Samsung sues Korean news site over negative press


According to a report from Korean news site Media Today, Samsung has filed a 300 million won ($285,000 USD) complaint against the Electronic Times regarding reporting on the camera in the Samsung Galaxy S 5. It appears Samsung took the unusual move of skipping a step that involves a press arbitration board in Korea and has gone straight to filing a lawsuit seeking damages. Read more

New video tests waterproof qualities of Samsung Galaxy S 5


We’ve seen a video come out earlier showing how well a Samsung Galaxy S 5 can survive drops and being run over by a Tesla Model S. A new video released by TechSmartt tests the waterproof capabilities of the Galaxy S 5. Samsung is releasing this model with IP67 rating for water resistance. This means the smartphone should be able to survive being submerged in water 1 meter deep for at least 30 minutes.

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OnePlus One clock speed and RAM get clarified


There are few questions left surrounding the upcoming OnePlus One. The device will be fully unveiled on April 23, but the company has used the time before that to give away information. Recently, they announced the One will feature Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 801 processor. When they did that, they left out the clock speed and amount of RAM included. Luckily, the company did that today. Read more

Reddit user finds that new home screen information may land on Chromecast


A reddit user poking around the Chromecast’s home screen HTML code found some very interesting things. The user, asjmcguire, found that there were references to weather forecasts based on location. Also, photographs and other locations were mentioned. While Chromecast has been growing with its compatible applications, it seems like Google plans on expanding the functionality. This would allow Chromecast to function as a useful standby device as well. Having useful information displayed at all times would be very handy.

Until this feature gets activated, you can admire your own photos with the PhotoWall application.

Source: Reddit
Via: Gigaom

The Walking Dead game series creeps its way into the Google Play Store


Well it’s about time. Zombie fans have something to get excited about today. Already available in the Amazon Appstore since January, The Walking Dead Season One game is now ready for your downloading pleasure from the Google Play Store. This game comes from Telltale Games, and is a five-part series. The first part is free, and episodes 2-5 are available through an in-app purchase.

This game doesn’t follow the popular hit TV show, but I am told this game is very good. You play Lee Everett, a convicted criminal, that has been given a second chance at life. Interestingly enough, that second chance at life involves a heavy dose of the undead. Your actions will control how the story unfolds.

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Google Glass might have saved this patient’s life


Google Glass certainly has an uphill battle with consumers and their perception of privacy, but aside from the fear of someone filming them while they sip a coffee at Starbucks, Google Glass could be a valuable tool in so many other ways. Take the medical profession for example.

Five doctors at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center in Boston are part of a pilot program in which they regularly wear Google Glass. Dr. Steve Horng was helping a patient suffering from massive brain bleeding, and thanks to Glass. was able to see that the patient had severe allergic reactions to blood pressure medications. This kind of information is usually only found on another computer or tablet. The doctor would have had to leave the patient, find the info, and scrub again. Because of Glass, Doctor Horng was able to start the treatment immediately. He went on to say….

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LG G Watch to be available before July in U.K.


LG has confirmed that they will have the new LG G Watch available, at least in the U.K., before July. Considering Google I/O is scheduled for late June and LG is one of the manufacturers working with Google to produce Android Wear powered devices, possibly even a Google-branded device, that seems like a good time for an announcement. According to sources, pricing in the U.K. will be less than £180 ($299 USD). Read more

HTC One (M8) display is one of the fastest


We do not see many people focused on the latency of mobile device screens, but that could change as this particular measure gains traction as a selling point. If that does come to pass, the HTC One (M8) will be in a good position as the device reportedly has one of the lowest latencies on record. The latency we refer to is the time between when a user touches the screen and when the system registers that touch measured in milliseconds. The previous record for a consumer device was 67ms measured for the Samsung Galaxy Note 3. For comparison, the iPhone 5S clocks in at 75ms while an LG G2 lags behind at 110ms. A new report indicates the HTC One (M8) has been measured at 46ms.

Microsoft has completed a study on display latency and how it impacts the user experience. They point to a target of 1-20ms for display latency in order to maximize the experience. HTC’s work has them closer to that goal than anyone for the moment, but new flagship devices coming from other manufacturers this year could change that.

via: XDA Forum

YouTube Live Streams on Chromecast now available from the desktop


Google has made a change to their YouTube platform so that users can now cast live videos to their Chromecast devices. This new feature only works when users are accessing YouTube using their desktop web browser where they will find the cast button now available on live streams. This capability is not yet enabled when using the YouTube app on a smartphone or tablet, but it seems like it should not take long for an update to roll out to enable this on mobile devices.

Google also recently changed the YouTube site to allow the casting of private YouTube videos. It appears that the only type of video that cannot be cast from YouTube are those where the publisher has not enabled viewing on mobile devices.

source: Android Police

ZTE ‘Apollo’ could be the first device to feature Qualcomm’s 64-bit processor


It did not take long for a company’s 64-bit plans to surface. Chinese manufacturer ZTE is reportedly working on a device that will utilize one of Qualcomm’s upcoming 64-bit architecture Snapdragon processors. The codename is ‘Apollo’ and this follows ZTE’s tradition of codenaming devices after Greek mythology. The ZTE Grand S was known as ‘Athena’ in development.

So while we know this device will use on of Qualcomm’s beastly processors, we do not know if it will be the Snapdragon 808 or 810. Also, these processors are not expected until at leaset 2015.

Source: CNMO
Via: G 4 Games