Samsung announces the Transform Ultra for Sprint

by Robert Nazarian on
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Samsung just gave us word that the Transform Ultra (SPH-M930) will not be limited to just Boost Mobile as it will be available on Sprint as well. The specs are the same and they include:

  • Android 2.3
  • 1GHz processor
  • Touchscreen (nobody’s saying how big)
  • Full QWERTY Keypad
  • 3MP rear camera with video
  • VGA front-facing camera
  • Wi-Fi®, GPS and Wireless Web enabled
  • Front-facing VGA camera
  • Easy access to Gmail™ and Google Talk™
  • Bluetooth® capable
  • Speakerphone with voice-activated dialing
  • Supports microSD® cards up to 32GB (2GB card included)
  • Voice mail, caller ID, call waiting and three-way calling

No word on availability or price, but we will let you know.

Lemon App, The Sweetest Way To Manage All Of Your Purchases

by Stacy Bruce on
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If you are anything like me and have a super hectic, sometimes scatterbrain lifestyle, a little bit of organizational skills can go a long way. I find that unfortunately my finances are sometimes victim to neglect and I lose track of where and how much money I am spending. Recently I came across a free app in the Android Market called Lemon, it keeps track of how much money you spend and even keeps an image of your receipts. Instead of cramming a bunch of receipts in your wallet, just send them to Lemon where they will be instantly filed and organized for future reference. It’s that easy!

The Lemon app also provides a email address that you can enter when making online purchases. When a receipt is emailed after your purchase is complete, it automatically filters out the relevant purchasing data and sends it to your Lemon account for safe keeping. You can even snap a picture of your paper receipts with your Android phone as long as it has an auto focus camera. The app will then search for text within the image and makes them searchable via character recognition. Data is compiled into handy reports that keep you in tune with your finances and provides visual graphs that plot your spending habits.

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Motorola RAZR Will Have Unlockable Bootloader For International Version Only

by Stacy Bruce on
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For those of you who are planning on buying the Droid Razr, we have some good news for you. Unfortunately good news is usually accompanied by the bad.

Motorola has decided to make the device’s bootloader either locked or unlocked, leaving it up to the carrier to decide. The European market will be getting the unlocked version known as the Motorola Razr. Verizon on the other hand unfortunately decided to keep the U.S. variant, the Droid Razr, on lock-down.

If you were hoping to get the Razr with an unlocked bootloader you will have to import one from another market or wait for the dev community to find a way to port the bootloader over from the international version. Most likely this will happen since it will be the device of choice for many developers and should only be a matter of time before the Droid Razr  sees some custom ROMs, so keep the faith my friends.

If this is a deal-breaker for you, and you would rather import the international version, let us know in the comments below.

[via ausdroid]

Droid RAZR Page Goes Live On DroidDoes Website

by Stacy Bruce on
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Looks like Verizon is kicking the Droid Razr add campaign into overdrive with their latest addition to the DroidDoes website. There is no new info to be had from the site nor DOES it give us an exact release date, but it sure DOES look cool! With the recent leak of Verizon’s latest roadmap we can expect to see this device available for purchase sometime early November with pre-orders possibly starting on the 27th of October.

Head on over to the DroidDoes website to check out the cool new mechanical flash video and be sure to sign up for mobile and email alerts while you are there.

[via DroidDoes]

How to get the updates on your modified Bionic

by Jim Farmer on
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Okay so being the Android user that you are, there is a decent chance that you flash all sorts of stuff to your phone. In that process, however, you likely wander off the upgrade path, rendering your phone ineligible for the latest OTA software updates. How do you get those new updates. You have to flash back to stock. Outlined below are the steps to do that, courtesy of p3droid from mydroidworld forums. Let’s get started.

This has only been tested on Windows 7 (32/64)
  1. Download this fastboot file
  2. Download this Zip (Contains both System and webtop images) Download Now
  3. Create a folder on Desktop named “Stock” <—– can be anything you want
  4. Place the contents of both zip files in the folder named Stock
  5. Put phone in Fastboot mode, connect to computer
  6. Open a command terminal and go to the Stock folder (cd Desktop/Stock)
  7. type this command in the terminal window and wait for the flashing to finish before going to the next line.
    —-> moto-fastboot.exe flash webtop grfs.img (This file will be flashed in 4 parts)
    —-> moto-fastboot.exe flash system system.img (This file will be flashed in 2 parts)
    —-> moto-fastboot.exe reboot
    ************************************************** ****************
    Your boot image (kernel) and radio files will never go back to stock !!!
    ************************************************** ****************
Your phone is now back on stock (well the parts that matter anyways) Congratulations.
Okay, you reverted back to stock and updated. The next part is optional. How to root the device…
Download the following file: it contains the exploit, su, Superuser  –>
  1. Unzip contents of folder to your Desktop
  2. open a command terminal and navigate to the folder (cd Desktop/Exploit)
  3. type the following commands
    —> adb push zerg /data/local
    —> adb push su /data/local
    —> adb push Superuser.apk /data/local
    —> adb shell
    —> cd /data/local
    —> chmod 777 zerg
    —> ./zerg
  4. Wait for the root to be gained
  5. type the following commands
    —> adb shell (only type this if you are no longer in shell@targa)
    —> mount -o rw,remount /dev/null /system\
    —> cat /data/local/su > /system/bin/su
    —> cat /data/local/Superuser.apk > /system/app/Superuser.apk
    —> chmod 4755 /system/bin/su
    —> chmod 4755 /system/app/Superuser.apk
    —> reboot
There you have it! You’ve got root back.

Get Beats by Dre on your HTC Sense powered phone [Courtesy of XDA]

by Jim Farmer on
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If you haven’t noticed, the latest in the HTC line-up are all rocking Beats by Dre. Perhaps you wish you could had Beats on your HTC phone, or maybe you just want to know what all the fuss is about. Well, if you have Sense, you can probably have Beats; thanks to smokin1337 of XDA. While the package was made with the Evo 3D in mind, apparently it can be flashed to any Sense ROM. Though any Sense Rom is eligible, it is more than likely if you aren’t running Sense 3.0 or 3.5 it simply won’t take. The developer strongly suggests that if you want to try flashing this to anything else that you should perform a nandroid backup first. In my opinion, you should do that in any case, just in case. Flash it in recovery as usual, and don’t worry, the first boot afterward should take longer than normal.

[via XDA]

Motorola RAZR Shows Up In Latest Verizon MAP

by Stacy Bruce on
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The next few weeks are gong to be huge for Verizon if we can believe that Big Red’s latest MAP (minimum advertised price) holds any truth. A couple weeks back we showed you another MAP that included the Galaxy Nexus alongside the HTC Rezound with a possible release date of Nov. 10. While those dates are still accurate, the latest MAP adds the Droid Razr and shows Oct. 27 as it’s possible release date.

The Razr’s price was already announced during the unveiling and will run $299 with a new two-year contract. During the announcement Verizon also said that the phone would be available for pre-order on Oct. 27 and would launch later the following month. Given the fairly accurate track record of the MAP, we might actually see Moto’s unbelievably thin LTE device sooner than we thought. One thing to keep in mind, these MAP’s are designed to show the lowest price that re-seller’s can sell new phones for, not a list meant to reveal actual launch dates. The 27th is just around the corner so I am sure we will have more solid information in the near future. Stay tuned as it is our mission to keep you up to date with the latest news as it breaks.

[via droid-life]

Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich will support USB game controllers with your phone or tablet

by Robert Nazarian on
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Many of you have been wondering if Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich will allow users to use USB game controllers with their phones and/or tablets. We have good news as Android engineer Roman Guy tweeted the above. This can’t be a surprise since this feature was added to Android 3.1 Honeycomb, so why would they drop it now with 4.0?

Of course it will be up to the developers to make their games compatible with controllers, but I think by this time next year all the major games will support it. If you are dying to try it out, you can always try Sixaxis Controller which will let you use a PlayStation 3 Sixaxis or dualshock 3 on your phone or tablet that is rooted.

[via twitter]

Samsung Galaxy Nexus to sport a PenTile display as expected,

by Robert Nazarian on
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There seems to be a lot of talk about Samsung going with a PenTile display with the Galaxy Nexus, but we reported this almost a month ago. The news originally broke when Samsung announced the Galaxy S II LTE HD. They described their screen as Super AMOLED without the “Plus”. Unfortunately they don’t have a Super AMOLED Plus HD screen yet, but most likely they will by the middle to later part of next year.

For now, it will be a PenTile display which has gotten a lot of negative press based on Motorola handsets like the DROID X2, DROID 3, and DROID Bionic. I’ve heard nothing but good things with the Galaxy Nexus Screen, so I’m personally not concerned. Samsung knows displays, and I think the difference will be marginal to most people. There will be those that will scrutinize it to the fullest and find fault, but out of the box, the Galaxy Nexus 4.65-inch HD (1280 x 720) display will be sure to delight. If you want to know a little more about PenTile, then hit our previous post from back in September.

PhotoWall For Android Shows Your Photos As Your Wallpaper (Video)

by Joe Sirianni on
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Now here’s a neat idea.  Why not show off that which you love the most?  Photos of everything that matter!  PhotWall for Android allows you to set your favorite photos to your device’s home screen.  In addition, the developer has added support for Picasa web albums.  You can load pics from your device’s gallery, a Picasa web album, a Facebook album, Friends’ Facebook albums and any of your friend’s photos that you have tagged in them.  Furthermore, you can change the effects of the photo to make them pop and stand out.  The application is free of charge and even better, it’s not ad supported.  Ready to download the app and get a pile of polaroids as your  background?  Head on over to the Android Market for the download or feel free to use the QR code below to get started.  As always, feel free to leave your thoughts in the comments below.  Don’t forget to hit the break to check out the screen shots and quick demo of the app in action as well.   » Read the rest