Alleged press render of the LG G3 in black leaks, seems to be covered by a black case


This could be our best look yet at the upcoming LG G3. On Twitter, @evleaks shared the image above after receiving it as a tip. It shows the device in black, something that we have not commonly seen compared to the white model.

There are no physical buttons on the front, making it clear that LG is sticking to its guns by using on-screen buttons. While the back of this press render shows the rear of the G3 as well, it seems like a case covering it. The spaces for the rear buttons, LED flash, and other slots are recessed compared to the rest of the back.

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Pantech Vega Iron 2 picture leaked, device may not come with Snapdragon 805 CPU


The new Pantech Vega Iron 2 was originally leaked in March when a report from China leaked the fact that the device could feature the Snapdragon 805 processor. The device has now leaked again, this time with a white finish.

According to the source that leaked the info, a Korean website called Ruliwed, the device may not include the Snapdragon 805 after all, but will instead come with a Snapdragon 801 which is used by a number of companies including Samsung and Sony. The source also lists some of the specs as including a 5.3-inch 1080p AMOLED display, 3GB of RAM, and 3,140 mAh battery.

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Google Drive Android app update to version 1.3, removing some features


Google is updating their Google Drive app for Android this week, but the app will actually remove some functionality from it, likely because of the release of separate apps for documents and spreadsheets.

To edit any documents users will need to install the new Docs and Sheets apps, although these documents can be viewed on the main Drive app. Once the new apps are installed, the features and functions are much the same as the old Drive app. Hit the break for more info, as well as the Play Store download link!

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Latest Android distribution numbers show KitKat slowly climbing towards 10% of all devices

Android distribution May 2014

The latest Android distribution numbers for May show that KitKat keeps climbing at the expense of older Android software. The numbers for 4.4 put it on 8.5% of all Android devices, showing over a 50% improvement from last month. Jelly Bean is still holding strong, but 4.1 took a dip to make room for newer versions of Jelly Bean, which all saw some slight improvements. Ice Cream Sandwich and Gingerbread both fell about 1%, but Honeycomb didn’t change at all, and Froyo still accounts for 1% of devices. It’ll disappear completely one day, right? Read more

Jury finds Samsung infringed on two of Apple’s patents, Apple awarded $119.6 million

Apple vs Samsung

The verdict on the latest case between Apple and Samsung is in, and the jury has partially ruled in Apple’s favor. According to their decision, Samsung infringed on just two of Apple’s patents out of the five in the suit. All of the devices in the lawsuit were found to infringe on the quick links patent, and some of the devices infringed on the infamous slide-to-unlock patent. However, Apple did find one device that was found to infringe, but they weren’t awarded damages for it, so the jury will meet again on Monday to make a decision there. In total, Apple was awarded $119.6 million in damages, which could go up slightly after the weekend. Not a bad reward, but it’s pretty small compared to the original $2.2 billion Apple thought they deserved. Read more

TalkAndroid Daily Dose for May 2, 2014


With hectic schedules, it can be hard to keep track of everything in your news feed. That’s why we created the TalkAndroid Daily Dose. This is where we recap the day’s hottest stories so you can get yourself up to speed in quick fashion. Happy reading!!

Apple vs Samsung

Jury finds Samsung infringed on two of Apple’s patents, Apple awarded $119.6 million


AllCast “headset” feature for Fire TV being worked on

Google Drive Android app update to version 1.3, removing some features


Sprint adds international call and text plan for $15 a month


VideoStream for Chrome allows you to stream any video to Chromecast

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Unlocked and Developer Edition HTC One (M8) receiving update that brings Extreme Power Saving Mode


Power users, listen up. HTC is rolling out an update to its flagship One (M8) that brings the Extreme Power Saving Mode feature. For now, though, only the unlocked and Developer Edition variants are receiving this update. In the United States, Sprint’s HTC One (M8) has the feature while every other carrier’s variant is still waiting.

If the update happens to surface over the weekend for your device, let us know!

Update: Outside of the U.S, it looks like Canadian carrier Telus pushed this update to its HTC One (M8) already.

Google acquires Rangespan, a company that assists retailers on what products will be hits


Google has acquired a company that provides retailers with information regarding what products they should be selling. Rangespan is joining Google’s Shopping arm and “will continue to work on services for shoppers and retailers at Google.” On Rangespan’s website, everything has already been wiped clean.

No word yet on how much Google paid to absorb Rangespan and it will be interesting to see what path they put the company on. Is Google working on opening their own online store and utilizing Rangespan to do so? Who knows. Stay tuned.

Source: Rangespan

Google Now works offline after latest update


Google Now never really worked to its full potential when going offline, but the latest update attempts to fix that. Google has brought offline support to Now on Android phones, meaning your cards will still be available even when you don’t have cellular reception.

It’s a small, but much needed change as Google Now continues to improve.

Source: +Google


Samsung ready to bring Android KitKat to the low end market


Samsung appears to be getting close to launching their first low-end device running Android KitKat out of the box. Sources indicate a User Agent profile has surfaced on the Samsung web site for a Samsung SM-G110B smartphone running at 240 x 320 resolution. An earlier report from the Indian tracking site Zauba reported the screen size for this model as 3.3 inches. The User Agent profile also lists the device as running Android 4.4.2.

The SM-G110B could be a new device for Samsung’s Galaxy Pocket series of devices. These smaller, low-powered devices tend to sell in the sub-$100 range and are typically targeted at emerging markets.

source: phoneArena