Apple CEO Tim Cook says Steve Jobs overruled him on patent suits against Samsung


Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you know that Apple and Samsung have been in a patent war since 2011. Current CEO Tim Cook has been on record as saying that he does not like to participate in what he calls “patent litigation” and apparently he wasn’t lying. According to a lengthy article provided by Reuters, Cook claims that the late Steve Jobs, Apple’s co-founder and former CEO, opposed and overruled him on the decision to go after Samsung in court for patent infringement.

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Box is offering 50GB of free storage for new users



As more and more of us start to truly embrace our mobile devices, it’s only natural that we begin to really take advantage different means to save the different pieces of content on our devices. That’s why online storage solution is offering a sweet deal for new users. While this special 50GB of free storage offer is listed as a “Dell Exclusive Offer” exclusive, it appears that anyone and everyone can take advantage of this sweet, sweet deal— so you don’t need to necessarily own a Dell computer or be a Dell employee to enjoy this awesome offer. The cool thing about this offer is that generally offers a pretty solid 5GB of free storage for new users, so it’s pretty cool that its 50GB promotion is ready to be taken advantage of by new prospective users.

There’s no word on how long this promotion will last, but we’re pretty sure that you’ll want to head on down to the source link and take advantage of this awesome opportunity as soon as possible. Be sure to use the source link below to get the deal.


Verizon rates apps for “overall experience” on user devices


Verizon is hoping to add some value for its customers by helping them rate the value of the apps they run on their smartphones. Rather than rating apps based on things like graphics or usability for a certain task, Verizon is looking at qualities that may affect the overall ownership experience. Major areas that are assessed include battery drain and data usage along with some other factors. Verizon makes a couple lists available, one that assesses top Google Play apps and another that highlights apps they find especially worrisome. Read more

Solavei and Ready SIM promise to offer LTE for customers as soon as T-Mobile launches their LTE network

T-Mobile LTE

Solavei and Ready SIM, MNVO’s who operate off of T-Mobile’s network, have announced that they want to offer LTE speeds for their customers as soon as T-Mobile’s LTE networks are ready. The problem for the companies like Solavei and Ready SIM is that if T-Mobile doesn’t want to let them use their LTE network, they simply can’t do it. There are very few prepaid services that are able to offer LTE yet, as it’s a great draw for consumers to stick with postpaid plans. We can hope T-Mobile would be willing to share that LTE, but we’ll just have to wait and see by the end of the year, when T-Mobile is expected to have completed a large chunk of their LTE rollout to cover 200 million people, despite getting off to a slow start.

source: Fierce Wireless

New Data Suggests That There Will Be More Mobile Devices Than People Soon… Very Soon



We know that more and more people are using devices, but a new report suggests that mobile devices will eventually outnumber the world’s population by the end of 2013. According to a report by Cisco’s Visual Networking Index Global Mobile Data Traffic Forecast Update, not only has society’s demand for mobile devices grown– but the number of connected devices and mobile data usage is growing at a record pace as well. A major example is the increase in usage for mobile tablets: the number of tablets being used grew 2.5x to 36 million and generated 2.4x more mobile traffic than the average smartphone did.

So all-in-all it appears that we have not only embraced mobile device usage, but it’s growing faster than we could have ever imagined. Hit the source link for additional details.

source: Mashable




Hangout with Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn for The Internship trailer debut


Celebrities Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn will be hanging out Google style with fans on February 13th, 2013 at 11 am pacific standard time (PST). The hilarious duo will be a part of a Google+ hangout session to debut the trailer for the pair’s new movie “The Internship”. If you’re not familiar with “The Internship,” it’s a comedy where both Wilson and Vaughn play Google interns. They had great chemisty in “Wedding Crashers,” so this one should be a blast.

Oh, and in case we forgot to mention this little detail, this event will be hosted by none other than Conan O’Brien. Don’t miss your chance to hangout with Wilson, Vaughn and Conan on February 13th. Check out the teaser video after the break.

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HTC One (aka M7) test photo shows up on Flickr



HTC has been the focus of a ton of rumors lately specifically related to their next rumored flagship phone, the HTC M7. It has been recently suggested that the name M7 will not be the official name given at the launch of the device but rather is a codename as is common with manufacturers and their products. The official name has been rumored to be the HTC One following in line with the slew of devices already available including the HTC’s current flagship phone the HTC One X.

A new image has shown up on Flickr with details suggesting that it has been taken with the anticipated smartphone, and as you can see in the EXIF data, it’s called the HTC One, which supports yesterday’s rumor. Also, the image was uploaded at a maximum resolution of 1158 x 2048 which could mean several things. It could be that the image was cropped, re-sized or even evidence of the rumored “ultrapixel” technology set to debut along with the device as one of its key features. With the One, M7 or whatever it is to be called, HTC has sparked quite a buzz for themselves and this image might just showcase one more key feature to look forward to on February 19th.

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First look at Real Boxing demo on NVIDIA’s Project Shield


NVIDIA has been doing a great job of hyping up their Tegra 4 powered Project Shield lately, showing us all kinds of things the little device can do. We’ve seen it plow the most demanding Android games without breaking a sweat, but what about a game that’s designed to fully take advantage of that powerful hardware and the convenient controller layout? Vivid Games is stepping in with their Real Boxing title to show us how to do Project Shield gaming right. It’s a unique boxing/RPG hybrid that’s finely tuned to the hardware in Project Shield, and provides incredible graphics and controls on top of fantastic gameplay.

The Tegra 4 under the hood here has no problems running this game at a full 60 FPS with the high resolution textures and poly counts and fluid animations you’d expect from your bigger console and PC games. The real draw here, though, is how well the controller is mapped to the game. The Project Shield design lets this play just like a higher end title. Interested yet? You should be. Hit the break below to check out NVIDIA’s demo of the gameplay. I can’t wait to get my hands on one of these. Read more

LG to launch Optimus G Pro later this month to beat the Galaxy S IV to market


We’ve seen some pretty interesting details about LG’s new powerhouse phablet, the Optimus G Pro, that was announced last month. First we heard that LG was going to announce the bigger, 5.5 inch version of the phablet alongside a handful of other devices at MWC, but now we’re hearing rumors that LG might try to get the Optimus G Pro pushed out by the end of the month to try to beat Samsung’s highly anticipated Galaxy S IV to market, and hopefully snatch up a few sales before the S IV potentially steals LG’s thunder.

I think this is a pretty great move on LG’s part. The Optimus G Pro packs some serious horsepower, including a full-HD screen and a bigger battery than the Galaxy Note 2. By launching before Samsung has a chance to sweep the market, it’ll get some early buyers and possibly sway enough people to stick with LG phones over Samsung phones. Can’t wait to see how this one’s going to play out.

source: KBench

Seems Like LG Will Be Announcing 4 New Phones At MWC This Year



LG sent invites to their press event during Mobile World Congress, and if there is anything we can take from this it’s that LG has more to offer than just the Nexus 4. You can clearly see the giant 4 to the left of the invitation which indicates, if anything, that there will be 4 new devices from LG at this years Mobile World Congress. While there have been many rumors surrounding what devices may be shown, many sources have been pointing to two main ones.

The first of these rumors is the possibility of a new device line being dubbed the “F” series which many speculate to be a line of 4G-LTE  capable devices that are set to be in the “affordable” price range for consumers. The second half of this rumor is the possible refresher (upgrades) to the current “L Series”  line of devices that were shown at the last year’s MWC. Possible upgrades may include a faster processor or maybe a bigger battery.

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