Google giving away HD version of “Big” as part of second birthday specials


In celebration of its second birthday, Google’s Play service is offering a completely free digital version of the classic Tom Hanks movie, “Big.” On top of it being free, it’s even the HD version. If you’ve never seen the movie, or if you just need something to watch, there’s really no reason not to grab this one.

Who’s planning on streaming this one to their Chromecast this weekend? Hit the break for download links.

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comScore reports US smartphone market share for January 2014

comscore marketshare january 2014

comScore has released their numbers for smartphone market share in the US for January 2014, and the numbers are fairly predictable. Android commanded a majority of the market, accounting for 51.7% of all US smartphones, dipping half a percent from October last year. BlackBerry also fell half a percent point, while Apple pulled up 1% due to Android and BB’s small decline. Android still sat a full 10% ahead of Apple as of January, while Microsoft’s Windows Phone claimed a small 3.2% in third place.

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BLOCKS aiming to launch modular smartwatch by 2015

Blocks modular smartwatch

A new company called BLOCKS is looking to jump into the increasingly competitive smartwatch market to compete with offerings from Sony, Samsung, and eventually Google and Apple. Taking a cue from Google’s own Project Ara, BLOCKS wants to differentiate their smartwatch by making it completely modular and customizable.

The smartwatch is still in the prototype phase, but if everything goes well you’ll be able to change nearly everything about the device, from screen size to color to what apps come preinstalled. There’s also a plan for third parties to design modules specific to whatever needs they may have, which sounds like a fantastic selling point.

Unfortunately, we won’t see the BLOCKS smartwatch anytime soon, as the earliest they plan to have it released is mid-2015. Modular mobile devices are still pretty new, so there’s a ton of R&D that still needs to go into it, but we’re excited to see where this goes either way.

source: Techno Buffalo

Google is “pretty sure” that your data is safe


According to Google Executive Chairman Eric Schmidt, Google is “pretty sure” that your data is safe. Schmidt said this today at a panel discussion at South by Southwest Initiative.

Google upgraded the encryption process that they use to keep users information secure, and Google was apparently in the process of upgrading their system and encryption when the Edward Snowden revelations were first released. When that news broke, Google says that they expedited the process of upgrading.

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HTC Desire 816 and 610 up for pre-order in Europe


The HTC Desire 816 and Desire 610 have both gone up for pre-order in Germany, and in the process the pricing of the devices has also been revealed. This should give us a pretty accurate representation of how much the device will cost in most of Europe. We already knew how much the HTC Desire 816 would cost in China, but that doesn’t really tell us too much about the rest of the world.

Smartphones are normally more expensive in Europe than in China, but the difference here is quite a lot. The Desire 816 is estimated to cost around €213 in China, but in Germany it will set you back around €379. Amazon Germany lower that price a little after the pre-order period is over. The HTC Desire 610 will cost you €299, and we don’t have shipping dates for either devices just yet.

Source: UnWiredView

Teaser video for next Angry Birds game posted, game will include suits of armor


The game company behind the Angry Birds franchise, Rovio, has posted a teaser video for the upcoming game in the series. While it doesn’t say too much about the game, it does confirm that those birds are definitely still angry.

The teaser also features a few shots of medieval suits of armor, after which one angry bird is launched through the helmet. One thing the video does confirm is that the game will launch in Australia and Canada, and then go on to the rest of the world. Hit the break to see the video for yourself!

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Amazon set to take out HTC and LG with new phone


According to Chitika statistics, while Samsung devices generate the most mobile traffic in the US at 55%, Amazon generates the second most. This isn’t really that surprising, but it does mean that Kindle tablets outdo Motorola, HTC and LG devices when it comes to web traffic. Because of that, it is only a matter of time before we see an Amazon mobile device.

Amazon’s plan was to take over a large enough portion of the mobile content market to be able to release a smartphone of their own. Well that plan is well on track.

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Pebble 2.0 for Android now available


The Pebble app store has been available in beta since last month, however today Pebble released version 2.0 of its app that brings a handful of new features.

Upon installing the new firmware, Pebble watch users will recognize that the user interface has been completely re-designed and given a new touch. Users can now easily browse the store and download apps and watchfaces, keep track of their favorite application with Watchapp locker and a list of prior notifications will be stored on your Pebble.

Pebble 2.0 finally improves the Pebble experience and relieves users of having to manually find and install watch apps. To get the latest version of Pebble, head to the Play Store now and download it.

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New patent application suggests Samsung might be working on a new device unlocking feature


According to a new recent patent application with USPTO, Samsung might be working on a new feature related to device unlocking. The patent application suggests that the company is working on a feature, similar to LG’s Knock Code, that will allow users to unlock their device just by touching on the display and dragging around to draw a figure with at least one intersection.

The description says that this feature will work even when your device’s display is off which means that users will no longer need to push the power key in order to turn on the display to use the feature. The shape, size or position of the drawing is not important given that there is at least one intersection point. In addition, users can assign a function two two, three or more intersection points. For example, you can assign WhatsApp to two intersection points so that when you draw a figure and there’s two intersection points, the application will be launched.

Source: USPTO
Via: PhoneArena

AllCast adds support for DLNA server casting


Apps designed to help users stream content to their Chromecast devices continue to update on a fast pace and AllCast has been no exception. The latest update adds support for DLNA servers. Unlike some other apps that force content to be streamed via an Android devices, Koushik Dutta’s latest update enables content on a DLNA server to be delivered straight to the Chromecast device. Read more