The Countdown Clock for Sony’s Next Xperia; Enter For Your Chance To Win One

If you go into Sony’s Xperia Facebook page you’ll see a giant banner with the countdown clock for their next Xperia phone (which we expect to be the Sony LT29i Hayabusa). By now, it should be just a little over a day left till the clock runs down. Also, if you follow the directions and click the “Fast-forward” button, you’ll uncover simple instructions for a chance to actually win the device. All you’ll need to do is enter your name and e-mail as well as answer a simple question and you’re all set. I’ve actually never used a Sony Android phone before so I’m not quite sure what to expect with this one, but the more the merrier!

source: Sony Fast-forward 

Build your own Android PC with the Via Technologies APC

Do you have $49, a bit of tech savvy and a creative mind? If so then how does building your own Android based PC sound! VIA Technologies‘ Neo-ITX bare-bones Android PC provides you with everything you need to get started, all you need to do is provide the power supply, any additional accessories and a case.

The miniature chipboard runs Android 2.3 and comes equipped with a 800MHz processor, 512MB of RAM and 2GB internal storage. Connectivity is covered too with an HDMI port, four USB ports, an ethernet port and VGA output. Naturally, as with any PC, you can connect a keyboard, a mouse, speakers and a microphone.

The APC is currently up for pre-order and is due to ship early in July however due to high demand it is currently sold out. You can always register your e-mail address on the website if you’d like to be notified as to when there’s new stock. Click the link below to get going.


Source: VIA Technologies

Redesigned Spotify application arrives on Google Play Store

The more adventurous amongst you will have had a taste of Spotify‘s Ice Cream Sandwich flavoured Android application when the Swedish music maestro launched the redesign for public beta testing back in April. The good news is that from today, the new and improved Spotify is now live in the Google Play Store for everyone to enjoy.

Highlights of the new application include full Ice Cream Sandwich support, hi-res album art, an improved widget and 320kps streaming.  For the full list of improvements and new features, you can check out the press release below. If you like what you see then click the link, there’s even a free 48 hour trial to get you going.

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Sensordrone will give your smartphone or tablet a sixth sense and beyond

Kickstarter seems to be the rage these days so here’s another project worth mentioning. Sensorcon has created what’s called Sensordrone, It can fit on your keychain and monitor your environment. It will connect with your smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth which will allow you to run hundreds of apps to find out things like air quality, carbon monoxide levels, if there is a gas leak, your child’s temperature, and so much more.

They already have various apps that will use various sensors. For example the capacitance sensor is used as a stud finder, a liquid level monitor, or even a proximity monitor. The pressure sensor can be used as a barometer, a blood pressure monitor, and more. The humidity sensor can help you prevent mold and so much more.

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Samsung Airs First Galaxy S III TV Spot on Youtube

In an effort to ramp up the hype before landing on U.S. shores, Samsung has just aired the first 30 second TV spot for the Galaxy S III. Running with the “Designed for humans” motto, Sammy aims to emphasize easy compatibility with every day life in the new commercial. They show scenes from happy times at a family wedding to the cheesy tear-jerking scene of proposing to your girlfriend though a glass wall using S Beam. Instead of boasting the device’s performance and specs in this video, they take the time to show how they feel the phone can fit seamlessly in someones life rather than control it – “It Understands you”. It’s actually kind of a nice little little break from all those in-your-face promotions we have been seeing over the years and makes Samsung seem a little empathetic actually.

Check it out for yourself after the break and let us know what you think. Good guy Samsung?
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Samsung Pushes First OTA Update for the Galaxy S III, Brings “Improved Stability”

Those of you fortunate enough to already own the Galaxy S III might have woken up to an update ready and waiting to be downloaded. Samsung just pushed out the very first OTA update for the device and its changelog is rather short, citing only “improved stability.” Reports are showing that the update size may vary from 9MB to 31MB+, all depending on your current configuration, and may need to be done in two stages. The update doesn’t seem to provide any noticeable changes but after installed will bring the device up to version I9300BUALF1.DM.

This is pretty early for the first update for a device and it’s nice to see that Samsung is properly maintaining their newest flagship masterpiece. If you received the update and noticed something we haven’t feel free to let us know in the comments below. To manually check for the update, head into About Device > Software Update, and there you should find an update ready for download.

source: SlashGear

C Spire Galaxy S III Announced, Pricing and Availability ‘in the Coming Weeks’

It’s time to make it six U.S. carriers that will offer the Galaxy S III as C Spire just announced that they will be getting in on the action as well. Formerly known as Cellular South, the regional carrier C Spire plans to stock the GSIII but haven’t yet revealed the device’s pricing and availability. The company will reveal those details “in the coming weeks.” No word on whether the carrier will stock the 16GB or 32GB version (or both), but the press release does mention both the pebble blue and marble white versions of the phone.

C Spire plans to launch its 4G network in September across 20 different markets and the Galaxy S III will be the carriers first LTE device. Customers who decide to go with the GSIII will just have to use the carrier’s 3G network until LTE reaches their area. You can check out the full press release after the break.

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HTC One X Owners Reporting Another WiFi Issue, This Time Involving The Way The Phone Is Held

Another day, another set of WiFi issues plaguing the HTC One X smartphone. While one significant WiFi issue that plagued the smartphone was resolved, there is apparently a new and more significant WiFi problem affecting some owners of the smartphone. When the smartphone is held in a certain position, the device will lose much (if not all) of its WiFi signal strength. The widespread problem which has been first reported in XDA Forums, seems to affect the HT23 and HT24 models. There are a few solutions that have been identified as well. Users can either exchange their devices if they’re under warranty or if they’re not— they can always open their device and get everything taken care of the hard way. Naturally it’s recommended that owners try to hold off from doing the extreme as HTC is fully aware of this new issue and has its engineering teams working round the clock to get this fixed.

Here’s hoping HTC gets this resolved as soon as possible. Stay tuned with Talk Android as we will continue to provide updates for this developing saga.

source: XDA Forums

ICS Test Build Revealed For Droid Bionic, Real Deal On Its Way?


For those of you who actually shelled out for a Droid Bionic, which was a little late to the game after its original announcement, you’ll be happy to know that some signs of an ICS build have surfaced.  Over the weekend it was reported that an ICS test build made its way onto the Cheesecake application which searches Motorola hosted servers for public files often revealing early builds for their devices.  Only armed with the knowledge that the device was supposed to recive ICS sometime in Q3, there have been no previous news or hints at the anticipated update.  As of now, the build is un-flashable as it’s just an engineer’s build.  But, this could be a hint and a sign of great things to come for Bionic owners.  Hang in there folks and stay tuned.  Otherwise, you’ll have to download a custom ICS ROM until the real deal gets here.

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Verizon Officially Launches Its Data Share Plan

Customers would also have the option of adding 3G/4G tablets to their Data Share plans for an additional $10, though there is no need to sign a contract or long-term commitment. In all reality, the Data Share plan isn’t too bad— especially for couples and families. But if you’re not fortunate enough to be on a family plan and ride solo, then there’s nothing like having the luxury and freedom of unlimited data for Verizon customers— so you may want to hold onto that coveted unlimited data plan for as long as you can.

source: Verizon Wireless PR