OnePlus opens contest to win an invitation to buy a OnePlus One


Many people are very interested in the new OnePlus One device, but unfortunately for them, it’s not as easy as just going out to buy one. In fact, OnePlus has to invite you to buy the product before you can actually buy it. But how do you get an invite? Well OnePlus has just opened up a competition to win an invite!

The winners will win one of 150 invites to buy 64GB sandstone black OnePlus One’s. To enter the competition, you must follow OnePlus on Twitter and Google+, tweet about the competition, and more. Doing so, you can earn up to eight entries into the competition.

Walmart offering low-cost T-Mobile tablets with ‘free data for life’


T-Mobile announced this morning that in a new partnership deal with Walmart, the wholesale corporation will be offering a few low-cost tablets which will come with ‘free data for life’ from T-Mobile.

Granted, the ‘free data’ only includes up to 200MB/month, it’s still a solid deal given it’s ‘free.’  Hit the break for details on each tablet and alternative data plans.

Moto X+1, codenamed Victara, to be on the four major carriers in the U.S.


No one should be surprised that the upcoming Motorola Moto X+1 will be carried by Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile, and Sprint in the United States. Last year, Motorola made sure the Moto X was available on each of these carriers in addition to some smaller ones. But the Moto X+1 also popped up on Motorola’s very own site a few times already. So aside from learning once again that the United States’ largest carriers would be picking up the handset, we have learned its codename: Victara.

What do you think Victara stands for, if anything?

Source: @evleaks (official site)

HTC One (M8) camera lens reportedly gets scratched easily


The camera on the HTC One (M8) was praised for its quality and the 3D effects that come with it, but some users are finding that there are still problems with the camera. The problems aren’t related to the software or even the camera quality, but rather the fact that some users are finding that the lens of the camera gets scratched very easily.

The lens reportedly gets scratched even in day to day use, with users all over the world reporting their frustration with finding hairline scratches on the lens. Some users have even reported the lens shattering without the device being involved in a fall of any kind. HTC has not yet confirmed the problem, but has been sending replacements for users with scratched lenses.

Source: XDA-Developers
Via: CultofAndroid

Cricket Wireless relaunched by AT&T with new, inexpensive data plans


AT&T purchased Leap Wireless back in March, which operated a wireless network named “Cricket Wireless” — and now, AT&T will be relaunching Cricket with 4G LTE service and new unlimited plans which will start at $35/month.

On top of that, 3,000 “redesigned” Cricket Wireless stores around the US have opened, and more locations are expected to open in the future.

The three plans Cricket will be making available to customers include “Basic,” “Smart,” and “Pro” options. Check out the details after the break:

Google is going after the Enterprise market with purchase of Divide


Google has been on a buying spree as of late, and today’s purchase includes a startup called Divide, formerly known as Enterproid. Divide was backed by Google Ventures group and it focuses on Android in the enterprise by separating corporate information from personal information on devices. Sounds a lot like Samsung’s Knox doesn’t it?

Terms of the deal were not disclosed, but it’s expected that the Divide team will join the Android team. It’s no secret that big companies have been backing Apple’s iOS and ignoring Google’s Android, so it’s likely that we will see changes to stock Android that will hopefully make corporate IT departments a little more receptive to our favorite little bugdroid.

source: re/code

LG’s L35 leaks, sports low-end specs for a low-end price


Low-end devices are gaining popularity for those preparing to ditch their flip phones and get into the smartphone market, as seen with Motorola’s success with the Moto G.

LG will be getting into the low-end mix as well with the L35 (D150), which will be extremely similar to what Sony is offering in the Xperia E1. Hit the break for more details.

Samsung WW9000 washing machine packs a full 5-inch touch screen


These days, every appliance in the home is getting smart. Today, Samsung announced a washing machine that has a full 5-inch touch screen that you will never have to use. Instead, using Smart Control allows users to both control and monitor the WW9000 washing machine from a mobile device. Everything from setting cycles to knowing when a load is complete can be down away from the machine.

Hit the break for two videos.

Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 Wi-Fi version starts to receive Android 4.4 KitKat update


Samsung has started to roll out the Android 4.4 KitKat update to owners of the Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 Wi-Fi only version of the tablet. This comes about a week after Samsung started pushing out the same update for the 3G version of the device. Users have indicated devices located in the U.K. are already receiving the update and it is expected to reach others areas in the coming days.

The update is just like the KitKat update issued for other Samsung devices. Users get all the features and benefits of KitKat like better performance, the white status bar icons, better battery life, full-screen album art  on the lock screen and wireless printing support. Users can navigate to Settings -> About -> Software updates on their devices to check for the update.

source: SamMobile

Variant of Samsung Galaxy Mega 2 could launch as the Galaxy W


A 7-inch variant of the Samsung Galaxy Mega 2 could be launched in South Korea as the Samsung Galaxy W. Previous information about Samsung’s successor to the Samsung Galaxy Mega had put the screen size at only about 6 inches, slightly smaller than the current version, but still a large device, especially for one intended to serve as a phone. In addition to the 7-inch screen, the Galaxy W appears to come equipped with a 1.2GHz processor, possibly a Snapdragon 400, 1.5 GB of RAM, 8 GB of internal store with a microSD slot, and an 8 MP  rear-facing camera.

The new name for the device was discovered on a product brochure leaked by a South Korean source. According to the information on the flyer, the Galaxy W will be getting a “Phoneblet UX.” With split-screen functions and landscape mode, it sounds like this is similar to other current Samsung devices outside of the attempt to coin a new term for a large-scale smartphone that pushes into tablet territory based on size. The device also appears to come with Samsung’s faux leather back similar to the Samsung Galaxy Note 3. It is believed this device will only be available in South Korea via SK Telecom.

source: SamMobile

Chrome OS, Android merger rumors spark as patent reveals smartphone in Chromebook


For quite some time, there has been rumblings that Google would eventually merge Chrome OS (or Chromebooks) with Android. Fuel has been added to the fire as a Google patent shows a mystery laptop with a smartphone built-in that can be detached. The patent was submitted way back in September 2012 and granted just this February.

The idea of it all is very simple. The smartphone would send over its data to give the laptop some function, especially considering a Chromebook is designed for a wireless connection. Think back to the Motorola Atrix and things look familiar. The smartphone would dock into a laptop, but in that case the interface of the Atrix was mirrored. With this patent, it may simply mean a wireless connection transfers over.

Source: USPTO
Via: Patent Bolt

Verizon announces XLTE with 2X data speeds


As expected, Verizon took the wraps off of their new and improved faster 4G LTE network, dubbed XLTE. In a nutshell, it should provide more capacity along with 2X the speed than traditional LTE. The best news out of all this is that it’s not a soft launch in a couple of cities. It’s actually going to be available to many customers thanks to the AWS spectrum purchase from 2012. All Verizon is doing is flipping the AWS switch on in the cities that offer it, and compatible phones will now access both the 700 MHz spectrum along with the AWS spectrum for super fast XLTE.

New details regarding the HTC One (M8) Prime come forward


Mess with a bull, you get the horns. That is what happened on Twitter today between HTC employee Jeff Gordon and @evleaks. There seems to have been a misunderstanding between the two regarding something that was leaked and information being wrong. Either way, we learned some details about the upcoming HTC One (M8) Prime. In short, we are looking at (another) stunning device from HTC.

Root app developers to be challenged by upcoming Android versions


With a new version of Android ready to start rolling out on a large scale before too long, including to the AOSP, some changes in the system will likely create some new challenges and require some additional work on the part of developers who create apps that rely on a rooted device. The first of these changes involves SELinux and some adjustments to make it even more secure. The tighter settings mean developers will have to invoke more complicated context switching for their apps. It also appears Google is switching the default runtim compiler for Android to ART which will create some challenges. Finally, it looks like Google is going to require PIE (Position-Independent Executable) for non-statically built executables.