Burn the Rope: Worlds Now Available In Android Market

by Roy Alugbue on
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Remember how we told you a follow-up to a certain game that involves rope burning would be coming soon? Well friends, the time has come for Burn the Rope: Worlds to land in the Android Market and onto your devices. In this iteration of the game, it features 100 brand-new levels, four different themed worlds including Jungle, Mechanical, Fantasy and Space; and an exciting brand new mini-game called Endless Burn. As in the original game, BTR: Worlds has players burn a rope with the flame only being able to burn upwards, so at times, you’ll have to rotate your device to burn in the direction you need to burn the rope. Sounds simple right? Not quite as now you will have obstacles like bugs impeding your path of blaze to glory.

The game is available for free in Market and is a 13MB download. You can find the download link, QR code, and some screenshots after the break. Go on, ropes need to be burned!   » Read the rest

Talk Android Kids: Listen To Great Tunes With Radio Disney App

by Roy Alugbue on
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Talk Android kiddies (and your parents especially) listen up– take a look at the Radio Disney app. This kid-friendly app allows you to stream Radio Disney no matter what time of the day or where you may be. That means you can rock out in the middle of the night during slumber parties or sleepovers. You can also be interactive with the app by requesting songs, sending shout-outs to your friends/family, see recently played songs, and even listen to your local Radio Disney station. The app, similar to other streaming apps such as Pandora or Slacker will also allow you the ability to run it in the background. The app is free and will make a great addition to kids’ Android phones or tablets. Hit the break for the download link, QR code, and some screenshots taken from my own phone of the cool app. » Read the rest

Have You Ever Wanted to Use Your Android Device as a Universal Remote? You’re In Luck

by Stacy Bruce on
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Today, Griffin and Dijit announced Android support for their Beacon universal remote, allowing any Android device, tablet or smartphone, to serve as a universal remote for home theater equipment. The Beacon Universal Remote Control System is run through a free application found in the Android Market, the Beacon unit will run $69.99 – A hell of a lot cheaper than the Logitech Harmony remote.

Using both hardware and software, this universal remote utilizes a Bluetooth connection to transfer commands from your Android device to the Beacon, which sends the signal via IR. The Beacon is capable of transmitting IR signals to all of your home theater equipment: TV, DVD/Blu-ray player, amplifier, and set top box etc., making the need for multiple remotes unnecessary.

The Android App is freely available in the Android Market, but does require that your device is on Android 2.3.3 or higher. Some older devices may not be compatible, but most all Android tablets should fit the bill. Hit the Market link below to check out what Griffen and Dijit have cooked up. If it is something you digg, you may want to go find yourself the Griffin Beacon hardware unit. Looks pretty damn cool to me.

Android Market


Jump past the break for the full press release.

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Gain Cool Effects For Your Home Screen With Voscillate Live-Wallpaper

by Joe Sirianni on
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Next up on the list of “cool as hell” backgrounds is Voscillate Live Wallpaper by developer Polymorphic Dissociation (cool name).  The Live Wallpaper offers the color centric in you a cool customizable arrangement of colors that neatly swirl about on your home screen, overlapping and intertwining with each other.  You can choose from 1 to 10 different emitters going at once and can even change their frame rates slowing them down or speeding them up.  The developer also adds the ability to place the emitters in “Wild Mode”, which allows you to change the particle movement behavior.  You can choose from two different colors at a time as you pick the one you want with the built in color pallet.  Overall, the effects are neat and you can really have fun with it as you show it off to your iPhone friends who’ll most likely ask you “what is a live wallpaper?”.  If you’re ready to give it a try, you can head on over to the Android Market or feel free to check out the QR code below for an added convenience.  And don’t forget to let us know what you think of the Live Wallpaper in addition to providing feedback to the developer so as to improve the application.  Hit the break from some extra screen shots and for some more info from the developer.   » Read the rest

Amazon UK Reschedules Galaxy Nexus Availability to December 2nd

by Stacy Bruce on
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Uh, oh. Apparently Amazon UK jumped the gun on when the SIM free Samsung Galaxy Nexus would become available. The originally planned availability date of November 17th for pre-orders has been changed, the new availability date is now December 2nd. This is a bit odd as Samsung has already confirmed Nov. 17 as the official UK launch so you could most likely expect to see it available through other vendors then. If you have already placed your order, unfortunately you will have to wait until the beginning of next month to receive shipment. This isn’t the first time Amazon UK has flubbed the date so anything could happen between now and then.

Any of you readers placed an order already?

[via Phandroid]

DROID RAZR Wallpapers Available for Download

by Stacy Bruce on
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In light of our new DROID RAZR contest, I figured I would help you get even more excited by sharing the RAZR’s wallpapers with you. All of the images are really good quality and could make any device look stellar. There are about 26 wallpapers total so I am sure you will find something you like. The themes range from peaceful nature scenes to all-out colorful abstracts. The picture above is the one I am rocking on my device right now. Oh yeah, you didn’t think Moto would leave out the DROID themed ones did you? Those are there too.

Here are a few more to give you an idea, hit the download link below to check them all out. All of the wallpapers are packaged nicely in a zip file thanks to our friends at Droid Life.


[via Droid Life]

Quick Look At Amazon’s Free App Of The Day: 3D Bio Ball HD

by Spencer McClendon on
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Amazon has done it again with another very good selection for their free app of the day. 3D Bio Ball HD is an awesome throw back of Marble Madness for me. As a kid I loved that game, and now that I am older it is really nice to see a game like 3D Bio Ball HD. Now even though this game is different from Marble Madness on the old NES. It is one of the better labyrinth-style games on the Android platform.

The game opens up with your choice of campaign or quick play mode. I suggest you start with campaign mode as it gives you the much needed tutorial as well as the story line of the game. I use traverse the playing field, you are given objects to collect like; bolts and coins that can later be used in the shop to upgrade your Bio Ball. As with all labyrinth-style games there are obstacles to watch out for and I’m not just talking about holes in the floor, they got creative on this one! Check out the images after the break. » Read the rest