How to use Private Mode on the Galaxy S 5


When it comes to software features on smartphones, most of them fall into the cool but useless category. However, Samsung’s Private mode is not only cool, but it’s also useful. At least for those people that have files or pictures that are sensitive in nature and need to be hidden from prying eyes. If that’s you, then you need to check out Private Mode. There are a number of apps in the Play Store that do the same thing, but this feature is native and ready to go on your Galaxy S 5.

With Private Mode, you will be able to hide pictures, documents, music, video, etc so that they only appear when you allow them to. Tapping on “Private Mode” from your Quick Settings (swipe down from notification area with two fingers) will toggle whether these files appear or not, but you still have to enter your password, PIN, or fingerprint in order to reveal them.  The best part of it is that anyone snooping on your phone won’t even know they exist because the file names don’t even appear when Private Mode is turned off.

Private Mode is pretty easy to use once you understand how it works, but it can be a little confusing at times. That’s why I put together this video showing you how it’s done. Hit the break to learn about Private Mode, and be sure to check out our other Galaxy S 5 guides.

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Samsung explains “modern flash” design concepts behind Galaxy S 5


Samsung’s design team has given a brief interview elaborating on the design process behind their latest Galaxy S 5. Samsung went with a design concept they call “modern flash,” a sophisticated and youthful urban style infused with emotion. The design helped Samsung create the UI and UX of the entire device, from the colors they picked to the default wallpapers to the texture of the back of the device they went with. Read more

LG G3 press render leaks yet again, this time the display is on


Within the last few days, we have seen plenty of the upcoming LG G3. A few days ago, we saw multiple photos of the handset surface on the web. Yesterday, @evleaks shared two press renders. It featured the LG G3 once in black and again in white. Now we have a press render of the device with the display illuminated.

The takeaway from the image above is that LG’s goal of eliminating a smartphone’s bezel is coming along. The LG G2 was applauded for this and now it has caused other smartphones’ bezels to be compared. We also see on-screen buttons are still present, but that is something we have known already. Look closely, though, and you will notice below the weather forecast that the device is suggesting an umbrella be taken with you. This could be the first sign that LG will be implementing adaptive software.
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HTC One Mini 2 press renders leak, missing dual camera setup [Updated]


This is our best look yet at the upcoming HTC One Mini 2. The image above came from @evleaks over on Twitter. It shows the handset available in Gunmetal Gray, Glacial Silver, and Amber Gold.

You can also tell that it is missing one of selling points found on the HTC One (M8). The dual camera setup is not here. Dual LED flash is missing, too. Why? This is a ‘mini’ device and some cuts had to be made. For the full specs that previously leaked, click here.

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TalkAndroid Weekly Recap for April 28 – May 4, 2014


Things are really heating up for the upcoming LG G3, which will be officially unveiled on May 27. Motorola also has big plans this month as they will announce an affordable phone for everyone. Could it be the Moto E, and is this the $50 phone they hinted at? The infamous Amazon phone appears to be real and ready for prime time very soon. Samsung loses to Apple again, but it’s not as bad as round 1. It’s time to get caught up and get ready for what is sure to be another exciting week in the world of Android.


UpTo, the expansive calendar app, is ambitiously returning to the Play Store


Samsung launches Level series, new line of premium mobile audio products

Android Books

HP readying first Google approved laptop running Android

Apple vs Samsung

Apple-Samsung case jurors have 53 pages of instructions to go through before a verdict is reached

Latest update on the Samsung vs Apple patent infringement case

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Sony Xperia Z Ultra LTE can be yours, unlocked, for $449 in the U.S.


Alright, we get it. Not everyone is that big on a stock Android experience. Some people prefer to have a skin to give a little more personality. So rather than buying the Sony Z Ultra Google Play Edition, that just received a price cut, there is another option to get Sony’s massive phablet.

Through Sony’s official store, you can now purchase the Xperia Z Ultra LTE for $449. That is the same price running in the Play Store, but this one keeps Sony’s UI. This device will come unlocked directly from Sony. This is for the LTE model and interestingly enough, the HSPA+ model still costs a whopping $629.

What are you waiting for? Hit the source link below to order yours.

Source: Sony

LG G3 press render leaks once again, this time in white and seemingly within a case


On Saturday, a press render of the LG G3 surfaced on Twitter thanks to a tip received by @evleaks. It showed the handset in black and presumably covered by a case. Once again, @evleaks has followed up with an additional image.

The image above is an alleged press render of LG’s upcoming flagship in white. It looks like this one also features the handset enclosed in a case. Regardless, we can see that LG is going the Nexus 5 route and keeping the front completely black rather than making everything the same color. This choice was reflected in a previous leak. And if this is indeed the G3 in a case, the cutout on the top left is likely for an IR blaster.

Stay tuned for LG’s press event on May 27.

Source: @evleaks

AT&T’s VoLTE believed to be coming on May 23, no word on Verizon’s


AT&T customers in Chicago and Minneapolis better be ready for something brand new at the end of this month. On May 23, sources say AT&T’s Voice over LTE (VoLTE) will go live in those two markets. This would utilize 4G LTE networks to make voice calls rather than older 2G and 3G networks.

This would make them the first carrier in the United States to have a VoLTE network operating. Verizon, on the other hand, has remained silent as to when its VoLTE network will go live. The Samsung Galaxy S 5 is reportedly ready to operate with AT&T’s VoLTE network. As early as the start of 2013, we have heard Samsung’s devices were being tested by the carrier.

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