Oppo says the Find 7 will be ‘greater than’ Samsung’s Galaxy S 5


HTC isn’t the only company getting a kick out of taking shots at Samsung. Above, you are looking at a teaser that Oppo is using to hype its upcoming Find 7 handset. On the left is probably a shadowed corner of the Find 7 that resembles the number itself. On the right is Samsung’s Galaxy S logo tilted to represent the number five which is for this year’s Galaxy S 5.

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New Google+ Android app update adds new photo features


Android’s Google+ app is seeing a big update today that adds in a few new features, all focused on photo editing. It’s a gradual update that will slowly roll out to devices over the next week or so.

One of the new features is a non-destructive editing mode, which now lets users continue editing photos on a device other than the original device that started the editing. A full resolution can be backed up on a desktop, touched up on a tablet, then finished up on a smartphone, and all of the changes can be completely reverted at any time. Before now, if you began editing a photo on a phone, you wouldn’t be able to get the original photo back if you finished editing the photo on a different device like a laptop or tablet. On top of the editing feature is a whole new set of filters and creative tools that borrow heavily from Snapseed. Read more

Google holding Project Ara conference this April


Despite selling Motorola to Lenovo, Google decided to keep the Advanced Technology and Products (ATAP) department and Project Ara in Mountain View. Today, Google has announced that the inaugural Ara Developers’ Conference will be held on April 15-16. The focus of this first event will be the Ara Developers’ Module Kit since it will enable developers to create components compatible with Project Ara. With Google now holding a conference for Project Ara, it looks like it is starting to gain even more steam.

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Asus releases wireless and wired docks for Nexus 7 2013


The 2013 model of the Google Nexus 7 was released way back in July, but Asus has just released both wired and wireless docks for the device. Although there are already a number of third party docks on the market, many people have likely been waiting for the official Asus ones.

Both docks can be purchased from a number of different retailers, including Amazon. While they both certainly look pretty nice, they come at a price, with the wired one costing $50 and the wireless one coming in at $90.

This may seem like a lot of money, especially when you consider the fact that many third part docks come in at around half that price, however a lot can be said about the quality and reliability of official accessories.

Source: Amazon (Wireless) and Amazon (Wired)

Google Now Launcher now available in the Play Store


We knew it was only a matter to time until the Google Now Launcher (aka Google Experience Launcher) landed in the Play Store, and that time is now. However there is one caveat: It’s only for Nexus and Google Play Edition devices running KitKat. If you think about it, that is really not that limited since the launcher does require KitKat and there really isn’t that many devices with KitKat other than the Moto X, Moto G, and a few Samsung devices. I would expect it to be expanded to more devices in the near future.

There are some really cool things about the Google Now Launcher that I like such as that Google Now is all the way to the left most home screen, it’s easier to install widgets, add an unlimited amount of home screens, and the always listening “Okay Google” command. However, I am not a fan of the default home screen being all the way to the left (just right of the Google Now page). I do know that a lot of you do like it, so if you have one of the compatible devices, give it a try.

If you want to see more of how the launcher works, check out our guide here. Hit the break for screenshots and download links.

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HTC teases the All New One’s improved BoomSound speakers in latest trailer


We’ve already pretty much figured out most of the important aspects of HTC’s upcoming One successor, but that’s not going to stop them from building hype for the device. The latest video from HTC’s YouTube channel looks like it’s going to be the first of many videos showing off their new device, and they’re even confirming a few things we weren’t sure of about the device.

The teaser trailer refers to HTC’s upcoming flagship as the All New HTC One, confirming the rumors about what the phone would be called. It’s also confirmed that we can expect to see the dual front-facing speakers with an improved BoomSound to make a return on the All New One, but that’s hardly a surprise. It was one of HTC’s biggest selling points on the original One, and with good reason.

Unfortunately, we can’t get get a good look at the New One thanks to a new pixelation “feature” that HTC is testing on the device for the trailer. Either way, this looks like it could shape up to be a pretty entertaining marketing campaign leading up to the launch of the device in March. Read more

Metal Galaxy S5 to arrive in May as part of “Luxury F” line


Samsung announced the Galaxy S5 only a couple days ago, but already there are more rumors surrounding the device. According to these new rumors, a premium version of the S5 will be released in May, with a metal body as well as better specs.

Rumors about Samsung’s “luxury” series have been floating around for a while now, and the devices that would be in this series are set to be even better than Samsung’s current flagship devices. For example, the Galaxy S5 version would have a Quad HD display and a new Exynos processor, instead of the 1080p display and Snapdragon 801 processor.

Today rumors suggest that execs at Mobile World Congress have been saying during closed-door meetings that the Korean company will release a portfolio of premium models as part of the “Project F” all sporting premium chassis’ made from metallic materials, and even a camera that supports optical image stabilization.

Source: PhoneArena

One year later and finally some progress on legally unlocking cell phones


About this time last year, an small uproar was sweeping over the Internet thanks to action taken by the Library of Congress to make unlocking cell phones illegal under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA). The Library of Congress ruling took effect on January 26, 2013 and any cell phone purchased after that date cannot be unlocked, at least not legally. In response, an online petition was created on the White House web site and in a matter of days surpassed the 100,000 signature threshold triggering a response. President Obama responded as hoped, agreeing with the petition that consumers should have the freedom to unlock their devices. Read more

Sony SmartBand now available for pre-order for European markets


After announcing the Sony SmartBand at MWC 2014 this week, Sony has wasted no time in starting the retail blitz to get the devices into the hands of buyers. On the Sony Mobile Store, the device has already shown up for pre-order for £79.99 ($134 USD) in the U.K. and €99 ($136 USD) for other European markets. Although, Sony indicated the devices would be available in a variety of colors, thus far black appears to be the only choice available for early adopters that want to be the first to get the devices onto their wrists.

The first units of the Sony SmartBand destined for European markets and the U.K. are expected to be delivered in early April. That will give buyers an opportunity to spend some time with the Lifelog application prior to having the device in hand as Sony says the app should be available in Google Play sometime in March.

source: Xperia Blog

Samsung to update original model Galaxy Gear to Tizen OS


When Samsung announced the new Gear 2 and Gear 2 Neo, one of the biggest changes from their predecessor was the change to the Tizen operating system. Similar to Nokia’s move to a forked version of Android for their new smartphones, the switch to Tizen means app developers will need to produce yet another version of their app if they want them to run on the devices. Samsung has indicated that CNN, The Weather Channel, and Garmin have all jumped on board already.

Users who bought the original Galaxy Gear may be worried new apps will no longer be produced for their devices. Samsung says that they will update the original Galaxy Gear with the Tizen OS as well. New apps won’t be able to take advantage of hardware found on the newer models, but at least both generations of Samsung’s smartwatches will be running on a common operating system. Samsung has not indicated how the update will be deployed or when users may expect to see Tizen rolling out to their watches.

source: TechRadar