Sprint Running Early Upgrade Buyout Program

Sprint is planning on initiating a program for customers to buy out their current contract by paying a fee in exchange for an early upgrade. The program effectively resets their early upgrade eligibility and with the applicable Upgrade Now fee, customers will also have to commit to another 2 year contract. The program will run from 2/12/12 to 04/14/12. Details after the break.

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Two Easter Eggs Officially Cracked In Google Chrome For Android


It’s only been roughly a few days since we’ve been graced with Chrome’s arrival, but it’s all we needed in order to see the first two (of hopefully many Easter Eggs) cracked. The first one involves the number of tabs opened in the browser. If you’ve noticed, there’s no limit of the number of tabs being opened as there are in other web browsers. So what happens when you have 99 tabs opened and want to open the 100th? The 100th turns into a smiley emoticon. Pretty clever there Google.

The second one is a real doozy too. This involves what happens when you look at the page showing all your tabs. You generally can swipe up and down to flip through the stack of tab windows, but when you’ve flipped to the top, the tabs then poke out to highlight they won’t go any farther. However, if you swipe up five times in a row, the whole stack does a animated flip. This is perhaps one of the specific reasons why Chrome has decided to unleash the beta for Android 4.0+ users only— the use of hardware acceleration in order to see the stack do an animated flip. Moreover, when looking at the back of the stack as it flips around, you can then see an embossed Chrome logo. Very cool.

You’ve read about the Easter Eggs now. So why don’t you check out Chrome doing a backflip in the video below? You’ll be glad you did.


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source: cnet



Google Wallet PIN Cracked by Brute Force Attack

First, the sky is not falling and chances are you are safe, but if you use Google Wallet, you should know that the PIN security has been cracked. Who is affected? You are vulnerable if:

  1. You have a phone with Google Wallet set up
  2. Your phone is rooted
  3. You don’t use lock screen security (PIN, pattern, face unlock, etc)
  4. You lose your phone

Basically, you need either a Nexus S or Galaxy Nexus that has been rooted. Everyone else can stop reading now.

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Phoenix Suns Adopt Android Ushering In a New Era for the NBA

Players for the Phoenix Suns will all be getting a Galaxy Tab 10.1 thanks to a joint effort by the team, Verizon Wireless, and Samsung. In doing so, the Suns will be the first in the NBA to have tablets courtside. Each player’s tablet will include a team playbook, video from practice sessions, scouting reports for upcoming opponents, and travel itineraries for road trips. While talking with the Wall Street Journal, head coach Alvin Gentry described the Galaxy Tabs as the best way to display diagrams of plays that he wants to run during a game. ”If I say, ‘I’m going to run a play called four-pop, [assistant coach] Noel Gillispie can cue that right up for me.” There use isn’t limited to game floor, however, the Suns will also be utilizing the Tabs for business relations in forms including season ticketholder presentations, in-game promotional programs, TV/radio broadcasts, and of course social media.

Score one for Android making it into the big leagues, of basketball.

Full press release after the break. 
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U.S. Justice Department set to approve Google-Motorola deal as early as next week

It seems like ages ago when Google announced it was buying Motorola Mobility for $12.5 billion. It was actually about 6 months ago, and at that time we figured it was going to be a battle with the U.S. Justice Department as well as the European Commission. The Wall Street Journal is reporting the U.S. Justice Department will clear the deal as early as next week, according to people familiar with the matter. The European Commission will also decide next week on whether to approval the deal as they’ve set Monday, February 13 as a deadline.

Even if both clear the way, it won’t be smooth sailing as both departments are concerned with Google’s commitment to license Motorola patents to competitors under FRAND (fair, reasonable, and non nondiscriminatory) rules. Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you have read all about the various lawsuits between Apple, Samsung, Motorola, HTC, Microsoft, and others. The concern is that many of these suits involve patents that are essential to making smartphones, like 3G and WiFi. Some of these patents have become industry standards and companies who own those patents need to agree to issue licenses under FRAND.

Google did promise organizations that it would offer licenses for FRAND patents in Motorola’s portfolio, but didn’t rule out seeking injunctions against those that refuse to license those FRAND patents. On the other hand, Apple and Microsoft also said they would offer licenses, but wouldn’t seek injunctions from those they feel violated those industry standard patents.

I certainly don’t see any of these legal battle slowing down, but I’m excited to see what Google and Motorola are going to do together. Motorola has been behind the shadows of Samsung, but they make the best hardware hands down. Motorola may or may not make the next Nexus device, but I believe we should see some interesting things out of Motorola by the end of the year, assuming this deal is finalized.

source: wall street journal



Modern Combat 3 is free today in the Samsung App Store

The title says it all, for those of you with the Samsung App Store on your devices, today’s freebie will make an excellent addition to your app drawer, if you haven’t shelled out for it already. Modern Combat 3 is one of the prettiest games on Android today. Pair this game up with a USB controller and you’ll have a console quality experience.

The game has a robust singleplayer mode as well as online multiplayer. You really don’t want to miss getting this one for free, especially since the game costs $6.99 on Android Market

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White Version Of Samsung Galaxy Note Spotted Out In The Wild

Photo Courtesy of Pocket-lint


The Samsung Galaxy Note phone/tablet is no doubt a cool device, that’s a gimme. Well Samsung took the device and threw on some white covers, making it even more attractive than it already was. The fine team at Pocket-lint got a chance to go hands-on with the newest color of the Galaxy Note. While the white version is identical to black version (same processor, RAM, camera, etc.), there are some noteworthy differences that were pointed out. For starters the back of the white version is gloss white, while the original black version was matt-mottled. It is suspected that the gloss white was done on purpose in order to make the shinier plastic being easier to clean and prevent it from getting as dirty quickly. They also note, the S Pen pressure-sensitive stylus has a matt finish, and could become grubby with constant use, but is unlikely since most users won’t be using it very much.

Boy the device sure looks great in white. Let’s see how many people will move towards the white version of the phone/tablet, despite it potentially getting dirtier faster than the black version. Which color do you prefer? Let us know in the Comments section below.

source: Pocket-lint


Dan Rosenberg Roots The Sony Tablet S

Dan Rosenberg, the same tech genius that brought us root for our Lenovo ThinkPad Tablets, has struck gold again, rooting the Sony Tablet S. Unfortunately for him, it wasn’t nearly as easy as it was for the Lenovo ThinkPad Tablet. He’s posted the whole process in detail on his blog, so check out the source. It’s a really interesting read, and can provide insight into what happens when you choose to root your device. Keep in mind that rooting your device and the subsequent activities that are made possible by doing so can possibly brick your device. Do so at your own risk!

Source: Dan Rosenberg

Angry Birds Turns 2, Offers Loot Bag Of 15 New Birthday Cake Levels

The famous bird launching game, Angry Birds turns 2 today, with its developers Rovio celebrating the milestone by offering 15 new birthday cake themed levels bringing the total level count to 300. As well as the new levels, the folks at Rovio have added an expandable orange bird, new menus and graphics, birthday achievements, and – wait for it – all episodes are now unlocked!

From everyone at TalkAndroid, have a great birthday Angry Birds!


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Amazon Kindle Fire Gets Another Taste Of ICS Thanks To MIUI 4 ROM

Would you look at that? The MIUI 4 ROM is now available for the Amazon Kindle Fire. In addition to the sexy Android 4.0-based UI, the ROM includes full support for both the Android Market and the Amazon App Store. Keep in mind the ROM is a work in progress, so the following features are not working at this time:

  • Tethering via USB
  • Hardware accelerated graphics
  • Static wallpaper
  • Themes

MIUI 4 kind of makes that old Kindle Fire feel new again, doesn’t it? If you’re brave, ambitious and love to tinker, be sure to root the Kindle Fire and hit up the MIUI forums at the source link below. Happy ROMing folks!

YouTube Preview Image

source: MIUI Forums
via: Phandroid