Featured Android App Review: Buzz Launcher [Personalization]


I’m not big on launchers. It’s not that I don’t think they are cool, but I usually just don’t have time to screw around with them. Well I just came across a new launcher that is not only a game changer, but one that I am happy to say that I am using full time. Have you ever seen pictures of other user’s home screens and wished you could duplicate it? I see them all the time, but I always sigh because I just don’t have the time to set things up. Well Buzz launcher is changing all of this with a very unique take on launchers. It’s one thing to download a launcher, but imagine being able to completely change the look of your home screen on the fly. In no time you will have some of the coolest looking home screens with minimal effort thanks to its huge database from other users. Buzz Launcher allows you to download other user’s cool looking home screens so you don’t have to spend a ton of time setting things up. Before you go thinking that there will probably only be a handful of choices, does over 10,000 sound like enough to you? At the same time, if you do have time and create something cool and unique, you can share it to the world as well.

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Featured Android Game Review: Space Eon 3D [Arcade & Action]


Space Eon 3D is the first offering from Grim Genie Game Development. I will forewarn you that it’s not the most polished game as far as graphics go, but it’s one of the best games I have played that uses the accelerometer for controls. I have played a number of games in which the accelerometer controls your vehicle or spaceship and most of the time the sensitivity is always out of whack. Space Eon 3D’s controls are just right.

Space Eon 3D is a futuristic shooter game which has the typical storyline. You’re a pilot with no memory stuck in a warzone, and a General seems to know what’s going on and guides you. Lets face it, the storyline is secondary, so you will find yourself hitting skip. The premise is to fly through missions by shooting the bosses or other enemies. Within gameplay you can quickly boost your health or get a temporary shield by flying into the floating heart or shield. You will gain money with each mission that you can use for powerups as well. Powerups include longer lasting shields and stronger firepower. You can even hire helper ships. There are 9 achievements that will allow you to unlock 4 additional planes for your hangar.

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Best Android apps for transferring files over WiFi [June 2013]


Recently, we did a guide on how to move files onto your Android device without using cables. We had quite a bit of feedback on what apps you thought were best suited to file transferring, so in this guide, we’re going to narrow down the topic and talk about the best apps for moving files from your PC to your Android device (and vice versa) through a WiFi network. Read more

HTC releases strong May 2013 revenue numbers


After watching HTC struggle financially during the past couple years, we have news from them today showing a nice rebound during the month of May. Unaudited revenues rose to NT$29.0B ($969M USD), following up the month of April 2013 when unaudited revenues were NT$19.6B ($655M USD). That is a 48% increase month to month. To add some context, during the first quarter of 2013 revenues for HTC were only NT$42.8B ($1.43B USD), which means HTC has already generated more revenue in just two months of the second quarter than they did during the whole first quarter of the year. Read more

Intel executive: lack of LTE support is the reason why Intel-based devices haven’t become more popular in the U.S.



Intel may be making headwaves by rapidly penetrating the Android world, but it certainly realizes that it has a long way to go before it wins the hearts of the general public in the world. According to Intel executive vice president of sales Tom Kilroy, the “absence of LTE is the reason” is the sole reason for why Intel hasn’t been able to fully gain much traction here in the U.S. Kilroy also adds that “we can’t get ranged by U.S. carriers without LTE, so once we have multimode LTE coming to market later this year, we have an opportunity to compete in that business.” The good thing is this: Intel has finally realized this and has begun developing multimode processors with LTE technology built in since 4G LTE continues to grow and grow at an extraordinary rate. Oh and don’t under-estimate this either direction either it should put a scare into competitors like Qualcomm and even NVIDIA, since each company certainly adopted LTE integration into its chips for some time now. So the overall hope is that with Intel’s new direction, we should see not only faster and more power-efficient chips, but who knows— we may even see a new wave cost-effective devices.

source: Fierce Wireless

Multiple user accounts coming soon to Falcon Pro

falcon pro multiple accounts

Falcon Pro, the excellent third-party Twitter client, has always lacked one important feature; multiple account support. According to a picture on Twitter from Falcon Pro’s developer Joaquim Vergès, multiple user accounts are coming soon in a Falcon Pro 2.0 update. In the screenshot, the feature looks ready for primetime, so hopefully we won’t have to wait too long to see that update go live on the Play Store. If you haven’t already used Falcon Pro, now’s a great time to check it out. It’s easily one of the best Twitter clients available, and it’s head and shoulders over the official Twitter app.

source: Twitter

Intel shows off Merrifield processor and new smartphone reference design

intel merrifield

Intel is still struggling to break into consumer devices, especially in the US, but you can’t say that they aren’t trying. Right on the heels of their 4th generation Haswell processors, Intel has announced a new 22 nm processor for smartphones, dubbed Merrifield. Intel Executive Tom Killroy talked about the processor’s low power, high performance philosophy, but said the processors wouldn’t be available in consumer devices until 2014.

To show the chip off, though, Intel also unveiled a new reference design smartphone running on the Merrifield chip, which is also said to to include an “integrated sensor hub.” We’ve seen Samsung recently plaster the importance of sensors all over television commercials, so it’s not surprising to see Intel follow that path. Hopefully we’ll get a little more info on that reference design in the next few days. Hit the break below for Intel’s full press release. Read more

HTC Operations Chief steps down, will take on executive adviser role in Europe


HTC has seemingly had a problem keeping employees lately, and now their Chief of Operations Matthew Costello will be departing from his role in the company. While Costello isn’t leaving HTC completely, he’ll be taking on a lesser role as an executive adviser in Europe. Despite strong sales of the HTC One (which will definitely get a boost whenever it hits Verizon) HTC is still facing some financial struggles, so it’s easy to see why that can cause some tension and departures within the company.

After Costello’s leave, HTC will be forming a new quality assurance team to deal with product reliably and all product lifecycle matters. Hopefully this is just a rough patch for HTC and they can right the ship within the next few months.

source: Business Week

Wikipad 7″ gaming tablet will be available June 11 for $249


It’s been a long ordeal for the Wikipad gaming tablet. They originally unveiled a 10-inch version early last year, which was supposed to launch this past October, but they scrapped it completely in favor of a smaller form factor and and more attractive pricing. This new and improved 7-inch version will finally be available June 11 for  $249, which ironically is the first day of E3. What makes the Wikipad very compelling is that not only is it a 7-inch tablet, but the patented gaming controller is detachable. So for those times in which you don’t feel like gaming, you have a sleek 7-inch tablet and you don’t have to worry about the controller getting in the way.

Speaking of the controller, it has all the bells and whistles like you would expect such as dual analog sticks, a d-pad, ABXY buttons, and triggers. It comes with Android 4.1 Jelly Bean and you shouldn’t need to worry if developers support it or not. The latest versions of Android support button mapping, so you should be able to play just about any game. It’s also one of the few non-Sony Mobile devices to be PlayStation Mobile certified.

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