Samsung Galaxy S IV to feature Photo Sphere knockoff called Samsung Orb


The Photo Sphere option was added to Android 4.2, but it has only been available to Nexus devices. The fact that it’s a stock camera app, it’s unlikely Android OEMs can use it in its current state since they incorporate their own camera software. So far it appears HTC has no plans to implement a similar feature since it would have been mentioned at the One launch event. What about Samsung? Well it appears they might be prepping their own version called Samsung Orb. Supposedly it will give you the same 360-degree panorama photos and according to one engineer, will be even better since it will utilize the S4 camera. For Orbs or Photo Spheres to takeoff, Facebook support would be huge, and word is Samsung is already working with Facebook so users can share their orbs via the social giant.

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Featured Android App Review: PushBullet [Productivity & Tools]


Transferring files or links from your computer to your phone or tablet can be cumbersome. I just came across a new app that simplifies things and does a lot more. It’s called PushBullet, and it allows you to transfer files, url links, notes, lists, addresses, and reminders to your phone or tablet. Want to send something to your spouse or friend’s device? No problem. You can even receive stuff from others as well.

It’s quite simple to set up. All you need is the app on your phone and the Chrome extension on your desktop browser. Then you sign up using your Gmail account on both your phone and desktop. You will see a PushBullet icon at the top right corner of your desktop Chrome browser. Just click it to push a url link, a file, list, or quick note to the device of choice. For file transfers, you will need to use the website. PushBullet allows you to store multiple devices like your phone, tablet, and any of your friend’s devices. Just choose the device that you need to push to and you’re all set. The receiving device will get a notification of whatever is pushed, so you (or they) can quickly open it. The notification will stay until you swipe it away, and you will always have access to all your past notifications from within the app if you ever need to see anything again.

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Ubuntu Touch preview now available for download



A couple of days ago Canonical announced Ubuntu for Tablets with a promise to release a developer preview on February 21st and the developer has delivered on the promise as the developer preview is now ready to be downloaded. Canonical says that the developer preview is intended for development and evaluation purposes and those who flash the images to their Nexus devices shouldn’t expect all of the bugs to be out nor all the bells and whistles of the retail version to be present. You can download the image for your device and find the instructions for how to flash the software to your device at the source links below. Let us know in the comments if you’ve flashed Ubuntu for your Nexus device and what your experience has been like so far.

Source image download
Installation instructions

[Deal] Get $50 in Google Play credit with the purchase of select Motorola smartphones


If you’re in the market for a Motorola phone, you will be happy to know that you if you purchase one now, you will get $50 in Google Play credit. You have until March 4th to make your purchase, and since it’s a mail-in-rebate, you will have to send them your sales receipt, the barcode from the box, and the phone’s IMEI/ESN/MEID. If you choose to buy your phone directly from Motorola, you don’t have to send in the rebate. Hit the break for the list of eligible devices.

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Obama Wan vs the Librarian – SIM unlocking petition hits threshold


Last month a new rule from the Library of Congress made it illegal to unlock a mobile phone to use on another network. This means that owners of phones that are not subsidized or that are no longer “under contract” cannot just take their phone to another carrier for service. Many believe this gives the carriers far too much power over consumers. In response, a petition was started on the White House web site requesting the  Librarian of Congress to rescind their recent decision or asking the Obama administration to back legislation to make unlocking legal.

The petition was started on January 24, 2013 and today hit the 100,000 signature threshold required for an official response from the White House. This news is a good sign and hopefully will help the President and perhaps Congress realize that there is a problem. Whether they actually do anything about it remains to be seen as they could opt to not take up the cause, much like their recent decision regarding construction of a death star.

source: The White House

Otterbox prepping HTC One cases ahead of the smartphone’s release



Sure we may not see the HTC One smartphone for another month, but that’s not stopping Otterbox from preparing some sweet cases to be available to those of you who choose to splurge on the smartphone. The well-regarded accessory maker has confirmed it has various cases from its Defender and Commuter Series’ that will be available in a variety of colors and designs. Of course the cases aren’t easy on the wallet as the prices will range from $35 to $60, but it’s a pretty solid investment considering you know… it can protect your phone from massive damage and all.

source: Otterbox

Samsung teases its TV Discovery service set to be showcased at MWC 2013



Samsung is preparing to use MWC 2013 to showcase its newest service called TV Discovery for its various devices. TV Discovery is a fully integrated tool that essentially lets users take advantage of live TV content and other forms of video content on both Sammy smartphones and Smart TV sets. So users of the service will be able relay and actually see program information and feeds from live TV, video on demand and online streaming means such as Netflix— all through one centralized resource center. Oh and what’s even more awesome is the ability to use a compatible connected tablet into a fully functional universal remote. Sweet.

For now, Sammy highlights TV Discovery will initially aggregate content from Netflix and Blockbuster in the US and Acetrax, Wuaki, MovieMax, FilmIn, Chili, Pathé and SF Anytime in the European Countries. There are no further details for now, but we’re certainly eager to see how Sammy’s latest concoction works in person next week.

source: Samsung Tomorrow

Google Drive gets support for streaming videos


The Google Drive Android app just received an update that includes a much needed feature, video streaming. This means that you can now watch any of your stored videos on your Android phone or tablet. You will need Android 3.0 or above to get your stream on, which covers about 50% of the user base. They also added pinch-to-zoom support for presentations and a few bug fixes. If you already have Google Drive, head over to the Play Store to get your update or hit one of the links below to get the app.

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ASUS releases overview video for the MeMO Pad Smart 10

ASUS_MeMO_Pad_Smart_ 10_124

We thought it was going to be called the MeMo Pad 10, but apparently it will be the MeMO Pad Smart 10. ASUS already confirmed the tablet last week, but now they released an overview video. This tab falls in line with the TransformerPad TF300 with a 10-inch IPS display and Tegra 3 processor. It comes with SonicMaster sound technology and a 5MP camera. Other than a pink offering, there’s nothing earth shattering here, but if priced right, it could be a decent 10-inch tablet for a lot of people. Hit the break for the video.

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Sprint Force smartphone leaked for your viewing pleasure, brings an affordable LTE device to the masses



It looks as if Sprint has yet another ZTE device on the way— this time an Ice Cream Sandwich-powered device called the Force. This mid-ranger features a 1.5GHz dual-core chip + 1GB of RAM, 4 gigs of on-board ROM and a decent 1,730mAh battery. The real kicker about this device is that it will feature a full 4G LTE chip built-in. All of these goodies seem to bode well for customers looking for a new device soon, as the Force is set to arrive in stores on March 1st for a mere $50.

Sure looks like Sprint is trying its dardnest to get customers to its ever-growing 4G LTE network doesn’t it?

source: Engadget