[Deal] Get the Logitech Revue from Newegg for $73.99

With Google continuing its push into the TV market and not letting Google TV die it’s hard being an early adopter of new technology. The Logitech Revue is a prime example of an early adoption device that didn’t receive much fanfare. The once $299 device dropped to just $99 in hopes that the product would move. Well if you’re hesitant about Google TV and are not wanting to drop a serious chunk of change on a device then this deal might be for you. Newegg is selling a refurbished model of the Revue for just $73.99.

This box goes beyond Apple TV and the Roku media streaming option by packing in the ability to download apps, having a web browser and coming with a keyboard. It was knocked, however, for lacking support for Hulu and having a lack of app selection options. Netflix and Pandora seem to be the only highlight in regards to media sources.

The device was updated to Google TV 2.0 in hopes to remedy the fully admitted flop the device was. However even though it was reported that the device was sold out it’s still safe to say the device did not fair well. So why would you want one you ask? Well because it’s yet another Android device that can be tinkered with. I know that appeals to some Android fanatics out there. While I am waiting on the next batch of Google TV devices to arrive, it’s hard not to jump on this deal.

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More LG Optimus LTE II Specs Revealed, Possible Summer Release for the U.S.

Earlier this month we saw the announcement of the LG Optimus LTE II. While details on specs were fuzzy we did know that it would come with a whopping 2GB of RAM and a TRUE HD IPS Display. Other than that mum was the word in regards to the other specs. However that’s all changed as it appears that more details have surfaced and it appears that it’s going to be a powerhouse of a phone.  Besides the 2GB of RAM and True HD IPS display here is what it’ll have under the hood:

  • 1.5GHz Dual-Core Processor
  • 4.7-inch 1280×720 display
  • 1.3 MP front Camera with 8 MP rear camera
  • NFC
  • 16GB of storage
  • a Micro SD slot
  • 2150mAh battery.
  • Android 4.0 with LG’s new Optimus UI 3.0

This device is looking to be released in South Korea this week and will be seen in the U.S. and Canada, among others, later in the summer. However as per the usual, there isn’t an exact launch date or information on which carriers will sport the device. Given that AT&T (Nitro HD) and Verizon (Spectrum) have their own versions of the original Optimus LTE. But it looks as if we will only have to wait a few short months to get this sequel device. Does that excite you folks out there?


source: phonedog

Chameleon is Now a Kickstarter Project Looking to Make the Tablet UI Sexy Again


The great thing about Android is the fact that if you don’t like the way it looks, you can use a slew of various launcher applications  to change it to work for you. NOVA Launcher and Go Launcher are just a few of the launcher options you have. However the one thing I find with every launcher I’ve used is that even though I set it to work great for me, it still feels not as efficient as it should be. Mind you I am talking about my tablet UI. Ice Cream Sandwich on the Nexus works perfectly in my opinion. Enter Chameleon. The launcher we told you about back in March looks to make inefficiency a thing of the past. While this UI is nothing short of revolutionary it didn’t hit the target market the company intended it for. Intended for OEMs the company behind the UI couldn’t find a buyer.

Rather than give up they’re taking to the UI to Kickstarter. Their goal is $50,000. Now I know what you’re thinking. Why the heck would we pay for a UI that’s only in the prototype stage let alone at all? Well the company has more than just a Photoshop rendering of the the UI as you will see from the videos below the UI looks amazing. And if you’re still skeptical the company behind Chameleon, Teknision, is listed as one of the designers behind the BlackBerry PlayBook‘s UI.

So if you feel like supporting what should be a very well done UI that’s already in the works, hit the source link below. Here’s hoping they meet their mark because this is going to be a great GUI. Again, you can check out the videos of this UI in motion after the break. Enjoy!

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Contest: Win an ASUS Transformer Pad Prize Pack courtesy of ASUS, NVIDIA, and Talk Android [Week 2]

We handed out our first of three Transformer Pad Prize Packs earlier today so it’s now time to start week two. We will be giving away the same prize pack which consists of an ASUS Transformer Pad TF300, a matching keyboard dock, a Logitech controller, and a Jambox speaker. For this week all you have to do is comment below with your favorite TegraZone game in terms of graphicsYou have until next Wednesday, May 23rd at 11:59pm EST. We will announce the winner on Thursday, May 24th and start up the third week as well.

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And the winner of the ASUS Transformer Pad Prize Pack for Week 1 is…..

As you know, we have ASUS Transformer Pad Prize Packs to give away. We’re giving away three of them, and we just finished week one. Congratulations goes out to Jason Keilholz who is going to receive an ASUS Transformer Pad TF300, a matching keyboard dock, a Logitech controller, and a Jambox speaker. Jason voted for Shadowgun for best graphics, which I think was an excellent choice.

These prize packs are for the celebration of the one year anniversary of the NVIDIA TegraZone, which now has around 40 games all optimized for the Tegra 2 and/or the Tegra 3 processor. If you haven’t already, please head over to NVIDIA’s Players Choice Awards site and cast your votes for the best TegraZone games of the year. They are giving away seven, yes that’s seven, of these same prize packs. All you have to do is vote and your automatically entered for a chance to win.

Talk Android still has two more prize packs to hand out so look for our next contest post shortly.


[Video] LG’s Optimus 4X HD Commercial Spot uploaded for your viewing

We’ve talked about this latest LG offering the Optimus 4X HD a few times. Showing a nice new user interface that will come packed in with this device. Now seem via the YouTubez we have a fresh new commercial ready for you to soak in. The video brings us great visuals and a nice look at the phone. A few of the specs for Optimus 4X HD include, a Tegra 3 quad core processor, 720P IPS display, an 8MP BSI camera, 2150mAh battery and Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich. If you want to take ride on the Optimus ‘Light Cycle’ (you’ll see what I mean) click play, sit back and enjoy.

YouTube Preview Image

Samsung Galaxy S III Is Officially Available For Pre-Order On T-Mobile UK’s Website

Those of you in the UK clamoring for one of those T-Mobile-branded versions of the Samsung Galaxy S III are one step closer to having the device in your sweaty hands. T-Mo has laid out its Galaxy S III price plans, while also putting the smartphone officially up for pre-order. Naturally if you’re a data-hungry chap, you’ll probably want to splurge on T-Mo’s Full Monty Plan we had previously indicated before, which includes unlimited texts and data and T-Mobile-to-T-Mobile calls. The price for that will be £49.99 on-contract to start off, then £36 per month thereafter. Those of you who are feeling a bit more frugal can go for plans starting at a not too shabby £10.50 per month, though you would have to pay a high £300.00 upfront. And finally if you want your phone truly gratis without any fee to start off with, customers can go for a £41/month plans which includes an unlimited buffet (calls/text/data).

Hit the source link for more details.

source: T-Mobile UK

Google I/O 2012 ‘Sessions’ Schedule Announced

Looking forward to Google I/O in just over a month? Even if you aren’t attending there is bound to be some cool stuff to come of the three-day Google-ed out event. To give you an idea of what will be taking place in San Francisco’s Moscone Center on June 26-29, Google just posted the “sessions” schedule for this year’s I/O.

As you can imagine, there will be plenty of Android topics covered as well as the web-based stuff, too. Nothing is sticking out as far as new products go or anything fun like that, this is more just a schedule for developer seminars. I imagine we will just have to wait until the event gets under way before we learn of any new Google announcements. Either way, we will be on scene to report all the juicy details but in the meantime, hit the source link below to see what Google has planned for the registered guests.

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Sprint Adds Music, Books And Movies To Carrier Billing Option

If you’re on Sprint and you’ve been feeling left out as far as having the option to use carrier billing when purchasing Play Store items other than apps, welcome to the circle.  Sprint is now offering you the ability to use carrier billing instead of entering in your credit card information, adding music, books and even movies to the mix.  Just another easy way for the consumer to pay for rich media content.  We’ll take it.  If you’re a Sprint customer, enjoy.  Feel free to let us know if you prefer carrier billing over standard methods of payment for your Play Store entertainment.

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HTC Wants Customers To Know Its Multitasking Is “Operating Normally” On Its One X Smartphone


The HTC One X smartphone is perhaps the best smartphone of the year so far, but it hasn’t come without its quirks. While Sense 4.0 has been rightfully praised because of its revamped look and tweaks to Android 4.0′s multitasking, it has brought some unwanted and unnecessary confusion to how the multitasking actually works. Let me explain— the multitasking feature found in the One X is actually overaggressive in closing background apps compared to other Android devices. For example, say you close your browser or Slacker radio for longer than 30 seconds, each will close completely and not return from the state of when you left it to begin with. As you might imagine folks are not the least bit happy with this “tweak” to multitasking, so individuals like our friends at The Verge reached out to HTC to ask, what gives? Here’s what HTC had to say on its “tweaked” multitasking:

“HTC is aware of some questions in the enthusiast community about how the HTC One X handles multitasking and memory management for background apps. We value the community’s input and are always looking for ways to enhance customers’ experience with our devices. That said, right now multitasking is operating normally according to our custom memory management specifications which balance core ICS features with a consistent HTC Sense experience”.

So there you have it folks— HTC clearly states its “tweaked” multitasking is actually “operating normally”… as in there’s nothing wrong with it, so you’d best leave it alone. Here’s hoping it will continue to enhance customers’ experience with the HTC One X and improve the multitasking eventually.

source: The Verge