Is it now time to buy an Android Wear smartwatch?


Although Android Wear appears to be a relatively new concept for us, it’s been around for a while. Since it was first shown off in late June and subsequently made available in July, it has been in the market for a little over five months now. Initial impressions of the platform in general was pretty lukewarm, as it is usually the case with new software. So has anything changed since then? Read more

JINS MEME ‘Smart Eyewear’ coming to the U.S. in 2015


Google Glass is still catching on despite being available for a couple of years. In the meantime, Japanese eyewear manufacturer JINS has decided to bring its MEME wearable to the U.S., with a showcase expected at next month’s CES event in Las Vegas. This Google Glass competitor will most likely be likely sold with a cheaper price tag, although the manufacturer hasn’t shared details on the pricing yet. Read more

Nexus 6 users can now enable the double tap to wake function without root access


The ever active developer community over at the XDA forums found a way to enable the double tap to wake function on Nexus 6 smartphones after the feature was removed by Google at the very last minute. However, this feature was limited to customers who have root access on the device which meant that those without it were left in the dark. Read more

Micromax launches Yureka smartphone with Cyanogen OS 11 in India


Dubbed as the “Zeus of phones“, Indian OEM Micromax has just announced the Yureka handset in the country. This is officially the first Cyanogen OS running smartphone in India ever since Micromax struck an exclusive deal with Cyanogen for the use of its custom ROM. This whole ordeal has even led to the ban of the OnePlus One in India as it also runs Cyanogen OS by default. Read more

Joyride monetizing podcasts with in-app fundraising and rewards


Joyride, the service that focuses on distributing podcasts, is introducing new capabilities on behalf of content producers. Rather than relying upon traditional advertising, podcasters can launch in-app fundraising and rewards. Simply put: “advertising doesn’t cut it” about the current revenue model in the podcast industry. That is what Joyride CEO Jeff Chen had to say. The service is working with podcasters to compose custom fundraising campaigns that are approachable for users. Joyride users then pay a monthly cost to support a podcast and receive rewards accordingly.

Google selected Joyride as a launch partner for Android Auto.

Hit the break for the full press release.

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Hangouts Dialer Update Brings Dialer Recognition To Links


Today’s update to Google’s Hangouts Dialer app now let’s you select the app to place a call when you click on phone number links inside of other apps, like Google Maps or Search. You can choose to use the option once or make it your default dialer app.

Another feature of this update will allow you to add people or places to your contacts from your Hangouts Dialer call history. Read more