HTC DROID DNA confirmed in Verizon marketing materials

Verizon users have to be wondering whether to jump ship to AT&T or T-Mobile to grab the Nexus 4 or stay with their current carrier, get what is going to be probably the best phone available, and still enjoy LTE. I know many of you are wondering if the upcoming DROID DNA will actually land by the holidays. Well the above image was shown last night to several Verizon employees, and an HTC rep confirmed that it would be available by mid December. The image confirms what we already know: A 5-inch HD display (1080p), 8MP rear camera, 2MP front camera, Beats Audio, and Sense. They also confirmed that it will be $199 on contract and $599 off contract, which would be a pretty good deal for a phone of this magnitude. So who is staying with Verizon for this beast?

HDMI For HBO Go And Cinemax Officially Available Thanks To Modified .apk Files


Considering our Android smartphones and tablets can handle HD content and allow us to view the content onto a bigger screen via HDMI, you’d think that it would be fairly common for apps to allow for those cool features. However, HBO Go and Cinemax are two apps that can surprisingly handle high-quality content, yet does not allow users to utilize HDMI. While it is a major bummer, it would be wise to remember that there are crafty Android users who can always find a workaround to such and yes friends— a crafty Android user managed to get HDMI working on the HBO Go and Cinemax apps.  XDA member HBOTroll1 managed to modify both apps’ .apk files and managed to have the HDMI fully functional. HBOTroll1 was only able to test the customized .apk files out on his DROID 4 smartphone, but it’s expected that it will work on most other phones as well. It appears as though the customized files will possibly work on non-rooted devices as well, but there is no official word or confirmation just yet.

Full details are available once you hit the source thread below.

source: XDA Forums | Dropbox 1, 2

Should the Nexus 4 be considered a flagship phone with the lack of LTE?

The Nexus is a name we have come to know and love amongst the Android community. It’s the one place where we can count on the latest hardware and software meeting in a completely open environment. Powered by a completely open Android playground of the latest software, Android geeks and aficionados would often choose devices from the Nexus brand purely for development purposes because of the openness.

Every Nexus has had its flaws: the Nexus One had pretty subpar battery life, the Nexus S was just plain boring, the Galaxy Nexus had a meh camera, and now the Nexus 4 has arguably the biggest flaw yet…

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Sony To Launch Xperia V Smartphone With Jelly Bean By January 2013 In France


We know there’s more than a few of you out there who have been patiently waiting for the Sony Xperia V smartphone and now it appears as if your patience will now pay off. Sony Mobile France has confirmed the elusive device will not arrive at the end of the year, but rather the end of January 2013 instead. While some of you may be disappointed, there is a positive twist— The device will launch with Jelly Bean loaded up instead of the now seemingly outdated Ice Cream Sandwich.

It is worth noting the Xperia V is already out in Japan through several wireless carriers as of the time of this writing, though the expectation is that the version of the Xperia V due next year will be the international version.

source: Xperia Blog

Canadian carrier Rogers set to launch unlimited talk plans starting November 7th

The Canadian wireless carrier Rodgers is planning to overhaul their plans. The plans look great and it seems like they’re focusing on unlimited texting and calling on most of the plans, while differentiating on the data portion. Here’s what you can expect within the new plans:

  • $55 (Occasional plan) – 200 MB, 1,000 weekday minutes
  • $65 (Social plan) – 1 GB, unlimited local calling
  • $75 (Streamer plan) – 3 GB, unlimited local calling
  • $95 (Connected plan) – 5 GB, unlimited Canada-wide calling

Rogers plans to unveil these plans and make them available tomorrow November the 7th. Any Rogers customers out there going to gives these a go?

source: Android Central

Samsung posts open source files for Jelly Bean on Samsung Galaxy Tab devices, AT&T Galaxy Note II

Via their Open Source Release Center, Samsung has posted new updates to make open source files available for Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.1, Galaxy Tab 2 7.0, and AT&T Galaxy Note II devices. The listings indicate these are files for Android 4.1 Jelly Bean on these devices. In the case of the Galaxy Tab devices, this is noteworthy as the official Jelly Bean update has not yet been pushed out by Samsung to owners of these devices.
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Deal: 16GB unlocked Samsung Galaxy Note II for $579

Had your eye on Samsung’s new 5.5-inch Galaxy Note, but been hesitant to embrace the unlocked model’s $799 price point? Well, eBay’s Daily Deals is having a sale on the newfangled phablet, offering the unlocked 16GB international model for $579.99 off-contract, in your choice of grey or white. This particular variant will support 3G on HSDPA 850/900/1900/2100 bands, meaning both T-Mobile and AT&T’s networks will be suitable.

The Galaxy Note II sports a 1.6GHz quad-core processor, a 5.5-inch Super AMOLED display with a 1280 x 720 resolution and an 8-megapixel rear-facing camera. The new model also comes equipped with a revitalized S-Pen, which has been enhanced to offer more precise and accurate functionality. As with most other Samsung handsets, the device’s storage is expandable via MicroSD, so having enough space shouldn’e be an issue. Hit the source link below to get in on the action.

Source: eBay

Kobo Arc passes through the FCC, touts Google certification

We previously saw Kobo’s 7-inch Arc tablet in September boasting an impressive list of specs at an even more appealing price point. Fast forward two months and the tablet has finally made its way to the FCC under the model number K107, lining up with its impending November launch in North American.

The Android 4.0-powered tab sports a 1.5GHz TI OMAP 4470 processor clocked at 1.5GHz, a 1280 x 800 IPS panel, a 1.3-megapixel front-facing camera and a hefty battery rated at 10-12 hours. Unfortunately, the device is running a somewhat intrusive custom overlay, meaning stock Android aficionados will be severely disappointed. However, the Kobo Arc has received Google’s official certification, effectively bringing the company’s suite of apps (including the Play Store) to the tablet out of the box.

There’s no doubt the Arc will face some serious competition with direct competitors like the Nexus 7 and Kindle Fire HD slated within the same price range. Although, with the holidays quickly approaching it’s not a bad thing to have more choices.

Via: Engadget
Source: FCC 

Instagram finally launches web profiles for users

One of the weirdest features Instagram lacked was an actual website for users. It’s pretty much just a simple web page that links you to different app stores to get the Instagram app. It took long enough, but Instagram has finally realized the untapped potential that boring, pointless website has. It’s not currently available for everyone, but some users can view their profiles as a simplified web interface from a browser. It’s currently in a rollout status, so not everyone can do it yet, but a projected 100 million users will have access to it by the end of the week.
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Verizon shutting down its App Store by March 2013

For nearly three years, Verizon has offered apps through its own app store on its BlackBerry and Android devices. I suppose it was a decent business model three years ago but it’s hard to imagine too much interest going somewhere else other than the Play Store to get your apps. Times certainly change rather quickly. Beginning in January 2013, Verizon will begin removing its app store from all its devices via a software update. They will continue through March 2013 at which point all Verizon devices will not have the Verizon app store installed any longer. Current owners of Verizon apps will immediately begin being notified of the changes and recurring charges will expire in December.

source:  Verizon