Reports indicate Sony Xperia Z is already sold out in certain markets



Sony is not holding back when it comes to the promotion of its Xperia Z smartphone and it appears to be paying dividends. According to unnamed sources, the new superphone was completely sold out during the first day of pre-orders in various markets worldwide including Japan, France, Germany and Taiwan. There’s no word yet on if or when it will be able to ramp up production again, but this may be a good sign for the brand because after all— it is trying to become one of the more popular Android brands and all.

source: Digitimes

Motorola X phone rumored specs get updated from a supposedly better source


Yesterday’s Motorola X Phone leak seemed crazy. Well at least most of it did. The image of the phone looked ridiculous and the camera specs were insane. Today Ausdroid received some tips from what they believe to be a “well-placed individual.”  This source says that it will be a 5-inch 1080p display, but since Motorola is having troubles sourcing a screen supplier, they move down to 4.7-inches. To me, this is the biggest part of the news. If this is really the case, I don’t see how the phone can be ready for Google I/O. Stepping down in display size changes a lot more than just the display if you know what I mean. Of course, this news could be something that was taking place months ago, and someone could be leaking it as if it’s happening right now.

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RootMetrics study shows that AT&T has the fastest 4G LTE speeds, but Verizon has the biggest 4G LTE footprint




In case you didn’t know this already: Verizon and AT&T are tops when it comes to 4G speeds. According to a study done by RootMetrics, 77 markets around the country were used in extensive 4G testing and showed that AT&T had average speeds of 18.6 megabits down and 9 megabits up, while also showing maximum speeds of 57.7 megabits down and 19.6 megabits up. Testing with Verizon on the other hand, showed Big Red had average speeds of 14.3 megabits down and 8.5 megabits up,while also showing max speeds of 49.3 megabits download and 19.7 megabits up. Despite the slower 4G LTE speeds, testing indicated that of the 77 markets tested, a Verizon-based 4G LTE signal could be found in every single one, while an AT&T-based 4G LTE signal could be found in only 47 markets.

Sprint and T-Mobile are each featured in the study as well folks. RootMetrics, shows that Sprint’s 4G testing had average speeds only 10.3 megabits down and 4.4 megabits up, while maxing out at 32.7 megabits and 9.9 megabits and was only featured in 5 of the 77 tested markets. T-Mobile is in the middle of rolling out its 4G infrastructure and as a result— its faux-g speeds showed averages of 7.3 megabits down and 1.5 megabits up.

source: RootMetrics
via: Phandroid

When it rains… it pours: possible variant of the Chinese Samsung Galaxy smartphone gets leaked in video



First we see some detailed screenshots, then we see a little tease— and now friends, we may very well have an idea of how Samsung’s upcoming beast may very well look like. Thanks to Chinese forum 52Samsung, we now see the mysterious GT-I9502 smartphone up close and personal. The video highlights much of the hardware side of the device including the overall design of the device being similar to the Galaxy S III, a removable back door, the model’s dual-SIM capabilities and of course, the revamped TouchWiz Nature UX software with presumably Android 4.2.1 running the show.

Naturally what we’re looking at may very well a test model and not the final design that Samsung has hidden behind closed doors— but we’re pretty sure that we’ll be excited once the formal unveiling is here on Thursday. After all– Jeremy gives us every reason to think it will be totally amazing, right?

Hit the break for the video

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Google Reveals New York Times, Evernote, Gmail, and Path Apps for Google Glass


Well, Google is getting closer to the Glass launch, and this latest news further confirms it. Google has just released an impressive list of apps for Project Glass. Included in the SXSW interactive release demo list were:

  1. The New York Times:  Google Glass can display late breaking news to the headset using a unified “Timeline cards” interface.  This will position short bursts of useful information in the user’s peripheral vision.  Using a “look up” head gesture, Glass can show off photos and headlines…then read the text of a story to you! Read more

Samsung gives world an “official” leaked image of Samsung Galaxy S IV


With Samsung’s Unpacked Event and the official reveal of the Samsung Galaxy S IV only days away, Samsung has finally released a small bit of imagery to whet the appetites of fans. Using their Facebook and Twitter accounts, Samsung posted a mostly silhouetted image of the top half of the Galaxy S IV with the lighting barely revealing the Samsung text on the face of the device. You can see Samsung is continuing with the curved theme of their devices of the past year. The post from Samsung follows on the heels of another teaser video published by Samsung today.

source: Samsung Mobile USA Facebook, @SamsungMobileUS

Google updates Gmail’s mobile web interface


Gmail users might want to check out the mobile web version of the email service after Google announced an update to the interface today. The latest update introduces several design cues found in the iOS Gmail app to the web interface for mobile devices. Google made the changes after receiving so many comments from Android users who saw the redesigned interface released by Google this past December for iOS devices. In addition to the interface changes, which closely follow Android design guidelines, the mobile web app includes better search capabilities and integration with Google Calendar.

You can check out the new interface by firing up your favorite web browser on your Android, Blackberry, or Kindle device and heading over to You can also get a feel for the new interface if you use the Gmail Offline Chrome extension on your computer.

source: +Gmail

Details Leaked About Lenovo K900 Launch Date and Pricing


As previously reported, the Lenovo K900 is a mid-range device with some impressive specs. Though the device is a mere 6.9mm thick, it packs quite a punch with its purported Z2580 Clover Trail+ Atom chipset. The CPU will be a dual-core 2GHz processor.

That’s only the beginning, the K900 will also come standard with a 5.5″, 1080p Full HD touchscreen. I know, you have heard all this before, right? So let’s get down to the good stuff!

When will the product roll out and where? Production is already underway for the K900 and reports indicate it will hit the ground in Japan on April 17. Read more

Report says Android activation rate now at 2 million per day and global growth is 150 times faster than U.S. growth


It appears that there may spike in the number of Android activations per day, thanks to some preliminary reports. According to Asymco, the last reported number from Google was at 1.3 million activations per day in September 2012 with an overall activation of 500 million devices. It has been 5 months since Google reported anything, but Asymco is estimating that activations are now at a rate of 2 million per day with a total number of activations reaching 800 million. This influx of activations is surely impressive but there are some interesting facts to consider.

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Angry Birds Reaches 1.7 Billion Downloads and Celebrates With Animated Series


That’s right ladies and gents, the ever popular Angry Birds mobile game is hitting the big screen! For those of you that just can’t get enough of your favorite angry birds kicking pig butt, now you won’t have to. Plans are in works to release a 52-episode animated series of the angry fowls and their porky nemesis’ this month.

Back when Angry Birds first hit the scene their goal was to hit 100 Million downloads (lifetime). Well, they have far surpassed that number and are still going! Angry Birds has just broken the 1.7 Billion download mark, and there is no end in sight. They are like the Energizer bunny, they just keep going, and going, and going…. You get the point. Read more