Google Fiber officially coming to Provo, UT


Provo mayor John Curtis took to the podium this afternoon to officially announce the “epic” news that Google Fiber is coming to Provo, UT. According to the deal that was announced, Google Fiber will offer free Internet service for any of Provo’s 115,000 residents who are currently on the existing iProvo network for a mere $30 activation fee for up to 7 years. Google will upgrade the existing network to Gigabit technology as part of the project and when the upgrade is complete, residents will be able to upgrade their service to Gigabit level.  Google is also offering to provide free Gigabit service to 25 local entities like schools, hospitals and libraries. Provo’s government has been struggling with their iProvo network, going so far as to solicit proposals to sell the network to a private entity. After making a trip to Silicon Valley and being able to meet with Google representatives, Provo officials realized Google Fiber fit in nicely with a 50-year visioning process that was underway for Provo. This announcement makes Provo the third city to have Google Fiber, following in the footsteps of Kansas City and Austin, Texas.


Samsung Galaxy S 4 officially confirmed by Sprint and T-Mobile



The cat is out of the bag as both Sprint and T-Mobile will carry the Samsung Galaxy S 4. The S 4 can be found on both carrier’s websites, with Sprint having a big banner that uses Samsung’s tag line: “Countdown To The Next Big Thing”. Additionally, there is also a countdown clock with just under 13 and half hours to go at the time of this writing. T-Mobile has it on their site as well however it is a little less in your face, with just a little box with “Coming Soon” on it.

We have already seen Verizon and AT&T confirm the S 4, as well as Telus in Canada, and even Walmart has started taking preorders for the device. So the fact that Sprint and T-Mobile has joined the game, should be of no surprise for Samsung’s new flagship phone. Sprint is offering the device for $249 with a new two-year contract. Existing customers can get it for $149 with a new two-year contract. In a hope to gain new customers, Sprint has extended that price offer to new customers willing to switch their numbers. So if you switch your number to Sprint, you can also pick up the S 4 for only $149 with a new two-year contract.

T-mobile is more mum on their plans. There is however, a sign up page for anyone who wants to receive information on the phone. If you don’t feel like signing up for it, don’t worry we already signed up, and will always pass along any info we get to the readers.

Source: Sprint, T-Mobile
via: Gotta Be Mobile


Samsung announces official accessories for Samsung Galaxy S 4


Following up this morning’s official announcement regarding availability of the Samsung Galaxy S 4, Samsung has also released details regarding several official accessories that will be available. These accessories should prove popular with new owners interested in protecting their new device, extending its usefulness, or just using the “Life Companion” to make life more interesting. U.S. Cellular is already using the accessories to entice buyers by throwing in a free S View flip cover with online pre-orders. The flip cover goes beyond the traditional smartphone cover by providing a small window to your screen that displays information like time, missed calls and text messages, and battery status.
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Google Glass Explorer Edition unboxing videos hit YouTube


As the beta versions, aka Explorer Edition, of Google Glass start to get into the hands of individuals, we are now treated to the first unboxing videos that have surfaced. There are actually two versions of the unboxing available. The first is the actual unboxing that was filmed with something running at a really low framerate, giving the video a very choppy look.  The second video then recreates the unboxing, but uses the new Google Glass device to record things. This gives us a look into what an unboxing videos will look like using Google Glass and you can see what kind of record quality is possible with the device. Hit the break to view the videos.
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U.S. Cellular opens Samsung Galaxy S 4 pre-orders, offers S View flip cover deal


With some carriers already taking pre-orders for the Samsung Galaxy S 4, and Samsung officially announcing product availability later this month, U.S. Cellular has joined the fray competing for buyers today by opening their own pre-order page. U.S. Cellular is offering the 16GB version of the smartphone for $199 with a new 2-year contract. To help draw customers in, U.S. Cellular is throwing in a free S View flip cover for anyone who pre-orders online. The cover is normally a $59.99 item. You can read their full press release after the break.
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eBay listing currently shows a developer edition of Google Glass up for sale, for the person who has lots of money to spend that is



Sure us average folk won’t be enjoying a pair of Google Glasses anytime soon, but it appears that certain individuals may get their chance to grab their sweaty mitts on one— that is, if you’re ballin’. A casual seller on online marketplace eBay claims to have in his possession a prized developer model that is now up for sale. As of now, there are a mere 38 bids— but the auction price is currently placed at a whopping $95,000. Sheesh.

Google probably won’t let this particular auction go too far considering the developer versions of the device were not intended for sale. But hey— here’s hoping the lucky winner will end up getting the glasses and being able to be just a little bit cooler than all of his or her friends for the time being.

source: eBay

Verizon getting the LG Optimus L3 as part of its prepaid lineup



As part of its prepaid lineup, Verizon may be bringing the LG Optimus L3 back as the LG Optimus Zone. At least that’s the information we are seeing from evleaks, which has a  pretty reliable track record. The smartphone will feature an 800MHz processor, 3.2-inch QVGA display, 800MHz processor, 3.15-megapixel camera and Gingerbread 2.3. Not the most interesting specs really, but with this being an older phone, I would venture to guess that this is probably going to happen. We don’t have anymore information then this, but rest assured as we hear it so will you.

Source: evleaks Twitter

Zopo C2 smartphone gets official, brings Aliyun OS for a low, low price



The Zopo C2 smartphone is officially official and on its way to the Chinese markets folks. The device comes jam-packed with features like a MediaTek MT6589 quad-core processor, 1GB of RAM,a 5-inch 1080p display, a 2,000mAh battery and a nifty 13MP camera (with an astounding 5MP camera on the front). While there is certainly a sense of “here we go again”, the Zopo does feature something that most other smartphones don’t— the Aliyun OS running the show. Yep, that’s right— the C2 features the same OS featured on another smartphone that was abruptly cancelled at the last minute thanks to the heavy hand of Google.

No word on when the device will hit store shelves just yet, but it appears the C2 will run customers ¥1,399 (about $230 USD).

source: Engadget

Amazon Appstore expanding to 200 new countries



Amazon has announced it will be expanding its Appstore to 200 new countries worldwide. Among the new countries added are Canada, Australia, South Africa and South Korea, now having the ability to access the alternative market content for the first time. This is something that Amazon really needs to do if it wants to compete with with Google’s Play Store. Amazon is doing extremely well in the tablet market, however its list of apps is rather small compared to the likes of the Google’s. With the addition of 200 countries, developers may now be more inclined to put their apps in Amazon’s store reaching more people.

Continue on past the break for all the details in the press release. Leave us a comment and let us know your thoughts. 
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