Duo Security Uploads Malicious App Test, Appears Benign To Google Bouncer (Video)

Recall back in February that Google released “Bouncer” for the Play Store in an attempt to catch malicious applications being uploaded.  The service scans potential malicious apps by running them in a virtual environment where Bouncer monitors and surveys them for possible security issues and more.  Researchers Charlie Miller and John Oberheide have announced several ways they’ve been able to maneuver Bouncer.  One such way, which this and more will be announced at the Summercon conference in New York this week, is to allow the app to “know” when it is being run in a virtual environment and not on a physical device or system, thus allowing it to cease any and all malicious activity until it knows it’s on an actual system.  According to Oberheide, though Bouncer should be mimicking a real system “a lot of tricks can be played by malware to learn that it’s being monitored.”  Check out the video below of Oberheide and Miller’s test involving an application being uploaded to the Play Store, allowing them to “go inside” Bouncer, catalog fingerprints and allow other malware to know when it’s not running in an actual system environment.  Feel free to leave your thoughts in the comments below.

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Nyko and NVIDIA announce new Tegra-optimized gaming controllers for Android devices

One segment that I see a lot of growth in over the next year is gaming controllers for tablets and smartphones. I think a lot of consumers just don’t understand that they can actually use one, and sometimes it can be complicated to get certain controllers working with rooting and all that good stuff that leaves mainstream consumers in the dust. NVIDIA has been touting console-like experiences with Tegra games and in order for that to happen game controllers need to become more mainstream.

Well NVIDIA has teamed up with gaming peripheral manufacturer, Nyko Technologies. They just announced two new controllers, the PlayPad Pro and PlayPad. These controllers are optimized for NVIDIA’s Tegra mobile chips including the mighty Tegra 3 quad-core. By working with NVIDIA, Nyko can ensure both controllers will be compatible with games in the TegraZone.

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EA Sports Madden NFL 13 to support Mobile Device Management of your football teams

In less than four months we will be sitting in front of our favorite TV, or at our favorite sports bar on Sunday waiting for the kick-off of the first games of the 2012 NFL Season. Also, don’t forget, right about now you’re probably getting your invites to your regular fantasy football league’s (I know I’ve got at least one league invite waiting). So to round it all off, we now need to prepare for EA Sports Madden 13, coming soon. With this latest release of Madden will come a new feature, the ability to manage your teams by way of your Android phone or tablet. We don’t know the full details right now, but we can assume that managing a team would include: Trades, line-up changes and more. What makes this new feature more than welcome? Throughout our work day, if you have a change in mind for your team, without a second thought you can pull out your mobile device and make the management decisions required. This will free up time for gameplay when you power up that PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, or even the PS Vita, as the changes will be pushed to your account and you’ll be all set. So stay tuned and get ready for the latest offering from EA Sports, Madden NFL 13.

source: droidgamers

PlayStation Suite becomes PlayStation Mobile, HTC officially certified

When Sony introduced the PlayStation Suite a little over a year ago, their plan was to have other manufacturers jump in. So far the adoption has been slow, but HTC is one company that sees a benefit in getting PlayStation Certified. We heard rumors about this a few months ago, but it was just officially announced that HTC is now onboard. HTC might not be the biggest presence when it comes to Android, but they’re definitely a major contender. This deal can only help Sony get the PlayStation experience to more devices in the coming months. We can expect to see HTC One customers benefit from this deal.

Sony also announced that the PlayStation Suite has been renamed to PlayStation Mobile. This change reflects the fact that Sony is now positioned to bring the PlayStation experience to many mobile devices with this HTC deal along with other developers and publishers.

Full press release after the break

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Gameloft announces Amazing Spider-Man for Android

Marvel’s Spiderman franchise is all set for a big screen refresh when Amazing Spider-Man hits the theatres. Not to be outdone by Hollywood, the gaming industry will be covered too as Gameloft has announced that Amazing Spider-Man will be swinging its way to a smartphone near you around the same time as the movie release.

Specific details are scarce at the moment however with the movie set for a box office debut on July 3rd, we surely won’t have to wait long to find out more. In the meantime you can check out the press release from Gameloft after the break.

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Google looking to bolster Google+ with Meebo acquisition

Online instant messenger supremo Meebo has announced that is has agreed terms with Google on a prospective buy-out. Early details are limited at this time although a figure of $100m has been circulating the web. Meebo posted the following message was posted on the company website:

We are happy to announce that Meebo has entered into an agreement to be acquired by Google!

For more than seven years we’ve been helping publishers find deeper relationships with their users and to make their sites more social and engaging. Together with Google, we’re super jazzed to roll up our sleeves and get cracking on even bigger and better ways to help users and website owners alike.

We’ve had a blast building Meebo so far and we’re really excited to start the next leg of our journey.

Thank you all for coming along for the ride!

Meebo Team

Just in case you were in any doubt as to what Google has planned for the service, a spokesperson for Google released the following statement on the acquisition:

We are always looking for better ways to help users share content and connect with others across the web, just as they do in real life. With the Meebo team’s expertise in social publisher tools, we believe they will be a great fit with the Google+ team. We look forward to closing the transaction and working with the Meebo team to create more ways for users to engage online.

Google already has Google+ Messenger and Google Talk baked into Android each offering similar functionality. Will the purchase of Meebo finally see Google pick a direction with it’s social media and instant messaging solution? Will Meebo’s famous ‘Meebo Bar’ make an appearance in Android? Keep tuned in to Talk Android as this is definitely one to keep track on.

Source: The Verge

Google Buying Magnolia Broadband’s Patent Portfolio

So looks like Google went shopping today and added Magnolia Broadband’s patent portfolio to its shopping bag. A press release put out by Mooreland Partners states that they will be heading up the financial advisory position for Magnolia during the sale of their patents to Google.

Magnolia Broadband holds many RF technology and networking patents, which should fit quite nicely in Google’s arsenal of legal weaponry and armor. Hopefully they can also use the patents for developing even more innovative products.

source: mooreland partners
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22-inch ViewSonic VCD22 Android Smart Display Hands-On Video

Engadget got a good look at ViewSonic‘s VCD22, an interesting device that could prove useful for certain niche applications. ViewSonic seems to think education is one of those niches, judging from the family-friendly apps seen during this hands-on video. This makes us wonder if this 22-incher is a slightly different flavor from the “Smart Business Tablet Monitor” we heard about earlier, or if it’s just a different software bundle.

The device is what amounts to an Android 4.0 tablet with 1GB of RAM, running a dual-core TI OMAP processor, and sporting a huge 22-inch 1920 x 1080 resolution screen. These are humble specs by today’s standards (well, except for the huge display), but it seemed to do quite well during the demo.

A ViewSonic representative mentioned plans on bundling educational apps such as audio story books with the device, further showing the company’s intent with this product. I could also see the use as a room’s terminal, such as a “kitchen computer”, for the convenience of having an always-on connected device at your fingertips. With a starting price of $479, it fits budget-minded families wanting to connect their home, or schools looking for an interactive device for the classroom.

Watch the video after the break, and hit the source link for more pictures.

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New Corning Willow Glass Is Ultra-Slim And Very Flexible

Corning, makers of the tough as nails Gorilla Glass, has announced a new type of ultra-flexible glass named Corning Willow Glass. This glass can be used to make devices with curved displays that are durable. “The thinness, strength, and flexibility of the glass has the potential to enable displays to be ‘wrapped’ around a device or structure,” the press release reads. Samples of Willow Glass are being shipped to manufacturers for testing.

Hit the break for a video and full press release.

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Remixed Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 Makes Its Video Debut

The Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 has gone through some changes since we first saw it at Mobile World Congress in February. Benchmarks seen in early May suggested a quad-core upgrade, later confirmed late May when the tablet was seen at a Samsung event. The formerly homeless S-Pen also found a place to live inside the tablet.

XDA forum member floiancu scored a prototype of this updated tablet and managed to shoot some great videos of the device in action. Check them out after the break.

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