Two UK retailers mysteriously pull the Nexus 4 from shelves one week before Google I/O


Two British retailers (Carphone Warehouse and Phones4U) have mysteriously stopped selling the Nexus 4 just a week before the big Google I/O convention. While you can still purchase the handset directly from Google, the timing has caused some extreme speculation. While many believe we may see the hotly anticipated “Nexus 5″ with Key Lime Pie at I/O, it is far more likely that LG will roll out an updated Nexus 4 with 32 GB of storage and an LTE-capable radio.

Whatever is happening next week is exciting with Google only presenting one keynote. We will be there so check out the schedule and check back constantly for up to date news.

Source: Tech Radar

Amazon’s Alphabet Projects, including 3D smartphone screen, could be sign of major hardware push


Sources in a WSJ article indicate Amazon has several hardware projects in the works that are collectively referred to as the Alphabet Projects. Perhaps most intriguing among them is a smartphone that reportedly will have a screen that can produce 3D images without the use of special glasses. Combined with complex eye-tracking software, the phone’s screen will produce the 3D images at almost any angle, producing a holographic image effect with items seeming to float above the screen. Another benefit of the technology will be the ability for users to navigate content on their phone using just their eyes. The high-end phone is just one of several devices that may signal a new strategy for Amazon in getting content into the hands of consumers. Read more

Google TV gets free access to Hulu, ABC, NBC, CBS, and more via PlayOn for a limited time


One annoyance of Google TV has always been the lack of video streaming apps for the platform. PlayOn has arrived for Google TV to help, allowing users to stream Hulu, ABC, NBC, CBS, Fox, Comedy Central, MTV, VH1, Nickelodeon, and more than 50 other channels to the set-top box.

For a long time PlayOn has offered a way to stream content from your computer to devices that didn’t support it, including Netflix before it was officially available for Android. PlayOn streams video content though a home network, so a server application needs to be installed on your PC in addition to the PlayOn app on the device being streamed to.

Normally, PlayOn costs $25 per year or $50 for a lifetime license, but for a limited time, PlayOn is free for Google TV, so go and get it now. More information on PlayOn and the official press release can be found after the break. Read more

ITV Player updated, now exclusive for Samsung users through August 31st


ITV has refreshed their Android app, but for now, only Samsung device users in the UK can enjoy. The UK television network announced that until August 31, their updated ITV Player app will be available exclusively to Samsung users “for an initial period while we endeavor to optimize and improve the experience before releasing to other device manufacturers.”

The updated app features landscape navigation support, improved playback, 3G/4G  streaming,  and support for older devices. Right now the app is dominated with 1-star reviews in the Play Store, so hopefully for ITV users this update is a big improvement.

The download link and press release can be found after the break. Read more

New Samsung video provides walk-through of SideSync features, allows for connection between PC and a Galaxy phone


Samsung released its new SideSync software that they say “connects the PC and mobile as one.” We couldn’t agree more, as this innovative application allows for a sort of dual-screen feature from your PC to your Galaxy phone. You can drag and drop files from your computer and place them right on your phone’s home screen, copy clipboard content from one device to the other, and even use a screen sharing mode which lets users view their Galaxy phone’s screen on their PC monitor to use it as a virtual phone. From this mode users can take full advantage of all of the functions of their phone, and can also resize the phone’s screen on the PC monitor.  All of this can be done while effortlessly navigating both devices using the PC mouse.

Check out Samsung’s walk-through video of SideSync after the break.

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Huawei CEO says company not linked to US cyber threats


Huawei has been in hot water with the US government recently after being accused of posing a major security threat to the US, along with other Chinese company ZTE. Ren Zhengfei, found of Huawei and still CEO of the company, has come out and denied any links to cyber threats to the US and denied any improper links to the Chinese government. Now, this is a pretty big deal because Ren has spend the past 26 years at Huawei avoiding the press.

Ren went on to say that Huawei equipment is barely used in US networks at all. Huawei has never sold equipment to any major US carriers or to a US government agency, which undermines the accusations by the US government. So while those accusations don’t necessarily hurt Huawei’s business in the US, it does in turn cause other countries to be more skeptical about using Huawei equipment, which has been the case in Australia and Canada. Hopefully this all gets sorted out sooner or later.

source: Yahoo

BlueStacks jumps into gaming console market with GamePop device


BlueStacks, which readers probably know mostly for their application that lets users run Android apps on their computers, announced some surprising news today. The company is jumping into the gaming console market with a new device dubbed the GamePop. The hardware itself, which consists of the console and a game controller, will be free to users who pre-order during May as part of a $6.99 per month subscription service. To help potential buyers feel comfortable that they are really getting something for their subscription fee, BlueStacks also announced deals for content with some of the top game developers like Blu Mobile, Halfbrick, and OutFit7. Read more

Google abandons X Phone project according to analyst


Last month we informed you that the X Phone’s release date was pushed back, and just last week we showed you leaked photos of a supposed prototype of the device, but today we have more news on the phone. According to Chinese technology analyst Sun Chang Xu, Google as given up on development of the X Phone.  Per Xu, Google has returned the project to Motorola for further development, citing a lack of innovation and technology in the device.

Now if this is true, this does not signify the end of the X Phone.  The X Phone seems to be a significant project for Google, and what seems likely is that Google was not  satisfied with the prototype of their future flagship phone, so they sent it back to Motorola for some more work.

This is all according to an analyst, but when that analyst has 18 years of experience in the electronics industry in China, and nearly a million followers on Weibo (China’s version of Twitter), there could definitely be some truth to this. Stay tuned to Talk Android as we learn more information.

source: Weibo
via: GSMInsider

Apex Launcher v2.0 available, new features for both free and pro versions, integrates Apex Notifier


Developer Android Does recently released Apex Launcher v2.0, bringing a whole bunch of new features to both the free and pro versions of the popular app.  There are some interface upgrades, new translations, and the option to set the duration of vibrations.  The pro version has a new feature that allows users to place folders in the app drawer, but the main feature is the integration with the new Apex Notifier app.

The Apex Notifier is actually a separate app and is an extension that works with both Apex Launcher and Dashclock Widget.  With Apex Notifier, notification counts appear above other applications, providing an aesthetically pleasing effect as well as a useful feature.  A list of applications that the extension works with can be found after the break, as well as the links to all three apps in the Play Store. Read more

Flipboard updates app to enable user created magazines, interaction with desktop web version


With the demise of Google’s Reader bearing down on news readers, Flipboard has released a new update to their app that adds some interesting new features. Foremost among the changes is the ability to create your own “magazine” on Flipboard with the simple press of a big “+” button in the app and naming the magazine. This essentially gives users the ability to create their own curated sources of news with the option to make the “magazine” public or private. Along with adding content to a magazine as you read within the Flipboard app, users can also add items from their Android device like photos or they can add an article directly from the Flipboard widget or even from social networks. Read more