Vantec Helps You Live On The Cloud With NexStar WiFi Hard Drive Dock And Android App

It’s getting easier and easier to move everything into the cloud. If you’re not satisfied with some of the cloud storage options like DropBox, Box or Google Drive, or you’re just looking for more space, Vantec might have you covered. Their soon-to-be released NexStar WiFi hard drive dock will let you take an existing SATA 2.5 or 3.5-inch internal drive and create a wireless network drive. Best of all the free Android (and iOS) app will make accessing data from your mobile device a relatively easy task. It will also stream media to UPnP compatible devices. Price and official release date are not yet available but we expect those details to emerge in the next couple weeks.

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Full Press Release and app download link after the break

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GoPro App update supports new HERO3 cameras

Fans of GoPro’s point-of-view sports and action cameras will be pleased to know an update to the GoPro App was released last Friday. The big change included an update to support GoPro’s new line of HERO3 video cameras as announced via GoPro’s Twitter account. An update to the GoPro camera is required in order to use the app which is available for Android devices via the Google Play Store. Read more

New Android-controlled toilet gives you another reason to bring your smartphone to the bathroom

Android started with phones, then went to tablets, TV’s, and even appliances. Why not toilets? A new toilet made by Tokyo-based Lixil will hit the market this February. Apparently you can get the app for Android called My Satis, which lets you flush, raise the toilet seat, and activate a bidet jet stream. If you like to listen to tunes while doing your business, you can even choose what songs to play through the toilet’s speakers. Finally, for those of you that like to control everything, the app will keep track of your history so the next time you’re at a dinner party, you can tell Aunt Agnus when the last time you, well you know. Don’t expect these toilets to be cheap as they will be priced at ¥199,500 to ¥389,550m which translates to roughly $2,385 to $4,657. I wonder if they would send me a review unit?

Hit the source link to check out a quick video as well.

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Once again, all Nexus 4 and Nexus 10 devices are now sold out

Not much to our surprise, Google’s Nexus 4 and Nexus 10 devices have all sold out yet again. Customers who still wish to order one or both of these devices now have to wait till Google replenishes their stock. In addition, their 16GB Nexus 7 tablet is also sold out. It seems as if customers are really stocking up on Google’s popular devices for this Christmas. Certainly a good sign for Google, but hopefully in the future Google prepares for such a high demand so that this doesn’t happen again.

Either way, once stock is replenished on these devices, TalkAndroid will be sure to let you all know asap!

source: Google Play

T-Mobile Galaxy Note 2 receiving OTA update on the 19th; Brings forth multi-window functionality

An update to T-Mobile’s Samsung Galaxy Note 2 will bring forth the much anticipated multi-window functionality to the device. According to T-Mobile:

A software update for the Samsung Galaxy Note II to Baseband version T889UVALK8 is expected to be available onDecember 19. The software update, which will be available by Over The Air (OTA) and through Kies, will provide new multiscreen functionality, along with a few bug fixes.

Here’s what you can expect on the new update:

  • New multi-window feature
  • Resolves Exchange calendar events not appearing on device Calendar
  • Resolves issues with being unable to swipe through Gmail messages

Multi-window is the ultimate multitasking feature in my opinion. It should be a popular feature for you Note 2 users. Anyone excited for this update to hit in two days?

source: T-Mobile


US Cellular’s Samsung Galaxy S III to receive Jelly Bean update on December 21st

With US’s other 4 major carriers already delivering the Jelly Bean update to their Samsung Galaxy S III, US Cellular is next up in line and plans on releasing the update this Friday the 21st. As you and I already know, Jelly Bean brings forth some great speed enhancements and the much popular Google Now feature to your S III. As for TouchWiz, you can expect several new features, mainly in the camera app department as it brings forth several new features and enhancements in the TouchWiz camera software.

The update will be provided via an OTA, but it seems like a manual update via Samsung Kies can also be achieved if you wish to go that route. Hit up the source link for more information!

source: US Cellular

Visit the North Pole Christmas Arena and take out Zanta in the latest Dead Trigger Christmas update

Madfinger Games just updated Dead Trigger, and other than the usual bug fixes and memory optimizations, players will now get to enter the North Pole Christmas Arena and take on the new Christmas Boss, Zanta. They also included a new grenade launcher, new story missions, and special price offers on weapons. If a Dead Trigger T-shirt is on your wish list, you can try to solve the underground puzzle to win one.

If you haven’t already installed this bad boy on your phone or tablet, hit the break for download links. It’s free to play!!

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Featured Android App Review: Dance for YouTube [Entertainment]

I’ve gotta simple and fun app that will most likely cater to the younger crowd. It’s called Dance for YouTube and it was created by Fresvii. If you like music, dancing, and creating avatars, you will want to check it out. In this app, you create your own custom avatar and watch it dance to any song from YouTube or on your device. Your avatar is actually what Fresvii calls a Frenbee, which is a mystical alien creature that is from the planet Alima-75A. Frenbees love music, dancing, and playing games.

Upon opening the app, you have two main choices, My Room and the Dance Floor. There is also a settings option for setting the lighting quality and to restore your avatar to the default. It is in the My Room section that you will create your avatar. It’s pretty full-featured as you can alter face shape, eye shape, eyelash colors, eyeshadow colors, eyebrows, eye colors, nose, lips, lip colors, ears, hair style, skin colors, and cheek colors. You can also choose from different clothes including tops, bottoms, shoes, and full outfits. For accessories, you have your choice of different glasses, earrings, bracelets, and watches.

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Foxconn rumored to be making the Amazon Phone

Amazon has had quite a lot of success selling their Android-based Kindle Fire tablets, and we’ve long heard rumors that the online mega-store will continue to build on that momentum by adding an Amazon Smartphone to the mix. Well, today those rumors are heating up.  According to industry sources, Amazon has struck an exclusive deal with Chinese manufacturer Foxconn (who is famous for manufacturing Apple’s iPhone and iPad, among other things) to build 5 million units of the yet unnamed Amazon smartphone. The phone is said to be released in quarter two or quarter three of 2013, and is rumored to be very affordably priced at $100 to $200. Amazon has become well known for selling good hardware at low prices, relying on content sales (books, magazines, music, etc) to make up the majority of their profits. If Amazon is able to deliver a high end phone at such a low off contract price-point, they are really going to give Google’s Nexus line a run for its money.

Source: CENS

Sony announces timeline for Xperia Jelly Bean updates

Good news for Sony Xperia owners; Sony has followed up on a time frame for when it’s going to upgrade Xperia devices to Jelly Bean. It’s in line with what they’ve previously told us, so that’s a plus. The Xperia T, Xperia TX and Xperia V will be receiving the update in February and March, which isn’t too far off. The Xperia P, Xperia J and Xperia Go will be receiving the update  towards the end of March, and the Xperia S, Xperia SL, Xperia Ion and Xperia Acro S will follow shortly afterwards. We had heard a sooner date for the Xperia S, but better late than never. Unfortunately, the Xperia U, Xperia Miro, Xperia Tipo, and Xperia Sola will not updated from Android 4.0.

So who’s excited about this latest update on their Sony device?

source: Sony Mobile