Samsung unveils the Galaxy S III, A smartphone designed for humans and inspired by nature, To be available on May 30 in Europe

The Galaxy S III is now official folks and the picture above is finally the real deal. This is promised to be the best smartphone in the world and its designed by humans and inspired by nature. Sure the hardware is impressive, but it’s not all about that. Samsung showed off a lot of different software innovations.

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Missed the Samsung Mobile Unpacked S III Commercial? Then You’re in Luck as We Have it For You!

In case you’re at work, live under a rock or just were in the wrong place at the wrong time you may have missed the Samsung Unpacked Event. You may have also missed the unveiling and official announcement of the Samsung Galaxy S III. Well if so, you’re in luck. While we may not have the full Unpacked event yet for your viewing pleasure, we do have the S III commercial. Hopefully this will be able to tide you over until we are all able to get our hands on this amazing device. However rather than ramble on and on about it, I will let the commercial do the talking. Hit the break to check it out. Enjoy!


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30 minutes to takeoff: More Pictures from Samsung Mobile Unpacked 2012

We are now about 30 minutes from what could be the biggest event in mobile this year. Our own Chris Stewart is on hand and he says that “Samsung has really pulled out all of the stops. It’s an impressive setup.” Check out some of his pictures.


Huawei M660 QWERTY Smartphone Outed By Bluetooth SIG


Looks like Huawei is set to bring an intriguing Blackberry alternative to the masses in the not-too-distant future. This keyboard-toting specimen called the M660 will be a portrait-mode QWERTY smartphone featuring a CDMA/EVDO radio inside, with the frequencies pointing specifically to the infamous MetroPCS brand. In addition, Huawei is more or less budget-friendly when it comes to many of its devices, so naturally the M660 will likely be no different as it will probably feature a few snaps of Gingerbread 2.3 and a modest ( < 1GHz) processor.

Additional details are scarce for now, but since it’s been outed on the Bluetooth SIG website, it won’t be a long wait before we see Huawei and/or MetroPCS spill out additional details.

source: Bluetooth SIG
via: pocketnow

Samsung Galaxy S III to be released May 25 in the UK?

We’re about 2 hours away and rumors, leaks, and speculation continue. I’m not sure what we’re going to do with ourselves after the official unveiling other than drool. The latest is from a source from one of the major UK mobile networks that says the Samsung Galaxy S III will go on sale on May 25 in the UK. Of course pre-orders will start well before then.

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Temple Run Update adds Artsy Wallpapers to its Store Items

Temple Run received an update today that finally adds a new feature. Wallpapers. It’s not a huge feature but at least you don’t have to see those “coming soon” messages in the store anymore. Along with 3 works of art comes a few bug fixes as well, so if you have yet to receive the update hit up either Google Play Store link below. For those of you who don’t mind spoilers, jump past the break to see what the new wallpapers look like. They actually look to be done by a graphic artist and are not just screenshots of the game. Pretty neat!


Google Play Store

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Contest: Submit the best caption and win a Purple DROID RAZR compliments of Motorola and Talk Android [Updated with Winner]

Motorola totally reinvented themselves when they brought back the RAZR late last year. By incorporating it in the DROID line with Verizon Wireless it became an instant hit. At only 7.1mm thick, it’s one of the sexiest phones available. Now’s your chance to grab one for FREE. Motorola was gracious enough to give us a brand new purple DROID RAZR for one of our awesome readers.

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Google Wallet, Skype, Evernote & SwiftKey X Among Winners At 2012 Webby Awards

The prestigious 2012 Webby Award winners have been announced and a handful of Android apps came away as big winners as apps such as Skype, Evernote, SwiftKey X and Google Wallet brought home some distinguished honors. In the Experimental & Innovation Category, both Google Wallet and Evernote were nominated, with each taking home an award. The Webby Award winner for the category was Google Wallet due to its significant innovation in the world of electronic communication. The People’s Voice winner however, was SwiftKey X because well, we all recognize how innovative it is with regards to keyboard input.

Not to be outdone, Skype and Evernote walked away with major honors as well. In the Utilities & Services category, Evernote won both the Webby and People’s Voice awards, while Skype came away as the People’s Voice winner in the Best Use of Device Camera category.

source: Webby Awards 2012

Verizon To Begin Rolling Out HomeFusion Residential 4G LTE This Week

Since last March or so Verizon has been testing out their new HomeFusion Broadband network and now the carrier says it’s ready to deploy nationwide.  The service should be rolling out wherever LTE service is currently available which Big Red says is 230 markets.  For those deeming it reasonable to upgrade, they can sign up for the new service at any Verizon Wireless store and they’ll soon receive an antenna professionally installed in their home.  Reported speeds were estimated to be 5-12 Mbps down and 2-5 Mbps on the up-link.  Whether or not it sounds like something worth upgrading to is going to be up to the consumer.  Why?  The service begins at $60 per month giving you 10GB’s of data or $120/mo for 30GB’s.  As usual, there is a $10 per 1GB overage charge for either tier.  In addition, the hardware installation will run you a one time $199.99 fee which supplies you with the modem and router.  As of now, it’s not making much sense to upgrade from your current cable Internet.  Furthermore, Verizon is currently offering a “double data” deal which supplies the user with 20GB’s of data for $80 per month while the HomeFusion plus hardware installation fee is significantly higher.  Only time will tell whether or not this deal kicks off or it gets quickly revamped to make more sense in Vz’s lineup of services and offerings.  What do you think?

source: Verizon

HTC offers a look into the EVO 4G LTE Camera via Facebook photo gallery

HTC felt they needed to give  Sprint customers a taste of the great quality of the HTC EVO 4G LTE camera. They decided to go ahead and post a number of photos utilizing the HTC ImageSense tech to their Facebook page. I’m sure you all got a chance to check out the AT&T review of the HTC One X that our own Robert Nazarian did yesterday. If you didn’t you should be ashamed and check it out now. Don’t worry I’ll wait…………………….Done? Let’s continue.

That review of course was not the EVO 4G LTE, but it gives us insight into what we can expect from this soon to be released Sprint branded device. Although the EVO 4G LTE will have a microSD slot, larger battery and a kickstand to compliment. Pre-orders on the EVO 4G LTE start on Monday, May 7th. Right now choices are abounding on the Now Network. Possibly you should pick up the recently released Galaxy Nexus, maybe pre-order the HTC EVO 4G LTE on Monday, or wait until after today’s Samsung event at 2pm Eastern Standard Time and see what they can offer to keep your attention. Samsung Galaxy S III anyone? For now, hit the source and check out the photo’s HTC has posted over at Facebook and get a taste of what’s to come.

source: facebook