Chrome Remote Desktop exits beta and can now be used by anyone


Google is giving everyone access to the Chrome Remote Desktop application starting today. It was previously in an invite-only beta, but now the company has released it for the masses. Android devices running 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich and above can run Chrome Remote Desktop.

As the name suggests, Chrome Remote Desktop will allow users to access their computers directly from a smartphone or tablet. Just how responsive a user’s experience will be may vary depending upon the device’s power and the connectivity. Regardless, it is a handy tool to have by your side. To get started, users need both the application available in the Play Store as well as the one found in the Chrome Web Store.

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Google releases stock Camera app in the Play Store


Google has released more than a few stock Android apps into the Play Store, but the Camera app wasn’t one of them. Good news folks!! They just released today. It’s essentially the same Camera app found on Nexus devices, so that means you can get the stock Android camera experience with any device. Plus, you get Photo Sphere too. With this release, they did add one update, which is a lens blur effect.

Unfortunately this app is only for those running Android 4.4 KitKat or higher. We’re not sure if it will open up to users Jelly Bean and below, but we certainly hope so.

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New LG devices, including possible LG G3, surface on AnTuTu


Whether intentional or not, LG is ending up with a lot of rumors and leaks floating around on the Internet about their next flagship device, the LG G3. Yesterday we learned that an announcement may come as early as July or even late June as the company tries to keep pace with other manufacturers releasing new flagship devices this year. Today some AnTuTu benchmark data has surfaced for a couple LG devices, at least one of which comes with the LG G3 model name.

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Google Glass target of DeGeneres bit on sale day


Google decided to try a new tactic with their Explorer program for Google Glass by opening up sales of the device to anyone in the U.S. on April 15th. According to the Google Glass team, they succeeded in filling all spots in their Explorer program, although it is not clear whether that means they sold out of all stock of the current version. In creating this event, Google also opened themselves up to a bit of mockery, especially amongst TV show hosts like Conan O’Brien and Ellen DeGeneres.

On her show yesterday, Ellen took the opportunity to show off a pair of Google glasses she says she bought off of Craigslist for $1,495. The results were… interesting. Hit the break to check out the video, which starts around 54 seconds in, from yesterday’s show. Read more

Samsung releases new colorful ads for latest devices


Going in a new direction, Samsung has released a video that combines five spots they have started to run in a few markets around the world for their new Galaxy devices. The ads are a definite departure from some of their previous efforts like their “Next Big Thing” series, relying on animations that pop with color. Two of the ads center on the Samsung Galaxy S 5, Gear 2 and Gear Fit and how they work together to both help users get through their daily activities and stay connected. The other three ads focus on the Galaxy S 5 and some of the new features Samsung brought to market with their latest flagship device, like the fingerprint scanner, water resistance, and the fast focus camera app.

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Project Tango gets the teardown treatment


With Project Tango prototypes now in the hands of developers, the folks at iFixit were able to get their hands on one to investigate the guts. Although a prototype, they did offer a repairability score of 9 out of 10. The battery can be replaced quite easily, and only seven screws hold the device together. Many of the components are modular so they can also easily be replaced. These include the speakers, all three cameras, IR projector, and display assembly.

It failed to get a 10 out of 10 since a few components, suchs as the USB ports and vibrator, are soldered onto the motherboard, which won’t be as easy to replace.

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An Android Wear smartwatch might be in Samsung’s future


With Samsung all in with Tizen and their Gear line of watches, I wondered if they would offer a watch based on Android Wear. Well hidden deep in a Reuters article about the success of the Galaxy S 5 was a little tidbit worth noting.

Yoon Han-kil, senior vice president of Samsung’s product strategy team said that Samsung plans to introduce an Android-based smartwatch later this year. Android Wear wasn’t mentioned specifically, but what else could it be other than a forked version of it? Will they drop Tizen? Probably not since they plan on introducing Tizen phones later this year.

Yoon also said that they would like their Gear smartwatches to be compatible with all Android phones, but they keep saying that. Just make it happen already.

source: Reuters

Google hosts early Mother’s Day sale


Actually I am not even sure this sale is really all that early since you actually have to buy your Mom a gift before Mother’s Day. Google knows that, so they are already offering 1 year magazine subscriptions for Mom at $5.00 off plus select books at 50% off. The sale will run through May 5th, but I would hit the source link now to get your orders in before you forget. You might want to pick up a Nexus 7 for her as well, but unfortunately they aren’t on sale.

Mother’s Day is May 11, so make a note of it.

source: Google Play

New website is ‘dedicated to the creative processes that go into design at Samsung’


Last month, Samsung teased us about a new website,, and now they have officially unveiled it. When it comes to mobile, I know Samsung isn’t usually revered for their design, but this website is for all products. However, mobile included, Samsung feels design is more than just the shell. There’s a lot more to it like the product’s¬†characteristics, specifications, materials, colors, local cultures, emotion, uniqueness, eco-friendliness, and more.

This new website is “dedicated to the creative processes that go into design at Samsung.” The design message is “Make It Meaningful,”¬†and the site is broken down into three categories: Product Stories, Meaningful Stories, and About Us.

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Matias Duarte thinks ‘mobile as a concept is actually dead’


Don’t panic, Google isn’t about to drop support for mobile devices anytime soon. Matias Duarte, Chief Android designer, did say “mobile as a concept is actually dead,” but he didn’t mean mobile devices.

Speaking at the Accel Design Conference with The Verge, Matias meant that apps need to be designed for multiple screens as in developers shouldn’t be creating different apps for each device. I think what he is saying is far deeper than worrying about 5-inch displays and 10-inch displays. I do believe the future mission is to create apps that work on both Chrome and Android, thus the convergence of the two. So for example, an app might work in Chrome OS, and the very same app would work on your phone and tablet. Mobile shouldn’t be thought of as a separate category anymore.

The full 37 minute interview can be seen after the break.

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