AT&T Samsung Galaxy Note Ice Cream Sandwich update now live through Kies

As we mentioned last night, the AT&T Samsung Galaxy Note is getting the Ice Cream Sandwich update today and it’s already live. Note users are really going to like this update because it’s not just about ICS. Your going to get the Premium Suite upgrade which includes the new application S Note, a new widget that enables access to S Memo, and the My Story application for creating customized greeting cards and notes. Check out this video showing all the new features.

This update won’t be taking place over-the-air so you have to manually install it via the Kies software, which also require a Windows or Mac computer. Click here to download the Kies software and get all the instructions to get your Note updated with the latest and greatest.

Full press release after the break:

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Google: “No Plans To Support The Sprint Galaxy Nexus As A Target Device For Custom AOSP Builds”


Well while the Verizon Galaxy Nexus is one step closer to truly becoming a “Nexus”, Sprint’s Galaxy Nexus is still lacking AOSP support, so what gives? Well, for one thing Verizon’s Galaxy Nexus— also known as toro— only has experimental binaries at this point and Sprint’s Galaxy Nexus— also known as toroplus— well… is not getting even an experimental build of the various binaries. And not only that— Sprint’s Galaxy Nexus is not only getting the cold shoulder from Google Developers, but there are no immediate plans to offer support for that version of the device as indicated by Jean-Baptiste Queru:

“As far as toroplus, the situation is unchanged: there are no plans to support it as a target device for custom AOSP builds.

This is certainly a bit of a messy situation unfolding. Considering the resounding success of the Nexus S 4G and the fact loyal Sprint customers have been eager to have the Galaxy Nexus, Sprint (and Google) would best figure out some type of compromise or solution and soon. The loyal Nexus customers deserve at least that much.

source: Android Police

New Sony Tablet (SGPT1211) passes through FCC

Due to certain documents that have recently passed through the FCC, there is indication that Sony is working on a new “next-generation” tablet device. Although very little is given away, the supposed tablet will carry the model number SGPT1211. Could this be the possible successor to Sony’s Tablet S? Only time will tell and we’ll keep you updated as we get more information on this matter.

source: FCC

ICS update for HTC Rezound coming at end of July

We first reported that the Ice Cream Sandwich update for Verizon’s HTC Rezound was coming due to an early test build that leaked last month. According to a letter from an HTC rep to a consumer obtained by Droid Life, we should expect the official update as early as the end of July and continuing through August. Hit the break to see the full letter.

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Smart App Challenge offering $4 million in prizes from Samsung

Are you a developer looking for ways to expand the exposure of your app? Do you want to show what you are capable of developing? If so, you might want to check out the Samsung Smart App Challenge. The competition is a way for Samsung to find new, innovative applications for the Android ecosystem, especially those that may take advantage of capabilities found on the Galaxy Note and the Galaxy Tab products. Samsung indicates they are especially interested in apps that make use of the S Pen on the Note. The full press release is available after the break.
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Sprint Samsung Galaxy S III Receives Security Update

Sprint just released an OTA update for their Samsung Galaxy S III. The software version is L710VPLG2 and according to Sprint, it provides a “Google security update.” The user should feel nothing relatively new with this update, it seems as if Sprint is just enhancing the security of the phone. Nonetheless, it’s always good to give your phone any beneficial update. Hit up the source link for more information!

source: Sprint

Android 4.0.4 Ice Cream Sandwich Update Appearing For AT&T Samsung Galaxy S II Skyrocket

Owners of AT&T’s Samsung Galaxy S II Skyrocket have had an ICS leak to play with for a little while, but it was not a final build. The wait is nearly over, though, as reports are coming in that the official Android 4.0.4 Ice Cream Sandwich update for the Skyrocket is arriving via Kies for some folks.

We’re not sure if it’s a staggered roll-out or if it’s wide open, so Skyrocket owners, go ahead and launch Kies and have a look to see if build IMM76D.UCLF6 is waiting there for you. If it is, let us know your thoughts on the update!

source: xda
via: android central

LG To Debut 10 Megapixel Phone With LG’s Own Quad-Core L9 Chipset This September

Taking a cue from competitor Samsung, South Korean company LG is going into the chip making business and is about to debut its own L9 chipset. This chipset reportedly bundles a quad-core ARM processor and a powerful, yet currently unknown, GPU. It is assumed that the “9″ in the name refers to the older ARM Cortex-A9 cores as opposed to the newer A15‘s, but that has not been confirmed.

LG apparently plans to put this chipset in a new phone that will also sport their True HD-IPS screen, as seen on the Optimus 4X HD. A camera of 10 or more megapixels is also rumored to be on board LG’s new high-end device, set to launch some time in September.

It’s still way too early to determine if LG has a true contender with this upcoming phone until we can get our hands on it. Who’s interested?

source: phone arena
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Verizon Galaxy Nexus Returns To AOSP, “Experimental” Driver Binaries Available For Download

Earlier this year, Google dropped the Verizon Galaxy Nexus from being a “supported developer device” due to its CDMA binaries that could not be signed by the same platform key as the AOSP binaries. When this news broke, everyone was in a tizzy about the Verizon Galaxy Nexus not being a real Nexus device.

Well, Google has our backs and have just released Verizon driver binaries to use for the 4.1.1 Jelly Bean AOSP build. What does this all mean? Basically, it just means the Verizon Galaxy Nexus is still being supported as a developer device as much as it can be. These drivers will help ROM developers build custom Jelly Bean ROMs for Verizon’s Nexus.

It’s not all rainbows and unicorns, however. Jean-Baptiste Queru, tech lead of the Android Open Source Project, posted in a forum that he doesn’t consider “toro to be higher than ‘experimental’ at this point,” the term toro referring to the Verizon binaries. What that means is currently not totally known, but expect devs to pull this apart and tell us how it’s all working… or not working. Stay tuned.

Devs, click the source link for the binary downloads.

source: google developers