Is this the Nexus Tablet?

Nothing gets the rumour mill turning quite as much as good, solid Nexus rumour. The build up to the Galaxy Nexus was quite incredible with numerous leaks and rumours surfacing daily, all citing “credible” sources. More recently, we’ve been hearing stories of a mystical Google branded, Nexus Tablet despite the fact Google has never actually confirmed the project directly.

Pocketnow managed to get its hands on a set of images supposedly giving us a glimpse of what the tablet might look like. My first observation is that for a leaked image, the quality is sharp and the details are clear unlike the regular ‘blurrycam’ leaks we enjoy so much. If this is a hoax then it’s a pretty good one as the originator has spent some time on some of the finer details. You’ll notice that there are only Google application icons on the homepage, the soft-keys and launcher seem to be of the Android 4.0 ICS variety and the 4:00am time matches that of the Galaxy Nexus render.

There are a couple of facts that do point towards this being a fairly convincing mock-up. Note the presence of the Android Market icon as opposed to the Google Play Store. The dimensions of the tablet and the icon layout also suggest that this is 10 inch tablet and not the 7 inch size that is expected if the rumoured sub $200 price point is correct.

We’ll be filing this story under ‘rumour’ for the time being however we are certainly excited to see what the Nexus tablet does bring to the table, if and when if finally does surface. Check out the image below and let us know your thoughts on the authenticity in the comments below.



source : pocketnow

The Wait Is Finally Over: Instagram Comes To Android

We knew it was the time was coming folks: Instagram has officially made it out to Android devices and is now available in the Google Play Store. We recently highlighted several alternatives to Instagram for Android devices which may have more bang for your buck and features than Instagram itself, but hey– the Android platform always gets the most popular and relevant stuff, just like our iOS-based bretheren. And just like iPhone users, you too will be able to get in on yet another means of filtering your precious moments and sharing them with your friends via a photo stream. Huzzah!

If you’re on an Android 2.2+ device— don’t delay. Hit the Play Store link or QR code below to see what all this hubbub is about and get in on the social photo filtering action.


Play Store link

Samsung Delays Upcoming Galaxy Tab 2 Launch Until The End Of April


We were eagerly awaiting Samsung’s upcoming Galaxy Tab 2 to hit UK stores by the end of March, but never saw them– so what gives? Well, the new additions to the Galaxy Tab family in the UK will be delayed and won’t ship until the end of April at the earliest. That means those of you waiting to get your hands on the Galaxy Tab 2 7.0 and Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 will have to wait just a little longer. What’s the reason you ask? It’s simple really— Sammy and Google wanted to spend a little more time testing out the software and ensuring it was at an optimal level, especially since the Galaxy Tab 2 devices will be operating on Ice Cream Sandwich. The testing will help to make both Galaxy Tab 2 variants better overall and once they’re released, a formal rollout in other countries will follow shortly after.

source: ComputerWorld

HTC EVO 3D to become the EVO V 4G on Virgin Mobile

Okay it wasn’t the great successor to the original EVO, but it looks the 1-year old EVO 3D is going to reinvent itself as the HTC EVO V 4G for Virgin Mobile. It will be available in both grey and the plum shade that was only available at Best Buy. It may be a year old, but the EVO V 4G will definitely satisfy cost conscious consumers. It’s rocking a 1.2 GHz dual-core processor and it has a 4.3-inch qHD (960 x 540) display.

For those wanting something a little newer, the HTC One V will also be landing on Virgin soon. The One V is part of the HTC One series and totes a 3.7-inch (800 x 480) display, 1 GHz single-core processor, 512MB of RAM, 4GB of storage, Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich, and Sense 4.0.

No word on dates or pricing, but we will let you know as soon as we hear anything.

source: pocketnow


Orbotix Gets Busy – Sphero Now in 96 Countries, New Apps Coming April

Orbotix has posted an end of March progress report and things are looking good. The company’s product, Sphero, has rolled its way into 95 new countries, in addition to the US, since shipping began last December. As a thank you for waiting patiently, Orbotix has offered a 10% discount on international orders using the code “GETROLLING.”

If you already have a Sphero, like me, there’s some cool news for you too.
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Ice Cream Sandwich devices nearly double, Unfortunately ‘nobody’ has one

It’s the beginning of the month which means Google released distribution numbers. I have to give them credit for releasing these figures because it’s quite embarrassing. Forgot about Gingergread and Froyo because what’s really important here is the percentage of devices on Ice Cream Sandwich. It was nearly 6 months ago that Ice Cream Sandwich was introduced along with the SDK. As of right now only 2.9% of Android devices have it. That’s up from 1.6% last month. In my opinion this is atrocious. I understand it takes time for the companies to code these updates to their particular hardware along with carrier’s radios. I also understand that no one wants an update full of bugs. Unfortunately non of that makes it okay.

I don’t have the solution here, but Google has to figure this out. When Microsoft releases a major Windows update, its available to any PC with the exception of hardware limitations. This present issue doesn’t have anything to do with hardware limitations because there are plenty of devices that have the hardware capabilities, but no Ice Cream Sandwich. I also understand that PCs and mobile products are different. Again, I’m just a consumer and it’s hard to get excited anymore about Android updates when after 6 months, barely 3% of devices have it.

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Motorola DROID RAZR MAXX Smartphone Arriving In Europe And The Middle East By May

The DROID RAZR MAXX has been too successful out here in the States not to expand elsewhere in the world. That’s why Motorola Mobility has confirmed the smartphone will launch as international version in both Europe and the Middle East beginning next month. That means those of you in those regions will finally have a chance to enjoy the 8.99mm profile, 1.2GHz dual-core processor and awesome 3300mAh battery slated for up to 17.6 hours of talk time. Plus while the device is currently on Gingerbread 2.3.6— you should know the device is slated for the Android 4.0 update in the very near future.

We know you’re itching the get more juicy details about the device— so make sure you hit the break to see the full press release from MOTO.

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HTC EVO One press shot leaks ahead of tomorrow’s announcement

When Sprint and HTC show us their new collaboration tomorrow in NYC, we fully expect it to be the HTC EVO One. Well at least part of the event. Who knows what other tricks they may have up their sleeve. Thanks to Pocketnow we have a press shot to look at. The EVO One will be an extension of the global version of the HTC One. It will be LTE based so it won’t have the Tegra 3 chip, but instead a 1.5 GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 chip. As to some really nice additions, it’s rumored to have a 2650 mAh battery and the famous kickstand that was on the original EVO. Add in some NFC and improved haptic feedback and Sprint has true flagship here.

Stay tuned to Talk Android tomorrow night because we will be there to get all the juicy details for what will be the best EVO ever.

source: pocketnow

OnLive Gaming Specials – Up To 75% Off

OnLive, everyone’s favorite cloud-based game-streaming service, is holding some killer specials right now. How about Batman: Arkham CityDuke Nukem: Forever, or F.E.A.R. 2: Project Origin, all for half off? Or maybe Orcs Must Die or Divinity II The Dragon Knight Saga for a whopping 75% discount?

Unfortunately, the newer, more current games, such as L.A. Noire, are still at their normal prices, but that still leaves us with over 40 great deals. Hit the break for the source link.

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OfficeSuite Pro 5 Now 80% Off in Play Store Until April 4th

Need a powerful Office suite that allows you to create and edit Word, Powerpoint, and Excel documents? How about a good PDF reader? Look no further than OfficeSuite Pro 5 by developer MobiSystems. This version works on both phones and tablets and also includes integration with Google Docs, DropBox and Box. It’s a pretty solid app with a pretty solid deal going on right now.

Normally, this app costs $14.99, but from now until April 4th, it is on sale for only $2.99. That’s an 80% discount! Sure, it was Amazon’s free app of the day last October 26, but if you missed that deal, jump on this one. Why are they bargain-binning it? The app’s description gives us a clue:

“View, Edit and Share your office documents on the go! 80% off Until April, 4th. Expect OfficeSuite 6!

Yup, seems like a new version is coming out soon so they’re putting this one on sale. Not sure if buying this version will get you a free upgrade, but still, this app is certainly worth a measly three clams. So get it while it’s hot! Download link and QR code after the break.

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