Chrome Remote Desktop for Android from Chromium team in the works

Chromium_Sync_ProjectThere are plenty of ways to access your desktop browser from your mobile device, but most don’t even get to that point because the thought of setting up a server and get it running on your desktop is too overwhelming of a procedure. Although it isn’t too hard, many don’t want to mess around with it either because it’s too confusing or for whatever other reason they may have.

However, the Chromium team is working on an Android version of their already popular “Chrome Remote Desktop” for desktop Chrome browsers, using your Google account and Chrome browser’s ability to sync. (This will give you the ability to access your desktop directly through your Android device’s Chrome browser.) Although it may be a while before it’s available and fully functional, it’s certainly a great start to something that can be an extremely powerful tool for Android.

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Locket app pays you to swipe away advertisements on your device lock screen


Locket is a new application that takes a unique approach to advertisements and payment. The app is essentially a lock screen that displays an advertisement, but it pays you to swipe the ads away. Unfortunately, you get one penny per ad swipe and you’re limited to three swipes per hour, so it’s definitely not going to replace your day job, but if you just want a few extra bucks every month to pay for some gift cards or coffee, it’s worth a look.

Locket will pay your earned money in either cash, gift cards, or as a donation to charity, and they claim to be strict on what ad partners they pick so you aren’t bombarded with junk ads. Still, though, with such a small payout, it may not be worth the hassle. What do you think? Let us know in the comments, and hit the link below if you want to give it a spin.

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Rovio brings Rovio Accounts to Android, allows syncing game data for Angry Birds and The Croods


Rovio has finally debuted their game data-syncing solution on Android, called Rovio Accounts. The premise is simple; you create a Rovio account, and it backs up and restores your data across devices for some Rovio games. Unfortunately, there are some limitations in place. Rovio Accounts, as of right now, only supports syncing two games, including The Croods and the original Angry Birds game. Rovio’s other 7 mobile games don’t qualify yet. Hopefully we’ll see them in the future, but as of right now, you’re going to be limited just a bit.

Still, it’s a step in the right direction for cross-platform cloud syncing, which seems to be much more popular now than it used to be.

source: Rovio

Samsung Galaxy Note II to skip Android 4.2 update and jump to Android 4.3


Samsung’s Galaxy Note II will apparently be skipping its update to Android 4.2.2, which, at first, sounds really, really bad for a flagship device. However, there’s a silver lining; Samsung will reportedly just skip 4.2.2 and update the device straight to Android 4.3. With Samsung’s Google Play edition Galaxy S 4, they obviously have some inside access to newer versions of Android, so this isn’t too much of a stretch to believe.

No word on the Galaxy S III, but considering its 4.2.2 update has been delayed for this long, we may see it skip straight to newer versions of Android as well.

source: Gotta Be Mobile

Latest Nexus 7 leak adds details like Android 4.3, sale date of July 31st


A couple days ago we reported on some images that were discovered of the new Nexus 7 device that is getting ready for release as well as some pricing information. The thing we could not figure out is what might justify a price increase for the device. The latest leak may answer some of those questions as it appears to confirm some specs for the device. First, the new Nexus 7 will have a quad-core processor running at 1.5 GHz. The new chip will be running Android 4.3 as the operating system. Some other new hardware may be driving the cost up a bit, including a slim port so users can connect the device to their TV to play HD content and support for wireless charging.

Source also indicate that Staples stores will get the devices on July 24th, but they are under strict orders to keep them under lock and key until the official sale date of July 31st. The possibility exists that Google may offer the new Nexus 7 through the Play Store before then.

Are you planning to buy a new Nexus 7 when they are available?

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Trio of Toshiba Excite tablets, some running on NVIDIA Tegra 4 chips, now available


If you are one of the people who has been waiting for Toshiba to officially release the latest iteration of their Excite tablet devices, today is a good day for you as they are officially available for purchase. Toshiba released the three 10.1-inch class devices at three different price points, so one of them should fit the requirements of most buyers. The devices include the Excite Pure, the Excite Pro and the Excite Write and are available through Toshiba direct or major retailers like or Best Buy.
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Sony could be working on a ‘lens camera’ that attaches to smartphones


Word is that Sony is working on a something called a “lens camera” that can be used on its own or mounted onto a smartphone. This lens camera will transmit pictures via NFC and WiFi directly to the smartphone. Users can also mount it to their phone using a special magnetic mount, which would give users a live view of the lens from the phone’s display.

The lens camera will have it’s own imaging sensor, battery, and memory. Word is that it will have the same sensor that is on the Sony DSC-RX100 II camera, which is a 1-inch 20.2MP Exmor R with a f/1.8 Carl Zeiss lens. In addition, Sony could be working on a second model with a smaller sensor and a higher zoom.

To give you an idea of this concept, hit the break for a couple of videos from Wireless Viewfinder Interchangeable Lens (WVIL). This product first appeared at CES 2011, and could be very similar to what Sony is planning. (the image above is a concept image and not intended to be the actual product)

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MoDaCo.SWITCH ROM allowing for switch between HTC Sense and stock Android opens up beta-testing signup page


Last week we showed you developer Paul O’Brien’s MoDaCo.SWITCH ROM which allows HTC One users to quickly switch between HTC Sense 5 UI and stock Android (as seen on the Google Play Edition of the HTC One). All you have to do is tap on one of two options— it’s that easy.

Now it looks as though they’ve opened up a signup page allowing users to try out the beta version of their app. Hit the link below to join in on all the fun.

Source: MoDaCo

Riptide GP2 coming July 23rd to Android


Vector Unit took to Reddit to announce that their latest creation, Riptide GP2, will hit Android on July 23rd. This game is likely to be a huge hit and will really push the boundaries of Android gaming. For those of you that don’t have a Tegra device, don’t worry, it won’t be a Tegra exclusive, but you can expect the extra special effects to be reserved to those devices as usual. It’s expected to be priced at $2.99, which is darn good when you consider how awesome this game is going to be.

source: DroidGamers