Samsung donates $3 million to charities chosen by Ellen


Most of you already saw the celebrity-packed photo that Ellen Degeneres took during the oscars using a Samsung Galaxy Note. There was a lot of speculation about whether Ellen was paid to use it or not, however Samsung has since released a statement that even though the event was sponsored by Samsung, Ellen decided on her own to “organically incorporate the device into the moment.”


Despite the fact that Ellen decided herself to use the device, Samsung has been happy enough with the results to donate $1.5 million each to two charities of Ellen’s choosing, which will be the St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital and the Humane Society.

Source: Tech Crunch

Casting HTML5 video added to Chrome Beta for Android


As more and more apps add casting capability so users can enjoy their apps with Chromecast devices, this latest development may be useful for users needing a more general capability. Google has added the ability to cast YouTube videos from within the Chrome Beta for Android browser without opening the dedicated YouTube app. Testing shows that it kind of works with other HTML5 videos. Read more

Meizu MX4 to launch in Paris on March 6th


Meizu has begun sending out invitations to an event scheduled for March 6th in Paris. While the invitation doesn’t give specifics on the event, the speculation is that the MX4 will be released.

We don’t know exactly what the device will feature, but it will likely either use the Snapdragon 801 processor or one of Samsung’s chips.

Many people are also hoping to find out about Meizu’s global plans, and considering the event is being help in Paris, they may announce plans to start selling devices in Europe.

Source: Into Mobile

Oppo confirms two versions of the Find 7


Remember all the rumors that the Galaxy S 5 would have two versions? Well that still could happen, but Oppo isn’t holding anything back with the Find 7. They posted a teaser image via Weibo that leaves nothing on the table. Each version will sport a different display and processor. One version will get a 1080p (1920 x 1080) display while the more upscale version will get a 1440p (2560 x 1440) display.

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4K video coming to the LG G Flex with KitKat Update


Owners of the LG G Flex will be happy to know that when they get the Android 4.4 update support for 4K video will come with it. The folks over at Phone Arena received a tip and this tip was backed by a User Profile that shows the curved phone offering video at 2160p. On top of that, the update will allow the camera to do 120 fps slow motion video as well.

So when the update goes live, you can expect to see some decent photo and video enhancements on top of Android 4.4‘s features. Look for that update to come here sometime soon.

source: Phone Arena

HTC ‘All New One’ is one step closer to release


Every year we see a lot of smartphones get released here in the U.S., and one thing they all have in common is they receive FCC approval before consumers can get their hands on them. It usually happens within a month or two of the actual release. The “All New One” is no exception and is one (no pun intended) step closer to release now that it has received FCC approval.

Documents show that not only the international version has cleared, but all four major U.S. carrier versions as well. The FCC IDs are as follows….

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Samsung debuts new promotional and advertising videos


Samsung just released two new videos, about three and a half minutes in length, showcasing the Galaxy S 5 and Gear Fit. The videos demonstrate how both will compliment your day to day life. Besides highlighting the new soft touch back, Samsung shows off the adaptive screen tech coupled with thinner bezels. The camera is showcased as well as its selective focus and new shooting modes. You’ll also see the fingerprint scanner in action.

As Samsung pushed the S Health app and the health features of both the S 5 and Fit, those make an appearance in the videos as well. As we move closer to a release date, we’re going to see more videos and commercials, just like this one, pop up. Hit the break for over seven minutes worth of video. Enjoy!

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Samsung comments on fingerprint scanner production issues


Yesterday, a report indicated that Samsung was having issues with the production of the Galaxy S 5 fingerprint scanners. The story went on to say that Samsung was getting help from CrucialTec in order to ensure supply will meet demand. Samsung chimed in with a statement saying that CrucialTec isn’t supplying fingerprint scanners…..

“CrucialTec does not supply fingerprint scanner to Samsung Electronics.”

Unfortunately that is all that was said, so there is no clear indication that the original report of Samsung actually having issues with production is correct or not. The fact that they aren’t currently working with CrucialTec doesn’t even mean they won’t be a week from now.

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Ouya software platform to hit other consoles in future


The importance of developing an ecosystem for rising platforms these days cannot be stressed enough— Ouya certainly has the right idea, as the Android-based game console manufacturer as announced that it will be pushing its software to other hardware in the future. Although the move will likely decrease sales on the Ouya gaming system, the reach of the software platform will certainly be able to branch out.

In an interview with “AListDaily,” Ouya CEO Julie Uhrman discussed her plans. Hit the break for the details.

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