Roboto font in Android 4.3 gets subtle improvements and changes


Since the Android 4.3 leak a few days ago, every nook and cranny of the software has been under some serious scrutiny for changes and improvements. One new, noticeable improvement in the latest version of Android is the font. It’s still Roboto, but it’s seen some very minor tweaks and subtle changes, as you can see in the picture above. The red lines indicate new Roboto fonts, and the black shows old Roboto fonts. It’s clearly not a major difference, but it’s been refined and cleaned up a bit.

The curves of many letters, especially in lowercase letters, have been refined and trimmed up, and punctuation has seen some big improvements, especially the comma. Overall, I think it’s definitely a nice improvement, and it’s good to see Google paying attention to details with Android. If you want a great, very detailed full teardown of the new font, hit the Android Police source below. If you want a more hands on approach, you can grab the fonts from the download links.

source: Android Police

Download Link


TalkAndroid Weekly Recap for June 24 – June 30, 2013


We had another busy week at TalkAndroid so here’s a recap of all the top stories. Sony made a splash this week with the announcement of the Xperia Z Ultra and a much improved SmartWatch 2. Gamers rejoiced and cried at the same time. The OUYA hit retail stores, but the NVIDIA SHIELD was delayed. All reports indicate the DROID brand isn’t dead just yet as we might see another edition of the DROID RAZR line by year’s end. The HTC First is officially dead and can someone please tell me what the screen size of the Galaxy Note III will really be? It’s time to get caught up and get ready for another exciting week.


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Samsung Galaxy S 4 Zoom gets July 8 UK release date and price


Once Samsung announced their Galaxy S 4 Zoom earlier this month, questions immediately arose of when and for how much it would be available. It looks like a UK release could be coming very soon. UK retailer Clove has begun to take pre-orders for the S4 Zoom, with shipments going out beginning July 8. The price for the camera-based phone is currently £369, which is about $561.40 in the US. We don’t yet have a US release date yet, but hopefully it will be soon.

As a reminder, the S4 Zoom has a 4.3-inch qHD (960 x 540) Super AMOLED display, with a pixel density of 256 PPI, a 1.5 Ghz dual-core processor, 1.5 GB of RAM, Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean with TouchWi, 8GB of internal storage with a microSD slot for expandability (up to 64GB), and a 2330 mAh battery. Camera features include a 16-megapixel camera with 10x Optical Zoom and an Xenon Flash on the back, and a 1.9-megapixel camera on the front of the device.

Source: Clove
Via: Android Authority


New Cover Algorithm app enables sensor-based lock/unlock actions


Android phone users who enjoy automating smartphone functions using features like NFC with tags or IFTTT or Tasker for Android for applications have a new option thanks to XDA Developer member Akshay (Aky), who released Cover Algorithm to the Google Play Store. Cover Algorithm uses a smartphone’s sensors as the input to trigger the lock and unlock functions of a device. According to Akshay (Aky) the app can use any of a device’s sensors – light, proximity, accelerometer, magnetic field – to trigger an action. For the trial version that was released, only three actions are available, lock, unlock, and lock/unlock. 

Samsung found to have higher device subsidies than Apple, HTC


When most people buy a new smartphone, part of the equation that helps make it affordable to put a small computer in their pocket is the subsidy provided by the carrier. A new analysis of device subsidies by ABI Research shows that Samsung was the highest in terms of percentage when compared to HTC and Apple. Clocking in at 84%, Samsung topped HTC’s implied rate of 80% and Apple’s 74%. This may be surprising to some who have heard carriers are not especially enamored with Apple’s devices due to the squeeze Apple puts on their profits. While Samsung and HTC are worse for carriers from a percentage standpoint, Apple still leads the way with a higher $110 average subsidy cost in actual value.

Editing Microsoft Office documents in Chrome OS in the works


Developers on the Chrome OS developer track have a new option that they can begin testing that could be a major new feature for the operating system. After buying QuickOffice last year, it turns out one of the benefits Google is working on is injecting the code for reading and editing Microsoft Word and Excel documents into the Chrome OS. The ability to edit commonly used file formats will help move Chrome OS powered devices into the mainstream and be able to better compete with Windows and Mac OS powered devices by removing a potential barrier.

If you are on the developer track for Chrome OS, point your browser to chrome://flags and look for the option to “Enable document editing.” After enabling that option, restart your Chromebook. Obviously this is still in a testing phase, so bugs are expected.

There is no word on how long before this may make its way into the general release of Chrome OS. With rumors of Google wanting to merge the Android OS and Chrome OS, this capability could end up on your Android device one day.

source: Chromium Code Reviews
image via: +François Beaufort

Samsung SM-T315 tablet tip-toes past FCC doors, shows us another LTE variant of the Galaxy Note 8.0 that won’t be headed to the States



Yes friends, the Galaxy Note 8.0 has made another appearance through the FCC hallways– this time highlighting a unique cellular modem. The SM-T315 variant was recently spotted featuring HSPA+ frequencies, but an LTE frequency that is currently not compatible with American technologies. So as a result, it appears that the only American LTE variant of the device will be made for AT&T stores, though we’re hopeful that Sammy will surprise us and come out with another LTE variant for Stateside consumers who happen to be with other wireless carriers.

source: FCC
via: Engadget

PSA: 4th of July is the day phones are most likely to be damaged or lost



If you’re preparing to live it up on the 4th of July, you may want to take extra care and caution to protect your smartphone. A recent report from insurance firm Asurion highlights that while the summer months correlate with folks losing or damaging their smartphones, July 4th is actually the most dangerous month for smartphone users. The reasoning is pretty simple. People love taking photos of all the fun moments, but happen to be near a place that can potentially be hazardous, such as near a grill or a pool. As a result, the insurance firms tends to see the most insurance claims filed following the fun-filled weekend with claims of broken screens, water-damaged devices or lost smartphones.

So yes, the holiday weekend can be a potentially treacherous one for your smartphone, but fortunately there are some options you can look at to protect your phone. For starters, Asurion recommends that users invest in a screen protector and waterproof case. And naturally of course, you can always invest in a more rugged device such as the Sony Xperia Z or Samsung Galaxy S 4 Active smartphones. If you choose not to do either option though, just be extremely sure to put your phone in a safe place that will be free from harm or just consider leaving it home all together.

source: Techno Buffalo

Galaxy Note 3 rumored to have 5.99-inch Super AMOLED flexible display


After some rumors about the new Galaxy Note 3 featuring an unbreakable, Super AMOLED flexible display, we’re getting some more news from a South Korean report, indicating that this may actually become a reality. Supposedly, production would begin in August, with an official launch coming at some point in September.

The report lists a few reasons why Samsung would want to go this revolutionary route with their next big device— first, they need to make a big splash in the market after poorer than expected Galaxy S 4 sales, and second, LG serves as a major threat, as the company has their own smartphone with a flexible display in the works as well.

Not only that, but Sony and HTC have devices that match up pretty well with the Galaxy Note 3 coming out later this year, in the Xperia Z Ultra and the HTC One Max (T6). The drive for innovation serves as a pretty legitimate reason as well. A device with such features could be the next big thing, and would be the first device on the market with a flexible display, assuming it reaches stores before LG’s device does.

Remember that all of the information above is all rumors, but if it turns out to be true this could be some pretty big news. Check back for future updates as more information comes in.

Source: MT Media

DirecTV Android App updated to version 2.5, enables voice search


DirecTV’s latest update enables voice search. The voice commands are pretty cool in theory, as you can talk to your phone like its a person, Google Now-style, to search and play what you want either on your phone or directly on your TV. We’re still waiting for the DirecTV GenieGo update for Android that iOS received earlier this week, which allows users to stream and download live or recorded TV straight to your smartphone.

Download the free DirecTV update from the Play Store link after the break.

Android-powered Sound Bar 2.1 speaker system by Sceptre released



Ever wanted to bring Android to your big screen, and improve the sound at the same time? Sceptre’s new SB301524W Sound Bar 2.1 makes it possible, and very easily too. The device packs in dual front-facing speakers, a 35W subwoofer, 2.4GHz WiFi 802.11 b/g/n WiFi and of course Android 4.0 to make any television a smart television. Users will be able to download apps from the Play Store for the basics. And the best part is that the SB301524W is just $299.99 and available at Walmart, Amazon, Tiger Direct, Sears, K-Mart and NewEgg.

Check out the full press release from Sceptre after the break for more information.

Google trying to get a bigger slice in app revenue from its Play Store


In recent news, it looks like Google is eyeing to receive a bigger chunk of revenue that comes from their Play Store. As it stands, revenue from each app is distributed into 3 different parts: %70 goes to the developer, %25 goes to the carrier, and a measly %5 goes to Google. Google hopes to increase their percentage of that, but only taking from the share that goes to the carriers. Google wishes to increase  their current %5 share up to %15, which in sense, creates an even split with the carrier.

I’m all for developers getting as much as they can for their product, thus I’m glad Google is only eyeing to take shares away from the carriers. Although I am quite surprised the huge disparity that Google gets compared to the carriers. If anything, I thought it would be the other way around.

source: Business Insider 

Verizon Galaxy S 4 32GB version to be available starting tomorrow


If you’ve been waiting for the higher capacity Galaxy S 4 from Verizon, the wait is over as the 32GB variant is slotted to be available starting tomorrow (Saturday). The price is a $100 jump from the 16GB version bringing it up to $299 with a 2-year agreement. Sadly there’s no confirmation on which colors the 32GB variant will be available in, but we should expect the white and black to be offered. Will you be getting one?

source: Verizon