Google makes Android Device Manager app for mobile devices


In one of the more curious moves by Google, a few months ago when they launched the new Android Device Manager, users could only access the service via a web browser. That has changed with Google’s release of the Android Device Manager app to Google Play. The app brings all the same tools to your smartphone or tablet that you get from the desktop, like the ability to locate devices, lock devices remotely, reset lock PINs, and even erase all data on a device. This could be especially useful for users who have more than one Android device as they can now find, track and manage their other devices.

After the break you can check out some screenshots for the new app. Be sure to check out the reported location for the device you are using. We have also provided download links for the Google Play store so you can grab the Android Device Manager for free. Read more

Qualcomm Toq smart watch now available through Amazon


Qualcomm’s Toq smart watch became available earlier this month exclusively through the company’s site. But starting today, you can purchase one through Amazon. The Toq is priced at $349.99 and comes in black, although white is on the way for Qualcomm’s site. With its high price point, Qualcomm is aiming for developers and early adopters and plans to produce a very limited run. This smart watch, unlike the Galaxy Gear, works with any device that is running at least Android 4.0.3. The standout feature for this smart watch is its Mirasol display that allows for excellent battery life. If you’re interested in getting the Qualcomm Toq smart watch, hit the source link below.

Source: Amazon

Spotify announces expansion, changes in service at NYC event


Spotify held a press event in New York City today to announce some changes to their service. One of the most anticipated changes was the addition of most of the Led Zeppelin catalog to the service.To help users access that new content, Spotify also announced changes to their service to provide a free tier of streaming music on Android and iOS tablets, somewhat mirroring their desktop service. Free streaming will also be available on smartphones, but with a caveat. Users will not be able to set an order once they select an artist or playlist. Instead, content will be delivered in a random, shuffle fashion with ads every few songs. Users will be provided with up to six “skips” per hour. On tablets or the desktop, users will still have to hear the ads, but the music will not be shuffled. According to Spotify CEO Daniel Ek, the move to offer a free tier is expected to entice users to upgrade to one of the company’s premium tiers. Users will notice a new “shuffle” button in the interface now if they are using the free service. Read more

Dayframe Prime available for $0.99, price raises after one thousand installs

Since the holidays are rolling around and plenty of pictures are being shared, is holding a sale for the premium version of their Dayframe app. But there’s a catch. The first 1,000 installs will be priced at $0.99 and then it will raise to $2.99. And after the sale is over, Dayframe Prime will carry a $4.99 price tag. In case you’re wondering, Dayframe turns your Android device into a photo frame. It cycles through images from all of your social networks as your device sits idle.

This premium version gives you options for screensaver, brightness, and app timers while also placing weather updates into slideshows. And down the road, plans to add syncing between devices.

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AT&T CEO speaks on future of wireless, possible end of subsidies


At an AT&T investor conference in New York City on Tuesday, AT&T’s CEO Randall Stephenson spent considerable time talking about where he sees not only AT&T, but the whole wireless carrier industry headed. Stephenson suggested during his speech that one of the hallmarks of the business, subsidized handsets, is something that will be going away. He explains that smartphone devices are closing in on 90% market penetration, which means “you move into maintenance mode. That means more device upgrades. And the model has to change. You can’t afford to subsidize devices like that.” Instead, he says the focus needs to be on getting customers to use more of the network as opposed to simply being on the network. Stephenson’s comments come only a week after AT&T introduced a new plan to give customers a $15 per month credit if they keep their older phones. Read more

Google adds 9 new languages to Google Translate, now supports 80 languages


Google has added several new languages to Google Translate spanning Africa, Asia, and New Zealand. There are 5 languages from Africa, 3 from Asia, and the Maori language from New Zealand for a total of 9 new additions. This puts Google Translate total at 80 languages which covers a pretty good chunk of the Earth’s population.

If you’re making a trip to Asia, Africa, or New Zealand anytime soon, you might find this addition pretty handy.

source: Google Translate

Google’s Androidify app comes back from the dead with holiday update


I had completely forgotten about the Androidify app that was all the rage a couple of years ago. To refresh your memory, Androidify lets you customize your own cute little green Android with clothes and accessories. It just received its first update since February 2012.

Not only has the interface been updated, but it also includes some holiday outfits. Our understanding is that this update is rolling out in stages, so you might not see it right away. Hit the break for download link.

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New Christmas-themed update allows you to run as Santa in Temple Run 2


Temple Run fans might want to check out the lastest update for Temple Run 2. It adds a water slide and mysterious artifacts, but it also adds a little Christmas fun. You can now run as Santa and get Santa hats for your characters. It might cost you though. You will need 60 gems to unlock Santa, so hopefully you have them. If not , you will will have to break into your wallet. You can also unlock the Santa hats by finding all the Christmas artifacts. Download links after the break.

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Rovio’s Angry Birds Go speeds into the Play Store


Angry Birds fans have a new game to play. Actually, those of you that aren’t so much into Angry Birds might get into this one as well. Angry Birds Go is all about downhill racing on Piggy Island so it’s sure to be a blast. You can race as either birds or piggies in this first ever 3D Angry Birds world.  You will start out as soapbox car, but you will be able to upgrade along the way, hopefully achieving supercar status. Of course that just might cost you though. This is the first free-to-play game from Rovio, so make sure to keep your wallet close by.

Hit the break for more info, the video trailer, and download links.

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Nokia’s first Android phone is codenamed Normandy


There are a lot of people hoping and praying for an Android phone made by Nokia, and those prayers could be answered. Back in November, a Nokia phone leaked (courtesy of @evleaks and pictured above) with the codename Normandy, and it turns out it runs Android. Unfortunately there is some bad news in that Nokia is testing it with a forked version of Android similar to what Amazon does. This means no Google apps. Throw in the fact that it’s expected to be a low-end phone, and all of a sudden there is nothing to get excited about.

The other question is if it will ever be released? Nokia would need to release it before the Microsoft deal takes place because it’s unlikely Microsoft would want to continue with it. Nokia employees are saying “full steam ahead” and that it will be released in 2014. This should be interesting.

source: TheVerge