Wirefly offers the Verizon Galaxy Nexus for $49.99

Wirefly is one of the top online cell phone retailers and always offering great prices on top Android devices. Today we can see more proof of that. If you’ve been drooling over the latest VZW device but that original price gave you a case of the sticker shock, you’re in luck. The Galaxy Nexus is on sale now for the low, low price of $49.99 with a new contract. That is a far cry from the price of $299 when it first appeared on Big Red. This is definitely a great choice for anyone looking to switch to Verizon Wireless and longing for a new device. Now from the looks of it, if you chose to upgrade to the Galaxy Nexus, you’ll have to dig a little deeper in those pockets and fork over $149.99. Still that’s not a bad deal for a device that sports Android 4.0 aka Ice Cream Sandwich, 4.65” display, 32Gb built-in storage, LTE, NFC and more.

So head on over to Wirefly and take a look and see if this offer is for you.

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European Carriers Say Nokia Phones Would Be More Successful Running Android

If you read about all kinds of mobile tech, not just Android, you may have heard about the rather popular Nokia Lumina 900. While sales have been fairly successful for the Windows device, European carriers feel it could do a heck of a lot better. How, you ask? With Android, that’s how!

According to a conversation Reuters had with European carriers, they feel that the Widows OS can’t hold a candle to Android and… pardon my French, iOS products.

“No one comes into the store and asks for a Windows phone,” said an executive in charge of mobile devices at a European operator, which has sold the Lumia 800 and 710 since December. “If the Lumia with the same hardware came with Android in it and not Windows, it would be much easier to sell.”

Nokia has recently said that they will post a loss for the first and second quarter which is reflected in Moody’s and Standard & Poor’s recently lowered credit rating. Moody’s goes as far as rating them one step above junk on a recent report. This just goes to show that a flashy neon colored phone with an awesome camera and a poor operating system isn’t going to put you ahead of the competition. Looks like Nokia would be better off ditching the zero and getting with the hero if you now what I mean.

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Oakley Testing Technology “Comparable With Google’s Project Glass”


Google’s Project Glass is no doubt one of the most anticipated gadgets of the year. While it’s a unique and special concept/project, it’s about to get some major competition— and not from Apple either. According to Bloomberg, Oakley is currently developing a technology that can project information directly onto lenses, similar to how Project Glass projects information through a heads-up display. Oakley would be able to create the glasses for use as a standalone product or have them connect to a smartphone via Bluetooth while also featuring voice commands. Oakley is excited about the technology too. CEO Colin Baden highlights this technology would make “make hardware that’s comparable with Google’s Project Glass”. Having this technology would allow Oakley create a wide-range of items and products that can wirelessly connect to the internet like other companies are doing.
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Will the Samsung Galaxy S III meet expectations?

Now that we have a date in which we’re almost certain that we will finally see the Galaxy S III, it doesn’t mean the rumors will stop. The invitation says that they will show the “next Galaxy.” Of course it doesn’t even say it’s going to be a smartphone, but don’t worry, I’m not about to start a rumor that we won’t see the Galaxy S III on May 3, but CNET is reporting that this really won’t be much of an upgrade, and furthermore, it might not even be called the Galaxy S III.

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HTC One X for AT&T posted for sale on Craigslist for $675

I always tell people that you can find anything on Craigslist these days. I found an Ikea computer desk for $50 ($200 retail) and the owner was literally down the street from where I lived. Now for those of you who live in the LA area and are anxiously waiting for the arrival of the HTC One X for AT&T, there is a seller on CL that has just posted one for $675 for whomever is curious enough to set up a rendez-vous. The ad appears to include the phone, original box and booklets and we can assume that the charger and other accessories are included as well.

It’s safe to say that the phone should be in mint condition seeing as how it is not even released yet in the States. It’s a certainty that the seller has already received many emails inquiring about this hot item, where he got it, and so forth. My guess is that he is a developer or tester for HTC and has decided to part with it. Crazy, right? The price isn’t too bad, however it’s used. Would anyone be willing to jump on this deal to claim early bird status for the HTC One X? I know I would be jealous!

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ASUS Confirms Pricing For Upcoming Padfone, Transformer Pad Infinity 700 And Transformer Pad 300

We are one step closer to a few ASUS jewels landing in the palms of our hands. For starters, we know you have been talking about the PadFone, the most intriguing of the upcoming devices for some time now. Sure there have been pre-orders available for it in Taiwan since earlier in the month, but what about the rest of us? Well for those of you in Europe at least, the wait will not last much longer. While at the ASUS Milan Design Week 2012, ASUS has confirmed the Padfone will arrive in Italy in late May– which is the same time the device should launch elsewhere in Europe. The company even gave details of the upcoming release by highlighting the smartphone and the tablet combo (which will be known as Padfone Station) will go for EUR 699 ($915 USD), while the keyboard (known as the PadFone Dock) will cost EUR 149 more ($195 USD).

ASUS doesn’t stop there either folks. The mouthwatering Transformer Pad Infinity 700 will arrive in Italy on June 10th. Also known as the Transformer Prime HD, it will arrive as a 64GB WiFi-only model for EUR 600 ($785 USD). The keyboard dock accessory will cost EUR 149 ($195) like the PadFone Dock. Oh and those of you looking for something premium, but not too premium will be able to find the Transformer Prime 300 next month for EUR 400 ($525 USD) for the WiFi version and EUR 500 ($655) for the 3G version. Ladies and gents— get ready to break open your wallets and pocketbooks.

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T-Mobile unveils ‘Alter Ego’ campaign, Carly trades in her dress for motorcycle leathers and a Ducati superbike

The fourth largest carrier in the US has had its ups and downs over the last few years. T-Mobile’s phone plans have been redesigned over and over again in an attempt to attract more customers to what some would call an inevitable sinking ship. Things looked a bit brighter for the company during the attempted acquisition by AT&T but that flopped almost as soon as it began. So what is the next step for Magenta? T-Mobile Senior VP Peter DeLuca told reporters that “we’re working toward a brand refresh later in the year. We really can’t wait until the end of the year to make some noise in the market”. T-Mobile is planning on investing $200 million towards its new advertising campaign entitled “Alter Ego” with parent company Deutsche Telekom throwing in another $4 billion toward the future launch of their 4G network.

Included in all of this will also bring an image makeover to their spokeswoman Carly Foulkes. Carly will trade in her magenta summer dresses for motorcycle leathers and a 1000 cc Ducati superbike. This symbolizes the speed and capabilities of T-Mobile’s 4G network. The commercial has already been shot but has yet to be officially aired. Hit the break for the full presser and teaser video. We can expect to see more ads leading up to their brand re-launch this fall.

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TeamViewer adds VoIP to TeamViewer for Meetings and new design for TeamViewer for Remote Control

It’s been a while since TeamViewer for Remote Control landed on Android, but that doesn’t stop them from upgrading their product. If you aren’t familiar with it, it’s one of the most popular remote desktop apps for Android. They just updated it with some cool new features including:

  • New design makes the software easier to use especially on tablets
  • Performance improvements make operating and connecting to remote computers even faster
  • New layout supports portrait or landscape mode
  • Improved multi-tasking capabilities
  • Improved compatibility with Android 4.x
They also upgraded TeamViewer for Meetings, which lets you participate in a web conference  from your Android phone or tablet. They just added VoIP support to allow participants to communicate instantly from anywhere. In addition, they added a new pointer function and the ability to send chat messages.

Full press release and download links after the break

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Google Offers Updated To Bring New UI And Performance Improvements

One of the coolest apps around has just gotten an update which brings noticeable improvements. The latest Google Offers update now brings items such as faster browsing and a brand new look to the user interface. And yes Google Offers still doesn’t work everywhere just yet, but at least Google is working to bring the service to more individuals by upping the number of partner sites and cities include Austin, Minneapolis, LA and NYC.

The update is now available for all Android 2.1+ devices in the Play Store. If you don’t have it, make sure you grab it… today.


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Over 600 MGM Titles Coming To YouTube And Google Play

Google and MGM have struck a licensing deal to feature over 600 MGM movie titles as rentals on YouTube and Google Play in North America, including titles such as Rocky, Rainman, The Terminator, and Robocop. This deal comes just a couple of weeks after their deal with Paramount Pictures for 500 movies.

MGM and Paramount are two of the five major film studios with which Google has partnered, leaving only 20th Century Fox, a subsidiary of Rupert Murdoch’s News Corporation, as the lone hold out. Murdoch has had issues with Google’s hands-off approach to blocking links to pirated content via its search engine, so a deal doesn’t seem likely until one side changes position.

The addition of MGM brings Google to nearly 10,000 titles available through YouTube or Google Play. At this rate, Netflix and HBO GO better watch out.

source: youtube global blog