Google Glass is now banned from movie theaters


It was only a matter of time, but Motion Picture Association of America and the National Association of Theater Owners have finally instituted a “zero-tolerance” policy to ban all wearables, including Google Glass. Staff at theaters will apparently not call the police unless there is reason to believe the user is attempting to pirate a movie. Still, ushers are urged to kick out anyone wearing recording-capable wearables during showings. 

Source: NATO

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Verizon paying $64.3 million in Family SharePlan settlement


There are people who have been waiting years to see this outcome. Between 2001 and 2006, Verizon was over-charging customers of its Family SharePlan. In two separate ways, Verizon was tacking on incorrect charges when customers should have been given free minutes or minutes at a lesser amount. The carrier has filed a settlement in New Jersey and the customers affected between the aforementioned years should be compensated. The value of Verizon’s proposed settlement is $64.3 million.

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Runtastic gets updated with Google Fit integration and new “advanced statistics” service


Runtastic, the extremely popular fitness-tracking app, has today received a rather beefy update via the Play Store. The upgrade brings compatibility for Google’s recently-launched ‘Fit’ application, in addition to a new “advanced statistics” service, which allows users to monitor performance and progress by comparing current and past time periods.

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djay 2 app spins up for Android


While there are still a few stalwart developers out there that insist on only making apps available for the iOS platform, the list continues to shrink. Another example of that is the recent release of long-time iOS-only app djay 2 to the Google Play store for Android fans to snap up for only $2.99. djay 2 does just what the name sounds like – it lets the user become a DJ, mixing music from Spotify and all the music on a mobile device. Read more

Google Play Books gets an update to help users skip around


Google has announced an update to the Google Play Books app that may be especially welcomed by users who access non-fiction books. While fiction readers will almost always read a title straight through, unless they are possibly working on a report or something, users of non-fiction books frequently find themselves needing to skip around from one section to another. The odds of this increase as a title moves closer to being something like a reference book. The update to Play Books will help this users who need to access information in a title in a non-linear fashion. Read more app gets major update focused on collaboration

anydo_20_app_icon, the popular task management app, has announced a major update to their application taking it to version 2.0. The focus of the overhaul is on adding collaboration features to the app so users can share their projects with friends, family and work teams. Besides sharing tasks and lists, has also added the ability for users to tap into their Dropbox accounts directly to attach files up to 5MB in size to any task. Users can also attach audio, video or pictures captured with their mobile devices to their tasks. An upgrade to a Premium account removes the 5MB size limit. Read more

Samsung Gear S coming to the U.S. next week, Sprint November 7 and T-Mobile November 9

Gear_S_v_right (1)

Samsung just announced that the Gear S will be available in the U.S. starting next week. What separates this smartwatch from others is the curved AMOLED display as well as its 3G cellular connectivity. You will be able to find it Best Buy, as well as AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, And Verizon Wireless. Sprint and T-Mobile already reached out to let us know they will offer the device on November 7 and November 9 respectively.

Sprint will offer it for $0 down (plus tax) and 24 monthly payments of $16 ($384 excluding taxes). There is also a $10 monthly charge when adding it to the Sprint Family Share Pack. However, they will waive the fee if it’s added to any plan of 20 GB or more.

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ES File Explorer gets Chromecast support through plugin


The ES App Group, makers of the popular ES File Explorer Manager, released the ES Chromecast Plugin app a couple of days ago. It works in conjunction with ES File Explorer, and it allows you to cast your videos and photos from your device, network shares, or even from other cloud services to your Chromecast.

This is strictly Beta so expect some choppiness and a few bugs. They are looking for feedback, but I am not sure this one will offer any more than the other like apps that are already available. However, if you are a heavy user of ES File Explorer, you might want to give it a try. And if you never tried the ES File Explorer Manager app itself, give it a shot. It’s a full featured app for exploring all the files on your device. We have download links for both apps below the break.

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[Deal] Spooktacular sale at Amazon offers $115 of apps and games for free


To celebrate Halloween, the Amazon App Store is hosting a Spooktacular sale that offers 40 apps and games for free. That’s a $115 value. Some notables include Plex, Endomondo Sports Tracker PRO, World of Goo, and Plants vs Zombies. They also have a few Halloween themed offerings like V for Vampire, Amelia and Terror of the Night, and Zombie Gunship.

You have until Saturday to grab these. Hit the break for the full list of games and apps, and hit the link at the bottom to start downloading.

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Samsung planning smartphone overhaul after profits plunge in 3rd quarter, but is it too late?


With the smartphone market shrinking, Samsung has been feeling the pinch. Profits for the 3rd quarter were the worst in three years (49% drop), and it can only continue to deteriorate unless drastic changes are made. Apple introduced iPhones with bigger displays, which was probably the biggest differentiating factor for the past couple of years. That, and the fact that cheaper phones were being launched in India and China, have made it difficult for the Korean tech giant.

During an earnings conference call, Samsung investor relations head Robert Yi said they were “not quick enough” to the changing market conditions. Now they seek more efficiency in their product portfolio, which can be translated to a lower number of handsets. Samsung has always offered more handsets than any company, but that needs to be changed immediately.

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