkfeedWhile HTC One X owners in the United States keep waiting for a final update for their devices, One X users in Europe have begun receiving Android 4.2.2, as well as the latest version of Sense. The update comes in at 380MB, and brings with it features like Blinkfeed, Zeo HD video highlights, and an updated Camera app.

The European HTC One X+ is will also receive a similar update, but there’s no expected release date for that.


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Minuum Keyboard now available in the Play Store

MinuumRemember Minuum keyboard? The keyboard that was designed to take as little screen-space as possible, while still functioning as a pretty good keyboard, is now available in the Play Store. The keys literally take up just one row, and Minuum’s autocorrect algorithim will help you accurately type.

The keyboard is $3.99, and you can download through the link after the break. Let us know your thoughts on the innovative keyboard. Read more

Oppo to release R819, a mid-range phone with stock Android option

Oppo R819

The recent movement for more stock-Android devices is apparently having some effect on other Android OEMs, as Oppo’s latest device, the R819, is coming in two flavors; one with Oppo’s “Color UI” and one with an untouched 4.2.1 stock Android ROM. Aside from the software differences, both devices feature the same quad-core MediaTek processor, 720p screen, and other internals. It’s a decidedly mid-range offering, but hey, stock Android is a plus. You can preorder the device for about $349, which unfortunately pits it against the likes of the Nexus 4, but if you’re interested in trying out something a little different, this might be the way to go.

source: VR-Zone

Moto X Won’t See Custom Engraving at Launch


There’s some sad news for those of you out there that were excited about customizing their Moto X. According to the latest news, custom engraving won’t be available at launch for your customizing pleasure. “We love this feature. We’re going to make it happen,” a Motorola spokeswoman told the folks at Android Central earlier today. The reason that this feature was pulled is that Motorola didn’t feel that the feature was up to standards.

With the Moto X arriving on AT&T this Friday and their exclusive use of the Moto Maker, this may seem like a blow. However, you can see that Motorola plans on having it in place later. You’ll still be able to rock a different color scheme and change the message in the boot screen. Motorola promises to add more customization options over time and hopefully engraving will be up to par and make a comeback.

For those of you thinking of getting a Moto X, does this change your mind? Is this a deal breaker?

source: Android Central

Tegra 4 powered slate with Retina-like display by Asus in the works

asus_tegra_4_retinaIt looks like Asus is working on an unknown Asus Eee Pad, nicknamed Taurus, with a very high-end display. Including on-screen buttons, the 10 inch screen which popped up on the GFX Benchmark site has a resolution of 2560 x 1600 which brings the pixel density count to a Retina display topping 299ppi. That’s better than Apple’s 264ppi count for the 9.7 inch glass on the fourth gen Apple iPad.

The device also packs in a quad-core 1.9GHz Tegra 4 CPU. There’s a good possibility we’ll see more of the device at the IFA show in Berlin next month.

Source: GFX Bench
Via: Phone Arena

Update to YouTube for Android includes complete UI overhaul, in-app multitasking

new-youtubeAs we know, Google has recently been rolling out big UI updates for all of their Android apps, and today we see Youtube’s new app. Android Police has gotten their hands on version 5.0.21, and there’s a lot that’s new. Among those:

  • A beautiful card-based user interface
  • In- app multitasking. You can turn any video you’re watching into an overlaying window on the bottom right of the screen over any app you want.
  • Playlist search
  • Quick access to history, favorites, playlists, uploads, and watch later in a slide-out menu on the right of the screen.
  • A fully-functional landscape UI for tablets
  • A new app icon

There’s probably a lot more than that that’s new as well. Google is releasing the update with their annoying new gradual rollout process, but if you want to download it and check it out now, and I highly suggest you do,  you can find the APK download link at the bottom of the Android Police source link below.

Source: Android Police


HTC One Mini to come to AT&T exclusively on August 23


If you’re a Verizon, T-Mobile or Sprint customer, you might not like this— AT&T has recently announced that they will be the exclusive wireless carrier of the upcoming HTC One Mini. The device is a smaller (shorter, lighter, thinner) version of it’s big brother, the One, but is still a very solid phone.

The One’s aluminum body is borrowed by the Mini, and will feature a 4.3-inch Super LCD 2 720p HD screen. The Ultra Pixel camera is the same as well, but the processor is downgraded with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 400 dual-core at 1.4 GHz. All the great features are also built-in, including BlinkFeed, Zoe, BoomSound, and many more.

Probably the best part of the device is its price tag of $99. If you dig it, go grab one from AT&T when it’ll be available on August 23. Check out the full press release after the break for more information.

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Rumor: Sony ‘Honami’ to go by the name “Z1” in retail stores, expected launch date of Sept. 4



We’ve heard the code-name ‘Honami’ so many times that at this point, most would have expected that Sony come right out and announce it as the official name for their next flagship.

However a well-known XDA-developer, “DooMLoRD,” says that the Honami very well may be known as the Sony Z1 (Z One) in just a few short weeks, as the device’s official retail name.

There are so many One’s, Z’s, X’s, etc. that it’s almost getting hard to keep track of the latter part of the alphabet at this point…

Either way, we would tell you to take this rumor with a grain of salt for now, but as soon as “DooMLoRD” posted the rumor on XDA’s forums, Sony’s Mobile PR division followed him on Twitter— that counts for something, right?

More to come soon as we approach the rumored September 4th unveiling date.

Source: GforGames


US and Canadian HTC Ones along with DROID DNA to get Android 4.3 by end of September


Earlier today, we reported that HTC American President Jason Mackenzie confirmed they will skip Android 4.2.2 and go straight to Android 4.3 for the HTC One Dev Edition. We surmised this would be the case for carrier versions, at least in the U.S., and possibly Canada. The only question left is when will the update take place?

According to another tweet from Mr. Mackenzie, they are working hard to get all Ones in both the U.S. and Canada updated to Android 4.3 by the end of September. The DROID DNA is also included. This isn’t a promise, just that they are working hard. Hopefully they can get it done.

source: Twitter 

Apple steals more smartphone customers from Samsung than Samsung does from Apple


The war between Android and Apple or even Samsung and Apple will always be debated in many ways. Sometimes it’s just as simple as market share, but a new statistic came out showing that Apple actually steals three times more smartphone customers from Samsung than Samsung does from Apple.

According to Consumer Intelligence Research Partners, LLC (CIRP), between July 2012 and June 2013, 33% of Apple’s sales came from Samsung customers switching to the iPhone, while only 11% of Samsung sales came from Apple customers switching to Android. On the other hand, Samsung has been able to grab more first-time smartphone buyers than Apple (37% vs 26%). Both companies do pretty well when it comes to their core business, 43% of Samsung customers were upgrading from Android, while 42% of Apple customers were upgrading from an older iPhone.

Is this something that Samsung needs to be concerned about?

source: Fortune
via: 9to5Google