Oppo Leaks Image Of 6.65mm Smartphone, Gives Huawei’s Ascend P1 S Some Competition

Think the upcoming Huawei Ascend P1 S smartphone is thin as thin can get? Well, you may want to think again as there’s a new kid on the block aiming to have the title of “World’s Thinnest Smartphone”. Chinese company Oppo has leaked out a photo of its upcoming device that will be only 6.65mm thick— which is 0.03mm thinner than Huawei’s offering. The device features a rich black finish, a metallic bezel around the device and 3 capacative buttons. Of course you can have a visually appealing thin smartphone, but it’s what’s inside that really matters and unfortunately, Oppo has not provided any details on what’s inside the device.

No additional details for now, but we’ll be sure to share them as we hear them.

source: Engadget

MIT’s Media Lab demos NewsFlash, Transmits data via high-frequency light to smartphones

MIT’s Media Lab is at it again. This time they demoed NewsFlash which uses high-frequency red and green light to transmit data to a built-in camera on a receiving device. In the demo they used an iPad to transmit to a Samsung Epic 4G. The concept is similar to a QR code, but no 2D square. Instead the generated lights are invisible to the human eye and a little more graceful. This is only at the concept stage so don’t expect to see this soon, but one has to wonder if NFC would be a better alternative. Hit the break for the demo video from Engadget.

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source: engadget

Reports Indicate HTC And Facebook Are Collaborating On Another Smartphone


The latest news from the rumor mill sure is intriguing. Word on the street is HTC and Facebook will be participating in another joint venture to develop a smartphone. If you recall friends, both companies joined together to create the Facebook Phone last year, so yes friends, we will likely a follow-up to the oh-so familiar Facebook-centered smartphone that was heavily promoted last year. Like the original, the new smartphone will be a specially made device which is you guessed it— Facebook-centric that will arrive in the third quarter of this year.

DigiTimes reports HTC has some reasons for both HTC and Facebook making the second attempt at developing an exclusive or custom smartphone. Although Google selected HTC for the G1 (HTC Dream) and the Nexus One smartphones, Samsung has been the successor for the following Nexus phones— the Nexus S and Galaxy Nexus. It looks like HTC is likely unhappy that Samsung is expected to continue on the Nexus line by developing the next Nexus device, so it’s decided to press on and partner with Facebook for another opportunity at an exclusive and special device instead. In addition, Facebook is in the midst of becoming a public company. That means it is expected to further expand its investments and sources of income. Naturally, the launch of its own brand of smartphones being part of its development strategy would be a good way to start.

And that’s the kicker folks— the new version of the Facebook phone would possibly not just feature a Facebook button, but rather be a more complete and integrated Facebook experience. It looks as if this upcoming device will have much more involvement with Facebook’s development team— so this may be the true Facebook phone we’ve all been speculating for years. Then again, it could of course be another Salsa/ChaCha-type phone, but hey– at least we’ll find out soon enough.

source: Digitimes

[Video] Trailer for Gameloft’s N.O.V.A. 3 now available


The Near Orbit Vanguard Alliance aka N.O.V.A. is and action adventure first person shooter from Gameloft. Up and coming is the third installment of this action packed game. This is one of those games that will take full advantage of the power coming out of today’s mobile platforms. Gameloft itself is even taking a part in mobile 3D gaming, starting with optimizing a number of games for the LG Optimus 3D Max.

So feast your eyes on the video below. You won’t see any real gameplay, but it will definitely hype you up for the N.O.V.A. 3 release.

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Facebook for Android updates again, Tries to ‘help’ us with mini icons

If you remember, last Friday Facebook for Android updated with some bug fixes. There was only one problem because the update brought a couple of new icons to your app drawer, one titled camera and the other titled messenger. The camera icon is a easy way to take a photo and quickly upload it to Facebook and the Messenger app obviously opens Facebook Messenger quickly. While some might find these convenient, others found it annoying because you could easily hit the wrong camera icon for example.

Yesterday Facebook updated once again, but this time they added mini Facebook icons to those app icons so you won’t tap them by mistake. Unfortunately these icons aren’t removable unless you install a 3rd party launcher, have Ice Cream Sandwich, or the manufacturer of your phone has the “added” ability to hide certain apps like newer Motorola phones.


Chrome for Android To Lose Beta Label In A Matter Of Weeks

Google Chrome for Android Beta has been out for only a couple of months but has already proven to be a very capable browser. Recent updates have added the ability to view the desktop versions of web sites as well as adding bookmarks to the browser’s home tab, not to mention the usual round of bug squashing. Senior Vice President of Chrome and Apps Sundar Pichai had the following to say in an interview.

We launched beta 2. We addressed a few things. Mainly right now, I’m driven by bug quality and stability. We are triaging, tracking, and trying to make it very stable. It is in a matter of weeks.

Chrome for Android is only available for devices running Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich, a relative rarity in the Android ecosystem, but it has gotten very high marks by users of the platform. Check out our own review of the browser.

source: cnet

Samsung Galaxy Note For T-Mobile Spotted In The Wild


The existence of a Samsung Galaxy Note device for T-Mobile has been hinted at before through user agent strings and Android build screenshots. These pieces of evidence are compelling, but not nearly as exciting as actual pictures of the 5.3″, S-Pen enabled phablet. TmoNews has uncovered nearly a dozen pictures of the device, T-Mobile branding and all.

Still no news on pricing and availability, so these pictures will have to be enough for now. View them all after the break.

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Another Samsung Galaxy S III Dummy Box Pictured Showing Custom Soft Keys

You know what we need? Yes, that’s right. Another Samsung Galaxy S III leak. This time it’s a series of pictures of a GT-i9300 test device in what is most obviously a “dummy box,” meaning the outer casing is just there to provide a housing for the innards, and to not reveal the final design until Samsung’s announcement on May 3rd in London.

These pictures came from Chinese forum Mobile01 and reveal one new detail about the software on the handset. Samsung has tweaked Android 4.0′s soft keys a bit and added a slightly larger menu button that, when present, actually shifts the other buttons over. Not a huge big deal, but it does give us a peek at how TouchWiz on Ice Cream Sandwich is shaping up.

See the pics after the break.

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ZTE V66 tablet supposedly to be released as the ZTE Turbine on Verizon

Earlier this year we had reported leaked info on the mysterious ZTE V66 tablet that is destined for Verizon some time in the first half of 2012. Originally speculated to be released during Mobile World Congress last month, the ZTE V66 has some fairly decent specs listed, however there are still important details unknown, leaving prospective Verizon tablet customers wondering if and when it’ll ever hit shelves at all.

Fortunately, we may have another piece of this ZTE puzzle. An anonymous tipster who allegedly works for an accessory manufacturer that has proven to be fairly reliable in the past has reported that the official name of the Verizon bound V66 will be the “Turbine“. It’s unclear whether the ZTE brand will be incorporated with the Verizon name, like Sprint’s ZTE Optik, or if it will just simply be Turbine.

So it appears we may be one step closer to seeing the whole picture and hopefully with that, a release date in the near future. The specs of the ZTE “Turbine” will be on par with the ZTE Optik that was recently released as a budget tablet for Sprint, so we can expect similar pricing to be in place. Are there any Verizon customers looking to make the Turbine their future tablet?

source: pocketnow

Android 4.0.4 Factory Images Now Available Online

Well what do we have here?  Newly available factory images for Android 4.0.4 (IMM76I) can now be obtained via the web for all yakju variants of the GSM version Galaxy Nexus.  In addition, there’s a new build on the horizon, “takju”.  These images are highly coveted as they can assist you in a time of need, such as when you brick the heck out of your phone rendering it useless.  The  images can also help you move from a non-yakju build to a yakju one seamlessly.  You’ll need fastboot of course and some experience flashing images can’t hurt either.  Also note that as Google has begun selling their Nexus device on the Play Store, recall that this is not the same model, it’s the takju build.  Takju is Android 4.0.4 (IMM76I) with some optimization for supporting Google Wallet.

source: Google Dev Site