Target will sell the Samsung Galaxy S 5 for $100 when you trade in your old device


Not able to take advantage of Verizon’s BOGO offer for the Samsung Galaxy S 5? Target is running a deal of their own. If you bring a qualifying device in for a trade, Target will sell you Samsung’s new flagship smartphone for just $100 with a new two-year contract. The carriers eligible with Target’s deal are Verizon, AT&T, and Sprint.

The deal runs from April 11 through April 19, so check the source link below to see if your current device is eligible for a trade in. The whole process can be done online or in a Target store.

Source: Target

AllCast and Mirror for Fire TV beta released


Earlier today developer Koushik Dutta showed the world his Android device being mirrored to an Amazon Fire TV set top box. He has wasted no time in making things available for the public as he has announced the release of a beta version of an app to support this on Fire TV. To make things work for now, users interested in giving it a try will have to sideload the receiver APK on their Fire TV. If they are not comfortable doing that, they can wait for its approval by the Amazon App Store as Dutta has already submitted it for review. Read more

HTC One M8 gets S-OFF allowing users to mod their device


Many HTC device owners will be aware of HTC’s S-ON, which is HTC’s security that prevents modding of their devices, including kernels and custom recoveries. This also includes the installation of Google Play Edition software, otherwise known as stock Android, even though the ROM for it has been available for a while. The Firewater team, which is a team of developers, have managed to achieve S-OFF on the all new HTC One (M8), opening up the device to a number of modding possibilities.

S-OFF will allow users to install the Google Play edition ROM, essentially allowing for stock Android on the device. Users should be wary of doing this, however, as the procedure will void your warranty and is quite dangerous. If you are comfortable with the procedure, then head to the source link below!

Source: Firewater

Software update for Verizon HTC One Max now live


Today Verizon released the Android 4.4.2 update for their version of the HTC One Max. This update will come with a number of great features, including a number of bug fixes.

Users with the Verizon variant of the device will now enjoy improved battery life. The update has also been “redesigned for ease of use”, which includes a master switch for location settings, a list of which apps are using location services, and the estimated battery use of each app.

Source: Verizon

Twitter buys up Cover, the contextually aware lock screen replacement


Remember that contextually aware lock screen from a few months ago, Cover? The app hasn’t made any waves lately, but that didn’t stop Twitter from scooping up the app and its developers.

Twitter is generally pretty platform agnostic, so it’s interesting that they were willing to acquire a startup that only applies to the Android side of the fence. Of course, there’s always that chance that Twitter only bought Cover for some interesting technology or the developers, especially since Cover plans to stay available in the Play Store for the foreseeable future. Read more

Livestream allows you to broadcast what you’re seeing with Google Glass


As one of the largest broadcasting services on the Internet, it is not a surprise that Livestream would want to launch an app for Google Glass. Well, they’ve done just that! Users of Google Glass can now stream what they’re seeing straight to Livestream.

Users can easily start an event, simply by using the “Livestream” voice command, which will launch the app. After that you simply tap the device, and you’re live. Right now, the only way to pair your device with a Livestream account is by scanning a QR code found on the Livestream event pages, but soon users will be able to do that from an app on their smartphone.

Source: Livestream
Via: Engadget

How to apply slow motion effects to your videos on the HTC One (M8)


The HTC One (M8) allows you do some neat stuff with images utilizing the Duo Camera, but another cool feature is slow motion video. Recording slow motion video isn’t anything new, but HTC takes it one step further with the ability to adjust the speed for certain parts of your video. For example, you could record your child scoring a goal and just when they make the final kick, you can put that in slow motion, but leave everything else at full speed.

What’s cool is that this can be done after the fact, but the video must be filmed in slow motion. You will be able to set what part of the video you want at full speed and what part to be at 1/2 speed or even 1/4 speed. You can even revert back to full speed for the entire video. The only caveat is that slow motion videos will be at 720p, even if you revert them back to full speed.

It is a pretty cool way to add a little flair to your videos, so hit the break to find out how to do it.

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Samsung’s Chromebook 2 is now available for pre-order via Amazon


Samsung officially announced the new Chromebook 2 back in March and is to expected to launch in April. Starting today, customers can now pre-order the new Chromebook 2 from Amazon, which will ship sometime in April.

Two variants of the laptop are up for sale, one is the 11.6-inch model for $320 and another is the 13-inch model for $400. They will have a faux leather lid just like the Galaxy Note 3. The 13-inch model comes with a full HD display with 1920×1080 resolution and both the models will have Samsung’s Exynos 5 Octa processor with 4GB of RAM and will be able to run for up to 8.5 hours on a single battery charge. Read more

NVIDIA Shield receives Android 4.4.2 software update with new features


The NVIDIA Shield, which is the company’s Android-based gaming console with an analog controller and an attached 5-inch screen, received the April software update today that takes the gaming console from Android 4.4 KitKat to Android 4.4.2.

The April update comes with new features such as Remote GameStream and Notebook support beta, an updated TegraZone, a keyboard and mouse support in console mode, Multi-PC pairing and many more features which you can find out at the end of this article.

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